Lilith Restrained

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Lilith Restrained is a collaborative story that you can follow on the website chyoa. The idea of this website is that you can follow series you like, and according to the choices you make at the end of each chapters, the story can take you in another direction.

If you wish, you can add chapters and continue  storylines by writing your own.

The author at the origin of the story Lilith restrained is Jnightshade. He’s also created the great Hariett Cooper comic series that he’s been making in colaboration with Shinra-Kun (check the link in the 3Dcomics entry if you don’t know about H3ncomics/Shinra’s work).

Start here to read Lilith Restrained

Lilith Restrained is a continuation of the story Lilith Strain created by Lycanthrokeith. The whole universe of Lilith Restrained takes its origin there.  It might be better to  start with it, but it isn’t absolutely necessary as Lilith Restrained is quite readable even without previous knowledge of the universe.

If you’re getting a bit tired of reaching dead ends with your choices, my advice would be to register on chyoa then click on the link “view story map” which allows you to check all the storylines and then make your choices knowingly.

Here is what it look like once you do this:

2016-01-13 21_57_42-Lilith Restrained — CHYOA


5 thoughts on “Lilith Restrained”

  1. “Lilith Restrained is quite readable even without previous knowledge of the universe.”

    While that’s probably true, my contributions to the Jodi Kai story line include a lot of references to the events from Lilith Strain in both Chyoo and the Unending BE Addventure. It’s much more fun if you know the origins of Queen Mara, Deb, Grace and Director Marlowe.

    Also, while Jnightshade has done a great job running this, the original concept of sex demons goes to Lycanthrokeith who set up the entire universe.


      1. Thanks. Re-reading my original post, I may have come off much more snippy than I intended, so I apologize for the tone of my post.

        Keith has dropped out of writing on all of the sites like Chyoo, the Unending BE Addventure, and CYOC, and I took over managing Lilith Strain (and another story of his) on Chyoo. I still consider him a good friend, and I want to see him get credit for his ideas.


        1. All is forgiven 😉
          The purpose of my website is to actually to give authors of corruption stories the credit that is due to them. That, and creating a place where most of those stories can be gathered.
          Ideally it would allow the writers of those stories to discover the work of others, review it (feedback is what keeps an author writing) and/or collaborate on creating new stuff.
          So there is no problem. Your precision was welcome.


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