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New stories from Quixerotic

Quixerotic has reappeared after a long absence on! Here is a link to his profile:

For those who want to refresh their memories, here are my previous posts on the author:

He’s come back a few days ago and has already published 4 new stories that take place in his most reknown universe ‘Crimson’.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on Literotica (there’s a comment section at the end of each stories). That’s what encourages a creator   😉

A Crimson Quicky – Halloween



All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This content is intended for adults only.

All the credits go to ‘Quixerotic’. You can support him and enjoy more of his stories by buying them at.



Jessie straightened her top as she walked up to her boss’s front door. The tight fitting black tank top kept riding up her stomach, flashing her mid drift to the world. She hadn’t expected to be invited to the Halloween party, but knew better than to decline. For years, she’d heard stories about her boss, Mr. Davidson’s, network of friends. All of them were the movers and shapers of Cloverdale, the old money of an old town embodied in young men who all had business degrees from ivy league schools which meant they knew little about business, but a great deal about networking.

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One of the commenters suggested that I post this story. Sorry for the wait!

A lot of transformations in this one: werewolves, succubi, demons, werecats…

All of them fitting an atmosphere of great mystery and gloom that I find the author managed to set up very well.

As usual, all the credit goes to “Quixerotic”. I found all of his stories on

I just discovered that he seems to have moved on from it. You can support him and enjoy more of his stories by buying them at.

I’ll try to add more pictures to illustrate the different chapters.

Without further ado, here are the first three chapters :



Note: All characters in the following story are 18 years of age or older. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.

A paper ball whizzed past Amanda’s head, causing a mild squeal from the pack of girls beside her. Mr. Nelson glared back at the students from his rear view mirror while the young men in the back of the bus giggled and pointed fingers at one another.

Amanda pushed her earbuds in a bit more firmly and tried to ignore the rampant flirting going on around her.

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