The Sexorcist: Beginnings

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NOTE: All characters in this story are 18 years old or older.


Billy scanned through the poorly sorted book titles, letting his finger drag along the spines as he whistled to himself. “Hmmm… Silvio’s Ultimate Kitchen Cookbook… Familiar As An Apple, Strange As An Orange… Textiles During The Third Reich...” He stopped and his eyes widened upon seeing the last book. Libro Demoni et Tenebrae. “Oh sick!” His face widened with delight. “Fucking awesome demons and shit!”

Boyish delight overpowered his famous propriety, his mouth spewing the words not of a Boy Scout but of a churlish sailor as his hand swept over the engraved cover. “Holy shit… holy shit! What are the chances!?” The improbably explicit cover showed a horned red demon with a battle axe atop a pile of headless angels, a busty succubus lover clinging to his side, all wrought in aged leather.

He took the book down and flipped it open. His electric, cheerful smile remained undiminished as the browned pages flipped by at tremendous speed. He could see the scribbled arcane texts, moving and alive as the pages turned and felt the gusts of wind whip across his face. The more he looked into the letters and horrific engravings, the greater excitement he felt.


He knew something wasn’t right when he saw the lights in the library dim. Or perhaps those were his own eyes failing. Whatever the case, it wasn’t long before a deep, baritone voice broke into his thoughts, sounding like volcanic rock grinding against cracked glass. “YOUR SOUL IS MINE, MORTAL!

Billy hadn’t quite fathomed he was doomed yet, but ensured his fate all the same when sheer fear overpowered his amazement. “Ah shit…” The demon saw the momentary lapse of courage in his soul, and took advantage of his more open state, rushing in like a flood of evil and tearing out any sense of goodness the young man might have had.

Baal ripped open his spirit like a tuna can, and quickly asserted his dominance over his new shell. Muscles rippled into statuesque proportions, his jawline widened and his clean cut hair style grew out wildly, draping his shoulders like some barbaric warlord of ages past. He made grunting sounds and ripped books off the shelves as if he were having a dire bout of steroidal rage.

“Billy Summers I can not believe what you are…!” Ms. Bell, the librarian, felt her voice stop in her throat and her heart pound in her chest upon seeing the statuesque specimen the Clearview College’s Reading and Chess Champion had become. This new Herald of The End spun around sharply, looking at her with flaming red eyes.

His fists clenched and drool hung from his lips. His new mind quickly assessed the librarian. She was young, very young, with black hair in a bun and shapely legs hidden behind a long dress. The very epitome of constrained femininity, which offended his explicit sensibilities to the core.

He huffed like a stallion in heat and pointed an accusatory finger at her. “Shut your whore mouth, bitch!” he rasped, and then pounced on her. He took her to the ground instantly and straddled her. “Your soul is mine… and your tits!” Ms. Bell had always been self-conscious about her small chest, and didn’t know to be flattered or frightened that the beast Billy had become actually wanted what she had.

Billy growled with satisfaction as he felt hot, demonic power surge up from his loins and down his arms. Infernal sorcery exploded from his palms and rushed into her chest. She spasmed to his initial touch, and loosed a moan mixed with surprise and delight both. The librarian didn’t know what had come over Billy, but the sensation he willed into her flesh was so strange… yet so good.

Her body stiffened to the ecstasy, her back arching up straight into his hands. Her lips opened and closed to quiet gasps while blasts of mind melting stimulation streamed from her breasts. Those tits grew more ample and ripe with every breath, their growth propelled by Billy’s vile demonic magic. She saw Billy grin, his fingers widening across her jiggling titflesh. Dark and foul whispers hissed by her ear and then she knew… this was no blessing, this was something else.

“Ohhhh… nooooo…” she moaned, trying to pray to God, but her tongue was too numb, her mind too addled. She tried to roll away from him, away from the vileness that felt so good, but only succeeded in flopping on the floor. All the while the whispers grew louder, her chest more buxom.

“Yessss!” hissed the possessed student, relishing her weak defiance and the feeling of her breasts swelling underneath his fingers. His otherworldly sight allowed him to peer past her flesh and bone, and he laughed maniacally, seeing her innocent soul crumble before his vile taint.

The more her breasts expanded, the darker her soul became, glowing with black fire, her hips bucking helplessly.

One weak moan after another escaped her lips. Her shaking body made her ecstatic gasps tremble in turn. Mountains of jiggling breastflesh rose to eminence, great big mounds that lay concealed by her drab, gray blouse. She squeezed her thighs together, and felt the tell tale sensation of her arousal running down her legs, having long rushed past her soaked panties. Before she knew it, she found herself forcing his hands deeper into the delectable softness of her jutting rack. She needed more of him, more of his delicious corruption rushing through her chest and into the depths of her soul.

He grinned like a wolf, hearing her blouse strain and stretch. Her white undershirt began to rip underneath the blossoming weight of her flowing bosom. It had never been designed to be so full! His eyes were centered on the bountiful swell of lily white cleavage that had formed beneath her neck, focused on the deep crevasse that laid between her spectacular melons.

The more rational and less joyously sadistic part of his mind, an admittedly small part now, knew that to ruin her clothes would attract unwanted attention once she left the library. He re-focused his anguish of not being able to rip off her top and suck her overripe tits and instead centered on her ass, gripping her bottom while stuffing his face into her juicy cleavage.

“YES!” she screamed, curling her toes upon feeling Billy’s demonic power flow into her buttocks. Her glutes twitched and spasmed before expanding rapidly, until Billy’s palms were filled up by the expanding flesh of her moon-like cheeks. His fingers sunk into her round yet firm, meaty globes like claws, the perfect cushions for bouncing on his turgid demon cock.

Billy noticed her veins blacken, rich with demonic red light, like thin black snakes writhing underneath her creamy skin, racing down her hands and tracing around the wobbling mounds of her overflowing cleavage. His red eyes roved up to her face, and he smiled. The demonic energy that had expanded and toned her ass in moments had traveled up her spine like some twisted Kundalini serpent and pierced into her vulnerable mind, polluting her soul with unspeakable carnal temptations.

Her body seized up and her eyes rolled back into her head. Billy watched as she made incoherent grunting sounds, intermixed with moans and spasmodic gasps. He grinned, watching her hair burst out of its bun and grow down her shoulders in long, silky black locks. The demon put his hand on her twitching groin. He noted with satisfaction the soggy wetness that was beginning to soil her whole dress as her body came repeatedly, over and over to her excited sobs of joy.

What Billy’s hands had started, the dark essence in her spine had finished. The librarian was past knowing evil was in her now, just as she was past trying to fight it. She let the rest of her spiritual desecration continue with nothing but an orgasmic sigh to signal her surrender. The last bit of morality in her hung like a quivering candle flame before dark winds. In a breath of pleasure it was blown out, never to be lit again.

The librarian fell silent. Billy leaned over and kissed her gorgeous lips. He did not notice the longer he stayed attached, the more red drained from them only to be replaced with ever deepening shades of black. Exactly when he pulled away, she awoke. She let out an aroused sigh of delight as her eyes slowly opened. They were no longer brown, but the color of many hells gone supernova at once. Bright reds wrestled with bruised violets within her irises, creating a swirling abyss of temptation and damnation.

“Thank you, master…”

Billy stood up and nodded, brushing himself off out of habit. His need to tackle and fuck something had become near intolerable, and with students still in the front of the library, there was no clear salve to his carnal stings. And then it came to him.

He looked down on her with his intense and commanding eyes. “Your first task slave, is to drive this entire school into sin.” He pulled her up and kissed her once more upon her pouting, black lips while sparing a few gropes on her round ass. “My lord will need an army. Do not make me regret choosing you first!”

The formerly virtuous and kindly librarian stroked his cock through his pants before curtsying like a coy slut, bending low to allow him ample view of her deep and vast cleavage, her milky white slopes begging to be let free from their weak confines. “My lord, you will soon find that assaulting me was the best thing you ever did.”

Baal chuckled and admired her spirit. While she was wrong, the best thing he ever did was rip an angel’s wings off during the War in Heaven and then use his spine as an improvised spear, he was a kind overseer and knew how to motivate his slaves.

“I know you will not disappoint me, my pet…” he extended a hand and caressed the jutting expanse of her new breasts, “but first… how many are left in the library?”

“Oh…” she purred. “Brad and Becky were about to check out.”

Billy’s face beamed with a malicious grin. “Not anymore. Lock the doors.”


Brad leaned on the library counter, scanning the empty rows as his cheerleader girlfriend lugged her books onto the checkout area. “Why even bother with this shit? Just get that Billy kid to do it.”

Becky sighed. “God! Like I told you! Like, I wanna be something when I get out of here, so like, I’m gonna learn and stuff. And I need books for the assignments, helloooo!”

The captain of Clearview’s football team snorted. “Whatever. Woaaah…” He straightened up when he saw Ms. Bell emerge from the library rows. Her new and enormous tits bounced to her step; her nipples as aroused as the athlete’s attention. “When did that lady get so hot… holy shit.”

Becky sighed but did not look behind. “Oh my god, you’re such a pig… like really-” she was cut off in a brief squeal of fright.

Brad turned. A giant of a man trapped his girlfriend’s mouth with one hand and groped her breasts with the other. “No… fucking… way. Billy!?” The man grunted. Brad’s hands grew sweaty with fear when he saw the man’s red eyes burn under the shadow of his overgrown hair. “I don’t know what the fuck you’re on but YOU ARE SO DEAD-”

Ms. Bell took him to the ground, wrapping her lush thighs around his waist while suffocating him between the giant, quivering slopes of her cleavage.

Billy chuckled, a deep demonic rumble. “I am Baal, fool. Destroyer of Light, Prince of the Third Circle. Herald of… Him.” Brad’s muffled groans and Ms. Bell’s giggles of delight filled the air. “And I take your woman as vessel for my hellspawn.”

Becky squirmed and whimpered madly at the last bit. Billy smiled and raised his hand up her short skirt, fondling the rise of her round and tan lined buttocks. Her black thong demarcated the halves of her plump cheeks perfectly, moving her demon possessed violator to smack and knead them.

She cried out, her desperate eyes searching for her boyfriend while her ripe ass jiggled to the demon’s molestations. She whimpered when she saw the busty librarian astride Brad, her long legs splayed and her luscious bottom popping out of her dress, the supple lips of a seductress upon his own.

“Be thankful, whore. Were the librarian not here to take his soul, I would have taken his heart.” Becky gasped when she felt the infernal heat waft off Baal’s cock, rising up between her anxious legs. “You will take my seed, mortal. You are not pure enough for my master, but it matters not to me!” His thick manhood nudged against her lower lips, seething with demonic arousal, while strong hands moved under her shirt to her heaving tits.

He flopped her on the counter, pressing her soft breasts against its surface and then spread her legs. He snapped her thong and ripped down, exposing her ripe and pink lips, ready for carnal invasion even if she was not.

Baal spared a look at the madness on the floor. Ms. Bell had her shirt unbuttoned down the middle, holding Brad to her gigantic melons as he engulfed one with his mouth. Her back was arched and her face serene all the while her lush hips rolled, her juicy buttocks jiggling as they pumped up and off the athlete’s cock.

“Mmmm… fuck me Brad… fuck me!” snarled the librarian, her lips twisted in pleasure.

The demon turned back to Becky and grinned. He guided his turgid and thick weapon in, pulsing with unholy energy. Becky yelped and squirmed as the thing broached her folds, the supple globes of her ass flexing to Baal’s girthy surprise.

His engorged shaft slid in, wetted with her arousal and greeted by the first spasms of her love canal. Baal chuckled and pushed deeper while her moist nether lips grabbed at his demonic tool, lusting for the power within.

Becky’s breath turned to sharp inhales as she felt the inevitable progress of his manhood deepen inside her. Her back arched and her lips curled in surprise joy from the strange tingling sensation that radiated from the possessed man’s cock.

From the corner of her eye she caught Brad’s hands upon the librarian’s mammoth breasts, his fingers sunk deep into their lush circumference. Below those soft, heaving orbs she saw the woman’s tight belly and wide hips thrust forward, back and forth, over her boyfriend’s cock, impaling herself and riding him like a horse.

The terror of her situation broke through for just a moment, to see such an unnatural woman take her man like a crazed beast. The voluptuous librarian’s moans were husky, her pace demanding. Becky saw her face, so normal before, so below notice… now twisted in lust and greed, her eyes like dark hollows holding the fires of all that was sinful and perverse.

Her moment of clarity fell back under the veil of fear and longing as Baal plunged into her once more. She felt his hands squeeze and fondle her ripe ass cheeks, jiggling with each merciless thrust. Her body screamed in pain and pleasure, her tight passage unused to such a girth.

He viciously rutted her delectable body, sending pens and books tumbling off the counter. With each thrust Becky cried out, her voice hoarse, her ecstasy high. Her inner walls rippled with involuntary contractions, in turn making Baal grunt in pleasure.

She writhed underneath him, her more animal instincts moving her to bounce the soft swells of her backside against her ravisher. Her moans came softly, feeling the demon possessed man’s sac come against her with each thrust, teeming with power and unholy life.

Beads of sweat trickled down her neck, into her jiggling cleavage. The trembling mounds of her breasts, like her cheeks, were flushed red. Their violent coupling had reduced her to a numbed state, her eyes glassy, her spirit ripe for corruption. Her pussy gripped his member desperately, unwilling to part with his thick flesh and surging power.

She looked to her boyfriend once more. His hips were caught in a state of rhythmic jerking, unloading himself deep inside the busty Ms. Bell. As he pumped his seed inside the demon possessed librarian, squeezing her heavy and soft tits together as hard as he could, Becky saw strange lines of black crawl and writhe over her boyfriend’s arms.

The stuff made Brad jitter and spasm, clutching Ms. Bell’s giant ivory breasts even harder. Steam rose off his skin and vile demonic noises erupted from his mouth.

Only then did the cheerleader appreciate what her violator intended to do with her. But by then it was too late… too late for anything. Her fate was long sealed by the time Baal shouted “At last!”

Becky seized up. Her toned legs locked and her nails dug into the counter as Baal bellowed his triumph. “Noooo…” she moaned, feeling his sac draw up and his rod stiffen within her love canal. The demon’s claws squeezed her bouncy tits to her chest, holding them tight as his manhood planted the essence of evil in her womb.

Semen, glowing with strange and demonic red light, sprayed deep into Becky. The young cheerleader’s jaw dropped and screamed in soundless pleasure while her eyes rolled back into her head. Her body twitched to each savage pulse of the demon’s load. Drool ran from her lips while her pussy churned with the foam of a dozen orgasms and primal arousal.

Baal groped her soft breasts with each blast inside her, growling as hot, thick ropes of crimson light traveled up into her undulating belly. Her taut stomach sucked in and out to her frenzied rapture, all the while ruby brilliance shined out from underneath her skin, her womb helpless against such powerful corruption.

The deep and shadowy whispers of evil life sounded out from her soft belly, before extending its dark power to the rest of its host. “Ohhh… god…” she mewled as the demon’s immense power reforged her being. Her pussy and upper inner thighs steamed with infernal heat while her breasts tingled with new sensation. At once her womanhood exploded with a leg shaking orgasm.

“He can’t help you now.” said Baal, raking his hands down her lithe back before gripping her soft hips, keeping her from hitting the ground.

Becky tried to say more but it all came out in a pleasure laden gurgle. She felt a dark and pleasurable heat climb up her spine before reaching the back of her head in a blast of unholy rapture. She hyperventilated, her gasps deep and lusty. The vile light that twisted her womb soon clouded her irises, alight as if full of crimson lightning.

She writhed manically beneath his cock, growling and moaning like an animal as the demon’s essence consumed any last shred of good within her. She bit her lips and forced her voluptuous ass cheeks back, squeezing softly against his hips as she tried to take more of his vile seed deep inside her.

Her gasps were deep and inhuman, echoing to Baal’s lustful gropes of her swelling breasts. Great mounds of feminine flesh surged against his palms, quivering just as much as her strained, semen soaked thighs. “Feel my tits!” she moaned, grabbing the demon’s own hands and forcing them against her soft peaks, pinching her nipples.

Baal gave her luscious globes one final squeeze before sliding his cock out and dropping her to the floor. She writhed and moaned on the carpet, the fabrics in her red and white cheer top stretching to her expanding bosom. Steam rose from her swollen and well-used slit while the faintest motes of infernal light strobed gently beneath her belly, a soft portent of the great evil that now grew within.

The demon host stepped over her and walked to the much satiated Ms. Bell. The possessed librarian was already buttoning up her shirt, her round and creamy tits going back behind her cotton confines to much jiggling protest. Baal noted slight pearlescent strands of Brad’s load still streaming down the woman’s thighs. The athlete himself was pale and spent, his eyes closed and peaceful, his smirk subtle and strange.

“We are done here.” said Baal. “But not with this world. Once the fool and the slut have recovered we will expand to purer pastures.” He spared a glance at the wanton cheerleader, grabbing her heavy breasts through her shirt. “My master needs a home.”

“Who is your master, my lord?” said Ms. Bell, her lusts stoked while her eyes took in the primal form of Baal.

Baal’s eyes beamed with ruby fire light. “That comes later.”


Baal emerged from the library with the two other students and Ms. Bell, all forever changed with spirits dedicated to debauchery. Though it was not the massive orgy he wanted, it was enough to stifle his raging lusts, if only for a moment.

He scattered his new followers to do what they did best while he wandered the campus as a student, watching the nubile coeds like gazelle on the savannah. Already he felt twitchy as he tried to focus on his purpose. He needed innocence, one untouched by the spiritual depredations of modern excess.

When he set his eyes on Sally, popping coins into a machine for a soft drink, he knew she would be next. He walked behind her and ‘accidentally’ brushed her arm. He shivered to the glimpse her mortal soul afforded him. She was not the one he needed… but she was the key to the one he needed.

The convenience of a soda machine would cost her more than she could possibly know.

Baal felt his cock harden at the thought of corrupting precious little Sally. She was a classical American blonde, her shoulder length hair looking like brilliant beaten gold, even under fluorescent lights. Hair was hair however, and what stirred Billy’s lusts further, as it did every other man, was her round, upturned breasts.

Her pink t-shirt clung to her like a second skin, outlining the sensuous shape of her figure. Her innate sweetness made ogling her assets all the more intolerable, and no matter how conservatively she dressed, a mouth watering swell of cleavage always formed a visual treat for those who dared to look.

He knew he could make her bosom bigger, like he did the librarian. His fingers tingled at the thought of inflating her mounds past a handful, into luscious mounds of femininity. His mouth salivated over how he imagined her luscious flesh would feel, deep and yielding against his hands as he poured corruption into her heart.

Alas, Baal was still in society, one that still took a dim view on surprise sex against vending machines. He grumbled in frustration and his demonic mind went into overdrive on how best to corrupt her virtue and stain her purity. Then it came to him.

College break.

He plunged into the memories of Billy’s mind and saw all the times he saw her leaving her dorm.

At once he set off, adopting a brisk walk and clenching his fist as heat formed in his palm. Old and treacherous spirits torn from Hell’s lower realms floated into his mind, servants for an insidious purpose. A dark smile formed on his rugged face while the thing in his palm solidified.

Sally was going to have a parting gift for the ages…

4 thoughts on “The Sexorcist: Beginnings”

  1. Really like this story. If nothing else, because we finally have Kingmaker try his hand at demons characters. I love succubi, robots and dark sorceresses but big demons allow for primal sex scenes and really vivid imagery.
    Also, I like Baal. His internal monologues are a nice touch.

    Yeah, a great chapter. And an interesting prologue to the sexorcist.


  2. Pretty good. I started reading his other stories and those are also good, but it is frustrating that most of them seem to be part of a bigger series BUT he has them listed in random order so I obviously started from the wrong one…


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