The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey.

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 01

three rivers deep


Kelethia sighed and rubbed her eyes. She had been reading for nearly an hour, but it felt much longer than that. The tome in front of her had been a gift from Sister Anetta. “Study it well,” she had said, “for it contains important lessons you will need to learn if you are to become a priestess.” Kelethia had started reading it right away, for her greatest dream was to become a priestess. Ever since coming to the abbey three years ago, after her parents died during a Horde raid on Southshore, she had been in awe of the men and women who worked at the Abbey. They had miraculous powers, and everyone admired them. Kelethia wanted to be powerful and admired, too – and when she turned twenty-one next month, she intended to be ready to join the priesthood.
But this text was as dull and dry as anything she had ever read. To make things worse, the room was unbearably hot and stuffy. There weren’t enough windows in the abbey to stave off the heat of midsummer. She longed to take off her robe, but the sisters would never allow that. “It is not proper to reveal flesh,” they said, “for it may distract people away from spiritual enlightenment.” Kelethia didn’t feel very enlightened, though, sweltering and perspiring under her thick garments.

Perhaps a walk outside would help. Kelethia closed her book and left the room, slipping deftly through the corridors of the abbey to avoid being spotted by Sister Anetta or anyone else who might frown upon her for shirking her studies. She felt better the moment she left the Abbbey, as a welcome breeze swept through her wavy blonde hair. She strolled off into the woods, clearing her mind of dreary books and smothering rules.

The forest was quiet; the lumberjacks had no doubt gone down to Goldshire for their mid-day meal. Kelethia listened to the pleasant chirping of birds and insects, and smiled to herself as she drifted through the trees. It felt as though the world was at peace, until she heard a strange sound from the woods up ahead.

Kelethia froze. It sounded as though a woman was moaning in pain! Should she run back to the abbey for help? That would take time. Besides, if she was going to become a mighty priestess, she had to learn how to help others on her own, and this might be an opportunity for her to prove herself. With that thought in mind, she marched determinedly toward the trees.

There was something odd about the woman’s cries; they were steady, almost rhythmic. In treating the sick and the injured, Kelethia had heard all sorts of sounds that people make when they’re in pain, and this didn’t sound like any of them. And soon she knew why.

Peeking around the trunk of a mighty oak, she saw a small meadow filled with sunlight, where a dark-haired woman lay on her back. She wore no clothing, nor did the man who lay on top of her. He was moving his hips against her, and Kelethia caught her first glimpse of what lies between a man’s legs. It was a thick, rigid shaft, sliding in and out of the woman’s underside, making her moan in what Kelethia now understood to be pleasure rather than pain. Her breath caught in her throat; she had never seen anything like this. She stood there, transfixed, watching as the man plunged his hard flesh into the woman, making her gasp and groan.

With a start, she realized that the woman was Drusilla LaSalle, a herbalist who lived in a small cottage at the edge of Northshire Valley. Some of the sisters at the abbey had warned Kelethia to stay away from that cottage, claiming it was haunted by the spirit of a witch who could summon demonic spirits to do her bidding. Kelethia had never believed those rumors, though, because she had seen Drusilla many times during the past few years, providing herbal remedies to convalescing soldiers – hardly the actions of an evil ghost witch. Kelethia suspected that her gossiping sisters were actually jealous of Drusilla’s long dark hair and voluptuous body, and the stares that she attracted from the men she tended. What would they think if they saw her now, sprawled out on the forest floor, moaning deliriously? Kelethia knew that the man on top of her was one of the lumberjacks; she had seen him before, but didn’t know his name. He was young and muscular, and his face had a rough, almost savage look as he eagerly plowed his way inside her.

Kelethia thought about leaving, but she couldn’t. She knew she shouldn’t be watching this, but she couldn’t turn away. Her heart was racing, and her cheeks felt hot. Every time that man-flesh sank inside Drusilla’s wet opening, it made an obscene slurping sound. The sound of their mating echoed through the meadow, through the trees, and through the mind of the entranced young priestess.

A tingling warmth began to course through her belly. Without thinking, she reached down toward her own crotch, her fingers seeking the part of her body that the lumberjack was drilling. Oh, how good that felt! She clawed at the fabric guarding her sex, and her heart began to pump faster.

Drusilla was now climbing on top of the lumberjack. The lustful herbalist began to move her body up and down, slowly at first. She moaned softly each time she sank down, her wet sex enveloping the rigid shaft that awaited her. From her vantage point, Kelethia watched as the lumberjack reached up and caressed Drusilla’s breasts, making her smile as she rhythmically writhed atop his naked, muscular body.

Kelethia felt feverish. Her robe was in the way; her hand delved inside it, frantically seeking her own slit. When she found it, she began to rub herself, hard and fast. How wet she was! She could feel warm juice beginning to trickle down her thighs as her fingers did their work. A soft moan escaped her lips…

Oh, no! With a start, Kelethia opened her eyes and saw that Drusilla was looking straight at her. At first, the woman looked startled – but then her lips curved up into a lascivious smile. Her eyes never left Kelethia’s as she resumed her slow, sensual movements. “Fuck me,” she said, still looking at Kelethia. “Yes, that’s it,” she purred as the man’s hips bucked beneath her. “Come for me…give yourself to me…”

Was Drusilla talking to Kelethia or the lumberjack? Kelethia felt those dark eyes upon her, and rubbed her moist twat even harder. She couldn’t help herself! The sight of this beautiful, raven-haired woman basking in her own pleasure, dominating the man beneath her, making him do whatever she wanted him to do… Such power! Kelethia’s fingers wildly stroked her swollen clitoris, her breath coming in quick, short gasps now.

“I’m…going…to own you,” grunted Drusilla, running her fingers through her long hair. She bounced up and down on the man’s hard cock, meeting his thrusts, her mouth hanging open as her orgasm approached. “You’ll…be…mine!” With that last word, she threw her head back and screamed her ecstacy to the world. A second later, Kelethia’s knees buckled; she sank to the forest floor, her thighs spread as far apart as she could get them, her fingers desperately massaging her turgid, wet pleasure button. She thought she was going mad. Drusilla’s eyes…her fingers…her body…that thick, firm organ… Her body was on fire, trembling, convulsing, pumping, throbbing. Hot juice spurted from her slit as she lay panting on the sun dappled grass.

When she came to her senses, the forest was again filled with the sounds of sex. She risked one last glance, and saw that Drusilla was on her back again, and the lumberjack was fucking her gooey sex tunnel for all he was worth. Drusilla was smiling up at him, using that sultry voice of hers to urge him on. Kelethia forced herself to look away, though part of her wanted to keep watching. She staggered to her feet and made her way back to the abbey. She needed a bath – hopefully that would clean away what she had seen and done.

To be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 02



That night, Kelethia stared absently at the steam rising from the bathtub. She could not stop thinking about it. After she returned to the abbey, she tried to read her book again – the book that was supposed to teach her about holiness, discipline, and purity. But all she could think about was that thick, hard shaft churning in and out of Drusilla’s willing slit. And the more she thought about that, the wetter her own slit became. She wanted to rub herself again, but she knew that wasn’t right. If she succumbed to pleasure, what would stop her from doing it again, and again, and again? She would become a slave to it, perhaps ending out naked on the forest floor like Drusilla, spreading her legs apart for the young men who would mate with her. That was a wicked thought, but it made her wet nonetheless.

With a sigh, she shrugged her robe from her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the ground. She lowered her body into the soapy, steamy water, savoring the way the warmth rose up around her, enveloping her, relaxing her. She sighed again, resting her head against the edge of the tub, her mind drifting inexorably back to the morning scene. The savage hunger on the lumberjack’s face as he plunged inside Drusilla’s sex. The blissful expression on Drusilla’s face as she let him do it. Kelethia’s fingers drifted down to her crotch.

It was happening again. Aching, throbbing hunger, spreading through her belly, up to her breasts. When she looked down, she saw that her nipples had swelled. Her ring finger grazed her left nipple; it was stiff and hard, and grew even more so as she began to stroke it. The fingers on her right hand were now sliding against her crotch, stirring her clitoris until it emerged, swollen and eager. When she touched it, a low moan escaped from her open mouth, and she instinctively looked around the room to see if anyone had heard.

Drusilla was standing inside the doorway, a devious smile on her lips.

Kelethia gasped and sat up straight in the tub, crossing her arms over her breasts. “I…I’m taking a bath,” she said, as if that wasn’t obvious.

Drusilla walked toward her, still smiling. She was wearing a loose, crimson robe that hung partly open, revealing the inner curves of her breasts. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Kelethia warily watched the raven-haired herbalist approached her. Should she try to escape? Or call for help?

“I just want to talk with you,” said Drusilla, her voice soft and silky. She had reached the edge of the bathtub now. When she leaned down to pick up a nearby sponge, her robe fell further apart. “About what you saw in the forest today…”

Kelethia said nothing, but her mind was racing. Perhaps Drusilla had simply come to apologize for her wild behavior, but there was something suspicious about the way she was acting. Kelethia kept her hands on her breasts, nervously guarding herself against this depraved woman.

Drusilla sat at the edge of the tub and absently dipped the sponge into the steamy water. “I’m guessing that was the first time you had ever seen a man and a woman together like that.”

Kelethia nodded mutely, resisting the urge to flinch as Drusilla brought the sponge to her bare shoulder and squeezed it. She felt rivulets of hot water trickling down her body.

“It must have been quite shocking for you.”

The young priestess nodded again, watching the sponge descend into the water again. Soon there were more hot trickles across her bare flesh.

“And maybe a little exciting, too?”

Kelethia did not respond. Drusilla knew very well that Kelethia had been unable to pry her gaze away from the mating couple, and that their lust had inspired hers as well.

“It’s perfectly natural, nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“It’s wrong,” said Kelethia quietly.

“Why is that?” asked Drusilla, brushing the sponge across Kelethia’s arms, which were still protecting her breasts. “Because someone told you so? What do you really know about intimacy and pleasure?”

The young priestess frowned silently.

Drusilla smiled, caressing the base of Kelethia’s neck with the wet sponge. “I know a great deal about these things. If I want a man, I know how to seduce him – how to make him want me more than anything else. I can make men break their vows, abandon their loyalties, and sacrifice everything just to sink their swollen organs into my body.”

“It’s wrong,” said Kelethia again, shaking her head. But now she was feeling that familiar stirring in her loins again. The more Drusilla talked, the worse it became. She wished that the strange woman would hurry up and leave, so that she could start rubbing herself again.

“Yes, according to the rules of your priesthood, it is very wrong. But then, what is wrong can also be…delicious.” Drusilla playfully squeezed the sponge over Kelethia’s crossed arms, making steamy pools above her breasts. “Why does it feel so good when a man’s hard cock slides inside me? Why do I enjoy the look of hunger on his face as he fucks me relentlessly? And why do I love it when he is so overcome with lust that he fills my womb with his hot, creamy seed? I know someone might see us, I know he has a wife and children – but none of those things matter. Just having that power over him – making him a helpless, greedy slave to my sex. It’s better than anything!”

Kelethia’s cheeks were flushed, and her heart was beating faster. “You should leave,” she murmurred.

“But you know what I mean, don’t you? When you saw that man fucking me, you should have walked away. But you didn’t. You watched us, and you started to get excited. You started to get wet, because your body was getting you ready to do some fucking of your own. And when you reached down and touched yourself, you knew exactly what to do, exactly where to touch, exactly how fast to go. It felt great, and you couldn’t wait to do it again. In fact, you were doing it when I walked in here, and you want to do it again right now, don’t you?”

Kelethia could feel herself blushing as she nodded.

“Then do it. Without fear, without embarrassment – without those stupid rules that say you shouldn’t. Do it because it feels wonderful. Here, I’ll show you.”

Kelethia watched as Drusilla stood up and shrugged her shoulders, allowing her robe to fall to the floor. If she hadn’t been so horny, Kelethia might have fled from the room. But she was horny, all she could do was stare with growing lust as Drusilla lifted a shapely thigh and put one foot in the bathwater. As if mesmerized, her gaze followed Drusilla’s hands as they slid down her naked torso. Kelethia knew what was about to happen; she knew that she should put a stop to this. But she only watched as Drusilla’s fingers began to graze her crotch, gently stroking her female flesh.

Within seconds, Drusilla was moaning softly. “It’s…it’s better if you…stroke your nipples…while you do it…”

She couldn’t bear it anymore. Under the warm water, Kelethia’s hand went to her pussy and she began to rub. With her free hand, she massaged her left breast, her thumb rubbing against her swollen nipple. She stared up at Drusilla and began to whimper with pleasure.

The older woman smiled lasciviously. “That’s it…just…keep…stroking…” Her mouth opened, and her breathing became a series of spasmodic gasps as her fingers traced small, rapid digs on her pussy. “Can you…*ugh*…can you hear…how wet I am?”

Kelethia moaned in response. She no longer cared that this was wrong. All she wanted was this exquisite pleasure, and the wrongness of what she was doing only fueled her desire. She began to rub quick, urgent circles on her clitoris, just like Drusilla was doing. She became a mirror image of the dark-haired woman, and the two of them stared at each other as their fingers danced every more quickly upon their swollen sex buds.

“I…I’m going to…come…” Kelethia could barely gasp the words.

“Yes…come…come with me…defile yourself…”


“Let…the whole abbey…hear your ecstasy…”

“I…I can’t…I…”

And then, with a splash, Drusilla was on top of her, straddling her, kissing her open mouth. Kelethia made a half-hearted attempt to push her away, but it was no use. Drusilla had her pinned down, and Kelethia didn’t really want to escape; she was too far gone. What little resistance she had left was melting quickly in the heat of her lust, and she began to moan helplessly into Drusilla’s mouth. Drusilla’s tongue found hers, and soon they were kissing each other with sudden passion. Kelethia wrapped her arms around Drusilla, feeling their breasts squeeze together as they kissed hungrily in the steamy water.

Drusilla began to slide back, kissing Kelethia’s wet body from her neck down to her belly. When she reached her crotch, Kelethia eagerly lifted her hips and spread her thighs, offering her pussy to this seductive woman. When she felt Drusilla’s tongue on her slit, she gasped and closed her eyes. Deliciously hot and wet, the tongue began to stir her pussy. Kelethia began to play with her nipples again as she felt the tongue nudge inside her vagina, pushing deeper inside her than she thought a tongue could go. She groaned louder and louder as it wormed its way in and out of her twat, probing her sensitive flesh in all the right places.

Her body began to tremble. It was going to happen. She was going to come, she was going to come for this wicked woman. She could feel it building inside her, and she wanted it more than anything. Her hips began to buck as that tongue, that devilish tongue, slithered around her clitoris, flicking it with a swift, insistent rhythm…

She screamed deliriously as her body erupted with pleasure. Reality dissolved into a sea of hot, pumping juice, and she was lost.

* * * * * *

There was a knock at the door. “Kelethia? Kelethia, are you all right?”

Kelethia’s eyes flew open in alarm, and she found herself alone in the bathtub. Her thighs were still spread wide open, her legs dangling over the sides of the tub – but Drusilla was nowhere to be seen.

“Kelethia? Are you in there?”

“Um…yes…yes, I’m fine, Sister Anetta!” said Kelethia, still looking around the bathroom for the woman who had just made her come.

There was a moment of silence. “Let me in, please.”

Kelethia hurriedly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself as she went to the door and opened it. Sister Anetta glanced at her as she entered the room, looking around. “Your cheeks are flushed. What have you been doing in here?”

“Nothing,” said Kelethia. “The water was just a little too hot, that’s all.”

Sister Anetta walked around the room, as if looking for something. Kelethia watched her warily, worrying that she would discover Drusilla hiding somewhere. But there was nowhere to hide – where had Drusilla gone? Or had she dreamed the whole thing?

“What is this?” asked Sister Anetta, bending down to pick up a robe of crimson silk.

“That’s…that’s mine,” lied Kelethia.

Sister Anetta scowled at her. “Hardly the sort of thing that a priestess should be wearing. Where is your disciple’s robe?”

“I…I don’t know,” said Kelethia – and she truly didn’t. Her robe should have been on the floor where she had left it, but there was no sign of it. “I…when I came back to my room this afternoon, it was missing.”

“And this?” asked Sister Anetta, holding up the crimson robe. “How did you afford such a garment?”

“I used some of the money my parents left for me.” Lie upon lie.

Sister Anetta frowned. “You can’t be so frivolous, Kelethia. Buying expensive clothing, and shouting so loud that you disturb my meditation. What made you cry out like that, anyway?”

“I’m sorry, Sister Anetta. I think I fell asleep and had a nightmare.”

“It didn’t sound like a nightmare.” Sister Anetta studied Kelethia with obvious suspicion. A tense moment passed. Kelethia said nothing.

Finally, Sister Anetta draped the robe on a nearby chair. “Try not to have any more of those nightmares,” she said, walking toward the door. “And don’t be late for your evening prayers.” With that, she left the room.

Kelethia picked up the crimson robe and ran her fingers across the smooth, luxurious fabric. Was this hers now? Or did it belong to the woman who had somehow entered this room, seduced her, and then vanished like some sort of spirit?

to be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 03


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Kelethia wandered through the halls of the abbey, wearing the crimson silk robe. It fit her perfectly, though it was cut much lower than anything she had ever worn before. With so much of her flesh revealed, she felt as though everyone was looking at her – especially the men. It was an uncomfortable feeling at first, being the object of such attention – but before long, she began to enjoy it.

She stopped and talked with one of the men, smiling at him in a way that she had never smiled at any man before. She wanted him to look at her – and he did, especially when she tugged her robe open a little further, then a little further still. She said something to him in a soft voice – something naughty that she had never dared to say to any man. He leaned down and began to kiss the nipple that she offered to him, and she smiled in delight as his tongue nudged her sensitive, swelling flesh. She reached down into his pants, without fear, without hesitation. It was hard and throbbing. He wanted her, and she was ready.

Right here, in the hallway, with everyone watching. She heard the gasps as her robe slid to the floor, as she slid to the floor, her legs spreading open. His hard, strong body was on top of her; his hard, strong cock gliding against her moist pussy. No delay, no hesitation – he plunged inside her. Voices were shouting now, telling them to stop. But he wasn’t going to stop, and Kelethia laughed in delight as he fucked her faster. She wrapped her legs around him, urging him on with her lusty moans…

“Sister Kelethia!”

Fucking her…harder…faster…

“Sister Kelethia!”

No, don’t stop! I’m so close!

“Sister Kelethia, wake up!”

Kelethia opened her eyes and felt herself being shaken. “What do you want?” she hissed angrily.

Sister Elanessa looked flustered. “I…I’m sorry, Sister, but you were moaning in your sleep.”


“I thought you were having a nightmare.”

“Well you were wrong. I was having a nice dream, and you ruined it.”

Elanessa looked upset. “I’m sorry, Sister, but you were getting louder and louder. I was afraid that you would wake everyone.”

Kelethia sighed and rubbed her eyes. “No, it’s all right. I shouldn’t be angry about it. It was just a dream.”

“Umm…what were you dreaming about?”

Kelethia glanced blearily at the young blonde priestess. Did she suspect? “Nothing. Go back to sleep.”


She had been having the dreams every night. Sometimes she woke to an orgasm, her fingers urgently stroking her wet sex. Other times, her cries disturbed the others, and she had to wait until they were asleep before she could touch herself again.

The dreams had been getting more and more intense, and she was coming more and more often. She never used to remember her dreams, but these were different. Not only did she recall them with vivid clarity, but they were starting to pervade her conscious thoughts. While others were studying in the library, she stared absently at the pages and daydreamed about disrobing and spreading her thighs. During the morning sermon, she gazed at Father Abbott and thought about all sorts of ways to seduce him. There was a cock underneath that robe – she could make it grow, make him shove it inside her…

Her walks in the forest grew more frequent, and she was getting into the habit of leaning against the mighty trees and fingering herself as she recalled lurid scenes of passion and wickedness from her dreams. A lumberjack almost caught her doing it yesterday; she barely managed to yank her hand out of her crotch as he strolled past her, carrying a bundle of logs. Maybe next time she wouldn’t bother; maybe she would just keep stroking herself, letting her robe fall open…

“Umm, Sister Kelethia?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ganden. My thoughts were elsewhere.”

“That’s all right. Should I keep reading?”

“Yes, please continue.”

Ganden was a handsome boy from Goldshire, not much younger than Kelethia. She had been teaching him to read, and it was slow going. While he stumbled over the words, her eyes kept drifting to the window and to the trees outside. Where was that lumberjack right now?

While the boy mumbled, she quietly slipped a hand inside her robe. Her nipple was as hard as she thought it would be, and it needed to be stroked. Her fingers went to work, gently probing her tit and rubbing it in little circles. The familiar warmth was spreading through her; she knew she would soon be wet.

She looked at the boy beside her. He could suck her nipples. She could ask him to do it. But that would be terribly wrong. She was a priestess of the abbey, and he was barely nineteen years old. How could she do such a thing? But the lust was stirring within her, getting stronger with each passing moment. She could do it; she could have him, and no one would know. Her fingers pinched her swelling nipple, softly tugging it.

He gave her a brief sideways glance, not daring to let his gaze linger. He tried to continue reading, but he was having much more difficulty than before. She reached toward his chin and gently turned his face toward her while she opened her robe. His eyes went right to her exposed breasts, and a crimson stain spread across his cheeks.

“How soon will your parents be home, Ganden?” she asked softly.


She led him upstairs and told him to lie down on his parents’ bed.

“But…my own bed…”

She shook her head and began to take his clothes off. He managed to stammer a few half-hearted protests, but she could feel the bulge in his pants. He would not be able to resist her.

His cock was beautiful. She kissed its tip, her tongue slithering around it, making him moan. He was completely in her power, and it was a delightful feeling. She covered his penis with her mouth, sucking it, tasting its hard, throbbing length. He was already so close; it wouldn’t be long before he exploded. She began to move her head up and down, her lips gliding along his glistening shaft, her tongue bathing it with saliva. He was moaning louder now, his fists grabbing the bedsheet – his parents’ bedsheet. She moved her head faster, sucking him, sucking him…

And like a young lion of Stormwind he roared, pumping burst after burst of hot cream into her mouth. She drank it all, savoring the taste of her first conquest, her eyes darting up at her helpless prey.


When she visited him again the next day, he said that what they had done was wrong, and that he shouldn’t see her again. She simply took his hand and led him upstairs, to the bed that wasn’t his. He objected, of course, demanding that she leave at once. But his attitude changed when she slid out of her robe and lay naked on the bed, spreading her thighs. He stood there for a moment, and she smiled, idly stroking her nipples as she watched him struggle with temptation.

It wasn’t long before he pulled his trousers down. She laughed in delight as his cock squirmed inside her, filling her wet tunnel with delicious flesh. He fucked her as fast as he could, needing to feel that ecstasy again. She moaned as he savagely plunged in and out of her. Gone was the shy boy who stumbled over words; now he was a crazed animal, maddened by lust. He would stop at nothing until he got what he wanted. He stared hungrily at her bouncing breasts, fucking her faster and faster, grunting as his penis drilled her sopping cunt. And finally, that triumphant cry as he erupted inside her, filling her womb with his hot seed.


On the third day, she walked into his cottage as if she owned it. She shrugged off her robe and crouched down on the soft bear rug beside the hearth, wiggling her ass at him. He fucked her, of course, right then and there, unable to resist such an invitation. His hard meat burrowed inside her, and she moaned loudly as the pumping began.


She visited him again and again, and he grew more addicted to her with each orgasmic spasm. He would do anything for her, as long as she kept feeding him her wet hot sex.

A week after their first encounter, she lay on his parents’ bed, which had been dampened many times by their love juices. While his tongue lapped at her drooling twat, it occurred to her that she could get him to fuck other girls, too. Like Elanessa – beautiful, sweet Elanessa, her chief rival for advancement in the abbey’s sisterhood. If Elanessa got caught with this boy’s penis inside her – or even worse, if she became pregnant – she would be expelled from the sisterhood. That was a horrible thought – or was it?

Ganden began to lick her harder, and she moaned softly while pinching her erect nipples. Now that she had corrupted Ganden, she knew that he would eagerly fuck cute little Elanessa. The trouble was that Elanessa would never allow it. The girl was far too pure and righteous; she would never just spread her legs for the boy, even though Kelethia knew that she thought he was handsome.

The tongue at her crotch was working faster now. With a start, she realized that it wasn’t Ganden who was eating her; it was Drusilla! The raven-haired woman looked up at her and smiled for just a second before returning to her pussy feast. Kelethia moaned louder as the witch expertly prodded her swollen clit. Where was Ganden? Oh, she didn’t care…she was going to come! Drusilla’s tongue moved faster and faster, tracing quick, wet swirls on her swollen sex bud. Oh, it was too good! She was going to…

She grabbed the bedsheets, her hips bucking upward as she groaned and thrashed. And she suddenly knew, in that moment of blissful delirium, which herbs to gather, how to mix them together to make the fiercest sex drug ever known. With the right dose of it, Elanessa would happily fuck Sargeras himself…

“Sister Kelethia!”

Kelethia opened her eyes. “Yes, Elanessa?”

“You were doing it again.” The young priestess stood by the bed, frowning in the light of her candle.

Kelethia realized that her hand was on her crotch, and she could feel sex juice oozing from her pussy. There could be no doubt – Elanessa knew what she had been doing. She glanced up at Elanessa again and was surprised to see that she was blushing. Had she become excited by hearing Kelethia’s cries of lust? Had she been watching as Kelethia fingered herself during her wicked dreams?

She smiled. “I’m sorry, Elanessa. I don’t know why I keep having these dreams.”

“It’s okay,” said Elanessa. “But you should really get some sleep. You have to get up early if you’re going to help that Ganden boy with his reading again.”

“You’re right,” said Kelethia. “He’s been making great progress. In fact, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me tomorrow. I’d like to show you what we’ve been working on.”

Elanessa’s expression brightened. “Oh, I’d like that!”

“Excellent. Let’s start out after breakfast. I just want to gather a few flowers in the woods, and then we’ll go over there together.”

“I can’t wait!” Elanessa beamed, leaving the room.

“Nor can I,” said Kelethia, her fingers returning to her wet pussy.

To be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 04


Elanessa might be sweet and innocent, but she wasn’t stupid. Sister Kelethia had been acting strangely during the past few weeks, and Elanessa suspected that she was in love with Ganden. Had the two of them been doing more than just reading on these hot summer mornings? She didn’t like to think ill of one of her fellow priestesses, but there were suspicious signs. It all started when she began wearing that crimson robe – the one that revealed far too much flesh. Kelethia claimed that she still couldn’t find her regular robe, and that the new robe suited her, but Elanessa didn’t like the way she smiled when she said that.

And then there had been the dreams. Kelethia called them nightmares, but they certainly didn’t sound like nightmares. Why did she often find Kelethia moaning deliriously, touching herself in ways that she shouldn’t? It could only mean one thing: Kelethia had given her body to Ganden. The boy had led her astray, and these daily tutoring sessions had devolved into sinful opportunities for fornication.

Elanessa hadn’t thought Ganden capable of such things. He was handsome and strong, certainly – she could see how a woman would be tempted to join him in lustful deeds. But he had always seemed like such a kind, virtuous young man. Why had he seduced Kelethia? Well, no matter. Elanessa would do her best to help both of them return to the path of virtue.

With these thoughts in mind, Elanessa followed Kelethia to Ganden’s cottage. She was a bit surprised that Kelethia had invited her along; perhaps she had felt guilty and wanted Elanessa to think that she was acting properly. Or perhaps she truly did want to change her behavior, and might be better able to do so with Elenassa there for moral support.

Ganden was waiting for them. He didn’t seem surprised to see Elanessa, though she noticed that his eyes flickered down the length of her body, as if he was eyeing a juicy slab of steak that would soon be his. It made her uncomfortable, as did the knowing smile that he exchanged with Kelethia. What were they up to?

The cottage was small but cozy. A group of comfortable chairs surrounded a large bear rug near the hearth, and Elanessa sat near Ganden to hear him read. Kelethia drew a candle from the folds of her robes and placed it in a holder near Elanessa. Its wax seemed to pulse with an eerie green radiance. A trick of the light, she supposed.

“There’s plenty of light coming in through the windows,” she said.

“Yes, but this is a special candle,” said Kelethia. “I made it myself. I think you’ll find it has a delightful aroma.”

Elanessa shrugged and watched as Kelethia quietly brought the candle to life. Its flame was small but steady, and it seemed to produce an inordinate amount of smoke. The sweet odor was indeed quite pleasant, and Elanessa found herself breathing deeply.

“Maybe we should…” Elanessa paused as a strange sensation coursed through her body. She felt warm all over, and her skin tingled as if it had suddenly become more sensitive. She could feel the soft fabric of her robe brushing her breasts and belly as she leaned back in her chair.

“Maybe we should what?” murmured Kelethia, a sinister smile on her lips. Her cheeks looked flushed – was she also feeling this strange warmth? Elanessa glanced at Ganden to find him staring at her with that hungry expression. Without meaning to, her eyes darted to his crotch, and she thought she saw a suspicious bulge beneath his breeches.

“I…I don’t know…” stammered Elanessa. The tingling was getting stronger – particularly in her nipples and groin. She had a sudden, obscene urge to touch herself, to rub herself, to stroke herself. She would never do such a thing, of course – but the urge was there, and it was growing stronger. “I feel strange…”

“Me too,” purred Kelethia. She tugged her robe open, revealing the soft bulges of her breasts. Her nipples were obscenely swollen, like small strawberries waiting to be tasted.

“What are you doing?” cried Elanessa. “You can’t just…”

“Of course I can,” said Kelethia as she began to stroke her distended tits. “You can, too.” She moaned softly. “This feels…oh…so good.” She gently pinched her nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. “Come on…give it a try.” She licked her lips and smiled. “You want to, right?”

Elanessa did want to. In fact, she was finding it difficult to resist. She could feel her nipples grazing the soft fabric of her robe now, longing to be touched and rubbed. She looked over at Ganden and saw that he had taken his shirt off and was starting to remove his pants. She knew what lurked beneath those pants, and her pussy ached for it.

But she couldn’t let this happen. She rose unsteadily to her feet, dizzy with sweet smoke. The door was only a few feet away. She had to get out of here before things got any worse, before she gave in to the sinful hunger that was now raging through her groin.

Her hand was almost on the door handle when she felt her robe being lifted up. “No…” she whimpered as someone roughly tugged her panties down. She stumbled to the floor, feebly reaching for the door. “Please…let me…oh!” And there it was – the hot, hard flesh of a cock, nudging against her wet pussy lips. It wanted in, and she wanted it in, but she couldn’t let that happen. Her hand found the door handle…

And the cock plunged inside her.

She gasped with pleasure. It was bigger and better than she could have imagined. Her fingers still grasped the cool brass of the handle, but she couldn’t seem to find the strength to open it. “Please…don’t…”

It slid out, then rammed back inside her.

“Noooo…” she groaned, her forehead slumping against the door.

The fucking began in earnest. She groaned helplessly, her fingers slipping from the door handle as the thick organ slid in and out of her gooey tunnel. She wasn’t going to escape. She was going to stay right here and let this virile young stud pump her pussy, all day long.

* * * * *

Kelethia smiled as she saw Elanessa’s head sink to the floor. Judging from her gasps and moans, the sweet little priestess was enjoying the feel of Ganden’s cock as it slid in and out of her slick twat. And no wonder – Ganden’s cock looked like it had gotten much bigger since the last time she’d seen it. An effect of the candle maybe? Kelethia had noticed that her own breasts seemed much larger now, and her nipples were more swollen than she had ever seen them. Stroking them sent currents of lustful delight through her body, and her pussy was practically gushing by the time her fingers found it. After just a few strokes, she was well on her way to a mighty orgasm. Already she could feel hot juice trickling down her thighs. It had to be the candle; she had never been this wet before.

And she wasn’t the only one. Every time Ganden shoved his engorged cock inside Elanessa, she could hear the young girl’s pussy slurping. The rhythm of their fucking grew faster, and Elanessa’s groans grew longer and louder as her hips wiggled and bucked against the invading penis. Kelethia moaned as she watched them fuck, knowing that Elanessa’s spirit was being corrupted with each passing moment. After today, she wouldn’t be interested in holiness anymore. How could she care about faith and goodness when her pussy was so hungry all the time?

Ganden was grunting like an animal now, savagely thrusting his massive prick in and out of the young girl’s quivering snatch. Kelethia’s fingertips danced upon her own feverish crotch, keeping time with the horny couple. Her clit was obscenely turgid, and every stroke made her gasp and writhe. She would need Ganden’s cock soon – but not until he was done with Elanessa. She watched eagerly as her former rival clawed at the floor, sobbing with pleasure as the mighty phallus invaded her, again and again. When at last her body convulsed with orgasm, Kelethia reached her own climax. The two priestesses moaned in simultaneous ecstasy – one in helpless surrender, the other in triumphant delight. Their voices were like lustful music to Ganden, who added his groan to theirs as he plunged his shaft deep inside Elanessa. Hot cum flooded her womb and trickled down her naked thighs.

When Kelethia’s delirium began to subside, she was still as horny as ever. She looked over and saw Ganden pulling off Elanessa’s clothing. His cock had softened for a moment, but now it was fully erect again! Kelethia glanced at the fel candle. She was now certain that its insidious smoke was not only fueling their lust, but also changing their bodies. Elanessa’s tits were as distended as hers, as if begging to be stroked and suckled.

“Bring her over here,” said Kelethia.

Ganden obediently led the helpless Elanessa to the bear rug beside the fireplace. There, she lay sprawled on her back, her bright blue eyes staring dazedly at Ganden’s rigid penis.

“Now fuck her again,” ordered Kelethia.

Ganden grinned and opened Elanessa’s thighs. The girl moaned as his thick shaft burrowed inside her again.

Kelethia rose and let her own robe slip to the floor. She kneeled next to Elanessa, leaning down so that their faces almost touched. “You’re mine, now,” she purred, gently twirling the young girl’s blonde curls in her fingers. “Just a few more orgasms, and you’ll be as twisted and depraved as I am.”

Elanessa looked up blearily at Kelethia, her words coming in gasps as Ganden’s cock slid in and out of her. “Why…*ungh*…why are you…*ungh*…doing this…*ungh*…to me?”

Kelethia smiled and whispered in Elanessa’s ear. “Because I need you. You’re going to help me corrupt Sister Anetta, and then the whole abbey.”

An expression of horror flitted across the face of the young priestess. “No…I won’t…*ungh*…”

Kelethia laughed wickedly. “Oh, I think you will,” she said, reaching down and gently stroking the girl’s stiff nipples. Elanessa closed her eyes and moaned loudly. “You’re going to do everything I tell you, because you are now my little pussy slave.” With that, she got up and straddled Elanessa, lowering her crotch against the young girl’s face. Elanessa hesitated for a moment, but then her tongue started to probe Kelethia’s wet slit. Kelethia smiled, somehow knowing that the taste of pussy juice would further intoxicate the battered mind of the young priestess. Sure enough, Elanessa was soon licking and slurping the delicious sex syrup, and Kelethia groaned as the girl’s tongue slithered all over her hungry groin.

* * * * *

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When she came home, Evelyn Copperleaf was surprised by two things. First, the cottage seemed to be filled with a cloud of smoke, making her think the house was on fire. But it wasn’t the usual smoke smell; this aroma was sweet – enticing, even. She would have stopped to inhale more of the pleasant fragrance, but then she saw the other surprise: her son, Ganden, lying naked on the floor with two young girls. Ganden was vigorously fucking one girl, and that girl was licking the other girl’s twat. With a gasp, she realized that the two girls were actually priestesses from Northshire Abbey. One of them was supposed to be helping him learn how to read!

“Ganden!” she cried, storming into the smoke-filled room. “Stop that at once!”

Her son shook his head and kept pumping his cock into the young blonde. “Can’t…stop…” he grunted. “Gonna…cum…soon…”

Outrageous! Ganden was normally a nice boy – what could have gotten into him? Evelyn felt a little dizzy; nothing made sense here. She grabbed Ganden’s shoulder and pried him away from his pretty little partner. The girl moaned in disappointment; she obviously wanted his cock back inside her.

And it was easy to understand why. Ganden’s penis was enormous! Evelyn couldn’t help staring at the obscenely swollen member as it throbbed and bobbled.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” one of the girls purred into her ear. She was holding a strange-looking candle whose flame seemed to dance toward the older woman. Its sensuous smoke filled her senses; it was getting harder to think clearly. She just kept looking at her son’s rigid organ. “Would you like to taste it?” the girl asked.

“No…” Evelyn shook her head, but found herself sinking to her knees in front of her son, who was grinning expectantly. “I can’t…” The penis bobbed before her – wet, hard, and inviting. It occurred to her that Ganden was going to fuck that little blonde girl again – and soon – unless Evelyn did something about it. She couldn’t let her son going around fucking just anyone. Maybe…maybe if she sucked him off, he would lose that mighty erection. Then, he would be able to think straight – and so would she.

Seizing upon that flimsy rationalization, she eagerly tasted her son’s stiff sex tool, grazing it with her open mouth until it was coated with saliva. Ganden leaned back and moaned, feeling the soft curls of his mother’s hair on his thighs as her head bobbed up and down. “That’s it, Mom…suck it real good…”

Evelyn’s moans were muffled with cock meat as she began to suck him faster and harder. Her tongue writhed against the base of his firm shaft as her mouth glided up and down, up and down. She loved the taste of his hot, hard shaft. With every rapacious slurp, she could feel it throb and swell. Her son was going to come soon – she was going to make him come! Her head moved faster and faster, slurping him, sucking him, willing him to shoot his load into her hot, wet mouth.

She wasn’t disappointed. Her son groaned loudly, and then his cock cream erupted into her mouth. His penis became a fountain of yummy semen; she tried to swallow as much as she could, but silvery cum still leaked down her chin and onto his bulging testicles. She just kept on sucking him, and his dick continued to squirt its delicious sex fluid.

When at last the torrent ended, Evelyn felt a pang of disappointment. She wanted more of her son’s cum sauce – ideally in her pussy this time – but she knew that he would need time to recover from his orgasm. But even as these thoughts wafted through her sex-addled mind, she saw his cock beginning to stir and throb again. Her eyes widened. How could he be ready for fucking so soon after pumping so much cum? Well, it didn’t matter. His penis was rising, and she needed it inside her. After a hurried removal of clothing, she spread her legs and offered herself to her son.

* * * * *

When he arrived home that afternoon, Tilliam Copperleaf did not expect to find his wife lying on the floor, moaning deliriously, her pussy relentlessly invaded by a massive cock. And he certainly did not expect that cock to belong to his virtuous son, Ganden. But there they were, fucking with sweaty passion beside the fireplace.

Evelyn finally noticed her husband’s presence, and she managed to gasp out a few lust-choked words. “I’m…*ungh*…I’m sorry, Tilliam…*ungh*. His…*ungh*…his cock…*ungh*…it’s just too good…” Her hips bucked up against her son’s swollen shaft as another orgasm made her scream and claw at the rug beneath her.

Tilliam would have put a stop to his son’s incestuous fucking, but he was distracted by the appearance of the two blonde girls who approached him, wearing nothing but lascivious smiles. One of them held a strange-looking candle that pulsed with a sinister glow.

“Who…who are you?” he stammered, suddenly feeling disoriented. “What are you doing here?”

The girls walked right up to him and pressed their naked bodies against him. He could feel their firm breasts, their stiff nipples grazing his arm. They began to kiss his cheek, his neck – anywhere they could find bare flesh. He should have pushed them away, but he didn’t – not even when they began to reach inside his pants.

Their small hands found his growing erection and began to stroke it. The candle danced before his eyes, its aroma filling his senses, making him horny, making him want to fuck these pretty girls, making him want to fuck them full of cum.

His breeches fell to the ground. He forgot about his wife and son as he guided his raging penis to the blonde pussy that awaited him. He fucked that pussy, he fucked it as fast and hard as he could. Wet and hot, just what he needed! He could feel his fuck organ swelling, growing bigger and harder than it had ever been before. The young girl’s moans made him grin, and he eagerly drilled her sopping wet cunt. Her head rolled from side to side; he was making her crazy. He kept fucking her, fucking her, fucking her, until the cum gushed out, pumping, pumping her full of impregnating cream.

More! He needed more pussy, more fucking. The other blonde was waiting; she was kneeling on all fours, wiggling her ass at him. His cock had barely stopped spewing semen into the girl he had been working on, but it was still rock-hard. He pulled it out of her gooey pussy and crawled like a sex-crazed beast toward the other blonde. Grabbing her slender waist, he plunged his monstrous dick inside her, making her gasp.

This pussy felt even better than the last one. Or maybe he was just getting hornier. He began to fuck the girl, his cock gliding easily in and out of her hot wet slit. “That’s it…moan for me, you little slut,” he growled. His massive organ was making the girl squeal with delight, and it wasn’t long before her pussy quivered with another climax.

Tilliam glanced over at his groaning wife just in time to see his son’s dick bathing her pussy with another creamy load. Had his mind not been clouded with smoke and sex, he would have been horrified at what his wife and son were doing. Now, he just smiled. Maybe he would fuck Evelyn later, now that she was a cum-hungry animal. But right now, he needed to tend to the gorgeous girl in front of him. Her orgasm was nearly done, and she had twisted her body around to give him a taste of her sex-hardened nipples. She smiled, licking her lips as he kissed and suckled her. Then it was time for more fucking, so she spread her thighs and gave him a sulty grin as he brought his cock to her glistening pussy.

Thrust after thrust, his dick flesh surged inside her. They moaned together, writhing in delight, both of them needing it more and more. He had to come! He had to keep fucking her, and fucking her, and fucking her, until his lust was satisfied – and it would never be satisfied again. He was a monster now, and he grunted and growled as his penis swelled even larger than before. The girl felt it, too, and she moaned helplessly as the mighty organ churned her slimy snatch. Her breath came in ragged gasps as another orgasm began to claim her, making her beautiful body twist and tremble. Tilliam held her fast with his strong arms and just kept right on fucking her, and fucking her, and fucking her. There would be no end to it.

To be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 05

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Anetta stopped writing and looked up as Elanessa entered the study, carefully balancing a tea tray. “You’re late,” said the abbess with a frown.

“I’m sorry, Sister Anetta,” said the young blonde priestess, approaching the desk and placing the tray at its edge. “I was busy with my studies and lost track of the time.”

Anetta’s frown deepened. Elanessa didn’t seem very interested in studying lately. Ever since that day she had accompanied Kelethia to help that Ganden boy with his reading, Elanessa had been acting strangely. She used to spend most of her time at the abbey, quietly meditating or assisting the other priestesses. Now, she seemed to have developed a keen interest in helping other people to learn to read. That was an admirable goal, but almost all of the students she chose were young men.

The abbess had not worried about this at first, because Elanessa had always proven herself to be chaste and virtuous. But now she was starting to wonder. One of the other priestesses had seen Elanessa return to the abbey with a dazed expression on her flushed face and a strange smell clinging to her robes. She had been giving coy smiles to the knights who guarded the abbey, and more than once she had been seen in quiet conversation with some of those stalwart defenders. There was nothing wrong with talk, of course – if that’s all it was. But her expression suggested that she was talking about things that had nothing to do with light and holiness. Elanessa had also been talking with Kelethia a great deal lately, and was recently seen leaving Kelethia’s room after sunset. What were they doing together?

Anetta watched Elanessa as poured the tea. “I want to talk to you about Kelethia.”

Elanessa paused for a moment, then nodded and smiled. “Yes, Sister Anetta.”

Anetta studied the girl. “Look, I do not trust Kelethia, and neither should you. Her behavior has been extremely questionable lately, and I do not want you to follow the same path.”

Elanessa nodded. “I understand. You’re concerned about her behavior lately.” She handed a teacup to the abbess.

Anetta took the cup, noticing that the tea had a strangely pleasant aroma. “This is not the usual blend,” she said, momentarily distracted.

“No, it’s a special mixture,” said Elanessa, her blue eyes bright and eager. “I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Anetta took a small sip, and raised her eyebrows. “Quite good!” She took a larger sip and felt a tingling warmth spread through her body. “But about Kelethia. If these rumors about her are true, then I may have to dismiss her from the abbey.”

“Oh, the rumors are true, I can assure you.”

“What? How so?” asked Anetta, drinking more tea.

“Well, for one thing, she has become quite interested in men.”

“What do you mean, ‘interested’?” Another sip, then another.

“I mean she’s been lusting after several young men, including that young boy she was supposedly teaching.”

“So she…she has been fornicating?” Anetta asked, taking a larger drink. She was starting to feel light-headed. What was in this tea?

Elanessa nodded. “I’m afraid so. When we were with Ganden a few days ago, she couldn’t wait to take her robe off. We weren’t there more than two minutes before he was sucking her nipples.”

“By the Light, that’s awful!” cried Anetta, gulping the rest of her tea. “What else?”

The young priestess smiled and refilled Anetta’s teacup. “Well, it wasn’t long before Ganden took his clothes off, too. Oh, sister…you should have seen his cock. It was so big and hard!”

Anetta took a big, sloppy gulp from her teacup. “What…what did he do with it?” she slurred.

Elanessa smirked. “What do you think he did? Kelethia was kneeling on the floor, wiggling her ass at him. So he grabbed her hips and shoved that huge dick of his all the way inside her. Then he just kept it there for a minute while Kelethia moaned like a cat in heat. Finally, she started to grind against him, begging him to fuck her. And he did, of course. He rocked his hips back and forth, sliding that thick cock in and out of her wet pussy.”

Anetta’s head was swimming. She was easily twice as old as the priestesses in the abbey, but her body suddenly felt young and horny again. Elanessa kept describing the sex scene in greater detail, using increasingly filthy words, each of which made Anetta’s pussy throb with lust.

“Stop,” she gasped, when she realized what was happening. “Stop talking.”

“But you haven’t heard the best part,” said Elanessa, smiling widely. “Ganden kept drilling her wet twat, faster and faster, until finally he couldn’t take it anymore. He gave this loud roar, and I knew he was coming, right inside her pussy. He just kept pumping it inside her, and I could see trickles of hot cum dripping down Kelethia’s thighs. It seemed to go on forever – and when it finally stopped, his penis got hard again in less than a minute! He was ready for more fucking!”

“No…” groaned Anetta. She felt feverish now, and it was all she could do to resist sending her hand inside her robe, wriggling down to her wet sex. “No!” she gasped, shaking her head firmly. “You will leave at once, Elanessa.”

The pretty young priestess grinned and began to untie her robe. “Of course, Kelethia wasn’t the only one who got fucked that day.” The robe slid from her shoulders, revealing her bulging breasts and blonde crotch. “I couldn’t help myself,” she purred, leaning down toward the dazed abbess. “They made me come so many times, I forgot who I was. I didn’t care anymore.” She whispered these last words into the Anetta’s ear, then began to plant soft kisses on her neck.

“Get away from me,” moaned the abbess, feeling jolts of erotic electricity course through her body as Elanessa’s lips slowly trailed down to her shoulder.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Elanessa softly. “And neither are you.” She tugged Anetta’s robe open.

Anetta should have pushed Elanessa away. She should have fled the room, should have called for help, should have done something. But she didn’t. She just sat there and watched in helpless, horny fascination as Elanessa began to fondle her breasts – breasts that felt bigger and firmer than they had in years. She moaned quietly as the young blonde gently tugged at her nipples, making them hard and ripe for suckling. This couldn’t be happening!

But it was. Elanessa’s hot tongue was flicking, snake-like, against her nipples. Anetta whimpered as the suckling began. First one breast, then the other. Her heart was racing. What was going to happen? Was she going to have sex with this young priestess? She could not allow that to happen…but how could she resist? Her whole body felt as though it was pulsing and throbbing. She wanted sex…she needed sex!

As if reading her thoughts, Elanessa leaned back and grinned mischievously. “I bet you’re all wet by now. Let’s have a look at that horny little clit of yours!”

The abbess looked down and gasped. Her pleasure bud was obscenely swollen, and it seemed to be growing even bigger! Soon it was poking out of its fleshy hood like a plump strawberry. Elanessa watched it, too, as if waiting for something to happen.

The engorged clit started to emerge from her crotch, followed by a thick, hard shaft that was striated with dark, throbbing veins. Inch by inch, this perverse growth continued to rise up from her lust-soaked groin. A fleshy pouch emerged below the newborn penis, carrying enormous testicles that seemed to pulse with sinister power.

“What…what have you done to me…?” cried Anetta.

Elanessa responded by turning around and leaning over the desk, presenting her bare pussy to Anetta.

Anetta shook her head. “No…I’m…I’m not going to do that.” But her penis – her penis! So hard and hungry…she needed to use it. Her fingers tentatively stroked the rigid shaft, and she gasped at the strange, new pleasure it gave her. As she rubbed it, the cock grew even larger, rising up like a ten-inch tower of irresistible lust. She could just stroke it…yes…stroke it like this… Oh God, that felt so good! She could come like this, just by stroking it…she didn’t need to fuck a young girl…

But the more she stroked, the darker her thoughts became. There was that pussy, right in front of her. It would be hot and wet – the perfect place to stick her thick, hard cock. And that girl would moan…Anetta wanted to hear how she would moan when she shoved this massive cock inside her tight little hole…when she fucked little Elanessa’s pussy…when she fucked her, fucked her, fucked her…

Anetta sprang to her feet and lunged forward, guiding her rigid shaft toward Elanessa’s moist slit. The young priestess gasped as the thick knob squirmed inside her. Without hesitation, the abbess savagely rammed her new cock all the way inside Elanessa’s wet sex, making the young girl howl with ecstatic agony. Anetta smiled wickedly and began to fuck the young blonde, eagerly plunging her hard organ in and out of her delicious twat.

She never dreamed that such pleasure existed. To think that she had devoted most of her life to holiness and discipline seemed ridiculous now that she had this wonderful cock. Each time it slid inside Elanessa’s sweet pussy, it throbbed with ravenous delight. She bucked her hips back and forth, making the young priestess writhe and groan with every swift thrust.

Elanessa soon came, and Anetta laughed as she watched the girl’s naked body convulse. But Anetta wasn’t done with her yet. She turned the quivering girl around and sat her on the desk, spreading her legs open. Then her cock went back in, and she began to fuck in earnest. She wanted to come. She wanted to come inside this young girl’s pussy. She grunted as her body moved ever faster, relentlessly invading the sloppy wet hole with her swollen sex weapon. Elanessa threw her head back, her mouth hanging open in panting, plaintive whimpers as Anetta savagely fucked her.

The cock was swelling now, larger than ever. It was going to come very soon. Anetta stared intently at Elanessa’s closed eyes, her parted lips, her bouncing breasts. She was going to cream this horny girl who had once been a priestess. She was going to flood her womb with semen, and there was no way anyone would stop her. Her cock slid faster and faster, churning Elanessa’s gooey twat. She could feel the sperm boiling up…any second now! Anetta licked her lips, a trickle of drool sliding down her chin. Oh God, here it comes… She grabbed Elanessa’s hips and shoved her engorged phallus all the way in.

A long, loud groan filled the room as Anetta’s cock began to erupt. She could feel the hot cream pumping out, and her brain was bathed with overwhelming ecstacy. She kept her massive organ lodged deep inside Elanessa’s pussy, feeling its blissful throbs as it steadily pulsed sex juice into Elanessa’s quivering cunt. It just kept coming and coming, spurting and quirting, until she could feel the molten syrup dribbling down her thighs. Nothing ever felt so good.

When at last the torrent ended, Anetta pulled her cock out of Elanessa’s vagina with a wet slurping and fell back into her chair, momentarily sated. Now she understood. Now she knew the unbelievable satisfaction that came from pumping a hot pussy full of spunk. Why didn’t men do this all the time? She was certainly going to!

A rivulet of cum began to cascade from Elanessa’s ravaged slit. Rather than the usual silvery color, this cum was as dark as tar. Anetta glanced down at her new cock and saw the black veins glowing with an unholy radiance.

Elanessa opened her eyes and smiled. “That was yummy,” she purred, staring at Anetta’s penis. “Are you ready for more?”

Anetta nodded. Her organ was already stirring again.

“Good. I’ll be right back.”


Velanie was returning from the library with an armful of large books when she saw Elanessa emerge from Sister Anetta’s door.

“Ahh, Velanie!” said Elanessa. “Just the person I wanted to find. Sister Anetta wants to see you.”

Velanie paused. “Can it wait? I just want to return these books to my room.”

Elanessa shook her head, smiling mysteriously. “I’m afraid not. Sister Anetta needs you, right now.”

Velanie sighed. “Okay.”

Elanessa held the door open for the young red-haired priestess. Velanie entered the room and saw Sister Anetta sitting upon her desk, her robe parted wide open, revealing a pair of perfect, bulging breasts topped by swollen pink nipples. But what made Velanie gasp and drop her books was the enormous penis rising up from the abbess’s groin. It didn’t belong there, but there it was – nearly twelve inches of hard, veined flesh. And beneath it, she could see testicles nestled in their translucent sack, glowing and pulsing like tiny, demonic hearts. It was an abomination – but a beautiful, irresistible abomination. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“Sister Anetta…” she murmured. “What has happened to you?”

The abbess smiled wickedly and rose to her feet, her cock pointing straight toward Velanie. The young priestess suddenly realized that Sister Anetta must have fallen under some sort of evil spell, and that she was planning on using that obscene organ on her!

She tried to get to the door, but Elanessa blocked her way. “Let me out!” Velanie cried.

Elanessa shook her head. “The abbess needs you.”

Velanie glanced back at Sister Anetta, who was slowly walking toward her. As that sinister penis approached, Velanie could feel herself growing more and more horny. Her pussy was getting wet, getting ready for some fucking…

“No…!” she cried. “Someone, please help me!”

In response, Elanessa began to untie her robe. Velanie feebly tried to stop her, but it was too late. Sister Anetta was standing right in front of her, and that cock was drenching her mind with lust. All she wanted now was to get that awful thing inside her, to feel it slide in and out, in and out, in and out…

She sobbed with a mixture of pleasure and defeat as the spongey knob nudged against her moist pussy lips. “Please…hurry…” she whimpered.

Sister Anetta smiled and thrust her hips forward.

To be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 06


Sister Anetta lunged forward, grunting with satisfaction as her massive cock began to squirt yet another load of sex cream deep inside the young girl, who helplessly groaned and drooled under the thrall of repeated orgasms. Anetta kept right on fucking, slowly easing her throbbing organ back and forth as it pumped the ravaged priestess full of molten cum.

This was the fourth disciple she had fucked tonight, and still her demonic cock was insatiable. Her orgasms unleashed enough semen to impregnate a hundred girls like this one, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more pussy, more fucking, more cumming!

She left the girl sprawled on her damp bed, moaning with contentment. Out in the hallway, she could hear murmured conversations in nearby rooms. No doubt the orgasmic howls had awakened some of the girls, who would soon come to investigate. When they did, she would fuck them. No one seemed to be able to resist this unnatural penis of hers. All she had to do was bring it near, and the girls became wet and compliant.

Sure enough, when she opened the door to the next room, she found pretty Lilaine writhing in her bed, moaning lustfully in her sleep. Anetta tugged the covers away and crawled on top of the brown-skinned girl, whose eyes fluttered open with a sleepy mixture of surprise and desire. Desire won out, of course, as Anetta’s hard shaft began to nudge against the girl’s panties. Those panties were soon on the floor, and there was nothing to stop Anetta’s rigid shaft from plunging into Lilaine’s sweltering vagina. Anetta stifled Lilaine’s moans with a long, passionate kiss while her hips began to undulate.

Lilaine was lost. Her whole body hungered for what Anetta was about to do to her. When the fucking began, she bucked her hips up off the bed, trying to get that delicious meat deep inside her love tunnel. Her clit was as stiff and distended as it had ever been, and it didn’t take much cock grinding before she was screaming with pleasure, screaming for more fucking.

And Anetta gave it to her, eagerly pumping that hard phallus in and out of her gooey cunt with swift, steady strokes. Lilaine dazedly reached up and put her hands on Anetta’s bouncing breasts, her chocolate fingers stark against Anetta’s pale flesh. When she started to tug and pinch those obscenely engorged nipples, the former abbess rewarded her with swifter thrusts, moaning lustily as her cock swelled.

“Sister Anetta, what are you doing?!” came a frightened voice from the doorway. Anetta glanced over to see Rosalie standing there – cute little Rosalie, the eighteen-year-old orphan who had come to the abbey just last week. She looked so innocent with her long blonde curls and white nightgown – but even now, the lust was starting to creep through her. Her cheeks were flushed, and she couldn’t take her eyes off Anetta’s enormous cock as it slid in and out of Lilaine’s wet pussy.

“You’re next, Rosalie!” cried Anetta as she savagely fucked the dark beauty beneath her. Lilaine gripped the bedsheet with her fingers, her naked young body twisting and twitching as another climax tore through her sex-soaked mind. With a triumphant groan, Anetta buried her unnatural prick all the way inside the girl’s buttery snatch and started to pump her full of devil seed. Lilaine’s head rolled from side to side, moaning feverishly as the hot, thick semen pulsed into her womb.

As the dark cum surged into Lilaine’s pussy and dribbled down her ass, Rosalie slumped to the floor, desperately fingering her own horny slit. The young blonde had never seen anything so horrible, so perverse…so tantalizing! If only she could think straight, she could have gone for help or at least tried to warn someone. But right now, her pussy demanded her full attention, and she wasn’t going anywhere until she had a nice, long orgasm – hopefully with a nice, long dick inside her.

When Anetta’s cock finally stopped erupting, the bed was drenched with sticky black cream. The abbess pulled her monstrous organ out of Lilaine’s vagina with a wet slurping noise. Her penis actually looked somewhat deflated – for about two seconds. Then it started to stir again, twisting toward Rosalie as if it were alive and sensing a new pussy to plunder.

After fucking Rosalie stupid, Anetta continued to prowl through the abbey. Every girl she found fell victim to cock lust, though some took longer than others. One priestess had to be wrestled to the ground and held there while Anetta dangled her obscene erection near the girl’s face. As the seconds ticked by, her struggles slowly subsided, and finally she opened her mouth to allow the dick inside.

The fiercest resistance came from Selinda, Anetta’s second-in-command. Though she was only twenty years old, Selinda had shown incredible aptitude in the ways of Discipline. Perhaps that’s why she was able to evade the horny aura that surrounded Anetta as she strolled through the abbey, plunging her unholy cock into every vagina she could find.

Anetta finally found Selinda hiding in the attic. The girl was nervously concentrating on a spell that would protect her from evil, and the abbess found that she couldn’t get near her. Fortunately, Anetta now had a growing group of sex slaves following her. At her command, these young vixens happily pounced upon Selinda, some holding her fast while others pulled her clothes off. Then they began to kiss, nibble, and lick every inch of the disciple’s naked body. Selinda closed her eyes and tried to keep focusing on her spell, but it was getting harder and harder to do so. There were hot tongues lapping against her belly, her hips, her breasts. She tried to keep her thighs clamped together, but someone was pulling them apart, and soon there was a tongue in her pussy, too.

“Concentrate,” she told herself. She knew what would happen if she failed; Anetta would get that evil cock inside her, and she would turn into a prurient little slut, just like these girls who were feasting on her flesh. She didn’t want to give in, but her body was starting to betray her. Her nipples had become swollen and stiff, and that constant, hot licking felt really good. But the tongue at her pussy was the real danger; it just kept slithering up and down her labia – and every time it flicked her clitoris, her whole body shuddered with excitement.

“No…” she moaned. She tried to focus, but the mouths were getting more insistent. Wet tongues wagged rapidly against her nipples; wet tongues glided tantalizingly up and down her belly and thighs; and that one wicked tongue just kept poking and prodding her love button.

She could feel hot breath on her ear. “Just give in,” whispered a sultry voice.

“No…” she whispered, shaking her head. But she knew she couldn’t last much longer. Her resistance was trickling away with each pussy slurp, and she was sliding closer and closer to an orgasm that would plunge her mind into dark, unending lust. She opened her eyes and saw a sea of naked girls diligently stroking and sucking her body. Nearby stood Anetta, stroking her massive, unholy cock and staring hungrily at Selinda’s wet pussy. Soon, very soon, she would feel that hard meat shoving inside her.

She closed her eyes again, but it was no use; the dick was in her mind now, making it really hard to think clearly. Someone licking her ear, tantalizing hot breath. Sucking her clit. Oh God, sucking her clit. No, she couldn’t. Someone kissing her lips; she opened her mouth, let the tongue inside. Sucking her nipples, sucking her clit. Too much, too good. Keep kissing, keep sucking. I don’t care anymore. I need it, I want it. Panting now, her hips bucking. Kissing, tongues writhing. She reached up, felt naked flesh, pulled it close. Yes, just like that. Keep licking, keep sucking. Oh God, here it comes…

* * * * *

When Selinda finally gave a long, throaty groan, Anetta immediately lunged forward, pushing aside the girl who had eaten Selinda’s pussy and placing the head of her eager penis against the twitching cunt. With a triumphant grunt, she thrust her hips forward, sending her throbbing erection inside the girl’s hot, wet hole. Selinda gasped, and her eyes opened with horror.

Anetta leered evilly at the young disciple. “Do you like it?” she asked as she slid her cock out and then plunged it all the way in. Selinda gasped again and put her hands on Anetta’s hips, feebly trying to push her away. The abbess deftly grabbed Selinda’s hands and placed them on her bulging breasts as she shoved her massive organ inside the young girl again, and again, and again. She laughed wickedly as the fearful, defiant light in Selinda’s eyes faded with every thrust.

And then Anetta began to fuck her in earnest. Selinda moaned loudly as the enormous tool glided in and out of her slippery twat. Instead of pushing the abbess away, her hands now caressed the firm flesh of her swaying breasts, thumbing her obscenely swollen nipples.

“Do you like…how I fuck you?” panted Anetta.

Selinda nodded her head.

“Do you want me…to keep fucking…your wet little pussy?”

Selinda nodded again, biting her lower lip.

“I’m gonna…fill you…with cum,” Anetta grunted as her mammoth cock sank inside the girl’s dripping twat. “Gonna…make you…pregnant…”

“No!” Selinda gasped and shook her head helplessly.

“Yes,” the abbess replied, thrusting harder, faster.

“No…” Selinda moaned, throwing her head back as another climax threatened to consume her.

“Want me…to stop?” Anetta panted, fucking her faster.

“No…” Selinda whimpered, deliriously rolling her head from side to side. “No…no…no…”

“Then…here…I…come!” Anetta rammed her throbbing shaft deep inside Selinda’s vagina and groaned as the evil cock began to spurt thick gobs of demon semen into the young girl’s womb. There was more than ever before, and Anetta’s eyelids fluttered ecstatically as her dick steadily pumped a steady barrage of virulent cum inside Selinda, who thrashed and screamed in orgasmic oblivion.

* * * * *

By the time Selinda came to her senses, Anetta’s cock was surging inside her again. She gasped with pleasure and surprise. How could that monster have recovered so soon? But here it was, plunging in and out of her sopping wet pussy. It felt amazingly good.

Why had she tried to resist this? She spread her thighs wide apart, mewling as the throbbing weapon invaded her again and again. No prayer had ever made her feel this good. She stared up at the abbess, her face fixed in a ravenous leer, her breasts bouncing wildly as she relentlessly thrust her hips back and forth. This used to be her mentor, her guide in all that was holy and good. And now…now she was teaching her something new, and Selinda was an eager student.

Now that she had tasted Anetta’s cock, her former life of devout holiness seemed paltry. Why should she waste her time with prayers when she could be getting her pussy filled? She thought of all the men out there – men she could tease and seduce until their cocks were hard and ripe for fucking.

The devout woman that she used to be was gone. Now there was just a wicked, fuck-hungry slut who would do anything to seduce and corrupt.

To be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 07

red-eyes 2


From his concealed vantage point in the forest, Romano had been watching the abbey for the past two hours, daydreaming about fucking young priestesses. In his current scenario, a black-haired beauty was tending the flowers in the garden. He crept soundlessly toward her, as a panther stalks its prey. But just as he was about to reach for her, she turned around with a smile on her lips. “I’ve been waiting for you, Romano.” She let her robe slip from her shoulders, revealing a body ripe for sexual harvest. She stepped forward and pressed herself against him, whispering in his ear all of the wicked things she wanted to do with him. Then she lay down in the flower bed, spread her thighs apart, and smiled a lusty smile of invitation.

It wasn’t the first time he had conjured this sort of fantasy. For the past several days, he had been dreaming about sex. It had started with pleasant, half-remembered nighttime trysts – nothing unusual. Then the dreams became more and more vivid and visceral, leaving him with feverish urges to masturbate – and not just once. Last night, for example, he could recall at least three different horny awakenings when he frantically rubbed his cock while lurid visions swam through his mind. His throbbing organ had splurted so much cum that the bedsheets were slimy and slippery by the time the sun rose.

He told himself it was just the summer heat, making him more randy than usual. But it was certainly getting worse. At the bank, standing in line behind a blonde warrior in a golden chainmail bikini, he felt a reckless impulse to grope her crotch. Right there, in front of everyone, he wanted finger-fuck her until she was wet and moaning. He wanted to strip off that cumbersome metal and stuff his rigid meat into her proud warrior pussy, pounding it, pounding it until she screamed with helpless orgasm.

She would have pounded him, of course, had he laid a finger on her. But that didn’t stop him from dreaming. Whenever he saw a pretty woman, his imagination took hold of him and made him see all the things he could do to her, all the things that he did in his dreams. Sometimes he seduced an innocent, tempting her to abandon all of the virtues, promises, and loyalties she held dear. Sometimes she was willing and eager; sometimes he had to coax her into lust. But in his dreams, he always got his way.

And those dreams always took place here, at Northshire Abbey. It all came back to those lovely young priestesses, whose bodies he had plundered so many times in the past few days (in his imagination). But here, in real life, he had seen nothing unusual, except for the absence of any activity. No one had entered, nor had anyone left. All was quiet, which was what he would have expected.

According to the reports, no one had seen the priestesses of the abbey for the past few weeks, with one exception. Those who tried to visit the abbey found its doors locked, and a young, blonde-haired woman named Kelethia told them that the abbey’s residents had succumbed to a mysterious plague. There had been no deaths, and Kelethia said she was confident that the priestesses would soon be able to venture forth again – but for the time being, she recommended that the abbey be placed under quarantine.

The Cathedral seemed to accept this; they knew that Sister Anetta was a sensible abbess, and that she would do whatever she thought best for the girls in her care. SI:7, on the other hand, was a bit more suspicious. They wanted to know what was going on inside those walls, since the abbey supplied clerics who were vital for the survival of the Alliance.

So they had sent Romano to investigate. They had initially wanted to send a female operative who would blend in with the other priestesses, but Romano had insisted on going. He had pointed out that his stealth skills were unsurpassed, making him the best choice for the mission. But what he really wanted was to visit the site of his horny fantasies.

“I’m just here to check things out,” Romano told himself. “I’m not going to fuck these girls. I’m just going to make sure they’re okay.” Romano sighed and leaned back against a tree, waiting impatiently for nightfall, trying to ignore the throbbing organ in his pants.

Another hour passed uneventfully. The sun was setting now, and soft golden light began to appear in many of the windows. “Hmm, guess they’re not going to bed early,” Romano mused.

A door near the stables opened, spilling light onto the ground. Romano’s breath caught in his throat as a young woman with long dark hair emerged. She was completely naked, and her shapely hips swayed as she sauntered slowly across the lawn, cradling something in her arms. It looked like she a small baby, suckling one of her stiff, swollen nipples. “I want to taste the other one,” thought Romano, his cock stirring.

Then the woman leaned down and set the ‘baby’ on the ground, where it cackled madly and hopped off into the woods, its eyes glowing with a wicked demonic light. The woman smiled after it before going back inside.

Romano realized that his jaw had dropped. That was an imp! With her delicious tits, that gorgeous girl had been nursing a tiny demon!

Well, that raised a whole bunch of questions. How had the girl been able to conceal the imp from the other abbey residents? Was everyone else so sick that this girl could do whatever she wanted? Had she – or the imp – somehow incapacitated the other priestesses? What foul deed was the imp going off to commit?

Romano thought about returning to Stormwind immediately, but SI:7 would probably just send him back to investigate further. He had to find out what was going on inside the abbey.

Silent as a shadow, he crept across the lawn to the door where the beautiful blonde had emerged. He listened at the door, but couldn’t hear anything. Gingerly clasping the handle, he slowly opened the door a few inches. There was light inside, but neither movement nor sound. He carefully opened the door wider and slipped inside, his senses on full alert.

He had entered a small storeroom, lit by a small oil lamp. There was only one other door; he cracked it open and saw a hallway leading deeper into the abbey.

Now he could hear sounds, but not the sounds he would have expected. Feminine gasps and groans, quite nearby. Someone was having fun, though not the kind of fun that priestesses normally sought – except in his dreams. He slinked into the hall and approached the room from which the sounds were coming. The door was open; he peeked inside and saw two naked young women on a small cot, one lying on top of the other. The one on the bottom was eagerly licking the dripping wet pussy above her, while the other girl returned the favor. Judging from their frantic cries and ragged breathing, they were both getting close to an orgasm. Romano’s cock swelled again as he watched them slurping and goading each other toward ecstasy. Both girls were as stunningly beautiful as the brunette he had seen outside, and he would have happily fucked both of them – had it not been for the imp crouched at the foot of the bed. The creature giggled obscenely, its tiny fingers tracing glowing symbols in the air as it watched the girls squirm and moan. As their lovemaking grew more and more frantic, the symbols pulsed with an eerie green glow. Romano sensed that the imp was channeling their sexual energy toward some dark purpose.

Just as the first girl came, Romano heard a cry from another nearby room. Reluctantly prying his eyes from the sexy writhing couple, he crept toward the new noise. Peeking through an open doorway, he saw yet another young girl lying naked on a bed. She was very pregnant, and her thighs were spread wide open – she was about to give birth! Another priestess, also nude, kneeled between her legs, smiling expectantly at the girl’s vagina. The pregnant girl moaned loudly, and it sounded as though she was feeling more pleasure than pain. In fact, there was a faint smile on her sweating face, and she eagerly rubbed her swollen clit.

Then the baby started to emerge, except that it wasn’t a baby. Tiny grey fingers emerged from the girl’s wet slit, followed by a batlike head. The imp wriggled its way out of her birth canal, making the girl groan and shudder with ecstasy. As soon as it was out, the tiny demon crawled up the girl’s belly and began to suck on her hard nipple, greedily drinking her milk while she sighed contentedly and stroked it.

“That’s two so far,” said the other priestess. “Are you going to have another one soon?”

“As soon as I can get Anetta to do me again,” said the girl, grinning lasciviously. “How about you?”

The priestess patted her own belly. “She just fucked me this morning, so I should be having one in a few days.”

The girl on the bed laughed. “At this rate, the whole abbey will be filled with these little guys.” She rubbed the imp’s back as it sucked her swollen tit. “You know, I never thought I’d be breeding demons. But this just feels so damn good!”

“Tell me about it. Whenever Anetta brings that cock near me, all I want to do is spread my legs and get it inside me. Fuck, it makes me horny just thinking about it.” She reached down and started to finger her pussy.

“Why don’t you let me help you with that,” purred the girl. And then the two of them were kissing and licking and rubbing each other with ravenous passion, while the newborn imp giggled and began to trace malign symbols in the air.

Romano lingered for a moment longer than he should have, watching the females frolic. All these girls seemed to ooze sexuality, and he could feel his rigid cock straining against its confining cloth. Part of him just wanted to forget about his mission, walk right in there and start fucking. But somehow he knew that would be the end of him. No, he had to keep his focus. The imps had to be behind this; young priestesses didn’t just go around licking each other’s cunts all the time. All this horny energy was being directed somewhere, for some foul purpose.

He crept further down the hall, hearing more lusty moans from behind many of the doors. In the dim light of the hallway, he could see puddles of silvery cream on the floor here and there. The whole place smelled of sex.

From studying the floorplans, he knew that the double doors straight ahead would take him into the main chapel, but he opted for a staircase to his right. The steps eventually led to a balcony overlooking the chapel, where the whole horror lay unfolded before him.

Candlelight shed a soft golden glow over a sea of naked, writhing bodies. The priestesses of Northshire Abbey were ruined, their minds and bodies enslaved to demonic lust. Prayers had been replaced by pussy-licking, and the sacred hall was filled with hymns of whimpers and moans, punctuated by frequent orgasmic wailing. Lust was the new religion here, and the girls were ardent worshippers.

A tall, dark-haired woman prowled through the horny congregation with a wicked smile. He recognized her as Sister Anetta, the leader of the abbey – although she had changed. Her skin was now a light shade of blue, and her eyes glowed with red, lascivious hunger. Every disciple she passed begged to fucked again by the enormous cock that dangled from her crotch. One taste of its unholy power had made them addicts, and now they would do anything for another chance to get it inside them. They crawled toward her, they spread their thighs, they offered to do anything for her, if only she would slide that ungodly tool into their slippery holes again.

The fallen abbess pounced upon a young, blue-eyed girl who had been licking her finger suggestively, and soon that monstrous phallus was plunging in and out of the girl’s eager pussy while she squealed and writhed deliriously. Anetta drilled her without mercy, grabbing the girl’s hips as she fucked her faster and harder, harder and faster. Then, with a demonic groan, the abbess threw her head back and smiled a fanged smile as her throbbing cock unloaded another batch of fel cum into the girl’s quivering cunt.

As the orgasm baked the girl’s brain, a thin tentacle of light slithered from her writhing body to the altar, where a large pool of darkness was gathering. A dozen other tentacles seemed to be pouring into the pool from all over the abbey, and Romano realized that this was the receptacle for all of the lustful energy. All of these horny young girls were feeding this dark heart, which throbbed and grew with unnatural purpose.

“Quite a scene, isn’t it?”

Romano reflexively darted away from the soft voice and drew his daggers. He found himself confronting a young, blonde woman wearing a crimson robe that did little to conceal her feminine curves.

She smiled and raised her hands. “Don’t worry. I’m not armed.”

“Lady, it’s not weapons I’m worried about,” he growled. “Just stay right where you are.”

She nodded, still smiling in a way that made Romano relax his guard. She was beautiful, but she wasn’t trying to seduce him like he would have expected (or hoped?). She could have untied her robe, but she didn’t. She just stood there, studying him with her bright blue eyes.

“My name is Kelethia. I’m a priestess here.” She sighed, and her smile faded. “Or at least, I was.”

“What happened?”

She gestured toward the chapel below, where Anetta was brutally thrusting her obscene cock into another delighted female. “The Burning Legion. They’re using a new tactic – lust. Instead of butchering us with weapons and claws, they’re taking advantage of our own sexual desires. They’re corrupting us, turning us into horny slaves who only want to fuck.”

“And make baby imps, right?”

Kelethia nodded. “They’re feeding off of us. Every time one of us comes, a trickle of that sexual energy slips into the Twisting Nether, drawing them here. And it’s not just imps. Soon there will be…other things. Wicked beings who will hasten our downfall.”

“Why are you telling me this? Aren’t you one of them?”

Kelethia nodded sadly. “In a way, I’m responsible for all of this. A succubus queen tricked me into corrupting Sister Anetta, and you can see what’s happened to her. She has fucked every priestess here, except me. I’ve managed to resist her so far, but it’s only a matter of time.” She stared down at Anetta, watching as the demonic abbess bounced a red-headed girl up and down on her epic penis, making her howl with ecstasy. “Even now, I can feel that cock calling to me. My pussy is dripping wet, just like theirs.” She reached inside her robe, and Romano realized that she was starting to finger herself. “Oh, how I would love to feel that thing plunging in and out of me.” She moaned softly, her fingers digging at her crotch.

Romano stepped forward and grabbed her hand, pulling it out of her robe. He could see the sheen of sticky juice on her fingers. He felt a sudden urge to reach beneath her robe and continue the job she had started. He looked in her eyes and saw naked, smoldering desire. If he wanted to, he could have her, right here, right now. He could yank her robe open and start nibbling her tits. He could send his burgeoning erection up into her steamy slit. He could fuck her savagely, driving her wild with pleasure. She would not resist; she was already on the edge, and the softest push would send her sprawling into lascivious oblivion.

But he was in control of himself. Yes, his dick was throbbing with hunger. Yes, he could sense how wonderful her body would taste. But he would not let his desires overwhelm him. That’s exactly what had happened to these priestesses, twisting them into fuck-hungry animals.

“You’re strong,” Kelethia murmurred. “Stronger than I am. Maybe you can save us.”

“Just tell me how.”

She sighed. “In the bell tower, all the way at the top of the abbey. That’s where they’re planning a final sacrifice. Once that’s done, the dark portal down there will open, and that will be the end of Northshire. Probably Stormwind, too.”

“Not if I can help it,” said Romano. “Lead the way.”

To be continued…

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 08


red dress 3

Romano wasn’t sure what to expect when he entered the bell tower, but it certainly wasn’t a dusty old attic space. Except for some ornate braziers, the chamber appeared to be deserted.

“You said there’s going to be a sacrifice here?” he whispered.

Kelethia nodded. “Yes, very soon.” There was a strange look in her eyes, as if she was trying not to smile.

Romano cautiously prowled through the room, keeping an eye out for traps. He worked his way around the edge of the chamber, then made his way toward the center, where a small set of stairs led up to a raised platform beneath the abbey’s bells. Something was wrong here. He felt as though there was some hidden menace watching him, patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike. But where?

“There’s nothing here,” he said. He glanced toward Kelethia, but she was still standing by the entrance, her bright blue eyes following his every move.

“Up there,” she whispered, pointing to the stairs. Again he saw that hint of a smile.

Romano crept slowly up the steps, gingerly testing each board before giving it his full weight. He reached the platform at the top, which looked curiously like an altar.

Then, from the corners of the room, there came soft scraping noises. Thin, dark snakes slithering toward him from the shadows with terrible speed. He drew his daggers just as something clamped down on his ankle. He cried out with panic and quickly stabbed downward, only to hear a loud clink as his blade was turned aside. It felt and sounded as though it had struck metal. He drew his hand back for another strike – but as he did so, something caught his wrist and held it. With horror, he saw that it was a manacle made of dark iron, attached to a long chain of the same material. He tried to chip at the chain with his free hand, but the metal was impervious. He only got in two more strikes before his free hand was free no more. Both his wrists and ankles were now bound, and though he struggled with all his might, it was no use. With unstoppable strength, the chains slowly pulled him backward, forcing him to lie face-up on the altar.

“Help me!” he gasped. But when he looked toward Kelethia, a new wave of dread struck him. She was approaching him with an unhurried gait, smiling as a spider might smile while it crawled toward its webbed prey.

“So you’re one of them, after all,” said Romano.

“I am,” she admitted, slowly climbing the steps.

“Look, Kelethia, it’s not too late for you. Help me get out of here. You don’t want to see the Burning Legion destroy everything we hold dear, do you?”

The priestess gave him a quizzical smile. “Destroy? The Legion isn’t here to destroy us. In a way, they’re actually going to help us.” She was standing beside him now, and her blue eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. “We’ve erected so many barriers to prevent us from getting what we want. They’re simply going to remove those barriers. If I want something,” she dragged her finger down his tunic, “then I will have it. No laws, no morals, no conventions will stop me. Why is that so terrible?”

“They’re evil,” hissed Romano. “They only want to ruin and enslave us. Don’t you see that?”

Kelethia laughed and then gave him a look of mock concern. “Oh, my dear thief. You are so worried, aren’t you? About the downfall of society, civilization, and all that? Well, let me help you with that.” She began to untie her sash. “I’m going to make you forget your responsibilities, your loyalties. I’ll make you forget everything…except how good this feels.”

“No, don’t…”

The robe fell to the floor, revealing the sensuous, creamy curves of her young body. He should have looked away; his mind screamed at him to turn away, but he couldn’t. His eyes locked onto her beautiful breasts, her puffy nipples. She crossed her arms behind her head and smiled, clearly delighted with his attentive gaze. “You’re going to help me, Romano. You’re going to help the Legion rise.”

“Like hell,” he growled.

“Like hell, indeed.” She whispered a few words in some strange language. There was a flash of light, and Romano gasped as a burning sensation blasted his entire body for just an instant. Then it passed, and he realized that all of his clothing was now gone.

“Much better,” the priestess murmurred, studying his muscular form. “Now we’re going to have some fun.” She leaned down and began to explore his body with her soft, warm hands. “So strong, so handsome.”

“Get away from me, you witch. I mean it.”

“Do you really?” she asked, gazing down at his stiffening penis. “You want me to leave you with this beautiful cock unattended? That would be such a shame.” She gently swiped her fingers back and forth along the length of his organ, making it swell and grow even harder. “And what about those naughty dreams you’ve been having? Wouldn’t you like to make them come true?”

“How…how do you know about that?”

Kelethia grinned mischievously, her fingers now gliding up and down his burgeoning erection. “Who do you think sent them to you? I wanted you to come here. I wanted to plant those lustful seeds in your mind, so that you’d be hungry for us. And you are, aren’t you?” Her hand encircled his cock, and she started to massage it with a slow, steady rhythm. “Think of all those pretty girls downstairs. You can fuck any of them. You can fuck all of them.” Her hand began to move faster.

Romano’s breath caught in his throat. This girl certainly knew what she was doing. He didn’t want to give in, but his body was betraying him. As she persistently rubbed his swollen meat, he began to think about plundering those hot little priestess pussies downstairs. If he didn’t do something soon, she was going to make him come, and he was afraid of what that might lead to. With a desperate effort, he tugged on his chains. His muscles bulged, and he felt his face burn with effort.

While he struggled in vain, Kelethia just kept stroking him, relentlessly pumping his throbbing cock, bringing him closer and closer to the orgasm that would surely crush his soul. “Try all you want…there’s no escape,” she purred. “I’m not going to let you go until you’re ready.” She stroked him faster and faster. “Are you ready, Romano?” Her fingers were a blur as they glided up and down his rigid shaft. “Are you ready?” she repeated, licking her lips. He could feel the climax boiling up inside him, preparing to erupt.

Then she quickly leaned down, and his feverish organ was enveloped by the wonderful, wet warmth of her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she eagerly sucked him. Her eyes – her wicked blue eyes never left his as she swirled her tongue against his hard flesh. She had been twisted and corrupted into a wanton slut, and now she wanted to bring him down as well. He knew this, but it didn’t help him. With a helpless groan, he gave himself to her, pumping her mouth full of his hot spunk. She just kept gliding her mouth up and down, greedily drinking him, making him groan with terrible delight.

When at last he was spent, he didn’t feel any different. If his soul had been corrupted, then why was he still thinking about escaping the abbey and warning Stormwind?

As if reading his thoughts, Kelethia wiped cum from her chin and smiled. “That was just an appetizer, and a delightful one at that. Now the real fun begins.” She snapped her fingers, and the braziers in the room came to life, casting the room in an eerie red glow. Then she simply stood there, watching him with lascivious anticipation.

“Are you going to let me go now, or are you just going to look at me all night?”

Then the sweet smell of the incense reached his nose, and everything changed. A pleasant, tingling warmth surged through his body. His cock, which had softened after pumping its creamy load into Kelethia’s mouth, was now swelling with renewed hunger. As the insidious vapor worked its way into his mind, his thoughts began to turn to lust and depravity. He looked at Kelethia again, his eyes studying her sensual curves. He suddenly felt as though he hadn’t had sex in a year, and he was eager – increasingly eager for another orgasm.

She crawled on top of him, sliding her smooth belly against his raging erection. “I want you to understand what is going to happen now, Romano.” Her breasts dangled deliciously, her hard nipples grazing his chest. “I am going to fuck you. I am going to fuck you until I own you, body and soul.” She began to grind her crotch against him, and he groaned with pleasure as her slick pussy juice began to coat his slavering cock. “How does that sound?” she whispered into his ear. “Would you like that?” She leaned forward until her breasts were just inches from his mouth. “Go on, have a taste.”

Romano turned his head to the side, trying to resist her offer. But the lust-smoke kept whispering lurid invitations to his weakening mind. Why not give in? Why not allow this horny young girl to satisfy his needs? His penis surged against her wet pussy lips. He could feel her stiff tits playfully poking his cheek, drifting slowly toward his lips. Finally, he opened his mouth and licked. And licked. And licked. And then sucked.

Kelethia cooed with satisfaction. “That’s it,” she whispered. “Show me that you want me. Suckle me…suckle me…”

The young rogue did as he was told, greedily nibbling and slurping her swollen nipples. With every passing second, his hunger grew – and so did hers, judging from her throaty moans. Her hips were moving in time with his, his needy cock gliding against her hot, wet sex. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He would do anything – anything! – to get his penis inside her.

At last she rose up and straddled his crotch, guiding his rigid organ to her gooey harbor. “Is this what you want?” she purred, nuzzling the tip of his cock against her slick labia. “Do you want me to…”

“Yes, damn it!” he growled. “Fuck me!”

With a grin, she sank down, impaling herself on his hard tool. He heard himself gasp and groan; he was lost in a haze of smoky delirium as she began to writhe up and down, feeding her hot, wet pussy. It wasn’t long before she was bouncing up and down, moaning loudly as his throbbing organ surged up inside her tight young twat, again and again. He could sense her impending orgasm, thrilling and tantalizing, matching his own inexorable descent into blissful oblivion. He watched her sensuous body rise and fall, her supple breasts bouncing wildly, her pubic mound grinding against him with urgent need. When at last she screamed with pleasure, his eager cock blasted its hot load into her squirming tunnel. He tugged at his chains and moaned helplessly as she continued to ride him, coaxing more and more cum from his pulsing organ. He could feel the cream dribbling out of her slippery cunt, coating his scrotum, his ass, and the altar beneath him.

He should have been satisfied. His penis had disgorged enough cum to impregnate a dozen girls, and it ought to be on cooldown for at least an hour or two. But it wasn’t. Even now, he could feel his sex meat stirring, expanding, filling the hot wet cunt of the girl atop him.

“Hungry again, are you?” she murmurred dazedly, still recovering from her own ecstasy. “I’m not surprised. You’re addicted to sex now. Every time you come, it’s just going to get worse.” She started to move up and down again, her vagina slowly caressing his swelling cock. “All you’re going to want is pussy. It’s all you’ll think about. Nothing else will matter.” She began to move faster, more hungrily. “You’re a slave now, Romano. You’re mine, and you’ll do anything I want you to do.”

He wanted to tell her that she was wrong. But as her juicy twat bathed his stiff penis, thoughts of defiance gave way to terrible need. He watched intently as this sex-crazed priestess bounced enthusiastically, moaning loudly as her golden hair flew wildly around her pale shoulders. The sight of her, the sensation of her wet sex grinding against him – it maddened him. He longed to grab her, to hold her down, to brutally ram his turgid organ in and out of her steamy gash, to fuck her relentlessly, mercilessly…

And then his manacles simply disappeared. He was free! Now he could push this woman away, run down the stairs, and escape from this demon-ridden lair.

Or, he could reach up and grab those gorgeous, bouncing breasts. He could flip this girl on her back, his hands pinning her arms, his eyes meeting hers with eager understanding. He could sink his raging organ all the way inside her, making her squeal with delight. He could pound that pussy – that wet, delicious pussy! He could slide his swollen tool in and out of that gooey hole, slide it in and out, in and out, in and out, until he…

There was so much cum. He could feel it flooding her vagina, see it leaking down her thighs. He lay on top of her and groaned deliriously, his throbbing cock buried to the hilt, still pumping her full of hot spunk. “When…when does it stop?” he panted.

“Never,” she giggled. “It never stops. You’re going to keep fucking me all night. And then you’re going to fuck the other girls.”

Romano’s thoughts flickered to the young priestesses he had seen earlier this evening, their sweaty bodies writhing with lust. Sure enough, his penis began to stir again.

“They’ve been waiting for you. They want to feel that hard cock of yours. And you’re going to give it to them, aren’t you?”

The young thief nodded. He was already moving inside her again, his dick stiffening and swelling as he thought of the sex feast that awaited him downstairs.

“Yes, of course you will,” purred Kelethia. “You serve the Legion now.”

It was then that Romano noticed the imps. How long had they been there, lurking in the rafters, marking sorcerous symbols in the air with their crooked little fingers? He could feel their fel magic working on him, turning him into an animal – a savage, rampaging animal driven by insatiable predatory hunger. He stared at Kelethia’s beautiful body, her intoxicating flesh. He wanted to fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, and then fuck her some more. Her lusty moans filled his smoke-addled mind, and he drove his cock in and out of her syrupy twat in a frenzy of maddened passion.

And when his dick erupted yet again, spurting waves of hot semen into her pussy, he began to realize that this would be the end of him. It just felt too good, to plow this girl’s sweet sex, to pump her full of impregnating cream. He was going to do this again and again, with as many women as he could. He was going to make them writhe and groan, until they, too, were twisted into helpless slaves of lust. He would become a demon, corrupting and breeding the females of this world, until the Legion reigned supreme.

No! With the last of his willpower, Romano withdrew his glistening penis from Kelethia’s addictive sex and fought the urge to plunge it back in. Forcing himself not to look at her luscious body, he vaulted down from the altar and ran for the door.

Down the stairs he flew, his engorged cock slapping against his thighs. He was still hungry for more pussy, but hopefully he could keep himself in check until he was safely away from this abyss of temptation. Fortunately, the abbey was silent now. No orgasmic cries came from the chambers he passed, and even the main chapel was deserted. Where had everyone gone? Well, it didn’t matter. All that mattered right now was getting outside. If he could just get to that storage room, down that hallway! His hand was on the knob. Without a backward glance, Romano dashed out into the yard.

And there, surrounding the perimeter of the lawn, stood the priestesses of Northshire Abbey.

They were just shadows at first, their dark robes blending with the night, their faces hidden beneath cowls. But as they slowly moved toward him, their robes drifted open, and moonlight gleamed on the supple curves of their perfect breasts. One by one, they removed their hoods, and he saw flowing hair, sweet red lips, and eyes that seemed to glow with unearthly light as they stared at him with undisguised hunger.

For the first time, Romano began to comprehend the awful threat that this new Legion posed. There was no way for him to fight what he wanted so badly. Even without the tendrils of lust smoke creeping through his mind, Romano doubted that he would have been able to resist these lovely girls. They had assembled here for the sole purpose of making him come, and he knew that just one more taste of sexual bliss would make him crave it ever more.

Evasion was his only hope, but his damaged mind reeled at the sight of this sexual army. He staggered backward and fell upon the stone steps, his swollen prick surging upright like a beacon. The girls gazed hungrily at his rigid shaft as they quietly shed their robes and moved to surround him.

He could feel their heat as they nestled close to him and caressed his arms, his hair, his thighs. They took their time, for they knew that they had him now. There would be no escape. When the first nipple was offered to him, he turned away only to find another nipple grazing his lips, patiently teasing him with its horny stiffness. It wasn’t long before he was sucking on that gorgeous tit while fondling another. Soft sighs and lascivious giggles filled the warm night air as he groped and suckled the priestesses with blind, helpless passion. Some of the tits were dripping with milk, and he greedily nuzzled and slurped as his hands explored swollen, pregnant bellies and warm, juicy twats. He was lost in a sea of intoxicating female flesh, the fever of desire consuming him. All he wanted now was to kiss and suck and grab and fuck these beautiful, wicked girls who were so eager to send him sprawling into ecstatic slavery.

Soft, wet flesh began to graze the tip of his cock. Romano looked up and saw Kelethia smiling triumphantly, her buttery snatch rubbing against his swollen tool. Her smile dissolved into a groan of open-mouthed pleasure as she sank down upon him with maddening slowness, inch by febrile inch, condemning him to eternal lust. By the time her pussy swallowed his mighty erection, he was grasping her firm ass, planting long, ardent kisses on her voluptuous breasts, and worshipping this beautiful young priestess of lust. As she began to writhe up and down, her sopping twat rubbing his rigid cock, Romano finally lost all control. With savage eagerness, he drove Kelethia to the ground and started to fuck her. She moaned with delight as his raging sex weapon rammed inside her, again and again.

The other priestesses smiled knowingly as Romano’s grunts became more bestial, his thrusting more fervent. There was no turning back now; it just felt too good to fuck that hot, gooey cunt, to fuck it nice and hard. Kelethia’s delirious whimpers were the most enticing sound he had ever heard, and they grew louder and wilder with every meaty plunge. He saw her lick her lips; saw her bulging breasts wobble, saw her thighs spread even wider. Everything about her, every minute aspect was thrillingly erotic, and he had to come, he had to pour his soul into this brazen young sex witch. He felt his cock surging, swelling with semen. She must have sensed it, too, because she began to urgently stroke his stomach, his thighs, his ass, as if willing him to surrender, to yield up all that was decent and good. And what could he do? Nothing, except spear his ravenous prick deep inside her, fucking her slippery pussy for all he was worth.

His ecstatic howl echoed through the dark trees, heralding the loss of a soul and the advent of a hungry new servant of the Legion.

to be continued…

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