By Kingmaker

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NOTE: All characters are at least age 18. Inspired by a back to back viewing session of Slither and Terminator.


Amanda read her book in silence by the warm orange light of dusk. Her back against a tree, she did not see the curious way the leaves behind her swirled up off the ground like helixes of green. But she did sense something.

The hairs on her neck stood on end, stray locks floated up from her head and fresh ozone drifted in the air. It smelled like electricity. Gusts of wind blew across her face… and only her face, her direction. Before she could turn around to make sense of these oddities, the air exploded with a thunder crack.

She screamed, dropping her book as she scampered away from the tree. Branches snapped off and leaves went up in flames, like little wavering fingers of golden orange. She turned around just in time to witness what happened behind the tree.

Concentrated lightning strikes smashed into some invisible barrier beyond the tree, illuminating the barrier’s curved shape as it expanded. At first Amanda took it for a sphere, but the way it rippled and folded… it almost seemed like a glass vagina had materialized in the air, invisible but for the fires and lightning it reflected.

This all seemed terribly familiar to Amanda, as if she’d seen it before in some book or movie, but before she could ponder where, the sight of what emerged from the warp stole her breath away. A woman came out of the center of the reflective folds, not kneeling, but sauntering, tall and imperious.

Amanda flushed pink in embarrassment at her nude figure, or perhaps it was embarrassment at being so far outclassed. No girl at school was in a league of this woman. She wouldn’t be surprised if she had that effect on the whole planet.

The woman’s delicate face scanned from side to side, her eyes almost blank, never even flicking over to Amanda. Her hair reached down to her wide, breeding hips, the smooth tresses carrying the light of the sun, the glitter of gold and the vividness of a forest fire. Amanda had never seen such a shade of blonde before.

Her eyes drifted up the woman’s sculpted mid-section, her smooth belly glistening with sweat. Amanda’s eyes widened when she took in the full splendor of the woman’s breasts. Tanned to golden perfection, they had the size and heft of watermelons but the pert shape of teardrops. Even without jiggling, the way the woman turned in the light showed her enormous breasts had no bad angle.

Which is when Amanda caught sight of this mystery woman’s jutting ass. Ripe and plump, perfectly curved buttocks swept down to her lush thighs and smooth legs. Her scan completed, the woman jutted her hip out and gave Amanda a look with her bright emerald eyes.

Amanda met her gaze, and the woman’s eyes flashed green. Every consideration of running away died with that light. Amanda’s eyes dilated and her hands grew slack, her posture slumped. “Ho… h-how… you…” she slurred, trying to ask if this was some kind of prank, wondering if such a woman as this could even be real.

The woman stepped forward, the gigantic slopes of her tits swaying at Amanda’s eye level. “Age: 18. Pheromone analysis concludes you are fertile. I conclude you are for seduction.” Her eyes traveled down Amanda’s uniform. “Religion: Abrahamic derivation, Catholic sub-group.”

“Wha-whaaa…” Amanda swayed on her feet, drool leaking from her lips.

The woman gripped Amanda by the head and brought her within kissing distance, her burning green eyes searing into the school girl’s glassy gaze. “Expanding network.” The words made no sense to Amanda and her dizzy head lolled forward. Her face slipped through the woman’s hands and in between the lush globes of her bosom, her skin softer than air, her warmth gentle.

And then the schoolgirl felt the most peculiar tingling enter her. It started with a slight tickle on her belly, and then spread… hot and deep into her flesh, inflaming her womanhood, twisting through her nerves and lighting her up with rapture. Streams of drool ran from Amanda’s slack mouth, her animalistic moans muffled into the woman’s giant golden breasts.

Then she knew… the network had expanded.


Cynthia Mason studied the photos on her monitor. “I don’t know where even to begin, Rebecca.” she said to her friend through her earpiece. “Could be something put out by DAARPA. The wounds… they’re so clean… like something super heated just cut right through them. But that’s a bit beyond my scope of work, you see. ”

It’s beyond everyone’s scope of work, Cynthia. The cops are freaked. Feds were all over the place and no one knows what to make of it, all we’ve got are some bodies and some killer burns, said Rebecca from the other end of the line. Anyway, I’ve gotta go. Still up for our Friday run?

“Yep.” said Cynthia as she zoomed in on the grisly photos, wincing as she imagined what those poor souls went through in their final seconds.

See ya. Cynthia clicked the button on her earpiece and terminated the line. Strange happenings had populated the news as of late. Twelve incidences of spontaneous explosions and power outages over the past year, each one followed by a murder spree.

Cynthia thought there might be a pattern to them, but that was for Rebecca to find out, being the police reporter. She was the ballistics specialist, the one Rebecca came to for an unofficial opinion. The official prognosis, strange as it was, was that the chaos was all caused by some underground cult.

Many of the murderers had tattoos of a giant wolf head, a mailed fist caught between its jaws. And like all good cultists, spoke of a future war, an apocalyptic conflict, justifying their murders as saving future lives. A cult that somehow has access to advanced weaponry. This world is getting so fucked up, thought Cynthia.

Cynthia’s interest in the matter turned to intrigue when Rebecca passed on rumors that some of the killers weighed as much as a small car, the first one taking more than 200 rounds to bring down. Even on angel dust, Cynthia knew a normal man would have turned into hamburger from all that firepower.

“Hope it was worth it, Becca.” she said aloud as she scrolled through pictures of the victims. “Hope I’m up to it… and figure this damn thing out.”

She could only imagine who her friend had to bribe to get this kind of access. Before she could ponder any longer, a solitary knock resounded on her front door. She fumbled with her keyboard and turned off her monitor

“Coming!” she said, rushing into the living room, so flustered she didn’t bother to check who it was before opening the door.

When she swung the door open, she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be alarmed or amused. “It’s a little early for Halloween, sweety.” Though that has got to be one of the most authentic Catholic schoolgirl get-ups I’ve ever seen. The woman before her was voluptuous and golden, her huge breasts like overripe honeysuckle melons on the verge of falling out of her sweater. Her too-high skirt showed off thick and supple thighs that glistened with something Cynthia wasn’t sure was sweat.

“I know!” the girl said bubbly, her immense tits wobbling to her excitement. Her long tresses simmered with celestial light, so golden they seemed to cast their own light. I need to know what conditioner she uses. Wow. “I’m just a little lost and was wondering if I could come in for some tea? I’m from the Our Lady of Peace school, by the way.”

Cynthia eyed her up and down in disbelief. Our Lady of the Pole is more like it. The girl was far too womanly to still be going to that school. “Woah… you just don’t come up and ask a woman for tea. This ain’t Canada. It’s a little weird, actually.” The schoolgirl more suited to be a stripper gave her a doe eyed look and squeezed her books closer to her chest, pressing up the swells of her cleavage into large bosomy mounds. “What’s your name?”

“Everyone calls me Sunny!” she beamed. Of course. Though something seemed terribly off about her. Beyond the fact that she looked like some porn star playing dress-up… her eyes didn’t crinkle with her smile. They’re almost blank. The girl sensed the apprehension Cynthia had over her eyes. “What?” she said, her voice no longer so girlish.

And then Cynthia saw it. A circular tattoo on the side of the girl’s neck, featuring a woman cloaked in raven feathers, her large pale breasts bared. And wrought in the same style as the cultist’s wolf tattoos. Just when Cynthia felt like shutting the door, she stopped. Sunny’s eyes then radiated stark green illumination, and Cynthia felt her hands grow numb, her breath dissipate. “Oh god…”

Cynthia slammed the door in the girl’s face before she became more insensate. It really is a cult! Should have never gotten involved! One second later the schoolgirl launched her fist through the door, and opened it from the outside. “Cynthia Mason.” she intoned. “Your time has come.”

Cynthia screamed and ran for her kitchen knife.

By the time she pulled out something threatening, the strange schoolgirl was already in the house. Her shirt sagged down more than ever, showing off the massive swells of her breasts. Cynthia held the knife right in front of her while her other hand reached blindly for her cordless phone. “I’m gonna call the fuckin’ cops! Do not fuck with me!”

She tried to sound tough and held back terrified tears, but just barely.

The fake schoolgirl smiled and stepped closer, her tremendous cleavage jiggling more than Cynthia thought humanly possible. “No. You won’t. The line is dead.”

Cynthia whimpered. She didn’t need to pick up the phone to know that truth. “Just… leave… I’ll give you anything… anything you want…”

The schoolgirl inclined her head to the side and hope rose in Cynthia’s heart.


Sunny dashed forward with preternatural speed, punching out Cynthia’s knife and lifting her up from the floor by the neck. The woman screamed in squirmed. One of Sunny’s nails pinched in to Cynthia’s throat and a small sting followed.

Cynthia yelped and immediately felt the power in her limbs fade. But her feeling had not. Sunny pitched her onto her leather couch like a lover come for a secret rendezvous. Cynthia’s heart pounded and her eyes shot wide in terror.

Sunny laid her twitching body out upon the couch and then leaned in for a kiss. Cynthia’s whines were muffled, while Sunny moaned into her mouth with utmost softness. The green eyed temptress’s succulent globes hung low, grazing Cynthia’s arm with their lush and weighty warmth.

Cynthia felt a new weight as Sunny straddled her. The woman’s thighs splayed out from under her skirt and over Cynthia’s waist, tanned and glistening like the rest of her body. Cynthia thought she saw small and dim currents of emerald light course underneath the woman’s radiant complexion… they were in lines… straight lines, more like the kind seen on circuit boards than veins.

At once she knew what she was dealing with. But she was far too numbed to do anything but twitch and shudder as the cybernetic creature ripped off her skirt, revealing a bare and glistening pubic mound, swollen with arousal.

Strange and discordant sounds emanated from Sunny’s mouth, her green eyes lighting up once more in hues of digital jade.

Cynthia whimpered in terror as the robust woman pulled up her shirt. Gigantic breasts rolled out from underneath the cloth, trembling and tanned to perfection. Beneath those improbably large mounds laid the smooth expanse of her taut belly, writhing with erotic urgency to some rhythm known only to Sunny.

“Preparing organic vessel for cyber interfacing.”

Metallic tendrils slithered out of the voluptuous woman’s belly button. Cynthia sobbed. They soon tickled her skin, gliding along her flesh with frightening speed. Her attacker threw her head back and moaned as more of her smooth yet mechanical coils reached across Cynthia’s stomach, her huge and round breasts jiggling to her ecstasy.

Cynthia’s stomach drew in and out to her gasps, the prickling of the tentacles disturbing yet exquisite. She squealed when the silvery threads funneled into her soft belly. Her entire body went rigid as strange chemical compounds raced through the coils, pumping into her helpless flesh. Her attacker fell over her, sighing with orgasmic satisfaction as her heavy, lush globes bobbed against Cynthia’s face.

“Vessel primed for nanobot restructuring. Engage reprogramming.” said Sunny, her voice dripping with desire, the pleasure of fulfilling her purpose saturating every inch of her synthetic form.

Her fingers weaved through Cynthia’s hair and locked around her skull. Cynthia still gasped and writhed beneath her busty violator, her body so overloaded with stimulation it could not process what was to happen next. Low energetic pulses from the woman’s hands washed across her head, scrambling her thoughts as much as her nervous system.

Cynthia’s eyes rolled back into her head and gurgled in spasmodic pleasure, her body even more convulsive against the woman’s as an avalanche of pleasure descended through her flesh. Her attacker smiled and steadied herself even more against her body, resting the smothering slopes of her bronzed tits around Cynthia’s face.

More metallic tendrils descended from her body, uncoiling from her vagina and slithering down to Cynthia’s. The effect was immediate. Cynthia’s legs and hips went from spasming to thrusting, her pussy instinctively contracting around her penetrator. Her ass cheeks flexed with each bounce against her violator, her body desperate for more invasive nanobots and pleasure.

The cyborg smiled and moaned as she held Cynthia close. The transforming woman’s sexual rhythm was aggressive and uncoordinated, her flopping on the couch and slurred delirious moans all signs that resistance had been all but obliterated. Soon however, the cyborg knew the nanobots teeming inside Cynthia’s weak flesh would implant new techniques and new methods of seduction to arouse the primal lusts of both sexes.

Cynthia’s simple brown eyes flashed in a blast of fiery green light while her lips grew more pouting and supple, shrieking her delight in tones unknown to anything living. Mind and personality both were overwritten in the throes of orgasm, the cybernetic tendrils in her brain introducing orders and obedience as if they were another set of programs to be uploaded.

Silvery threads engineered from another age spread through her flesh, wrapping around muscle and increasing strength, seeping into her breasts and glutes and expanding their size into carnal proportions, reshaping them into inhuman perfection. Before long her breasts propelled in size to rival Sunny’s titanic and bronzed pair of globes, only a little smaller, held back by the bounds of her original humanity.

Cynthia’s new tits squeezed against those of her cybernetic ravisher. Olive toned and ample, beneath her rounded out mounds glowed the strands from within, dim and diffused. More thick metallic tentacles entered her from Sunny’s vagina, ceaseless in their quest to scourge every last bit of humanity from her body.

She went rigid in rapture and her body leaned up from the couch. The tendrils from the base of her spine to her brain stem had connected, completing the circuit. She slumped back down to the couch, hugging Sunny closer. She moaned and scissored with the busty cyborg, her skin developing its own supple sheen until they slid upon each other as if bathed in oil.

Another orgasm wound down and Cynthia let loose the most satiated sigh. Her hands clutched the smooth and moist hemispheres of Sunny’s satin ass cheeks. “Network expanded. Adjunct operative to Freyja model Infiltrator series.” said Cynthia, her voice as dead as her eyes.

Sunny leaned back, her nerve responders still tingling from the aftermath of successfully executing her purpose. “Another hour of assimilation will fix your vocal apparatus. Currently compromised for deceiving Rebecca Venner.”

“Affirmative.” replied Cynthia, her eyes no longer like emerald stars, but flecked green within her irises.

Sunny’s immense teardrop breasts billowed to her artificial breath. “Once complete you will subsume her into the network. Future conflict negated. Mission accomplished.”

A simple smile stretched Cynthia’s face. “That is my purpose.”


Rebecca Venner sat in her car and massaged the stiletto in her hand. It was the only thing small enough to steal, everything else from the previous crime scenes being too exotic and large. The blade could almost pass as a human finger, but for the gleaming nail-shaped blade.

She checked her make-up in her rear-view mirror. Short red hair framed a lightly tanned face, her cheeks a ruddy hue from the fall weather. Beneath her neck hung a silver heart, resting upon her rise of soft cleavage. In another life, she might have been a model.

But a different passion called to her.

She jumped to the knocks on her window. Her cheeks blushed even more when she saw who it was. It was none other than Michael, her boyfriend, laughing. She popped open the door and lightly punched his arm. “Don’t do that!”

“Why? Was the finger so compelling?” he said, pointing to her strange weapon.

She looked at the thing in her hand and smirked. “Well apparently this bad boy sent some poor kid into a heart attack. Some kind of bioelectric pulse. Brought it along to see if it might do anything…”

“Oh… and what are you expecting it to do here?”

“Don’t know yet.” Maybe light up? Shoot some steam? “It might be nothing. Might be no connection between the murders and tree… but I doubt it.” She looked over his shoulder and saw some barely legal sexpot regarding her from across the street. “Looks like you got a stalker.” The girl was wearing a black raincoat tight against her body, but not even all her layers could conceal the prominence of her jutting breasts. Her chestnut locks gleamed with the luster of a fresh salon appointment, her face like air brushed perfection; cheeks high and sparkling bedroom eyes.

“Hey be nice. My stalker’s ain’t that hot. That’s our contact.” He looked over his shoulder and gave the girl a nod. She smiled back more than Rebecca liked. And then she did something Rebecca hated. She unzipped her coat, and her ample breasts bounced in turn, casting shadows against her baby blue shirt. “And our story.” He was a writer like Rebecca, but not covering the police.

“Said she saw the whole thing.” he continued. “Tree went up in flames, ‘air turned to glass’… her words… and a naked woman walked out.”

“Mm-hmm.” Rebecca was still staring at the girl, out of some compulsion she couldn’t place. She thought she smelled something along the breeze, something sweet… something primal. The deeper she breathed, the more she panted. The girl was outrageously stacked for any woman, much less a girl fresh out of her teens, but even so, she should not have provoked such a reaction. Her skin grew warmer and her eyes dilated, while a certain throb developed between her legs.

Michael’s finger snapped in front of her eyes. “Hey! Pay attention. We are the luckiest journalists in the world right now. Somehow, I don’t even know how its fucking possible… but we got this tree to ourselves. And her. That’s exclusivity you can’t buy. I don’t know why this place ain’t crawling with journos and cops, but I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Uh yeah. Right. Sorry.” She broke her gaze away from the girl and looked up to the tree around the hill. “Shall we?”

The two ascended the hill, all the way Rebecca couldn’t shake the girl out of her mind. The smooth, sweeping lines of her hips, every contour of her toned legs shown through her poured in place pants and of course… those luscious, watermelon sized breasts. Shaped like a literal hourglass. No way that’s natural. Must be surgery. Every step she took, her strange arousal became muted, but no less present, like a constant pulsing between her legs while perspiration dappled between her breasts. But that young? She can’t be more than twenty.

When they reached the tree, Rebecca exhaled and breathed deeply, taking the edge off her excitement. The snaps and whirs of Michael’s camera resounded in the silence while she beheld its skeletal limbs and cracked center.

She walked around the blasted timber, noting the thin and web-like scorch marks. “Looks like lightning hit.” She took another deep breath. The air still smelled like charged ozone. When she looked down the hill and across the street, the girl was still staring at her, her turgid nipples poking against the inside of her tight shirt, the perfect crowns for her mountainous mammaries.

Rebecca shivered while her mouth salivated. What the hell is wrong with me?

“You think this has to do with your murders?” said Michael, his voice snapping Rebecca back to attention.

“Positive.” Something caught her eye beneath the charred and dead nettles. Something metallic.

“There hasn’t been a murder though.”

Rebecca picked the piece out of the ground. It gleamed like a strand of mercury between her fingers, smooth and soft like something organic. She let out a gentle sigh, relishing its velvet texture. “Maybe this one is different…” Michael’s shadow fall over her.

“Oh shit… I’ve seen that thing before…” Rebecca handed him the strand and he looked over it more closely. “Yeah this looks like something put out by AarhusTek. Norwegian tech firm. It’s even got a little ‘A’ at the tip.”

Rebecca frowned. “What would something like that be doing out here?”

“Damned if I know. Maybe it’s not them? ‘Cause this looks a little ahead of even what they’re doing.”

Rebecca looked in his palm. “What is it even?”

“Computer neural interface. The Japanese companies are working on getting the motor cybernetics just right, but these guys…” Michael tapped the side of his head. “All about the mind. Controlling the robots with a thought.” He brought the thing up to her face and Rebecca became unsettled at how much it reminded her of a silver worm. “Just with one of these. A kind of mind link.”

Rebecca looked over his shoulder and saw that the voluptuous smoke show had left, her feet having left little prints between the fallen leaves in the street. “Sounds like a bad deal if the robot ever got any ideas.” She regarded the tendril in Michael’s hand and tilted her head. “This is gonna sound crazy…” she ventured, “but what if it’s from the future?”

“Think it being secret tech is more likely. That would make one hell of a headline though.” Michael laughed and put the thing in a plastic bag. “Still… getting a sneak peek at Aarhus’s new tech is going to create all kinds of buzz.” He held the bag up high into the dim sunlight, a smile on his face. “They are going to be so pissed when they see this…”


Rebecca entered her apartment and offloaded her bag before slumping down on her couch with a great sigh. Her mind swam with possibility. This is getting strange. But with the others and now this, there was no denying it. Cyborgs exist. Joint project between Department of Defense and those Norwegian guys maybe? That would explain why the story hasn’t traveled. Fucking media blackout.

Michael had gone off to find his contact again. Rebecca had told him not to. What a creepy girl. Staring with that blank face. Like one of those Children of the Corn grew up to be a stripper. Before she could think on it anymore, a strange smell greeted her nose.

She leaned up from her couch. Smells… smells like tea! Rebecca got up from her couch and came into her kitchen. And there she was, hands over the counter, her hair like rolling waves of lustrous hazel, her copious breasts stretching the neckline of her shirt, creating a window of round and overstuffed cleavage.


Rebecca adopted a bemused look. When did she get a boob job? And what the hell– “How did you get in?”

Cynthia got flustered and pulled her arms inwards, pressing her massive breasts together in a great rise of cleavage. “Oh, I um… well, the door was unlocked. And I figured might as well since it’s Friday and we had plans…”

Rebecca smacked her head. “Oh shit you’re right. My mind’s been on other things.” She looked to the steaming kettle and smiled. “You’re so sweet. Thanks for doing that.”

Cynthia giggled and smirked. “My pleasure!” Rebecca smiled but inwardly thought: She must be high. But she doesn’t do drugs? Maybe drunk? “So what did you and Michael find out at the tree today?” she said as she poured the tea.

“How did you know where we went?”

“He called me, silly! Was asking for you, thought you were home.”

“Oh…” Makes sense. Stop being so paranoid Rebecca. It’s not like the killers are still alive. “Well not much actually. Just a few things that didn’t make sense… theory was all I got really.” Cynthia handed her a little teacup, though Rebecca did not notice how intently her friend kept her eyes on it. Instead her notice was tied up on the silhouette in the dining area, adjacent to the kitchen.

The silhouette had breasts larger than Cynthia’s pair, though they were not overly large, well shaped and full. Her ass cheeks jutted out in profile, rounder and higher than Rebecca thought possible for a woman.

“Cynthia…” she said, “who is that?”

“Oh that’s one of my new girlfriends, Sunny. She’s fine.” Cynthia turned back to Rebecca. “You should drink up.”

The drink was right below Rebecca’s mouth, its steam warming her face, before she set it down. “Hold on.” I wanna know who finds my papers so interesting. Rebecca’s notes and photos about the cases were strewn about the dinner table. She walked over and flipped a switch. “They’re easier to read with the light on.”

“I have good vision.” Sunny said without missing a beat. “Very interesting photos.” She was dressed like an office woman, or at least a porn star trying to play office woman. Her black jacket and button up shirt were parted neatly down the middle, her gigantic tits pressed into a deep mile of golden cleavage.

Rebecca glanced at the photos and then back to Sunny. Is she serious? “Those are murder photos.” They showed victims in various states of ruin, some immolated, others missing bowl sized holes out of their chest, blown out by advanced pulse weapons.

“That makes them more interesting. I thought they were burn victims.”

Rebecca made a look of disgust and caught Cynthia’s eyes over her shoulder. You and I are gonna have a talk about whose allowed over. Jesus. She turned back to Sunny. “They’re both.”

Sunny smiled a lascivious smile, and straightened the pearl beads of her necklace, making them plunge deeper between the luscious slopes of her breasts. “I looked for your boss today. He wasn’t there so I came with Cynthia. I hope you don’t mind a little improvisation.”

“What did you want with my boss?” before the question had even left her lips, she realized. Sunny’s skirt was too high for any professional but for professional escorting, the sides cut to allow for exposure of her supple thighs. Oh. Slut.

“Mainly to put out the message that AarhusTek is fully supportive of bringing the violence that has seized the city to an end. Especially given our employer relationship with the departed, and the prototype technologies used on the victims.” Now those are things I didn’t know.

Sunny walked around the table, her wide hips shifting sensuously with each step. The exposed tops of her cleavage, round and golden-brown, jiggled to the click of her high heels. When she stopped in front of Rebecca, her eyes twinkled, sharper than the diffused light in the room. “A sort of… PR campaign, before over-eager reporters get their hands on the facts and… sensationalize.”

Rebecca slumped ever so slightly. A wave of heat came over her, not unlike when she was at the tree earlier in the day. A near silent moan wafted from her lips as she took in Sunny’s perfume, something flowery and… animalistic. Rebecca’s legs quivered with excitement while her nipples came to points, her creamy breasts glistening with perspiration.

“Ah…” she muttered, balancing herself on a chair. Her head swirled and her vision blurred.

She sensed Cynthia come up behind her. “Have a drink!” her friend said cheerfully, placing the cup in her hands. Rebecca set it down.

Rebecca coughed and blinked her eyes, fighting through the haze. “You may not know this, Sunny, but The Journal’s integrity isn’t for sale. If it’s news, we report it.” She stepped forward, looking up into the beautiful blonde’s face. “And lemme tell ya… the tale of twelve murderers… cultists with plasma weapons… that’s pretty newsworthy.”

Sunny smiled politely, though her green eyes radiated something terrible… yet cold. Then she gave a nod to Cynthia. “You misunderstand.” she said, her voice dead, her face still. “We’re not here to buy. We’re here to take.”

At once Sunny yanked Rebecca and spun her around, pulling her arms behind her back. “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” wailed Rebecca.

“Winning the war.” intoned Sunny, all the while Cynthia stepped forward, unbuttoning her shirt. Her generous bosom bulged more and more with each undone button, until at last they spilled free, upturned and weighty.

The light cotton parted to reveal a smooth belly, writhing with activity.

“Oh god!” screamed Rebecca.

Cynthia swung her head back and moaned, trembling as all too familiar silver threads emerged from her belly button. An undercurrent of electronic interference ran through all her cries of pleasure, her tremendous breasts colliding with each staggered step she took to Rebecca.

She even tore her skirt away from the sides, boiling over in her desire to bond with Rebecca. More probing metallic threads emerged from her swollen vaginal lips, dripping with their host’s arousal and humming a dangerous low pitched buzz.

Practically naked, Rebecca was able to see how much had Cynthia changed. The sleek tone of her legs, the curves and swooping lines around her rolling hips and sculpted stomach, engineered for such primal attraction and perfection that Rebecca’s mind refused to believe the lies of her eyes: the lie that her friend was still human.

As if sensing her thought, Cynthia removed all doubt when her ripe and bouncy tits illuminated from underneath the skin in hues of vivid jade. Coldly perfect lines zig-zagged across the soft and voluptuous peaks of her bosom, diffused through her supple flesh.

Rebecca rocked her head back, determined not to suffer Cynthia’s fate. But no matter how many times she head-butted Sunny, the woman would not give. Pulling out of her arms was like trying to wrestle against pillars of steel. Rebecca stopped trying to break out and instead reached for her back pocket.

Please work, please work.

Cynthia was right before her, her eyes blazing electric green. Her breasts careened with each lustful shudder, shining and covered in an oil-like sheen, glowing under the overhead lights. Meanwhile, her undulating stomach had already extended more metallic tendrils, eager to plunge into another host.

Rebecca whimpered, feeling the tendril’s feather light touch graze underneath her shirt. They writhed maniacally once one of them skimmed across her belly. Just one more step and they would execute the purpose for which they were created.

Instead, Rebecca gripped the thing in her back pocket. No more than the size of a flash drive, it was the finger knife. It was mere chance that she left it there rather than her purse.

She yanked it out and pushed back against Sunny. The thing pierced through the sultry blonde’s clothes and at once Rebecca felt the cyborg’s grip slacken.

Sunny gurgled and collapsed to the ground, twitching as green static arced over her exquisite body. Rebecca ducked down and rolled away from Cynthia. Her former friend howled in outrage, seeing the minor but exotic stiletto plunged into her mistress, short circuiting her.

Rebecca scrambled into her living room. She lunged for her car keys, her hands trembling to the sound of Cynthia stomping behind her. Just as she snatched them, the front door bell rang.

Oh god.

She swung open the door. Tessa, a recent divorcee who had taken up postal delivery to make ends meet, stood before her, box in hand. “Run! Fucking run, Tessa!” screamed Rebecca, rushing past the bewildered woman and making her drop her delivery.

Tessa turned just in time to see Cynthia, shuffling with her shirt draped low behind her back, bare and massive breasts swinging, her belly writhing with some biomechanical creature born out of nightmare and synthetic genius.

Cynthia’s hybrid brain was caught in the midst of the closest equivalent she could possibly come to an animal’s mating frenzy. Her command imperatives warred with what her programming demanded, her tentacles swamping her pleasure centers with incentive… an irresistible call to establish connection within another.

Tessa didn’t stand a chance.

Cynthia fell on top of her. Her over-eager tendrils slid through Tessa’s shirt, bridging a connection between her and the postal woman’s stomachs. Both women gasped. Cynthia threw her head back, shivering as an orgasm blasted through her body, wracking her with such pleasure as to black out a normal woman.

Mercurial coils slithered into Tessa’s belly. The postal woman arched her back and moaned, both in confusion and excitement. Her eyes fluttered and her lips trembled as waves of pleasure swamped her brain, her senses delighted by the slow creep of tickles over her helpless flesh.

Rebecca caught glimpses of the bizarre incident as she pulled her car out from its parking space. “Oh my god…” she said aloud. Tessa jerked underneath Cynthia, her legs and arms spasming while metallic coils wrapped over her body. Cynthia’s plentiful and round bosom glowed intensely under the light of the sun, like two heaving mounds of soft luminescence. Beneath her undulating belly more tendrils spooled from her pussy, funneling into Tessa’s defenseless womanhood to the spray of their mutual arousal.

Even through the windows, Rebecca could hear Cynthia’s raucous moans of rapture. She imagined Tessa was too busy gurgling. The woman’s face was already blank from over-stimulation, lines of saliva tracing down from the corners of her quivering mouth. Only her eyes held her terror and joy.

Rebecca drove out onto the street, hopping the curb with a loud bump. She passed them by just as Sunny emerged from her apartment, her eyes searing green, legs spread wide, glaring at what had once been in her grasp. Rebecca caught the scene from rear view mirror.

Sunny headed to another car, while on the ground, Tessa’s legs shot up and shook before dropping down. All the while Cynthia ensured their lower lips kissed, feeding more of Tessa’s ultimate destiny deep into her body, cradling her head, the post woman’s twitches now more subdued.

Terror twisted in Rebecca’s heart, her hands shaking. She was alive, but more importantly…

She was still human.


It was night time when Rebecca arrived at Michael’s place. She slammed on his door. Nothing. She knocked again with more urgency, until she was crying out his name. The door swung open, with a groggy Michael standing in the doorway. “I’m here, I’m here! Geez!”

Rebecca pushed him inside and grabbed a vase. “What was the name of your source!? Did you meet up with her!?”


“The source! The slutty girl with the big boobs!”

“Amanda!” He shouted. “And no I didn’t meet up with her, couldn’t find her. Fuck, what is wrong with you?”

Good. Rebecca exhaled. “I might have been followed. There’s another girl. Named Sunny. Heard of her?”

“No… should I?”

She stormed past him into the living room. “She’s one of them, Mike. Cynthia too. Probably Amanda as well.” And now Tessa too.

“You’re not making any sense-”

“Fucking cyborgs! They’re here, in this town! They don’t kill, they just… make more.”

Michael rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Ok… uh… why? Why would they do that?”

“I didn’t stop to ask them!” Why is he so calm? Although Sunny did say something about a war. What war? “Look I know this sounds crazy. I wouldn’t believe it myself but I’m telling you… they’re here. I came here ’cause I know you’d believe me. You know this is possible.”

Michael smiled nervously. “Yeah I guess… just didn’t think it very probable. Not in our lifetime anyway.” He saw her on the couch, her face in her hands. “This is pretty unbelievable, but if we tell the cops you’re being stalked by a crazy or something… they might be able to help.”

He sat next to her and rubbed her shoulder. Rebecca sighed. “They won’t do shit. These things are like nothing I’ve ever seen. They’d probably fuck the cops and get ’em on their side.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works…”

Rebecca glared at him. “Trust me, it’s how it works. They don’t get all doe eyed with perfect hair with big tits just for the mirror.” She covered her face again and thought in the darkness of her hands.

“Good point.” said Michael. “Pretty smooth of them to go the sex route. Reminds me of hot Russian spies…” he drifted off when he saw how deep in thought she was. “What are you thinking?” His hand wrapped around her shoulder, nudging at the edge of her breasts. Not now, Mike. This is serious.

Rebecca gasped. Got it. She lifted her face from her hands. “We don’t have guns… but we have the internet. Cameras. And that tendril.” Rebecca turned to Michael and kissed him on the lips. “That’s what we’ll do… Sunny said she wanted to smooth things out for AarhusTek. She wanted to protect them before the facts got out. We’ll fuck ’em over with the facts we have now.”

Michael hugged her tight. “That’s great, but uh… it won’t work.”

Rebecca pulled back. “Why not?”

Michael sighed. “When I said I didn’t find Amanda… I lied.” His eyes gleamed greenly, like light behind ice. “And I can’t fail our mission.”

Rebecca gasped. Oh shit… shit! Michael’s hands shot for her. She slipped off the couch, kicking at his chest. Her frantic blows did nothing to slow him. Michael fell on top of her and pinned her by the wrists. “Get the fuck off me!” she screamed.

“Impossible.” he said without emotion. He gripped her by her chin and forced a kiss before ripping open her jeans.

“Help!” she wailed to any who might hear in the neighboring apartments, before Michael emitted an electronic sound from his throat, followed by a rush of airborne toxins. The air around his mouth distorted like a heat wave. Rebecca’s cries devolved into helpless whimpers, her mouth as numb as her mind.

The erotic poison breathed over her face was a weaponized aphrodisiac, intended to dull targets into a state of paralyzed arousal. Rebecca’s body was no different, no less susceptible. Her pussy moistened rapidly, spasming to the sudden onrush of excitement. A long sigh reached from her lips, her breath growing heavy to the faster beats of her heart.

Michael let her go and went to undo her pants. Rebecca struggled, fighting through the fog in her mind, but only managed to flounder weakly on the carpet. Her face flushed and a soft moan escaped her throat when Michael ripped her bra off, exposing her pale, bouncing breasts, full but not near the size of the women who had antagonized her throughout the day.

Rebecca looked down and saw Michael’s cock, larger than it had ever been, the veins along it throbbing with dim emerald light. His member skimmed along her soft inner thighs, leaving a trail of his glistening arousal.

Tears ran down her cheeks while whimpers left her glistening lips. Michael nudged the throbbing tip of his member against her pink petals. His eyes met hers as he pushed in, his weapon of conquest filling her inch by inch, his reprogrammed brain savoring the realization of his purpose.

No sooner had he filled her up with his thick hardness, he pulled out and thrust again, this time faster. He clutched her by the bottom, leaving red marks on her smooth creamy skin as his fingers gripped her soft ass cheeks with possessive desire.

Rebecca’s juices flowed between her legs, staining her thighs with her sweet excitement. Her body began to respond to the rutting out of basal animal instinct. With each merciless ram from his cock, came a reciprocal bounce from her hips, each of his groans matched with a breathless moan.

Her back arched to the minute electropulses sent through his fingers, teasing her nerves. Her eyes rolled back into her head while her slick legs wrapped around Michael. Locks of red hair stuck to her perspiration streaked face, twisted in rapturous torment.

Michael quickened his tempo and his breath followed in turn. Rebecca moaned, her thighs spasming up against her violator’s sides. He continued on, kneading her soft breasts, pounding down on her defenseless pussy to a rhythm of wet squelches.

Rebecca clawed into the carpet, her lips constantly parted for a litany of pleasure. Her overheated brain and senses swam in sweet sensation while Mike coupled with her writhing form. She involuntarily clenched around his cock repeatedly, her instincts eager for a gift that not even nature itself could fathom.

Seething in Mike’s thrusting shaft was a thing quite unlike the other devilish machinations of AarhusTek. His could not only change life but create it. Its diffused glow ran through his tool, stimulating his nerve endings and pleasure centers for ultimate release.

One climax after another rattled Rebecca, her flying feet jerking with each body shaking release. The proud journalist had been reduced to a puddle of pleasure craving flesh, her mind rendered blank before such carnal ministrations.

Mike gave one final thrust and clutched her round ass cheeks, his fingers indenting into her soft flesh. His cock swelled inside her while groans mixed with the sound of white noise erupted from his mouth. He kept thrusting out of some remnant human instinct, all the while something leapt from the head of his cock, filling up her ripe belly with emerald heat and cold life.

Rebecca convulsed in orgasmic madness as the thing made its pleasurable, tingling passage up to her womb. She screamed, her hands on her belly, clutching at the strange stimulation of the crawling cybernetic implant. Soft moans seeped from her lips as it reached her womb and planted itself, slowly sending tendrils through the rest of her body.

Silvery webs wrapped around vital organs while nanobots flooded her bloodstream, restructuring her cells. She let out a keening cry of ecstasy when she felt the thin and cool strands bond with her spine, running mercurial euphoria along her nerves. Little by little, flaw was traded for perfection, human for inhuman.

Breasts swelled with rapid growth, blossoming into the shape of pouting cantaloupes, thick and soft. Her creamy buttocks ripened into plump and peachy globes, pushing her hips off from the carpet. She bit her lips, lost in the mad joy of change, feeling the frightening sensation of the tendrils and nanobots alike swarm her brain, hollowing out all that made her who she was.

Memories were plundered and repurposed, loyalties erased. Her limbs jerked with each blissful fading of the old Rebecca. She lied paralyzed in carnal rapture, her eyes blank as electronic utterances began to thread themselves into her husky moans.

Michael got up to his feet and regarded his girlfriend with cold eyes, her spasms and gasps not cause for concern, but triumph. “Conversion begun. Embryo implanted. Mission success.” he said aloud, but not to himself.

Through the front door walked Sunny, Cynthia and Amanda, behind them a host of men and women who had fallen prey and host to their seductions throughout the day. Sunny stepped beside Michael, the tremendous caramel slopes of her breasts pressed against her silken blouse. “Well done, Michael. The war against AarhusTek will be over long before it begins.”

Rebecca’s body tensed in orgasm before falling back down to the ground. Straight and long glowing marks stretched beneath her skin, looping around the hefty peaks of her bosom. She panted and her immense ivory tits heaved. Her once flat belly also developed a slight bulge, shining bright green light through her flesh.

“AarhusTek allocated considerable resources for this. No matter how many future commanders the Tyr models eliminated, the time stream adapted. Too many variables.” Sunny leaned down and groped Rebecca’s enlarged tits, relishing their smooth feel between her fingers. “Too much resistance. Another tact was required.”

“Was that your mission? Infiltrate the resistance?” said Michael, his empty voice tinged with a vestige of human curiosity.

“No. Take the resistance’s greatest commander, and make that commander our commander.” Sunny smiled and swept her hands down from Rebecca’s jiggling bosom and onto her belly. “Before he was born.”

Rebecca captured all their attentions with a loud and final sigh. Her hair had turned the shade of lustrous copper, a year’s worth of growth having reached down to her lush hips in the mere minutes of her conversion. Her twitching stopped and was punctuated with her neck jerking to the side.

She rose up and came face to face with Sunny, their colossal breasts like photo negatives of each other, soft globes of alabaster and bronze squeezing together. Her eyes snapped open, the blue eyes of before burnt away with a lifeless emerald luminescence, inhuman and intelligent.

She smiled.

That night… the future changed.









Cyborg Girl by roflrolf 07 (full)

One thought on “Seductrix”

  1. This continues to be my favorite Kingmaker story outside of his dark Camelot stories (and one of the reasons I hope he finds time to make his way back to the keyboard-that and I still really want to do a round robin with him Marevir and possibly Brain…). This story is a wonderful symphony of corruption in an oddly paradoxical circle. Kingmaker can write with the best of them…-Jnightshade


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