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Note: All characters in the following story are 18 years of age or older. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.

A paper ball whizzed past Amanda’s head, causing a mild squeal from the pack of girls beside her. Mr. Nelson glared back at the students from his rear view mirror while the young men in the back of the bus giggled and pointed fingers at one another.

Amanda pushed her earbuds in a bit more firmly and tried to ignore the rampant flirting going on around her.

She focused her attention on the woods outside of the window. The road back to Cloverdale was pitch black, with only the shadow branches of the forest waving back at her. Amanda had joined the local junior college’s debate team in hopes of expanding her social circle. For a while she had actually believed that life would be different after high school, that cliques would dissolve in favor of true, honest friendships, and that boy’s heads wouldn’t be turned so easily by big breasts or a round ass.

She had tried. Thoughtful conversations, expressing interest, doing all the things she’d read about really reaching past a boy’s libido to find the romantic young man underneath. It had not worked. Most of the boys she met were the same enough blood for one brain slobs that she had known in high school. In the back of the bus, Ethan, a muscular senior with neatly groomed blonde hair and smooth face, led the pack in whispering lewd jokes to one another while passing back and forth a shared bottle of water. Amanda didn’t know if Mr. Nelson ignored the smell on his team’s breath or simply didn’t care. Luckily, the popular girls stayed away from the drinking so she wasn’t pressured into it either.

Their sobriety didn’t stop them from absorbing all the attention though. Erica, a twenty year old blonde girl kept pushing up her cleavage any time one of the boys talked to some other girl. But she made sure to get very close to Ethan at every opportunity. The team gossiped most of the year that they were sleeping together, despite rules against that kind of thing. Amanda didn’t particularly understand the rule, but still jealously wanted it to be enforced.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the dingy window. Her dry brown hair framed a very plain face. Her eyeshadow, which had given her so much confidence that morning, had been dulled and smeared by sweat brought on from hot stage lights. She took such pride in her makeup because Erica looked more or less like a clown. In some small way for Amanda, it made up for her flat chest and butt.

As the bus flashed past the Welcome to Cloverdale sign, the bus shook violently for a moment, but Amanda barely noticed. It wasn’t until she heard loud, airy pops and the bus began to swerve that she was roused from her envious thoughts. The other students began shouting and Mr. Nelson bellowed as he desperately tried to maintain control of the vehicle. With a final lurch, the bus crashed into the ditch and everyone bounced back into their seats.

“Is everyone ok?” Mr. Nelson asked, rubbing his own forehead. He quickly walked back through the bus, checking on his students. He grabbed Amanda by the shoulder and pulled her upright. She saw him mouth something to her, but couldn’t hear him over the scrambled static from her earbuds. Nevertheless, she nodded and he moved on. She pulled the earbuds out of her head and looked down at her phone. It had cracked somehow, right down the middle. More confused than distraught, she turned to look out the window again. She had seen something, she remembered. Red eyes, right before they crashed.

“My phone!” Erica screamed, holding up the device. It had cracked as well. “How the hell are we supposed to call for help?” The road outside was deserted and a sense of panic rose quickly as others discovered similar damage to their phones. “What the fuck is going on?”

“Erica,” Mr. Nelson said swooping past her. “Don’t start a panic, I’m sure they just got damaged in the crash, maybe if you all didn’t have them in your hands all the time.” His eyes lingered on her upthrust chest for a bit too long as he passed her, causing another small flame of resentment to well up in Amanda. “Now, listen everyone, I’m going to go out and see what we hit. Stay on the bus, someone will be along in a minute and I’ll flag them down for help. Just be glad no one got hurt.”

Mr. Nelson vanished outside closing the door behind him, and the others broke into a series of whines and laments. “This thing cost $500,” Josh, another freshman, said. “What the hell do you think we hit?”

“Blew out the tires whatever it was,” Ethan answered. “We’re sitting lower to the ground.”

“I heard the pops when the tires went out,” Tiffany piped up. She sounded worried and Amanda immediately sympathized with her. Tiffany had been the kindest to her, taking her under her wing as a senior mentoring a freshman. Tiffany was mousy and plain as well, and a bit overweight. Everyone liked her though and even Erica didn’t bother to throw around jealous glare or rub herself on the nearest boy when she spoke up. “Amanda was looking out the window,” she said and the group all turned to Amanda. “Did you see anything before the crash?”

Amanda shook her head. Eyes, she wanted to say, red eyes. She started to speak, but the door opened and everyone turned expecting to see Mr. Nelson.

Instead, a woman rose up the steps into the bus. Everyone went silent and those who could, backed away from her. Amanda did not understand why, but her face felt very hot and her clothes began to itch. The woman was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Tall and tanned skin, her red dress glittered as her heel clicked through the bus towards the center. Her breasts were huge and her ass swayed from side to side with a distinct jiggle as she walked, causing all the boys and some of the girls to stare blankly at her ample endowment. Luscious red hair cascaded down her back and her large eyes stayed focused on the object in her hands. Cherry red lips smiled deviously at no one.

In the woman’s hands was a bottle of red liquid. “Crimson,” she said in a melodious voice as she held up the bottle, her eyes following it. A sudden wave of euphoria rippled through the twelve young people causing them all to sigh and move slightly toward the woman. “One drop is all it takes,” she continued. “One drop and you become like me. All you ever want to become, all you could possible imagine, bottled up and brought to your feet.” Her eyes flashed quickly to Amanda. No more than an instant, but Amanda saw them, red violent eyes. “Drink it and all your cares will wash away. You will become a god of ecstasy. What could you give up for that? What wouldn’t you give up? The Crimson wants everything from you and it will give you everything in return. Your body, your mind, your soul such trivial things for just a drop of this.” Amanda realized that the woman was not speaking to them, she was reciting something. With tremendous, almost loving, care the woman placed the bottle on the ground in the very center of the bus. She started to walk away and added finally, “Careful, results may vary.”

The woman exited the bus and immediately everyone focused on the bottle. Amanda felt an intense urge to rush and grab it, even if she had to fight off the others. Something held her back. She managed to steal glances at the others and they all seemed to be fighting off a similar trance. Reason started to win her over and she moved to shake some of the others out of it, to try to explain the red woman, but then she heard a moan. Looking out the window, she saw the red woman riding Mr. Nelson slowly. The two writhed in a passioned embrace as her red dress vanished and a barbed tail snaked up to grab Mr. Nelson’s throat. He thrust harder and harder into the changing woman. The red eyes flashed again at Amanda and she turned away.

The others were coming to their senses, but Amanda had already moved to the vial and was cradling it in her hands. It felt warm. “You shouldn’t,” someone said, but she didn’t care, it only urged her forward. She uncorked the bottle and put it to her lips, somewhere deep within her a voice cried out to stop, but she turned up the bottle and it flowed quickly down her throat.

Immediately, she felt the warmth spread out through her body, but other than that nothing happened. The others had pulled as far back from her as possible, also expecting some violent reaction. She pondered the liquid while looking at the two ends of the bus. She wondered why they looked so small and sad, why they didn’t simply try to run. Her skin kept getting hotter. “Uhhhhngggg”

She collapsed to her knees and shoved her hand down her pants. She dipped two fingers into her pussy and it felt amazingly molten. She ignored the cries of alarm from the others as she ripped open her jeans and pushed them down. Standing up in a hurry she pulled off her shirt and tried to get her bra off, but another wave of heat hit her and she fell back on a seat. Again her hand pushed down to her pussy, was that the word she normally used?, she plunged in her fingers and began massaging her clit. Her other hand followed the burning sensation to her breasts. They were swelling. “Titties. Big fucking titties,” she moaned. “Uhhhnggg! More!” Orgasm racked her body as her tits started to swell and she clawed at the clasp of her bra as she writhed on the seat, her arousal starting to drip down the side. The titflesh spilled over her bra as the flimsy fabric ripped and her glorious new jugs poured into freedom.

She got to her feet, bringing her hand up to lick off her sweet tasting juices. She looked again at the others. Several of the girls were massaging their boobs and the guys had noticable bulges in their pants. Josh had pulled his dick over the edge of his shorts and was shamelessly stroking it as he watched. Another wave of heat pulsed through Amanda, she fell forward to her knees as her skin darkened. She reached back and grabbed her drenched underwear, ripping them off, letting her ass out into the cool air. She arched her back as another orgasm wracked her body, one hand went down to her crotch again and another massaged her still tingling breasts. “Ohhhh, I want big bouncy ass cheeks. Lots to hold on to while they fuck me, lots to spank.” Her ass flesh pulsed and grew, getting rounder and starting to jiggle as she moaned on the floor. She jerked her head up to look forward at the girls. Erica was pulling off her shirt absent mindedly. Brendi and Melody, a pair of brunettes, were locked in a deep kiss.

“Uhhnnnggg, yes! Yes!” Amanda screamed. “Like what you see girls? It feels amazing! I could fuck each and every one of you till you screamed for it, until you begged me to have this ass. Ahhh!” Amanda felt a wave of pain as something inside her mind tried to resist. Little Amanda, the scrawny girl that no one paid attention to. The Crimson traveled to her mind and the voice grew quieter, warm laughter drowning it out. Amanda was gone. Mandi was born.

Mandi stood up. She looked down at her new body. Her skin was bronze and her body was toned. She seemed to glimmer with a sheen of sweat, but she was dry and smooth to the touch. Teardrop breasts jutted out from her chest. She noticed they were swollen and felt full. Bringing up a hand she tweaked her nipple and red fluid dripped out into the hand. “So that’s where it comes from,” she thought with delight. She ran her hands over her lush ass, pulling apart her cheeks slightly. Running her hand down to her pussy, she frowned at the stubble. “That’s no good.” Another wave of warmth flowed to the region and in an instant she was stroking her hairless mons. She heard a grunt behind her.

Josh had lost his pants entirely and was furiously masturbating. His five inch dick was almost raw and his eyes were filled with lust and desperation. “Oh, what’s the matter Joshy,” Amanda cooed at him. “Has my new bald pussy got you all hot and bothered?” He grunted again, wincing in pain as he continued jerking himself off. Mandi ran her hands up her body and through her new silky black hair. “I could really use a good fuck right now after all, but that little twig won’t do me much good. I need a special kind of buck to mount me. Is that what you want? To mount me and fuck me till I cum all over your big fat dick?”

Josh moaned, “Yesssss, please.”

With a wicked smile, she pulled him in to her chest. He immediately latched on to her nipple and began to suck down the warm red fluid seeping from her breast. The feeling was exquisite and Mandi felt another orgasm flitter through her body. “That’s a good boy, we’ll make you big and strong, built like an ox. With a big ol’ fat dick for me to suck and fuck and do what I want with. Don’t worry girls, he’ll fuck each and every one of you with his new toy, I just get to go first!”

Josh pulled back from her as the heat started to spread into his body. He felt muscles moving and bones cracking, but felt no pain. His chest broadened and his arms swelled with muscle. His hand went back to his dick and started stroking again. “Oh, you’re going to cum buckets,” Mandi whispered and with a roar Josh shot his first load onto the bus floor. His dick didn’t soften, but swelled even more. “Let me help you baby.” Mandi went to her knees in front of him and began to lick and suck his growing shaft. Each time she took it into her mouth, it came out a little bit longer. She tugged on his balls as they swelled to the size of tennis balls. Hair began to thicken and spread down his thighs. The bones in his feet began to crack and meld. In moments, he came again, spraying thick streams of cum into the back of Mandi’s mouth. She came up licking her lips and kissed him but kept stroking the now twelve inch penis. “Bounce me on that fat cock.” She climbed into Josh’s arms as his new hooves stomped on the bus floor. Her hairless pussy slipped over his fourteen inch member and the women in the bus all moaned together as Josh began to saw into his new mate.

“More! More cock!” Mandi howled and Josh moaned as his penis grew its sixteenth inch. He felt a tingle at the base of his spine followed by the new sensation of a tail. “Is this the best you can fuck?” Mandi taunted him, “Can you make me cum like the little school girl I am or not?”

Josh growled and threw her off of him, pushing her to all fours on the seat level with his waist. For the first time, the spectators saw Josh fully for what he had become. Above the waist, he was a more fit, chiseled version of the young man they had known. Below the waist, his legs had transformed into hairy cloven legs of a minotaur. His tremendous appendage oozed pink cum from its flat headed tip as he ran it up across Mandi’s plump ass. She grinned back at him as his tail swished from side to side. With a single thrust, he was hilt deep in her and he roughly began to fuck into her with all his new strength. Crimson milk sprayed from her tits as she reached underneath them to squeeze his smooth balls. She reveled in the feel of them slapping into her labia. She squealed again as another orgasm tore through her body. His powerful hands gripped her ass, sinking into the luscious flesh as he roared through another orgasm. Rope after rope of gooey cum sprayed into her and she drenched his cock with her own.

With a wet pop, he pulled his new dick out of his mistress and stepped back from her to admire his new body. Mandi stood and looked at the girls huddled at the front of the bus. They could barely contain themselves, most were completely naked and the two brunettes were eating each other out as furiously as they could. Erica was topless and could not keep her hands away from her perky breasts, but she was still entranced by the spectacle before her. Mandi, the mingled cum running down her thigh, raised her hand and pointed at the bubbly blonde. “Your turn.”

Crimson Ch. 02


Note: All characters are of 18 years of age or older. 

The bus was warm and comfortable. Erica felt so sleepy and calm. She wasn’t particularly aware of what her hands were doing, nor did she realize what was happening around her. The faintest thoughts crossed her mind as she stood there, stroking her breasts. What had happened to the beautiful woman who smelled of cinnamon? Amanda had gone with her, of course, Erica knew that. She saw them walk into the woods together, but someone else had stayed behind. A different woman, Mandi. Erica loved her, of course, she always had, but then again, she couldn’t remember a time before Mandi and her calm shuddered briefly at the thought of one.

In front of her, the goddess was licking Josh’s new dick clean of the pink cum. The half man, half bull moaned and ran his rough hands through Mandi’s hair. She took the throbbing tool out of her mouth with a pop, it continued to ooze as she rubbed it across her enormous chest while leering at the other young men still entranced at the rear of the bus. All but Ethan had their dicks in their hands, absentmindedly stroking. Ethan remained in a daze, but fully clothed.

“Now then,” Mandi said standing up. “You take a rest while I play with the girls. Erica dear, come here.” The warm cloud around Erica dissipated. Her senses came rushing back to her. Revulsion and horror gripped her and she backed towards the door. Mandi frowned. “Now now, don’t be silly. Why would you go? What would you do? Run for the police and beg them for help? Isn’t this what you always wanted? Big plump lips for sucking a big fat cock?” She grabbed Josh’s penis and dragged him towards her, stroking him back to massive erection. “Hmm, maybe you’ve had enough cock already. You know, Erica, you do have a reputation of being an old fashioned cum guzzling slut. It’s one of your better qualities. We’re going to need some play room dear.”

Josh nodded and grabbed on of the seats. With a deft and effortless motion, he wrenched the metal from the bus floor and shoved against the side of the bus. With a groan, the windows and emergency door gave way. The seat went spiraling out of the gaping hole and Mandi calmly took a seat in the new clear area. Erica noticed that the usually grimy and uncomfortable bus had also begun a small transformation. The hard leather cushions had become soft and downy. The floor was seemingly growing a carpet, emanating out from the place where Mandi’s original transformation had occurred. The lights had turned from gritty fluorescent to a warm red glow. Even the metal tears where Josh had ripped apart the bus had smoothed and rounded, creating a small stage opening for whatever resided in the dark woods to watch the lurid display.

Erica watched as Mandi reclined, spreading her pussy lips apart and lightly tracing her fingers across her folds. Josh looked on with a small whimper. He edged forward and Mandi gripped the base of his cock, running her hand along the shaft slowly while staring back at Erica. “Come on, which one do you want more? This big veiny dick or my sopping wet pussy?”

Erica walked forward towards the pair of sexual monsters. She could walk past them. She knew they wouldn’t stop her. But she had always wondered what it would be like to bury her face in a gushing pussy. To lap up mingled cum while still wet from watching strangers fuck. She imagined Mandi’s creamy thighs pressing against her head while screaming in orgasm and drenching the face of the woman who gave it to her. “No, just run, get out of here and never come back,” a voice in Erica’s mind said. It sounded so familiar and yet so distant. She felt the cool night air on her naked skin, she reached her left hand up to grip the edge of the opening so she could climb out. Her right hand was inches away from the voluptuous woman. Erica felt the heat coming from the woman’s crotch, she could smell a sweet cinnamon and knew it was Josh’s cum. She decided. Instantly the voice vanished.

She dropped to her knees and dove her face into the warm wetness before her. Josh growled a slight disappointment, but Mandi laughed in devilish delight as Erica slowly ran her flattened tongue the full length of the dripping slit. Both women began moaning and Mandi’s toes curled as she felt an intense heat traveling down between her legs. Erica’s former self was gone and she lapped greedily at the slit in front of her. Her hands groped underneath Mandi, squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling her into the eager strokes of Erica’s tongue.

“Ohhhhh, yes, that’s my girl,” Mandi cooed, stroking her new acquisition’s hair. “You eat pussy like you’ve been practicing for years, just like I knew you would. Don’t worry Joshy, you’ll have a turn in a few minutes. I bet those perky tits look nice from this angle though, too bad she hasn’t got any hips on her. What would you hold on to while you fuck? How disappointing it would be to spray your load all over boney little butt. Don’t you agree, Erica?”

“Mmmph, mmph”

“Careful my little honeypot,” Mandi teased. “You know what they say, you are what you eat.”

Heat racked through Erica’s body. She continued licking and slurping at her mistress’s slit, but her own drenched pussy started spasming in orgasm. The heat began to linger in her already sizable breasts and they began to swell to ludicrous size just like Mandi’s. Her hips rounded as her rear swelled to a bubble butt. She began to purr as she licked. She felt warmer and her skin began to itch. She ran her hand down to her own vagina, but found it even more hairless than she usually kept it. Blindly, she kept searching over changing body with her hands. A thick fuzz had started growing along her side and back. It encircled her new breasts, leaving perky nipples poking out. She reached back and pulled at her plump new ass, feeling the furry hair coating her buttocks. With a quick gasp she felt her new tail growing out from the base of her spine. Her fingernails grew curved and thick. Mandi’s stroking of her pet’s hair slowly revealed pointy cat ears, which twitched to the touch. This last revelation made Erica stop her fervent licking and look up at Mandi. “What the fuck have you done to m—m—meowwwwwww!”

“What was that deary?”

“Meow! Meeeeeoooooooooowww!” Josh had moved behind the new cat-woman and was dragging the full length of his member across the girl’s furry back. She purred and rubbed her ass back against him, causing him to grunt from the feel of soft fuzz against his balls.

“That’s right my blonde little bimbo,” Mandi said. “You’re just a cat in heat, begging to be fucked. And you’re going to get it, every last inch of that fat cock.” Josh pushed Erica back to all fours and she shoved her ass in the air, arching her back and letting out a long slow purr. Josh pulled aside her tail as the tip twitched in his face. With one hand pushing into the soft ass in front of him, his dickhead nudged its way between Erica’s drenched folds. “Feel it? He wants to put it in. He wants you to buck and scratch while he impales you on his fuckstick. Is that what you want, pussy girl?”

“Meow, rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, pwease!” Erica was gone. Kitty was all that remained. She leaned back trying to force herself onto the hot pole behind her, but Josh did the same holding the head barely in her outer folds.

“What’s that Joshy, is she not good enough yet? Her pussy not as tight as mine? Ooo! I know Kitty sure does like milk doesn’t she. Suck on my tits so he has something else to watch while he pounds your ass. Then he can watch it grow even more!”

Kitty crawled up her mistress and latched on to the swollen nipple, warm red milk flowed into her mouth causing a new wave of warm to spread over her body. With a loud grunt, Josh drove into Kitty’s pussy, sending the pair of women rocking forward on the seat. His balls slapped into Mandi’s slit as he fucked the cat girl. He kneaded her ass with his rough hands. It grew before his eyes, swelling and rounding like rising bread. It spurred him on and he fucked even hardened, starting to grunt and moan. Mandi pulled the girl up into a kiss, sharing the sweet tasting milk between them. “There’s still just a little left, you know,” Mandi whispered into Kitty’s new ears. “A little of that girl Erica, she wants you to stop. She knows that when that beast behind you drenches your ass in sticky cum, that she’ll vanish. Do you have anything to say to her?”

Kitty smiled and turned back to Josh, “Fuck my ass with that big horse cock, meoooowww!” She felt the first burst of cum coat her insides. Josh pulled out of her and slapped his dick onto her ass, sending two more ropes across her back. He wedged himself between her asscheeks and pushed her furry cleft together, continuing to fuck and spew cum from his tip.

“Now then, a good kitty cleans herself up,” Mandi said as she stood up and took hold of Josh’s dick. “I’ll take care of this.” She dove down and began cleaning the pink cum off his cock. Kitty began licking herself everywhere she could reach, scooping his cum off her back and rubbing it on her breasts, causing them to swell with the transformative milk which had already begun leaking from her new teats.

The bus no longer resembled a bus at all. The other entranced watchers had not noticed as the vehicle had grown into the ground. The windowed sides of the bus had become walls. The metal railings and seat bars had changed into tall silver poles. The seats themselves had become booths. Where there was once an aisle, large cushioned pedestals had popped up. The drivers seat had transformed into a barstool and then divided itself several times to create a full row for the newly formed bar, which vaguely resembled an engine block. Where Josh had thrown a seat out of a torn bus, a door had formed. Ethan’s mind, though clouded, did notice the neon glow of the new “Crimson Club” sign on the front of the building.

Kitty and Josh had started rutting again. She had him pinned in a booth, riding his cock as she purred and tweaked her nipple to squirt red milk into his lapping mouth. Mandi crawled onto the center pedestal, presenting her voluptuous ass to the remaining boys as her tits dribbled more Crimson on the cushions as they swung forward. She eyed the remaining innocents, trying to contain her excitement long enough to pick who would be next.

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Crimson Ch. 03


Note: All characters are of 18 years of age or older. These stories deal with themes of full body transformation and often incorporate non human features. This story in particular touches on incest, which will be a latent issue in future parts. 


Mandi surveyed her new palace. She wondered how long had passed since she first drank the bottle of Crimson. Briefly she recalled the woman who had delivered the bottle. She was gone, Mandi knew, and she would never see her again. She would never get the chance to feel those lush red lips pressed against her own or smell that burning cinnamon. The red lady had given her a new life, a new god-hood. She had also given her a new sense of purpose. Mandi thought of all the faces and people her former body’s owner had known. The citizens of the nearby town were wholly unaware of the abomination which had sprung up on the absolute border of their community. Worry was not an emotion which came natural to her new form, but as she recalled the faces of the pious and the loyal that Amanda had known, she sneered a little. She wasn’t strong enough to take the town by force yet. If only one person refused her, she could be destroyed. A little strategy was unfortunately required.

In front of her, the Bull and Kitty, her first loyal converts, rolled in carnal lust. They bit and clawed at one another as they sucked and fondled and fucked in every way they had so long repressed. Their former names, Josh and Erica, had slipped away from them with their chaste humanity. They had traded it for pure hedonistic sex. The Bull’s sixteen inch penis was currently wedged between Kitty’s double D breasts and spraying thick ropes of pink cum into Kitty’s face and hair. One strand landed on her newly grown feline ears while she used her tail to tickle the Bull’s tennis ball sized testicles.

Behind these two stood the remaining nine members of Amanda’s debate team. Hours earlier they had all been floundering on stage to answer pointless questions in the most inane and tedious way possible. Now, the bright young minds were locked in a sexually charged trance from the mere presence of the red lady. It won’t last forever though, Mandi realized. Kitty had almost resisted her, she wondered which of the others was the strongest. Her eyes went to Tiffany, the pudgy girl who had been the only one who showed real kindness to Amanda. Mandi pitied her. The weight did nothing for her figure. Her breasts already sagged at twenty two. Her hips were loose rolls instead of curves. Unlike the others, she remained clothed, her shame more powerful than the red lady’s spell. Next to her was Ethan, another senior. He had remained resilient as well, but didn’t have the unfortunate features of Tiffany. He was tall and lean with a fit body. He had the reputation of being one to fool around already, Mandi would have expected him to become her first, but Josh had just been so eager. Ethan was not so strong as Tiffany though, he had removed his shirt and pants, standing there naked and erect but somehow with the strength to not touch his rock hard dick. Mandi licked her lip slowly, he was already seven inches. She could do plenty with seven inches.

The other remaining pure humans were absentmindedly fondling each other or masturbating. One pair of girls, Brendi and Melody, were seated each having two fingers slowly stroking into the other. Cynthia had picked up one of the dildos which magically appeared in the new strip club and was quickly thrusting it into herself, all while platonically staring into the void in front of her. The remaining girl Carol was rolling her nipple between her thumb and index finger while periodically slapping her own tiny butt.

The young men other than Ethan were unceremoniously masturbating. They were all unable to cum due to the trance, and it was beginning to show in their demeanor. Mandi had lost track of how long they had been at it, but they lacked lubricant for a marathon masturbatory session. Again she sneered at the idea of chafing snapping them out of their trance too early. She noticed that Adam, Carol’s brother, blinked each time his younger sister slapped her own ass. It made Mandi smile. Robert and Thomas were both out of shape, but more or less skinny. Each had a perfectly average member in length and girth. In fact, Mandi thought they were both incredibly dull and uninteresting. Billy, a shorter chubby guy of 21, had only four inches. He looked the most frustrated of the whole lot of them.

Her boobs ached with milk for them all. She only had to choose where to start. The Bull blew another load in his willing partner and the two of them lay together in a sweaty pant while Mandi strode across the velvet floor to the huddle pack of humans. As she grew closer, their eyes all snapped from the trance and followed her swaying figure. They eyed the swollen globes hanging down from her chest. Their mouths watered at the lush pussy which dripped its dewy lubrication as she walked. In a matter of minutes, she had formed a thousand schemes, a million ways of corrupting every person she knew, but these would be the easy ones, she thought, why not just enjoy it. She hefted her milk laden tits and gave them a slight squeeze sending a stream of milk spraying into the group. It splattered on Carol’s chest, shocking her out of her trance. Her brother couldn’t handle it any more, he dove at his sister and quickly pulled her right tit into his mouth, cleaning the milky white orb of the crimson juice. With slight horror at what he had done, he tried to resist, but he was already too weak. Mandi casually pulled him up to her own chest and he latched on, starting to guzzle down as much of her milk as he could.

Carol looked down at her small bosom. Though the right had been licked clean by Adam, the left was still coated with an ample amount of the gooey milk. Her hand swatted her ass again. Her ivory white skin had turned pink from the spanking. She took her stinging hand and slowly ran a finger through milk, bringing it up to her lips and sniffing. It smelled of raspberries, she though as the finger went into her mouth.

“That’s it Carol, come to mama,” Mandi said as the girl dove for her free nipple. Mandi stroked their heads as brother and sister began guzzling from her mammaries. She briefly wondered how she was capable of producing such milk, but stopped caring when she felt both of her fledglings hands groping down her thighs. They sucked harder, pulling long streams of the warm liquid from her. Adam’s hand found her pussy and started fingering her. Meanwhile, Carol reached over and grabbed her brother’s rock hard dick and started quickly stroking it. “Ahh, ahhhhh, hhhnnnnngggggahhh!” Mandi moaned as she coated Adam’s hand in cum. He let her tit pop out of his mouth long enough to scream as he blew a small load onto Mandi’s leg. His sister quickly dove to lap it up and clean off her brother’s member.

“So easy, isn’t it,” Mandi whispered to them. “To give up your humanity. Look Adam, your sister has already gotten you hard again. You wanted this for a long time before today, didn’t you? You wanted to watch your sister’s pretty blue eyes while she took your cock down her throat. She want it ever so much, don’t you sweetie?”

Carol popped her brother’s dick out of her mouth long enough to hiss, “yesssssssss” and start running her flattened tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip. Adam gasped and came, eeking out his few remaining drops of cum which Carol sucked down greedily.

Mandi smiled, running her hand down to Carol’s sex. She dipped a finger into the dripping vagina, “This is what it’s going to take though. Put that rock hard little prick into your sister’s juicy pussy and you can have everything you desire. Go on then, fuck her like you always wanted.”

Clarity came rushing back to Adam and he pulled back in revulsion. His penis ached and throbbed from all the attention it had received. His sister frowned at the loss of her plaything, but her hands went quickly to her own body. With a devious grin, she turned and went to her knees and elbows, wiggling her ass up at her older brother. He knew he should run, but he could imagine the warmth enveloping his dick and the wetness trickling down his balls. He stepped forward and gripped his sisters hips, the tip of his cock nestled itself in her folds. His better self pleaded for him to stop, but with a clear voice he said, “No. I want this,” and plunged into his sister’s vagina.

Carol squealed with delight and thrust eagerly back onto her brother’s dick. She heard him grunting and gasping for air. She reveled in the feel of her petite ass pushing back against his grinding torso and his coarse hands massaging her swinging breasts. Still, in her mind, she could not fully give in yet. Visions of her life kept intruding into her ecstasy. Mandi had positioned herself in front of the fucking siblings and now cradled Carol’s head in her hands, inches away from Mandi’s beautiful pussy. The smell was intoxicating and Carol’s mouth watered, she wanted to dive into it. She desperately wanted Mandi’s thighs pressing against her head as the goregous woman writhed in orgasm. And still the old thoughts kept her back.

“It’s too much isn’t it,” Mandi said, with genuine concern in her voice. “Having two wills in one mind. I can’t help you any more, you just have to give in. Your brother is almost there, only you are holding him back. You could still leave and forget all this, if you wanted. Go back to your normal life and never know this even happened.” Mandi let go of Carol’s face and slid her hands up her body to cup her massive tits. “Or you can eat me out, and let the crimson burn away your imperfections, your humanity, and your former life. You can become your brother’s fucktoy. A true slut that wants as much cock as she can get and never has to have a single thought in her head. Tits like these and an ass more bouncy and perfect that even mine. So, what do you really want?”

Her brother’s dick slid slowly to a halt. She could feel the sexual haze lifting. All of her memories flooded into her mind. And it terrified her. “No! Don’t make me be her anymore!” She grabbed Mandi’s asscheeks and pulled the woman’s body to her. Adam’s rhythmic thrusting picked up speed again and Mandi laughed gleefully as her newest convert licked at her clit.

Warmth coursed through the siblings’ bodies. Their former selves burned away quickly. Carol moaned and grunted back onto her brother’s swelling pole. Adam’s body swelled with muscle and grew tan. Hair melted from his body below the neck and soon his bald crotch was wet with the juice of the transforming creature orgasming around his cock. Adam was free of his former self and yet still pleased to see he had not grown hooves. His body was nearly perfection with a girthy twelve inch cock to service a harem with. He began to fuck in earnest, pinning his former sister to the ground by the back of her neck. He grunted as he blasted semen into her. “Oh, cum buckets for me,” she cooed back at him. Her pussy clamped tightly on the spasming cock, milking the pink fluid, as she orgasmed.

The heat spread her cumfilled pussy upwards. She felt a bubbly sensation fill her head, as if she’d had just a little too much champagne.

“Go on,” Mandi said, fingers stroking her clit. “Adonis, design your perfect bimbo.”

Adonis looked down at the girl shuddering in front of him. She looked so unappealing and plain, even with his cum dripping from her. “Give her a huge ass.”

“Of course, that’s just part of the basic package.”

Carol screamed and pushed back against Adonis’s hardening cock as her ass swelled to three times its size. He rubbed his dick against it, bringing appreciative moans from Carol. Her boobs ballooned as well, straining out from her chest as they rounded. She raised herself and sat on the top of her former brother’s shaft and tweaked her nipples sending rivults of pink milk on to the floor. She rubbed his cockhead with her hand, bringing the sweet tasting cum to her lips.

“I want her to have lips like pillows for sucking my cock,” Adonis continued. Carol felt a slight sting and her lips puffed out. “A longer tongue so she can tickle my balls why I deep throat her.” The sting moved to her tongue,while it still felt normal, when she tried to extend it, it slithered out and became forked, with two studded piercings at the tips.

“Oh, I can’t wait to try that,” Mandi said.

“Pony tails and tramp stamps, I want her to know what a cum slut she is,” Adonis said, roughly.

“Is that right, Carol, are you a cum slut?”

“Owh, yes. I just love cock!” She said in a bubbly voice as her hair turned platinum blonde and formed into a perky pony tail. She felt a burn start on her lower back and slowly etch out the word “SLUT”. “I never want to thwink of anything again, just cock and dick and pussy and titties! Pwetty pwease cum on my ass next time!”

Adonis felt a twinge at the base of his spine. A tail sprouted and grew. The new appendage tingled and grew a cock head on it’s end. He quickly slithered it between his thighs and stuffed it into the waiting pussy while his own cock shoved into his new bimbo’s ass. She fucked back onto the two dicks as hard as she could, waves of ecstasy spreading over her body. Her voluptuous new curves quivered with delight as orgasm after orgasm swept over her body. Soon, the tail was spewing semen into her cunt and the dick in her ass followed suit.

“Doesn’t that feel better, Kay-Kay?” Mandi said, shoving the girl’s face back into her crotch. The studded tongue quickly slid deep into the pussy before it. The Bull came over and lined up his massive cock for a turn at the new slut. Adonis dragged over Kitty and began fucking her with his tail, while he nudged his cock against Mandi’s face.

“We’re going to need more!” Mandi said and looked to the remaining humans.




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