Kenkou Cross Monster Encyclopedia

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The Japanese artist created his Monster (girl) Encyclopedia a few years ago and has kept developing it ever since.

The story is about a powerful Demon Lord that came to a fantasy land and, in his wake, was followed by many kind of female monsters “manono”.

You can learn more about it here:

and here for the latest translated content:

I have compiled for you every creature whose theme was linked to the one of corruption or transformation. I also added content concerning specific characters, heroines who ended being corrupted to illustrate the encyclopedia’s entries.

So those are the troublemakers…

Who then lead to the corruption and transformation (or propagation) of:

The Slimes:

The Elementals:

The Elves:

The Priestesses and Fox spirits:

The Monster hunters into Serpent Ladies:

The Clergy:

The Princesses:

The Succubi:

Heroine Wilmarina’s transformation into a Succubus:



Lust Fruit

Cursed Sword

Various kind of undead and their evolutions:

An average fate in that world: From a pure lady to a more and more grotesque monster.


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