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Anaximane keeps the momentum going

Sorry, sorry. I know I haven’t been here a lot. I promise to post more often now.

Just to warn you dear corruption fans that Anaximane has released “Phantom”, a short visual novel about a man who found a way to corrupt and control women even beyond the grave.

You can check it out here:

(reminder: registering to the hypnopics collective is free!)


He also released the introduction of ”Cereborg” and ”Sex and Souls”.



remember this little gem?

Of Sex and souls:


As always comment on his work or support Anaximane on:

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The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey.

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 01

three rivers deep


Kelethia sighed and rubbed her eyes. She had been reading for nearly an hour, but it felt much longer than that. The tome in front of her had been a gift from Sister Anetta. “Study it well,” she had said, “for it contains important lessons you will need to learn if you are to become a priestess.” Kelethia had started reading it right away, for her greatest dream was to become a priestess. Ever since coming to the abbey three years ago, after her parents died during a Horde raid on Southshore, she had been in awe of the men and women who worked at the Abbey. They had miraculous powers, and everyone admired them. Kelethia wanted to be powerful and admired, too – and when she turned twenty-one next month, she intended to be ready to join the priesthood. Continue reading The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey.


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As always I’m very late. I was supposed to write this post much sooner.

Anyway, here is my tribute to Sgray the author of two great corruption stories:

“The Priestesses Of Northshire Abbey” and “The Fall of the Heroes”.

Check out his work here.

Leave him a message here or just leave one on the blog and it will be transmitted it to him.


Kenkou Cross Monster Encyclopedia

Z 1

The Japanese artist created his Monster (girl) Encyclopedia a few years ago and has kept developing it ever since.

The story is about a powerful Demon Lord that came to a fantasy land and, in his wake, was followed by many kind of female monsters “manono”.

You can learn more about it here:

and here for the latest translated content:

I have compiled for you every creature whose theme was linked to the one of corruption or transformation. I also added content concerning specific characters, heroines who ended being corrupted to illustrate the encyclopedia’s entries.

So those are the troublemakers…

Who then lead to the corruption and transformation (or propagation) of:

The Slimes:

Continue reading Kenkou Cross Monster Encyclopedia

Anaximanes’ slicky, slimy transformations


With a little bit of delay, here comes my small tribute to the wonderful work of Anaximane.

He’s made a few sexy comics with various themes of corruption (demons, cyborgs… even clowns!) but most of all he’s recently created a fully illustrated game where you follow a character who tries to survive an invasion of earth by various alien species all hellbent on finding earth women to transform and convert. A lot of possible ending!

This link will lead you to the forum of the ‘hypnotive collective’ where a fairly quick and free registration will be asked of you before you can download the game.

It’s completely free and a true work of art. A great gift for any fan of corruption stories and one of the best free game I found on the subject.
Thanks again Axiname for making this game (and telling me about it).

Here are the link to

His Patreon

His Gallery

His Blog