Dante’s Inferno

This is a videogame in which the hero goes to Hell to rescue his wife, sent there instead of him . Gradually she becomes more and more corrupted.

Here’s the scene when Dante arrives only to see here being taken by the great Devil itself!

https://youtu.be/4zQMJB8PSJM -> Check the video at 50:00 min.

(if it doesn’t worktry this one : )

https://youtu.be/95cqWwrvj5g -> Check the video at 12:50 min.

Probably the best corruption scene in a videogame ever done.

InoIno / Neko Saffron

Great hentai author in the corruption style.

The themes are varied but a lot of his stories  are centered on an atmosphere of medieval/fantasy Japan  with priestesses and “onis” (japan’s demons).

http://nhentai.net/search/?q=inoino+english   (in the anthology Slave heroines 2, 4, 8, 10, and 14 you’ll find his most complete work “Ikusa Otome Valkyrie”)