Demonic Breeding

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The original story from Uh-Oh can be found on his website. This one is slightly modified, I have taken off some of the more disturbing content and gotten rid of a few attention faults. The pictures are also an addition.

Part I

The girl was brought before the village, dressed in a simple white dress and nothing else.  Her long black hair was braided back to expose her face, and her wide grey eyes showed just how scared she was of the duty before her.

adriana lima drawing Xia

She had only recently become a young woman, the daughter of the village leader, and was selected as a sacrifice to the demons so the village could go on living safely for another year.

Slowly she walked away from her home, down the path into the woods and to the altar to await her fate.  She had only heard stories of what happened, and the stories alone were enough to make her tremble as she finally reached the altar.

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