Legend (1985)

There was probably one of my favorite incarnation of the Devil/Evil/Darkness in this movie. He looks and sound both menacing and seductive. He really should have gotten the girl  😛


The movie itself is about a forest boy, Jack, who tries to stop the Lord of Darkness from conquering the world and  from seducing the woman he loves (Lily). Of course, it’s the second that really interests us.

At one moment the princess ends up in the villain’s lair, and well… It has some transformative effects on her.

Legend 01

Legend 02

Legend 03

Legend 04 (1)

Legend 04 (2)

Legend 04 (3)

Legend 05

Legend 06

Legend 07

Legend 08

Here is a link to one of the best moment of the film


And here is the film in HD, for information, most of the the action starts at 1:30:00

I also add a comic by Dontfapgirl (check out his/her work on Hentaifoundry) that gives us what would have happened if Lily had sit on that menacing chair:

4 thoughts on “Legend (1985)”

    1. I just read the scene that’s described on the script you gave me a link to. Wow. I can only wish it had come to be.
      The transformation there is great. It’s progressive and way more openly sexual than it ended up being in the movie.
      Also, some very nice moments when he whips her and it seems she isn’t completely displeased by the stimulation. And of course there is the fact that she eventually ends up in the villain’s bed!
      That scriptwriter and I saw eye to eye 😛
      Aaaah… What could have been.


  1. I loved that transformation scen. When i learned that there was, in the original scrip, going to be a sex scene with Lily and darkness a felt so ripped off. Great movie. Sadly it was cut to pieces. The directors cut is nice though. Still to few scenes between Lily and darkness though.


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