Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Some solid corruption scenes from an actually great movie following closely the original intrigue from the book by Bram Stoker: A young man travels to Transylvania and meets the evil Count Dracula who then follows him back to England to seduce and turn into a vampire his fiancee (Mina) and her friend (Lucy) The film was produced and directed Francis Ford Coppola and in the theaters in 1992.

I suggest you check it out. Here are a few links with:

-> The corruption of Lucy  (part 1) (part 2)

-> A nice apparition from the wives of Dracula:

The Black Trilogy

For the DC Comics fan out there, here is a story taking place in the DC Universe where Black Adam (the nemesis of Captain Marvel/Shazam) goes on a rampage and corrupts the poor heroines unlucky enough to meet him. It’s done by an author going by the name of “LostChris”

I’ll add the story directly on this post because It’s not easy to find and I’m not sure it will stay out there forever, but here is the link to its official page:

And for those unfamiliar with comics, here is what the characters look like:

Black Adam


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