Devil Hunter Lace


Chapter 1 — The Curse of House Koyasu

The road ahead of her was empty of any fellow travelers, and the sprouts of long grass dotting the uneven path suggested she would be one of the few to take it in quite some time. The trees along either side of the road towered overhead, their branches linking to create a canopy shielding her from the afternoon sun. Summer had come and gone, taking with it its steady heat and often oppressive humidity, and in its place a vaguely chill breeze was rifling the leaves. Already some of them had started to turn, shifting from their vibrant summer dress into the fiery colors of Fall. They created a mottled mosaic of color that any artist would have happily spent hours attempting to capture.
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Jungle Babe vs Cernunnos

Jungle Girl Omnibus v1-176 03

Chapter 1: Queen of the Wilds

Note from Soul: This is a direct continuation of the Miss Americana vs the Horned God story series; you don’t necessarily have to read them in order to enjoy the, um, juicier parts of this work, but the plot elements might seem a little confusing if you haven’t read the previous ones.

The private jet touched down at a small airstrip just on the outskirts of Delta City. The sky overhead was perfectly clear, the sun reflecting brilliantly off of the plane’s sleek metal form. Continue reading Jungle Babe vs Cernunnos

Miss Americana vs the Horned God


Chapter 1 — Awakening of the Beast

DISCLAIMER: This story was originally posted to the superheroine story archive run by Mr. X over at Dangerbabe Central. Miss Americana is his creation; I encourage you to check out his site for more excellent work. This is a work of fiction, and all characters depicted are of adult age.
A great sudder passed through the sealed chamber, the first movement the ancient space had felt in at least seven hundred years. Dirt and dust shook loose from the mat of old roots that cascaded from the high domed ceiling Continue reading Miss Americana vs the Horned God