A Crimson Quicky – Halloween



All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This content is intended for adults only.

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Jessie straightened her top as she walked up to her boss’s front door. The tight fitting black tank top kept riding up her stomach, flashing her mid drift to the world. She hadn’t expected to be invited to the Halloween party, but knew better than to decline. For years, she’d heard stories about her boss, Mr. Davidson’s, network of friends. All of them were the movers and shapers of Cloverdale, the old money of an old town embodied in young men who all had business degrees from ivy league schools which meant they knew little about business, but a great deal about networking.


Robert Davidson had taken over the management of the small graphics design firm after he graduated. Normally, this would have offended some of the more seasoned employees, but Robert had a certain command of the room. Jessie had noticed it immediately and, despite herself, fawned slightly at the handsome new boss. They enjoyed a good relationship at work for the subsequent two years, but Robert only invited his prized employees to his home. Jessie finally found herself in that position after acquiring a new, lucrative client for the firm. Still, the invitation surprised her and she had no costume on hand. Instead, she quickly threw together an older costume that seemed to be the Halloween version of the little black dress, a sexy cat.


Her tank top was just a normal one, but tighter fitting than she found comfortable. Her small breasts strained against the thin fabric from the second she put it on. Long black gloves with small plastic claws on the tips of the fingers covered her arms. Tights, which she struggled to pull on hopping and shaking around until the elastic fabric yielded, clothed her legs. They stretched very tightly over her ample bottom, with a padded area just at the top of her ass where a felt tail was attached. She pulled on some stiletto boots and finalized her attire with a small headband sporting two cat ears. Naturally, she spent the extra time on her makeup to include the faux whiskers painted on her face, and a dab of black on the tip of her nose.


Through the window, she could see the other party goers milling about with drinks in their hands. She noticed Ariel, Robert’s personal assistant, laughing a bit too enthusiastically at the joke of some handsome man who clearly had an un-entitled sense of importance. The man was wearing a cowboy hat and somehow passing it off as a costume. Ariel was dressed to attend a masquerade ball, complete with the over exaggerated mask suspended slightly in front of her. Her lithe form was draped in a tight fitting black dress, with a particularly low neckline which kept attracting the cowboy’s attention. Ariel had clearly already chosen her prize bull for the evening, and the cowboy was keen on the masked heifer as well.


Jessie blanched at the sight. She hated the borderline incestuous nature of work and social relationships, each one preying on the other. Of course, she could tolerate her own hypocrisy as Robert opened the door.


“Jessie!” he exclaimed with a charming smile. “So glad you could make it, come on in.” He was wearing a flight jumpsuit and aviator sunglasses. “Let me guess, you’re a cat.”


“No, I made a very misguided effort at Wonder Woman,” she said sheepishly. He chuckled. “You’re that guy from that movie.”


“I think that covers pretty much every guy’s costume here,” he said with a tone of mild disappointment. “Drink?”


“Yes, please. Makes prancing around in my underwear slightly less embarrassing.”


“I don’t think anyone’s going to complain if you start prancing around in anything,” he said. His hand went to the small of her back and with a slight push he steered her over to the bar. The feel of his hand on her made her chest flutter.


She glanced around the room and quickly agreed with Robert’s assessment. All the men were various characters from movies. Even the cowboy was angling to be a particular cowboy, though Jessie couldn’t decide which one because she had very limited knowledge of movie cowboys. She decided the safe assumption was to think of him as all of John Wayne’s characters. The women, on the other hand, all went the same route. Sexy cat, sexy nurse, sexy ghost, sexy whatever they could find. She and Ariel were two of the more conservatively dressed in the room, which highlighted the fact that they were also probably the oldest at twenty six.


Robert was engaged in familiar conversation with a short man in a tuxedo shirt and bow tie, whose hands were deftly pouring drinks just out of sight beneath a mahogany bar. He placed two glasses on the bar and Robert swept them up. “Try this,” he said, handing her a glass of what appeared to be a red punch. “So, have you ever been in my house before?”


“No, this would be my first time,” she said trying not to blush. She never excelled at chit chat. “It’s lovely.”


Robert shrugged, “Its generally better when there’s not all these people hanging around in it. Between you and me, I’m a little burnt out on this kind of party. Don’t you eventually get old enough to just have a few close friends over for dinner and drinks? I swear to god if Tim throws up in my backyard one more time, I’m going to have him fired on Monday.” She must have visibly tensed, “Sorry, that’s a joke. We’re not at the office here. I mean no one should start fucking on the pool table, but I want everyone to feel comfortable, let their hair down.” Someone waved at them from across the room. “Ah hell, looks like I need to go talk with Stanley. Sorry to abandon you.”


“No, it’s ok,” she said. “I’ll mingle, plenty of people from the office I need to say hello to. We’ll catch up later.”


Robert strode off into the party, leaving her standing idly just to the side of the bar. A small pack of people crowded up to the bar, jostling each other playfully for the prime attention of the short man in the bow tie. Jessie smiled at them and took a sip of her drink, moving away politely. Immediately she bumped into a tall woman in a red dress.


“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said quickly. “I didn’t see you there.”


“Luckily I’m used to having little kitties under foot,” the woman said.


“Sorry, what?” The woman leered at her with the interest of a cat looking down at a mouse. “I’m Jessie, I don’t think we’ve met.”


The woman was stunning, and Jessie quailed in her presence. “No, we haven’t, Jessie.”


“And your name..” Jessie pursued.


“Is not important right now,” she sidled a little closer to the smaller woman. “Do you ever wonder how the big executives like to blow off steam? Look at all these strapping young men. They’re all here tossing back drink after drink while wearing Depp’s latest character’s rejected wardrobe and a few hours they’ll have the majority of these little sluts drunk enough to dive headfirst into wonderfully slippery pussy. That’s where all their stress goes, into one big load of spunk sprayed on the newest piece of ass they can find. I get wet just thinking about it. How about you?”


“I think I’m going to go,” Jessie said, trying to hide her blush. The woman’s closeness and language was making her flushed. Despite her words, Jessie made no attempt to escape the woman.


“You’re not, because deep down, you love the idea of it all. That’s why you came here tonight. That’s why your lover boy invited you. Both of you have fallen asleep dreaming about having the other curled up beside you, and while dreaming those innocent desires drifted off to a baser instinct. All his strength and clout, his old money and his pretty young friends, you want that kneeling before you, whimpering as you cast your gaze upon him. And he can’t be happy without a little vixen like you on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth, dominant and submissive at the same time. Rather beautiful in a lewd way. This is how I blow off steam you see, slumming around with the repressed and melancholy lording my liberation over them, deciding on a whim to unleash torrents of fevered ecstasy.”


Jessie shook her head. “I…I don’t understand.”


The woman in red signed, “Oh fuck it. Let’s skip to the end.” She tilted her head and brought Jessie in for a deep, long kiss. They pulled apart with a wet pop, and the woman faded into the crowd as Jessie’s mind began to roil with change.


A murmur of alarm rippled through the party. The doors were clicking locked and windows were darkening into opaque obelisks of glass. A few of the attendees started applauding the wonderful Halloween trick, but Robert was banging on the obsidian glass with confusion.


Jessie was short of breath. Her skin was hot and her vision blurred. “Drugged,” she thought. “He drugged me. I need to get…I need help.” She tried to walk but her head swam and she almost fell. The others in the room were distressed and barely noticed her.


“Jess? Jess are you alright?” Ariel asked, her voice oddly swirling out from behind the grotesque mask.


“No, I’m…I…ahhhh!” A wave of heat exploded through her body. She collapsed on the floor in spasms. More cries of alarm as people turned to look at her, but no one approached, even Ariel backed away. Jessie felt as if she’d been plunged into a vat of boiling water. The fabric of her clothes teared at her skin, and a sharp pain, like a needle plunging through her spine. Managing to open her eyes, she looked up at the people around her, trying to plead with them for help, but they only watched with absent horror. Her eyes focused on Robert.


“Christ,” he said, “someone call 911.” He scowled at several of the people who had their phones out videotaping what appeared to be a girl seizing on the floor.


“No service,” someone said. Another echoed it.


Jessie clawed at her tank top. “The fabric,” she thought. With a panicked strength, she ripped the cloth from her abdomen and glimpsed what was causing her skin to burn. Tiny, black hairs were pushing their way out of her stomach. “Oh god…no,” she wailed aloud. She wanted to crawl away and hide from the dozens of leering eyes, from Robert. Cool air drifted across her exposed skin and the heat still seared over every inch of her body still covered in cloth. She wanted to resist, but the pain was too much.


The gloves came off first, revealing more of the tiny black hairs rapidly growing out of her arms. At the tips of her fingers, where pointy plastic had been moments before, shiny black claws were pushing aside her manicured fingernails. The relief was exquisite, but fleeting. She put her new talons to use immediately, hooking the remains of her tank top and slicing the fabric off with no effort. Her perky B cups emerged into view and she heard cheers from around her. Despite her situation, she was relieved to see slightly finer hairs growing out to cover her breasts, yet leaving her pink nipples clear and erect. And she could feel the weight of her chest changing, she wondered if anyone could perceive them growing, her B’s expanding slowly into C’s and hopefully not stopping.


Robert had noticed. He was transfixed on the changing woman before him on the ground . His cock was rigid and he didn’t care if anyone saw the bulge in his costume. He had wanted to fuck Jessie for years, and this spectacle was too much. His eyes flitted to the other men in the room, all of them slowly changing from states of horror or amusement to one of sexual fervor. Their expressions made him seethe with jealousy.


Her tights split open as she kicked off her boots. She flexed her toes and saw the skin darken as hair covered her legs. With a quick slash, her bare bottom was released from the last remains of her costume, but she was surprised that the fake tail didn’t fall away with them. Instead, it curled around her leg as she felt a new muscle for the first time. She grunted and bent over on her knees as her ass grew rounder and her hips flared out. Her tail swished erratically back and forth. Looking up in front of her, she saw Robert and her eyes lingered on the bulge in his jumpsuit. She crawled over to him, her claws clacking on the floor and her newly furry form swaying with grace as her bare ass taunted all the other drooling men in the room.


He tried to reach out and touch her, but she brushed aside his hand, putting her own on his hips. Her claws pressed into his body and with a sudden rake, she tore through his clothes. Eager to help her along, he started pulling off the costumes, letting it fall off him and pile at his ankles. The others in the room had stopped cheering or yelling, the only sound was the steady thrum of music, growing louder and more primal. Jessie smiled up at him with glossy lips, her breasts pressing into his legs. She smelled his cock and it intoxicated her. Her furred hands slid delicately up his muscular thighs and began to slowly pull down his boxers. The rigid cock within strained to be released and rebelled as the waistband pulled it down, eliciting a groan from Robert. His dick finally popped free, bouncing inches from Jessie’s whiskered face. “A big cock like that needs a nice pussy to take care of it.” She playfully licked his shaft and Robert was subconsciously relieved to feel the soft moist tongue rather than sandpaper.


She slowly took his cock into her warm mouth, her tongue undulating along the shaft as she let the warmth of her mouth swirl around his dick. The musk of his body filled her lungs and she wanted to feel the surge of cum rushing up from his balls to spill into her mouth. She wanted it to dribble from the corners of her mouth and splash down on her tits. Her hand came up to cup his balls. They weren’t big enough for all that, she thought. His load would barely fill up her mouth, that wasn’t nearly enough cum to rub on her tits or share with some of the other girls. Her hand started to massage his balls and she was delighted to hear his moans, but even more excited to see them growing in the palm of her hand.


Robert growled at a strange, sharp pain in his lower back. It distracted him only momentarily from the warm mouth bobbing up and down on his cock. His bare chest had never had much hair on it, but now he was pleased to see a short grey fur spreading out to cover his pecs. Muscles grew and strengthened as Jessie sucked more and more vigorously. He looked down at her perfect form and saw that she couldn’t fit his dick in her mouth any more. Clawed hands covered in the newly grown fur reached down and grabbed her waist, effortlessly hoisting her up. Her milk laden breasts hung down in front of his face and his tongue lashed out to tease her nipples. Pulling herself down, she caused him to whimper as her tit popped out of his mouth, leaving a dribble of milk leaking down between their bodies. She pulled his face to hers. The both of them no longer having much resemblance to their former selves, the black fur and grey fur lining their entire bodies, she pulled him into a wet kiss as her plump pussy lips pushed down against his twelve inch cock. She could feel his abs go taut as she pushed against him, and he reveled in the feel of her soft flesh, his paws pressing into her pillowy ass cheeks.


He raised her slightly into the air in front of him, amazed at his own strength. With her help, he positioned his new, brightly pink cock at the opening of her tight pussy. He pulled her forward slowly, easing inch after inch of his cock into her mind melting warmth. She purred with pleasure. The walls of her pussy massaged his cock, squeezing and encouraging him to go deeper, to fill her up, to give her her first litter.


Ariel had trouble remembering her name. She knew that she had a name, once, and that it should be easy to remember. All around her were other people, dressed strangely. Ariel worried that they would realize that she wasn’t all herself, and she suspected that they were not all themselves either. The whole room was circled around two other people. Well, Ariel knew that they should be called people, but they were unlike any people she had ever seen. They were cat-people. Were-cats, maybe. She was embarrassed that she didn’t know the right term. What would people think? The young woman looked so pleased with that tomcat’s cock stuffed inside of her. Ariel felt her pussy getting wet, or had it been that way for a while now? The girl’s tits were bigger than hers and they were getting bigger. Ariel looked down at her own chest, and couldn’t see them well enough.


She tugged at her dress, letting her tits pop out. A man beside her let his eyes drift momentarily away from the rutting pair in the center of the room, to ogle the tan orbs. She had spent so much time in the tanning bed cultivating the deep brown skin, but it appeared more orange now than tan. Her hands cupped her breasts and hefted them up while eyeballing Jessie’s bouncing melons. Ariel thought of herself as so boring and plain now. What man could want a woman so normal, so smooth? She felt someone pulling her dress down further. The man whose attention she had attracted moments before was now running his hands up and down her body, lingering around her ass and breasts. She liked the attention.


Ariel was wearing heels and black underwear, but neither of them seemed important any more. She stepped out of her shoes and allowed the man to pull down her underwear with an encouraging wiggle of her hips. Cool air caressed her bare pussy and she shuddered with pleasure. The man’s hulking form pressed into her, his bare chest against her back and her ass pressing against the bulge in his jeans. She frowned at the feeling of the fabric, instead wanting to feel the man’s cock wedge between her ass cheeks. Nevertheless, she ground against him while they watched the two in the center change positions again. Around them, all the other women and men were in various states of undress. More than a few cocks were straining against the air, waiting for some unknown signal to bury themselves in the closets wet crevice.


Ariel saw the change before she felt it. Her tan skin was now a rich orange color, with darker reddish stripes rising out. Around her wrists and between her breasts, she was slightly paler than before. Then she felt why, the thousands of tiny hairs growing rapidly, covering her body in the same soft fur that seemed to be so pleasurable to Robert and Jessie. She turned to look at the man who had been rubbing her breasts moments before. He was staring at his own hands, now covered in a brown coat of hair. He had a beard, except it was more of a mane, a thick luxurious mane that Ariel ran her fingers through, garnering an accepting growl.


Jessie could feel her mate’s heart quickening. He had her on her back, slamming his cock into her in a frantic desperation. The scent of sweat on fur mingled with the tangy aroma of their coupling. Her body was on pins, each time her pushed into her another wave of pleasure rippling through her body. Robert’s breath grew ragged and short. She felt his cock pulse inside of her and her cunt clamped down. He groaned as the first spurt erupted from the tip of his cock, rushing inside of her. Again and again his cock erupted with cum as his new oversized balls emptied into her waiting cunt. The sensation of his jizz flowing into her caused her body to seize, her breasts quivered with anticipation. She was on the edge until he bowed his head to her left nipple and with a slight nibble, took a long drought of her milk. And her body quaked with orgasm.


Jessie’s completion was the sign they had all been waiting for. With no more pretext, the room roared into a fierce orgy. Ariel’s beau pushed her forward, pulled her tail up in front of him, and pushed his girthy cock deep into her. Around them other pairs shrieked with pleasure as the women were mounted by unforgiving men, all of them transformed into feline beasts. Ariel’s claws raked the floor as the man fucking her pulled her back and forth on his massive cock. In moments, she felt him shuddering and his cock surged with cum. It exploded inside of her and began to leak out over her cunt lips. More she thought. She turned on her spent partner and pushed him to the ground. With a few vigorous licks, she had him erect again and straddled him, stuffing his growing cock into her already sopping pussy.

Beside her a young woman cried out in ecstasy as another woman worked magic with her tongue. A man pulled out of a girl and dripped cum along her leg as he moved over to Ariel. She gladly took the spare cock into her mouth, licking it clean of the other girl’s juices and the sweet taste of the man’s cum. He was covered in black fur with only the smallest patch of white just above his naval. She pushed her nose into it as she took his entire length into her mouth. She almost giggled at the prickly hair brushing against her nose.

Jessie felt the top of her head. The headband from earlier was gone, but tiny cat ears remained. They were soft and she hoped they were cute. She nuzzled into Robert’s chest, happy to feel his immense strength wrapped around her as their tails flicked back and forth together on the ground. His cock was limp beneath her for the moment, resting on the underside of her thigh. A few of the other males were idle and she fancied the idea of crawling over to let them fuck her, but Robert kept her close. He whispered in her ear, “I see you. Your mouth watering for all those other cocks. You’re too perfect for them now.”

“But how can a girl be satisfied with just one. Especially when he tires out so quickly.” Instantly, she felt his dick stirring. “Does my kitty cat want to fuck me?” she taunted. “But I’m already so full of your cum, look it’s dripping out of me. Maybe I should let one of these other girls clean me up while you recover your strength. Or maybe you can fuck her while she eats me.” Jessie snapped her fingers and one of the girls she had noticed earlier immediately came over to them. Before the change this girl had been dressed as a nurse, and now her fur was entirely white with only the pink of nipples showing at the end of her massive tits. Jessie saw the fur on her chest was already damp with some guy’s cum. She pulled the little vixen in for a kiss. With a quick swing of her legs, she had the white catwoman between her thighs, pressing her face down to lick her pussy. Robert wasted no time in filling his end of the bargain, moving behind the woman and positioning himself at the opening of her cunt.

“I’m sure that’s already filled with some other buck’s spunk,” Jessie taunted between purrs of pleasure. “Alpha males don’t take sloppy seconds.”

Mesmerized by her words, Robert roughly grabbed the fluffy white tail and pulled it straight up in front of. The girl’s ass was massive, even Robert’s cock could fit between her cheeks if he wanted it to. Instead, he spread the beautiful white cheeks apart and put the tip of his dick against her asshole. The girl made no move to protest, but continued diligently licked and sucking at Jessie’s pussy. With a short thrust, he pushed into her ass and felt the tightness envelop him.

“Go on then,” Jessie said. “Fuck her ass.”

Robert growled and obliged.

Ariel emptied another cock onto her tits. She smeared the cum into her fur, amazed at the feeling. Her breasts were engorged and she was oddly pleased to find a slightly pink milk leaking from her nipples. Another male presented himself to her and she eagerly began to suck on his cock while playfully massaging his cum laden balls. A warm sensation spread across her upper ribs and she let the cock slip out of her mouth with a wet pop. With a smile, she lifted up her massive tits and strained to look over them, delighted by what she saw. Two small breasts were growing out from underneath her other teats. She purred and laid down on her side, to give them room to grow. The male moved to her side and picked up her leg to give better access, sliding into her hot canal with ease. In moments, her second set of breasts were almost as big as their predecessors. Two women crawled over, each latching on to a nipple, one beside the other, letting their tongues swirl around the nubs and tease out the transformative droplets of milk. Their presented asses didn’t go unnoticed and two males grabbed hold of the voluptuous furry thighs and sheathed their cocks in waiting pussy. Ariel thrummed with orgasm as she felt the two women milk her in rhythm with the cocks pistoning in and out of them.

Outside, the lady in red sat in the grass peering through a window only she could see through. She watched the animalistic orgy and rubbed her pussy in time with the various pairs fucking around the room. She always did like cats.


Author’s note: Wanted to drop a quick story that was halfway done along the way some where. I haven’t abandoned the Crimson series, but it has been scaled back a bit due to other projects. I have a few more chapters before the conclusion, but I can always write some more quickies. Thanks for all your support and kind words.

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