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Anaximane keeps the momentum going

Sorry, sorry. I know I haven’t been here a lot. I promise to post more often now.

Just to warn you dear corruption fans that Anaximane has released “Phantom”, a short visual novel about a man who found a way to corrupt and control women even beyond the grave.

You can check it out here:

(reminder: registering to the hypnopics collective is free!)


He also released the introduction of ”Cereborg” and ”Sex and Souls”.



remember this little gem?

Of Sex and souls:


As always comment on his work or support Anaximane on:

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Anaximanes’ slicky, slimy transformations


With a little bit of delay, here comes my small tribute to the wonderful work of Anaximane.

He’s made a few sexy comics with various themes of corruption (demons, cyborgs… even clowns!) but most of all he’s recently created a fully illustrated game where you follow a character who tries to survive an invasion of earth by various alien species all hellbent on finding earth women to transform and convert. A lot of possible ending!

This link will lead you to the forum of the ‘hypnotive collective’ where a fairly quick and free registration will be asked of you before you can download the game.

It’s completely free and a true work of art. A great gift for any fan of corruption stories and one of the best free game I found on the subject.
Thanks again Axiname for making this game (and telling me about it).

Here are the link to

His Patreon

His Gallery

His Blog