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Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Some solid corruption scenes from an actually great movie following closely the original intrigue from the book by Bram Stoker: A young man travels to Transylvania and meets the evil Count Dracula who then follows him back to England to seduce and turn into a vampire his fiancee (Mina) and her friend (Lucy) The film was produced and directed Francis Ford Coppola and in the theaters in 1992.

I suggest you check it out. Here are a few links with:

-> The corruption of Lucy  (part 1) (part 2)

-> A nice apparition from the wives of Dracula:

Dante’s Inferno

This is a videogame in which the hero goes to Hell to rescue his wife, sent there instead of him . Gradually she becomes more and more corrupted.

Here’s the scene when Dante arrives only to see here being taken by the great Devil itself! -> Check the video at 50:00 min.

(if it doesn’t worktry this one : ) -> Check the video at 12:50 min.

Probably the best corruption scene in a videogame ever done.

Van Helsing

A frustrating movie (lacking on a few levels) but still!

We got the atmosphere (a dark land full of superstitions), a great lore (vampires, werwolves…), the perfect characters including a sexy princess played by Kate Beckinsale:

kate beckinsale

And some of my favorites characters, the three wives of Dracula:

brides of dracula

Not much corruption happening on screen but:

-> The brides were all humans once. We can only assume they were corrupted before the movie starts.

-> There is also one or two attempts made by Dracula and his brides at turning Anna. We can only regret that they failed  😛