By Kingmaker

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Lya checked her perimeters and cursed when the flashlight attachment underneath her pulse rifle flickered out. The sun was setting, the daytime visibility abysmal with the air chock full of plant spores.

She noted with some amusement and gratefulness that with each step in the jungle battlefield’s puddled ground, the water glowed with bioluminescence. Neon algae fluttered around her soaked boots and sapphire lighted fireflies buzzed around her ears.

She listened closely to the nearby calls of the local fauna. A planet under the process of Swarm assimilation mutated the genetic makeup of its inhabitants, subtly reforming them through airborne spores and water contamination. The changed vocal characteristics of animals were often the first noticeable change when under assimilation, a certain sibilant hiss, present in all Swarm mutations across the galaxy.

With a start she swung her rifle to the right after hearing rustling in the azure leaves. She sighed when only a Bravian squirrel came out. It wrinkled its nose and scrunched its horned head before scrambling away, chittering in terror. Lya wondered what that was about, until she could no longer feel the sun on her back. A long shadow loomed over her. Before she could turn around, she was tackled to the ground.

Her voluptuous breasts were immediately soaked in the puddles and her ear piece back to command was knocked into the mud. She screamed when she felt creepy crawly manipulators grab her by the sides, tugging at her clothes and feminine endowments like a lust crazed centipede. Seeing the purplish-white color of its arms, she knew immediately that it was one of the Swarm. A large specimen, too.

First she felt the sleeves on her jacket torn off, and then her pants followed suit, splitting down the middle until her ripe and round ass cheeks were exposed to the humid air. The creature rumbled in appreciation at the sight and removed the final obstacle to her womanhood: her black, clinging g-string. Its dark color emphasized the pert, creamy swells of her smooth buttocks, and the alien snapped it in twain effortlessly.

Lya had no idea what would follow, given the distortions and war time propaganda spread about the Swarm. She was hoping for death, but the way things were going… even that might have been too much to hope for. Her body jerked and she whimpered in excitement when she felt one of the alien’s phallic tendrils slap onto her bottom, making her silken ass cheeks jiggle. She shuddered and her breathing turned shallow when she felt the thick and fleshy tool slither down the rise of her cheeks, making its inexorable push to her vulnerable pussy.

Her body quivered as the alien’s tentacle slithered along the soft skin of her inner thighs, lured by the heat and juices of her ripe and weeping slit. Her breath came out in quiet, excited bursts, on the verge of hyperventilation as the creature’s thick weapon drew ever near. And then her violator issued a disturbing hiss, its phallus at the edge of her lower lips. She bit her lips in anticipation. In an instant it burrowed into her glistening pussy, its wide girth throbbing and expanding even more to the warm feel of her womanhood.

“NO! No… ungh… help!” It felt good, but her instincts impelled her on, knowing that if she didn’t fight back, there would be far-reaching consequences. Every Swarm creature had a purpose, and she dreaded to think what this one’s was. She tried screaming into the detached earpiece, but only white noise came out. “Sector command, this is corporal Lya-” She was silenced as another tendril forced itself into her mouth, while the creature’s chitinous talons quickly went about tearing down her jacket.

She felt her large breasts press against her tightening jacket, until they too spilled free. Her jacket split from the sides much like her pants, revealing her heavy and round tits, still encased within a black bra that framed them perfectly. She gurgled in pleasure as she felt her body drawn further into the beast’s arms, completely helpless before its feverish desires. More feelers dug into her arms and shapely legs, injecting erotic toxins that made her writhe and scream in muffled ecstasy.

She moaned and arched her back as her bra finally snapped, falling into the mud. Her ample and weighty swells of breastflesh swayed in the open air, jiggling free and yearning to be groped. She shuddered and gasped as her body’s needs were quenched. More slithering manipulators tangled around the lush slopes of her tits. She found the contrast arousing, with the alien’s vivid tones of magenta clashing so perfectly against the pale smoothness of her pert mounds. Her chest was coated in some kind of jelly that made her skin tingle and fascinated her eyes with the way her bobbing breasts turned shiny and glistening.

The alien penetrated her mouth with such intensity as to make strands of drool dribble off the frothy phallus each time the tendril pulled away from her voluptuous lips. The clear, bubbly mixture then descended onto the bouncing curves of her chest, blending in with the gel lathered onto her pouting melons. Her moans and the alien’s wet fucking were the only sounds in the bog, the two alone like some demented imitation of Beauty and the Beast.

Lya never thought defeat could taste or feel so good. An endless cycle of orgasms had sucked the fight right out of her, even as she numbly sucked on the invading tendril in her mouth. Drool ran in rivers down between the silken valley of her swollen, wobbling tits. Strings of her saliva and the creature’s arousal connected across the gap of her juicy cleavage, tickling her senses as much as the beast’s phalluses. Her body was pleasure drunk, and with each orgasm she suffered, the soft tendrils that pinched into her skin vibrated at a higher and more intense speed.

Her eyes rolled back into her head while her lashes fluttered to her orgasmic spasms. Only animalistic sounds of excitement seeped out of her wet lips. All conscious thought had retreated into erotic nirvana. She was his.

The beast too, grunted frantically. Desperately it burrowed its tendrils even deeper into her body, deriving momentous pleasure for fulfilling its primal assimilation instincts.

The two contorted to be more compact, intensifying the stimulation of the thrusting tentacles. Lya was bent over from the waist, her soft feminine orbs left to swing and wobble as the creature teased and sucked her sensitive nipples. The alien’s snakeskin smooth stomach rubbed against her thick bottom, lathering the milky spheres of her ass cheeks in a lubricant that eased its thrusting, her sweet flesh rippling as it slammed her from behind. She had lost all feeling but for pleasure. That she was in the middle of a battlefield or that she belonged to a unit did not matter.

All that mattered was the feeling.

The feeling that she was on the edge of something momentous. Something irreversible. The tendrils on her skin vibrated so fast they could no longer be felt individually, overwhelming her nerves with stimulation. And then it happened. Cresting over the cusp of her orgasm and falling into a release that rocked her body, she felt the alien’s tendrils plunge into skin her at last. The phallic tendrils already inside her stiffened and spewed their DNA changing proteins straight down her throat and deep into her defenseless womb. Her eyes fluttered and her slick thighs clenched over the thickness jerking in between her legs, her traitorous body complicit in her strange rebirth.

Sweet and soft whimpers passed from her lips when she felt a new set of tendrils from the back, projected from the creature’s abdomen. They punctured and bonded with her spine, filling her with liquid paradise. She arched her back in ecstasy, and jutted her soft and pouting breasts high into the air, caught in a pose of sublime surrender.

Her destiny had come.


Sergeant Barrows barreled through the trees and gunned down minor Swarm scouts as he homed in on Lya’s last known location. He knew he was close when he heard her terrified moans through the leaves. Though something was… off. She almost sounded delighted. Stepping over one of the corpses of a steaming scout, he parted the translucent and cerulean blades of elephant grass and paled when he saw Lya.

She was getting fucked! He had never known of a Swarm sub-species to do such a thing and found the sight undeniably arousing. Her firm ass was high in the air while she was bent forward on her knees, her creamy and ample breasts swinging forward and groped by the obscene appendages of the beast. To his horror he noticed the tentacles buried in Lya’s sopping pussy and overstuffed mouth twitched and spasmed, making bizarre peristaltic pumping motions. His stomach turned when he saw visible liquid lumps move down the tentacles, all poured into her helpless body, her throat gulping the mixture down in smooth rhythm, her soft belly sucking in and out with each alien payload spewed into her womb.

Whatever it was, it looked to have just begun. He could still save her! Without thinking he took a knee and aimed down his sights. He targeted the beast’s glistening and almost blade-like head. Just as his finger was about to come down on the trigger, small claws tore into his shoulders and threw him off balance. His weapon fired a reckless arc into the jungle flora, sending neon orange plant blood spraying into azure puddles.

He spun around and unsheathed his commando knife. A drooling and squat scout bared its teeth at him, its leg muscles bunched up for another pounce. This one was bigger than most and he saw two smaller ones already stomping in behind him. He cursed and spared one last look over his shoulder as his curvaceous comrade was caught in a pleasurable assault, her beautiful breasts bobbing to her ecstatic convulsions and writhings.

“Sorry, kid.” he said under his breath and then leapt upon his gnashing foes.


Had Barrows seen her a moment earlier, or the scavenging drones seen him a moment later, Lya might have been spared, remembering only an intimate encounter with the enemy. Alas, destiny intervened, and with her sole life line occupied, the young corporal’s fate was sealed.

She became all the more aroused that it was, having no choice in the matter.

The alien infestation soon took hold, remolding her for the Swarm’s purposes. Her eyes glassed over, her face going blank as she slumped into the mud. Shivers of fear and anticipation ran through her conquered body, ready and willing for imminent change.

Small whimpers left her lips while warm tingles of pleasure ran along her writhing flanks, as if her bones had become molten, restitching and reforming while overpowering stimulation flooded her pleasure centers. Her ill-defined hips stretched into existence, rounded and lush, they bespoke of an aggressive breeding drive. Meanwhile she felt herself rise off the ground, her toned ass expanded to a fuller, fleshier and more succulent bubble shape. Mind melting ecstasy burned through her nerves and she could only twitch in lustful paroxysms as all who she ever was became twisted and discarded before the cold, pitiless eye of the Swarm.

Her moans were a symphony of the sublime, with each change that occurred within her body producing a high, melodious note. Increasing volumes of voluptuous flesh spread across her chest, her mouth open as she loosed helpless melodies of pleasure. As her bouncy feminine cleavage grew larger than ever, her moan of pleasure reached a lustful crescendo. Just as she reached her peak, so too did the alien mixture cross the blood brain barrier, overcoming and subsuming her humanity at last.

She sobbed in orgasmic bliss as her mind was reprogammed by the alien’s callous, unfeeling touch. Her body shook and her enormous, milky breasts heaved with erotic motion. Spasming thighs sent the lush moons of her ass jiggling in turn, while her taut belly undulated like an exotic dancer in heat. Knowledge of the command structure and platoon formations, as well as the technical strengths and weakness of Federation starcraft were re-purposed for a new cause. She felt nothing but undying love and devotion for her new family.

She was one with the Swarm.

Her assimilation complete, her alien ravisher unhooked her from its tendrils, and let her slump from its huge frame and fall back into the puddles below. She sighed in bliss and basked in the new treacherous thoughts of lust and betrayal of her comrades. She felt a need to show them the truth, an urge to make them feel the divine, the touch of her new masters.

With ease she picked herself up, noticing how slick and shiny her body still was. When she looked into a nearby puddle, she smiled from ear to ear. Her skin now had subtle gradations of magenta and violet before fading into snow white. Her sculpted midsection seemed to be ‘sprinkled’ with color, which did not extend to the opulent slopes of her tits, which were still pale but had an iridescent quality, like pearl. The soft, plump and well formed globes of her buttocks stood out in a similar manner, as did her inner thighs.

She swiped a hand through her now icy white hair and felt tingles of euphoria, and noticed how her locks glowed with phosphorescent violet and azure tones upon the touch. She looked deeper into the puddle and became even more aroused at how little of the original Lya remained. Her irises had been lent a hypnotic quality, being rings of electric blue in pools of black. Already she imagined using them to inspire obedience as much as terror.

“Lya?” said a voice that seemed hollow and alien. Her new mind quickly picked out the voice as Sergeant Chris Barrows, a squadmate for the old Lya. She turned around and jutted her gigantic breasts out for the Sergeant to see.

“Oh fuck.” Barrows always knew Lya had a decent sized rack but this new her defied imagination. Her new tits were so ripe and full, like honeydew melons glazed in milky pearl. Their sheer size was offset by how sculpted they were, so high and upturned it was as if a cold, clinical eye had studied the exact proportions of what would make a man abandon reason and lose himself in her voluptuous embrace.

Inhumanly perfect, he thought. His fear built in time with his lusts as his eyes remained entranced with her pearlescent and titanic tits, her pointed alabaster nipples offering threat and temptation both.

Her colossal feminine orbs looked so shiny and soft, the sergeant gulped back his saliva as his fingers itched to sink into them. Their globular shape was emphasized by the swathes of violet that ran above and underneath her bosom, and just a tiny wisp of color where her breasts parted, drawing his attention to her mesmerizing cleavage.

Her waist too, was thinner than he remembered and she sported flared and rounded hips that aroused his most primal masculine instincts. She seemed taller, her sleek legs a vista of feminine smoothness, the robust power of her enhanced musculature only hinted at by her thick and lush thighs.

When he finally took in her face, lust intermingled with sheer terror for he saw none of the humanity of Lya within her beryl neon eyes. She was one of them. He didn’t know exactly how it happened, only that he had to put her down. Just as he brought his rifle up, she crossed the space between them in a blur.

The pulse weapon was snapped in half in a shower of sparks and plasma, the hardened military man tackled into the mud. She hissed with triumph as she straddled him while a powerful erection struggled to rip free from his pants. Her mammoth alabaster breasts slapped into his face, their unreal softness molding against his cheek for a moment. At that moment he knew he was doomed.

He had to feel them.

“Squeeze them, soldier! Squeeze them hard!” moaned Lya as she grabbed his hands and forced his fingers to sink knuckle deep into her luscious alien breasts, “Take part in this form as we bring you into the Swarm!” Her deft fingers fumbled for his cock, drawing it out as her tight belly writhed just above her pubic mound, her body eager for impalement.

Barrows coughed and groaned as he played with her massive, overflowing tits, his fingers struggling to wrap around their soft and weighty swells. Her juicy, pearlescent flesh slipped under his fingers, coated in a smooth oil that made her skin and nipples feel like velvet. “Fuck, you crazy bitch! Lya if you’re in there, fight it!” He groaned even more as her round and powerful ass cheeks squeezed down upon his bare hips, his cock ever closer to her drooling alien pussy, its hungry, glistening folds now dark purple.

“Lya is gone. You’ll be gone. The Swarm is above all.” At once the ultra hot sheathe of her pussy sucked in the sergeant’s cock, taking him up to the hilt. Both groaned in delight. Her soft magenta fingers scraped down his muscled arms, drawing blood and leaving runnels of reddish blue, infecting him with mindless, burning desire.

His hips bucked wildly, each slam sending her ivory and bubbly ass cheeks into a jiggling frenzy, never allowing her rippling flesh to settle down. Their eyes met and a connection was forged. His brown eyes dulled before her unfeeling, alien gaze. The beautiful shades of neon blue shimmered within her irises, pulsating with mental commands that sent Barrows into frantic and lustful seizures.

His whole body convulsed underneath her voluptuous form, his muscles fully flexed as he squeezed her immense, plump globes in between his fingers. He was enamored with their softness, how they poured through his hands, and the pleasant magenta tinges that framed her copious pearl white flesh. “Gaaaah!” he roared, his drool flecked teeth clenched as he pummeled the alien seductress’s inhumanly tight walls, contracting around the head of his cock in a devastating rhythm.

“Become the Swarm!” she moaned, and jutted the trembling slopes of her enormous breasts against his palms, his groan as they rebounded against his hands music to her ears. She pushed him on further, filling herself up to the sergeant’s balls. She relished the familiar tremor in his loins and the mad jerking motions as he sprayed his seed deep inside her alien depths. It was the last climax he would have as a human.

Unknown to her, stingers slid from underneath her nails and into his flesh, filling his underlying tissues with the same mutative proteins that brought her own humanity to its pleasurable end. Her own release flushed feminine nectar out from her slit in an orgasmic spray, moistening her thighs. The carnal concoction teemed with invasive alien fluids and seeped into Barrows’ manhood, eager to visit their insidious purpose upon the convulsive sergeant.

The whites of Barrows’ eyes showed while foam bubbled from his mouth, the sergeant completely lost in the throes of having his genetics rewritten, his identity erased before the Swarm. Memories of old battles and old comrades burned away in flashes of nuclear white. Darkness loomed and only the numberless and luminescent eyes of the Swarm greeted him in his enslavement.

His identity crumbled, his loyalties evaporated and his purpose was redefined. He and Lya were the first of a new breed, destined to bring the human race not into eternal silence, but eternal obedience. A numb smile stretched his face. He was content.

Lya rose her sculpted, pearlescent ass off his cock, those perfect, bubble-shaped cheeks affording a slight jiggle and flex as his thickness drew out of her. She sighed as she got to her feet, feeling his groping hands slide off the slopes of her giant and overripe tits. Now all there was to do was wait.

She saw him toss and turn in the bog, watching with sadistic glee as the man’s musculature expanded into hulking proportions, his body retuning itself for mass slaughter of troops and mass conversion of viable females. Unlike Lya, his skin turned void black in his ripped midsection and upper chest, the outer areas of his body shifting into hues of lustrous reddish sapphire.

She spared a glance at the now dead husk of the alien that converted her. She felt a momentary tug of sadness for the creature, now having more in common with it than her former humans. Still, it had served its purpose just as she had served hers with Barrows.


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