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26 thoughts on “Home”

  1. This is looking exceptional so far, HoC!
    Well done turning this idea into reality.
    As more and more entries are added, this blog will surely become a popular guidebook for everyone interested in this fetish.


  2. Cool site. You left me a comment on my Literotica story (Brides, Pt. 1) about featuring it on here. Feel free to link to it.



  3. You should make a comment section somewhere where you could suggest content for the site. I think I know of some stuff that could be interesting.


    1. Thanks for the comment!
      Crimson was the next on the line. Great minds think alike 😛
      I’ll check the other story out.

      For now I’ve started to focus mainly on stories or really hard to find comics rather than more accessible stuff like Ganassa’s but I’ll think about it too.


    1. Wow. I more or less finished playing your game (I might have missed one or two alternate endings).And I have to say it’s a lot of fun. Clearly something that any corruption fan would enjoy….
      You can be sure I’ll make a page to recommend you and your work soon.
      Thanks for coming to me!


      1. You’re welcome! I assumed you might enjoy my hard work, in some capacity, and I look forward to making more. Once I finish my trilogy of terror, I will write an erotic corruption novel and put it on E-book, to see if, mayhap, I can turn my fetish and gift for writing- into a full time job!


  4. hellofacritic , please add the movie vvitch (2015) to corruption in mainstream media, its a pretty good movie , oh and merry christmas to you


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The ultimate anthology for all erotic corruption !


The ultimate anthology for all erotic corruption !


The ultimate anthology for all erotic corruption !

H3N Comics

The ultimate anthology for all erotic corruption !

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