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The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey.

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 01

three rivers deep


Kelethia sighed and rubbed her eyes. She had been reading for nearly an hour, but it felt much longer than that. The tome in front of her had been a gift from Sister Anetta. “Study it well,” she had said, “for it contains important lessons you will need to learn if you are to become a priestess.” Kelethia had started reading it right away, for her greatest dream was to become a priestess. Ever since coming to the abbey three years ago, after her parents died during a Horde raid on Southshore, she had been in awe of the men and women who worked at the Abbey. They had miraculous powers, and everyone admired them. Kelethia wanted to be powerful and admired, too – and when she turned twenty-one next month, she intended to be ready to join the priesthood. Continue reading The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey.


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As always I’m very late. I was supposed to write this post much sooner.

Anyway, here is my tribute to Sgray the author of two great corruption stories:

“The Priestesses Of Northshire Abbey” and “The Fall of the Heroes”.

Check out his work here.

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