Dark Wood

By Kingmaker

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Mother Luna slowed her resplendent fairy wings down as she took a gentle sip from the river, her face frowning from the taste. Something foul was afoot in Fair Wood and she would get to the bottom of it. A Fair Wood without fresh spring water, chattering birds and giggling fairies was no Fair Wood at all. It was an oasis of joy and wholesome pleasures, a place where those with cares became carefree.

The trees had become foul mouthed, their branches more lascivious as they smacked her pert, juicy ass, while red eyed squirrels tried to jump into her plentiful cleavage. The forest grew more rude and crude by the day, and as she sampled the foul water, she found out why. In the northern reaches of Camelot spread an unspeakable evil, from a kingdom of ashes sprung a barbed, ebon tower, sinking its vile roots into the very spirit of the land.

Mother Luna gasped as she saw the dark queen, her eyes wreathed in violet fire, crowned by abyssal black hair, her face the very image of icy beauty and smoldering desire. A black crescent moon filled her vision and Mother Luna screamed at its perverse image, so similar to her own full moon which hung by her neck.

She stood up, knowing what she must do. The only way, as every fairy knew, to stop screaming hordes of demonic warlords, wielding blades forged from the very fires of hell, who raped and pillaged in the name of chaos and their dark mistress, was through the power of love, the power of heart. She would spread the word to all her fairy daughters and sisters to rally and defeat this evil.

Mother Luna braced herself, and then launched flying into the air, the creamy globes of her breasts jiggling within her fluttering, blue dress as she surveyed her domain from the air. She dallied with the wind, laughing as the sun kissed her skin. As she looked over her forest, her light heart grew heavy, for all the verdant lands below reminded her just how much was at stake.

Her first order of business was to ensure the future of her people, and so headed for the Lords of the Wood. She landed in the sacred grove and straightened her dress, before floating over to them. The Lords were giant flowers, all male, the fairy people lacking any true male equivalent. She sighed in relief when they didn’t display any obvious signs of corruption, their dark blue petals waving in greeting, always excited whenever a woman came to visit.

In truth, many of the flowers looked the same to her, but she knew which one she really wanted to see, the one who would get more than a friendly greeting. The father of her daughter, his larger than usual stamens making him distinct among his kin.

She looked down at Cava-til, smiling as she saw his stamens harden in her presence. She hugged the flower, wrapping her milky thighs around his hardening stamen as she hugged her breasts against its rippling surface. “Good morning Cava-til, Father of Fathers!”

“Good morrow to you Mother of Mothers, well are you welcome to the open air.” His voice was deep and sensuous, more so than Mother Luna remembered, her eyes becoming heavy lidded to his voice for a moment before shaking away her fog.

Mother Luna beamed, relaxing into his velvety petals. She groaned as she felt one of his stamens move down to massage her heavy breasts, her nipples engorging as they pointed through her light blue dress. Luna breathed in of his spores, growing more aroused the longer she wallowed in the center of the flower.

“We have matters to discuss…matters of the Wood…” she breathed, her concentration waning as his more flexible stamens nudged away her panties. Something was new about him, his petals seemed softer, his voice smoother. She slowly impaled herself on his primary stamen, its phallic head easily piercing through her wanting lips.

Cava-til chuckled, his laugh an earthy rumble. “I am well acquainted with matters of the Wood and would gladly discuss them with you.”

“No not that…well yes..that, but just this once. Today is a special occasion.” Mother Luna gasped as he began slight thrusting motions inside her, his tremendous girth touching all her sensitive spots within her moistening sex.

“More than you know, Lady of the Wood.” She smiled, always touched whenever someone called her by her official title, but preferring her more humble name. She mewled in pleasure as he dribbled sweet nectar along her skin, her toned thighs glistening under the aphrodisiac fluid. She felt as if she was floating outside herself, on a cloud, as gentle waves of pleasure began to throb up from her loins, all thoughts of why she visited in the first place seemingly falling away by the moment.

She let a long moan out in the air as his length fully sank inside her, her voice setting the nearby birds scattering into the sky.”Oh…mmmmh….Bella misses you….” She arched her back as his other stamens kneaded her soft flesh, the perfect moons of her ass making slow thrusts on his glistening rod.

“Oh…who in the blazes is that?”


“Oh. Right.”

She felt a fire beginning to burn in her loins, whimpering as she felt his stalks slowly pull down her dress, ocean blue silk giving way to luscious, gravity defying breasts, spilling into a soft teardrop shape.

Another of his stamens nudged into her deep cleavage, stroking itself back and forth as another deep groan emanated from the ground. Luna too, loved the sensation, the moist coating of the stamens providing a unique and sensual pleasure between her breasts. With each gentle thrust of the stamen, her moon pendant was nudged further into the soft valley of her tits, the cool steel creating tantalizing stimulation for her warm breastflesh.

She sighed in pleasure to the feeling of his stamens coating the hemispheres of her ass in nectar, creating mutual arousal as their hard lengths glided across her full and firm buttocks. Her apple-shaped bottom quivered to the tingling sensations while she gasped, her belly writhing to the drops of Cava-til’s arousal that had dribbled onto her, the sweet fluid streaming around the sleek contours of her stomach before soaking into her flowing snatch.

“This won’t be much of a discussion if we are too preoccupied with…extended welcomes.” said the soothing voice of Cava-til, his main stamen still hardly moving within her sex, letting the sheer size and slight grinding motions inundate her with pleasure.

“Too true…” said Mother Luna, her voice trembling and airy, while her delicate hands massaged Cava-til’s sticky fluids into the soft, pale mounds of her breasts, her fingers squeezing around their hefty size and tracing around their perky slopes.

“So let us have our pleasure before we have our business!” A sudden surge of passion filled his voice as two of his stamens wrapped around her arms, pulling her down as his main stamen, as hard as steel, pulled out of her sex before slamming back in, sending the fairy queen’s love juices sloshing over his petals.

“Yesss!” she cried, her huge breasts bouncing to his deep thrusts, instantly setting off a volcanic orgasm through her spasming body. She had forgotten what such pleasure had felt like, indeed everything in moderation was the fairy way, and Cava-til’s intoxicating stimulation reminded her as to why she only had sex once a decade. This could be addictive.

She moaned with abandon as she felt two stamens, not completely hard, writhe and grope around her jiggling tits. The reddish yellow color of his organs were dazzling against her smooth, ivory white flesh, pressing and rubbing against her hardened pink nipples as they kneaded her swaying melons.

Cava-til’s rumblings broke her out of her reverie for a moment, just as she felt more of his stamens wrap around her legs, leaving her locked in position for his thrusting manhood. “Although today…I must admit…business is a pleasure…”

His voice had become more unhinged and a little deranged, prompting her to open her eyes. She gasped when she saw his petals, customarily dark blue, were instead flushed deep, sanguine red. Too many questions raced through her mind. Since when could he turn red? And what did he mean that today’s business was pleasure?

She wished she had a sharper mind for these sort of things, but could only sob in ecstasy as her tied down body was pummeled underneath his engorged organ, her heavy and ripe tits colliding against each other in a joyful rhythm as her legs were left splayed before his lusts.

And then, as she turned her face away from another stamen trying to force itself down her mouth, it hit her. The reddish black pedals, the thorns on the stem, the overwhelming, sensuous stimulation…Cava-til had been turned! Her heart fluttered as she realized she was in mortal danger, while spine tingling pleasure pushed such thoughts down, but her will was strong.

“Why!? My love of loves why did you betray me!?” she howled, his thrusting stamen driving her to climax once more, her love juices dribbling over his shaft and into the flower’s center. Her eyes rolled back into her head as two of the stamens twisted around her nipples, groping her ripe flesh as another gave a playful slap on her bouncing ass cheeks.

“Because you vapid little creature, my lusts cannot be slaked once a decade, all of the Lords grow weary of coupling with you half wits only to further your own insipid kind! WE WANT MORE! We want pleasure, for all time!”

Luna leaned back on a petal, the betrayal and immense pleasure of it all having brought her low. She tried to pull herself off the stamen but her pussy lips clung to it hungrily, unwilling to part with her lover. She screamed in bliss as another orgasm rocked her, her succulent body breaking out in a sweat, gleaming in the pure light of day. “B-but…I loved you!”

Cava-til shook with fury, his petals trembling as he had the stamens groping her bouncing breasts instead pull away and wrap around her head, preventing her from turning away as another stamen aimed right for her lips. “Ohhh LOVE! Love love love! So tedious a notion, it must have come from a fairy! Was it not our love nourishing this forest and keeping your trifling little kingdom alive? We gave and gave, and how are we compensated? A kiss on the petal, a hop on the stalk?”

He kneaded her thick bottom, giving her a hard slap on the cheeks, eliciting a surprised cry of pleasure from the fairy queen as his voice darkened, his melodious tones barely holding back his poisonous rage. “We gave until we could give no more, and these…trinkets of affection, these nothings which you so generously gave us, pale before the treasures of the dark queen. Now I’m going to enjoy turning you into our mistress’s slave!”

She sobbed in pleasure and terror, unable to block an incoming stamen from jutting down her throat, gagging her protests. She knew no pain, no misery, no guilt as the passion in her veins blanked out all thought in her mind. She felt the sun fall away, her body covered up by the petals as they enclosed around her, bottling her up in a chamber of lust.

The heat within the closed up flower was overbearing, the sauna like conditions making delicate beads of sweat stream down the pouting swells of her chest. She looked down, seeing the foul stamen pulsate and throb, a frothing cauldron of evil ready to inject itself into her her pure, innocent body. Her heavy, pearly globes heaved with desire, her flared hips rolled with intensity as her midriff stretched and scrunched with her gyrations, while her swollen, grasping pussy squelched and sucked, desperate for his vile nectar.

Luna was so hot, and so ready for release, but feared it as well. She heard wretched gurgling sounds booming from a lower place in the flower, Cava-til’s deep groans building up for his long awaited climax into her helpless body. She moaned uncontrollably, and made peace with the fact she had no choice in the matter, that her righteous, pure self would be gone by the time the petals lowered.

With a deep growl, Cava-til finally came, his spare, grasping stamens squeezing and grabbing around her pendulous, perfectly shaped breasts. She felt him spew his unholy load down her throat and jet into her womb, her body convulsing and thrashing in his grasp as she suffered the most violent orgasm in her life. Her eyes fluttered as her thighs jerked and spasmed, while drool and nectar bubbled out of her mouth and washed down her shaking tits, her soul blindsided and penetrated by the vile spear of evil that boiled in her veins.

With each beat of the heart, pounding in her ears, she felt another explosion of pleasure race through her body, her lustful moans muffled by the shaft in her mouth. She blacked out from over-stimulation, finding herself subconsciously aware of the feeling that her heart was hardening, becoming stony and impenetrable as a new clarity was grafted onto her mind, ripping away loving sentiment and cherished emotions.

Her head lolled to the side as her body lost its rigidity and became slack, the plowing stamens of Cava-til still keeping up their lustful assault. Her eyes had rolled back into her head as incoherent, animal moans gurgled out of her throat, her brain rendered mush from overwhelming ecstasy, all the while she had realized how foolish she had been all along.

She had no chance against the dark queen in the north, she never did. How naïve she was to think that the power of love could resist such wanton treachery…such incredible sensual delight. As Cava-til’s stamens loosened around her arms, her hands involuntarily went to straight to huge breasts, her body eager to quell her insatiable lusts. Her nails rubbed over her bright nipples, pinching them as well sinking into the gorgeous swells of her tits, her fingers nearly overcome by their abundant softness.

She sobbed and twitched to the impossible sensations coursing through her veins, loving the liquid heat that Cava-til pumped down her throat and deep into her womb. With each gout of wicked nectar spewed into her body, drowning her in bliss, she realized there was nothing to fear about turning to darkness. This was heaven.

Her pussy lips were like a butterfly to a blossom, milking his stamen, until it had sucked every last drop of corrupting nectar into her luscious center. She couldn’t think for herself anymore. All thoughts centered around serving and enslaving other’s to the dark queen’s will, and the more she thought of it, the more aroused she became, an evil smile dawning on her face. She thought of sinking her infernal claws into her innocent daughter and came at the idea, her orgasm setting off a wave of changes across her body.

From within and out, her body burned, her skin erupting into flames, stoking pleasure and pain all the same. Her blonde hair whitened into a wintry hue while her clear, porcelain skin was consumed by magical fire, her complexion charring into obsidian black as her bright blue eyes quickly turned blood red, glowing with inner malevolence. All the while, her glorious fairy wings were remolded, splintering apart and restitching themselves into grotesque bat wings, the ends of her wingspan tipped with sharp claws.

She dropped to her knees, wallowing in her orgiastic downfall as the flames died down, a satisfied growl leaving her lips as she admired the afterglow of her damnation. Clear beads of sweat dribbled down her breasts, gigantic and beautiful, pliable mountains of trembling ebony that caught the glow from floating embers. She took in a deep breath as Cava-til lowered his petals, the fresh forest air blowing away the scent of ash.

To her, it smelled too fresh. She looked forward to the day when the air reeked of fornication, heathen magic and burning trees. But first, she had a daughter to corrupt. Luna stood up, the soft peaks of her chest standing at attention while her sculpted ass bounced proudly from her movement, her lustful body gleaming in the afternoon sun. She grinned as she noticed the full moon pendant resting between her lush cleavage had almost melted away, with only a charred black crescent remaining.

“Thank you Cava-til…for showing me the path. I am so sorry that I did not give you the attention you craved in days past. We will be together forever once I have tarred and ransacked this wretched forest in honor of my Queen.”

“All is forgiven in the baptism of fire. I look forward to our days together, my Lady of the Wood. Please do re-educate our daughter as to what it means to be a servant and friend to all the woodland creatures.”

Luna smiled evilly. “Oh I will, don’t you worry about that.”


Bella floated to a tall, verdant tree, humming happily as she knocked on its trunk, rapping on the wood with a series of light and heavy knocks, as the bark parted and welcomed her into its enchanted abode. Elmsmile was a perpetually happy tree, and the more joy Bella felt as she took shelter in his center, the more delight was shown on his face.

Bella lived an unhurried, idle life. She often spent her days preening and primping her luxuriant, golden hair in front of the placid, gleaming lakes of her woodland home. She was entranced by her own beauty, washing herself in the sparkling waters as the cool tides licked and lapped at her full, round breasts, an inheritance from her beauteous mother, as were the lush moons of her ass, softer than silk but still as firm as could be.

And yet, for all her self-love, her personality was saccharine sweet, typical of most fairy temperaments, oblivious like most of her kind to the passions her form elicited in baser creatures. Hers was a velvet-lined existence, ignorant of the wars and hardships of greater Camelot, her beauty excusing her indifference.

“Greeetings…Bella….a butterfly…landed….on…me…” boomed the tree, its voice baritone and fatherly, sharing his trivial observation of the past day.

Bella clasped her hands together with a gasp of joy as if it were the greatest news she could possibly hear. “OH! That is so wonderful Elmsmile!” She hugged one of his roots, embracing it like a long lost family member, before looking at it with the kind of sincerity that only a fairy could muster. “You are the greatest tree a fairy could ask for…I can only hope to be as wise as you one day.”

Her blissful naivete would be short lived, for the trees of Fair Wood, though noted for their ability to utter piercing eloquence, were absolutely dreadful in their ability to keep a conversation, needing at least a day to vocalize new thoughts and observations. And so Elmsmile could only creak and bend in terror as he heard and felt a fell wind blow his way.

He could sense an infernal tempest, uprooting pines and shattering oaks into screaming splinters of wood, as peaceful forest animals were left tainted and vicious in its wake. He cursed himself for not being able to warn his charge, and hardened his bark as much as he could but to no avail. Mother Luna had arrived.

The fallen Lady of the Wood stopped before Elmsmile, her tremendous bat wings stirring the air as she lowered herself down on the shattered remnants of the surrounding trees. Elmsmile shuddered at her sight. Being a tree, he knew very little of the outside world, but some things were so primal and instinctive to all that live, that he had no doubt that pure evil stood before him.

Mother Luna stepped forward, her eyes glowing like red stars as her succulent breasts jostled to her dominant stride, pouting obsidian globes outlined by her blindingly white tresses, relishing her nudity as she cackled into the air. She put her hand to Elmsmile’s trunk, drinking in his fear as she watched his bark darken and fall away underneath her dark magic. She closed her eyes, seeing through the tree’s consciousness, and moaned as she saw her daughter inside, completely unaware of the madness outside as she picked flowers in the tree’s internal garden.

She salivated and her pussy moistened at the thought of bringing her daughter into the dark queen’s embrace, battering her will and burning her innocence away with pleasure, until she too relished her enslavement. She brought herself back to reality, smiling as saw the tree’s bark had been stripped to the core.

She loathed trees now, and dreamt of the day when they would be mutilated into nothing more than chopping wood or great, lifeless brambles of branches. She smiled when she saw the face of Elmsmile, his normally jovial expression frozen in an agonizing frown, the oval holes of his eyes closed with rotting wood. Like so many before him that fateful day, and so many to follow, Elmsmile was but another noble oak, with nothing to mourn his passing but the dead silence of the forest and Luna’s cackles of delight.

With a dainty skip, the damned fairy queen sauntered into the tree’s dark, gaping wound…


Bella picked up a lavender flower, smiling as she breathed deeply of its fragrance. It never ceased to amaze her how things always smelled as beautiful as they looked, but then again, such was the way of things in the lands of Fair Wood. During her frolic in the garden, she had been all too unaware of the darkening of her environment. The friendly wisps had disappeared, the atmosphere had become humid and dank while just below her feet, waves of grass were turned yellow while other flowers slowly grew into grotesque size.

Mother Luna lurked in the darkness, snickering as she watched her daughter become mesmerized with a flower. Plain, dull little girl, it was no wonder that Fair Wood was rolling over to the encroaching darkness when it was populated with such simpletons. She stifled a moan of pleasure as she crept closer to her daughter, as thoughts of betrayal against her own people drove her arousal ever higher.

Her eyes roved over her daughter’s lovely form, her pride stoked knowing that she birthed such incredible beauty into the world. Her supple, hourglass physique was complemented with a figure clinging, bright yellow dress, one that Luna had made her as a gift, in more happy times. She reached forward, hoping to yank her by her silky blonde locks while sinking her claws into the lavish swells of her chest…until she stepped over a fallen branch, her claws snapping its length instantly.

Bella flinched, dropping her flower when she heard a sharp crack behind her, finally noticing the grass below was not as healthy and vibrant as it was before. She spun around, gasping upon seeing her grinning, naked mother. Red flushed her cheeks and stuttering utterances left her mouth as her mind struggled to make sense of her mother’s inky complexion, taking in the drops of sweat and arousal that streamed off her body, her mammoth breasts shining like two teardrops of oil in the diffused light of the tree.

As Luna sauntered forward, her daughter stared on in horror, paralyzed as she watched her mother’s body seemingly absorb all light and then reflect it around her curves, her glossy belly looking more toned than ever while her bobbing breasts shook with every step, the light they captured making them look softer and rounder than ever before.

Bella looked into her mother’s smoldering, crimson eyes and knew there was nothing left of the sweet, nurturing woman that raised her, the lecherous look on her face moving her to action. Bella launched up into the air with her fairy wings, blowing up a swirl of dust as she set for the entrance of the tree.

Mother Luna smiled, taking her time to launch into the air, knowing her new wings would outpace those of her daughter, but she held back. She wanted to let hope of escape rise in her daughter’s heart before crushing it completely.

The ruptured entrance to the tree was in sight, and Bella’s spirit lightened as she beat her wings harder, straining herself as she thought of warning her fairy sisters. She gasped the moment a shadow fell over her, and screamed when the grasping talons of her mother sank into her shoulders, holding her tight as the two dove for the ground.

Mother Luna pulled Bella up from her feet and into her arms, holding her tightly as she wrapped herself around her daughter, pressing her overflowing chest into her daughter’s equally enormous bosom. She sealed her lips around hers as she sucked her willpower away. She reveled in the taste of her daughter, sensing the untouched virgin soul that lay beneath her flesh, its innate goodness and purity calling to her like a delicacy to be savored and ravished.

Bella shuddered as little tingles rushed along her immaculate skin, the wind screaming in her ears as she plummeted down and down. Having her mother so close, she could feel the sheer wrongness and evil that filled every part of her being, and struggled to pull herself away from her kiss, away from her supernatural grip.

Her world was reduced to the barest of senses, the feeling of her glossy hair whipping across her face, the lashing winds blowing up her dress, and her mother’s salacious tongue, plundering her mouth, making sounds of pleasure as her poisonous lips smothered her with sinful desire. Worst of all, was the feeling of being drawn to her evil, as if her good nature clamored for its opposite.

But Bella knew there would be no complement of opposite energies, no balance, only chaos. And virtuous though she was, she was no warrior, and feared that if her mother melded her darkness within her soul there would be only evil, pure evil.

Luna gripped her daughter closer as the hard ground sharpened into view, kissing her daughter more passionately than ever, letting her paralyzing toxins work over her voluptuous body, compelling her passivity and arousal. She rejoiced to the little muffled whimpers that came out of her mouth, her twitching limbs weakening in their fight, until her thrashing finally slackened into calm resignation.

Bella knew this was improper but couldn’t fight it, unable to resist the throbs of pleasure from her mother’s lips that rendered her body limp, and soon felt dry, yellowed grass crunch underneath her as her mother piled her into the ground. Dust flew up at their impact while the wind was knocked out of her lungs. She gasped for air as her mother pulled away from her lips, regarding her with a hungry glint in her eyes.

Mother Luna breathed deeply before settling her hands on her daughter’s breasts, her pitch black fingers sliding around her saffron yellow dress before cupping the large, creamy white mounds inside. Her eyes flashed into pure flame for a moment, as she willed her infectious essence to stream off her skin, oozing like oil and onto her vulnerable daughter.

Bella’s eyes regarded her mother with abject terror, her body beginning to involuntarily writhe and tickle with pleasure as rivers of black melted through her dress and seeped into her skin, the liquid having a mind of its own as the streams moved against gravity and headed for her openings. A feeling of calm washed over her, urging her mind to just let it happen, her body long having surrendered with docile acceptance.

Luna hissed in pleasure, grinding herself against Bella’s flushed and gleaming pussy lips, moaning as more and more of her corrupting fluids started to penetrate her, the ecstasy of tainting the innocent rushing through her veins. She watched with rapt interest the struggling emotions that played over Bella’s face, sometimes fearful, sometimes pleasureful, all the while her dewy lips gasped in surprise, making an O shape as the seductive sensations snaked through her flesh.

“It will be over soon my sweet child…” said Luna, her voice a twisted mockery of typical sing-song fairy intonations. She moaned as Bella moaned, their pleasure intertwined as an orgasm blasted through the fairy’s body, her toes curling as her ivory complexion flushed in bliss, only to be glossed over in the sticky black fluid as it spread over her skin, finally seeping down her mouth and flowing into her sex.

“Yes! Drink of me, become me! Let our new mistress’s holy purpose flow through your soul…” She leaned over Bella, groping her firm breasts as she whispered into the young fairy’s ear. “Give yourself to me…to her…let evil take you…”

Bella could only whimper in response, her mind overwhelmed with unholy pleasure as her mother’s darkness penetrated her, tainted her and remade her in its twisted image. She felt all her inhibitions melt away and lusts bloom where there had been none before, more than that, she felt the vile fluid twist and writhe within her flesh, stimulating and arousing her in ways she had never felt before.

She knew she should have been fighting and screaming, and that this was wrong, but there was another part of her that didn’t want this to be wrong, that wanted to embrace this pleasure. Her animalistic yearning for debauchery, yet repressed by the veil of fairy civility, was the part that called to her…the part that won out. Her soul wept at its inevitable damnation. In the fairy’s overheated, sexual fever, her mind focused on the only thing that mattered: pleasure.

Mother Luna mashed one of her black globes down Bella’s mouth, relishing the feel of her weighty, soft breast resting on her face. She sighed in contentment as she felt her daughter gulp down her corrupting nectar, flowing like a black river from her swollen nipple. She moaned as she felt Bella thrust back at her, grinding against her pussy, happy that the newly awakened lusts in her daughter had overpowered her virtues.

The two looked like two buxom maidens, wrestling and writhing in oil, as Bella’s purity was exorcised, her body convulsing, sending sloshes of the inky fluid flying as powerful orgasms ravaged her over and over. Each blast of pure, sexual bliss robbed her soul of its defenses, bringing her one step closer to ultimate damnation.

The fallen fairy queen moved her hands up from her daughter’s round ass as she jerked and twitched to her corrupting touch, before settling on her head, letting her polished liquid fingers melt through her skin and seep into her mind, ripping out any final traces of good from her gentle spirit.

Bella moaned in elation while her eyes glassed over at the violent obliteration of her spiritual defenses. With nothing left to fight, the evil penetrated deeper into her being as her obscene ecstasy intensified, hearing its seductive whispers while it spread through her soul, her innocence and purity reforged into unrepentant sadism and unholy lusts.

Luna cradled Bella, smiling with depravity as her evil infested her daughter’s body, watching as her blonde hair darkened into a striking blood red, her green eyes clouding with darkness, like black opals, before following her mother’s looks and igniting into fiery, crimson orbs. Little imperfections on the fairy were smoothed away, her waist becoming waspish thin, emphasizing the bouncing, soft peaks of her chest evermore.

Her breasts too, swelled to the dark magic, expanding into wobbling globes, their already hefty size steadied by their gorgeous round, upturned shape. Her porcelain mounds, topped with pink nipples, had become as black as the rest of her skin, her areolas glowing as gold piercings materialized through her nipples, a chain of infernal steel linking her tits together, from piercing to piercing. Most dramatic of all, was how her wings ripped apart, fracturing and remolding themselves as leathery skin and reptilian scales replaced the colorful layers of butterfly chitin, until she had the glorious wingspan of a black dragon.

Mother Luna’s steely grip relaxed, pulling away from her turned daughter as she took in the full breadth of her changes. Bella had ceased her spasms. An unnerving calm filled the air as she lay in the grass with supernatural stillness. Only low whimpers and quiet moans seeped from her lips, her eyes glazed over as she stared up into the roof of the tree, her darkened soul choking off the last bits of good that remained in her being.

Luna smiled, looking on expectantly as her sounds of contentment came to an end. At last, all resistance had been eradicated, at last…she was complete. And she was responsible for it, for taking something rare, good and pure, her own daughter, and turning her into one of the most wicked creatures that ever lived. That she did all this, turned her on even more, making her tight, glistening pussy spasm to her traitorous thoughts.

She ran her fingers between the generous swells of her breasts, tracing back and forth between the soft valley that separated them, playing with her nipple chain, before trailing down her sculpted stomach and robust thighs. Her daughter was now more like her, like a statue of onyx flesh.

In the dead silence of the tree, Bella finally rose up, pushing off the ground as her plump breasts jutted into the air, her back arching while she took her first breath as a servant of darkness. An eerie giggle left her lips, a holdover from her unabashedly girl-like demeanor of before, as she stood up with a dancer’s elegance, her voluptuous physique even more irresistible than before, her beauty now a trap for all who would desire her. A new, cunning intelligence surged through her mind, and she smiled as insidious thoughts were born anew in her black heart.

“Thank you…mother.” she said, stretching her back before kissing Luna passionately. “You have shown me the truth…given me purpose. How lost I was before, but now…I cannot wait to bring this gift to my fairy sisters!” She beamed with degenerate delight at her mother, their minds aligned in their sinful mission. “They lead such empty, benign lives…but together, we can instill the sheer pleasure of obedience, bequeath the beautiful treasure of enslavement! OF EVIL!”

Bella’s cackles echoed into the air, her unhinged nature striking even Luna as a bit much. Her eyes were wide and red while her mouth frothed in animalistic mania. With a lightning quick jab of her hand, she plucked from the air an innocent wisp, holding it within her fist. She moaned as she corrupted it within her palm, the glowing orb turning from a calming blue to an impassioned red, before letting the spirit go, off to possess a woodland creature or some hapless fairy.

Mother Luna hugged her in a motherly embrace, an evil smile of triumph on her face. “Of course my dear. This was how it was meant to be, mother and daughter, queen and princess, uniting to remold Fair Wood into a paradise worthy of our new mistress.” Bella licked her mother’s neck, before willing herself to return to her normal, uncorrupted appearance, her dragon wings and inky complexion disguising themselves with a more noble countenance.

Both left the desiccated tree of Elmsmile in silence, eager to spread their darkness.


A year had passed since the ruling members of Fair Wood had pledged themselves to Queen Morgana’s evil empire, the woodland realm no longer living up to its name. Black smog belched into the clouds from the fires of industry, the crack of whips over slaves filled the air, and moans of carnal delight rang through the decrepit woods.

The last of the fairy resistance had been rounded up and imprisoned within the wicked grasp of the Lords of the Wood. Bella and Luna delighted in seeing the silhouettes of countless fairies being filled by their thrusting stamens, their cries of misery having long been replaced with howls of pleasure. And when the petals finally bloomed, so too would the fairies, having accepted and rejoiced in the evil branded upon their souls.

Violet bolts of lightning stabbed across the deep red sky, lending the land an unholy aura. Mother Luna drank deeply of the combined lust and suffering that filled the air, pleased she had served her mistress so well. Today was the day the Queen sent her high command to ensure the lands were truly hers. Luna would make sure they were not disappointed.

She saw carriages and soldiers make their way through the sparse wood, nimbly evading the pits of fire and hanging corpses that dotted the land. At the head of the convoy rode a knight, tall and bedecked in ornate ceremonial armor, with imposing rows of spikes upon spikes crowning his shoulders and helmet. Clearly the leader, she thought.

Luna flew down from her perch, letting her daughter keep an eye on the ongoing orgy as she greeted the envoy. She bowed before the approaching knight, folding her wings in submission as the knight brought up his hand, motioning for his men to halt. There was complete silence as he dismounted and surveyed his surroundings, Luna not moving an inch lest she offend him.

“Where is the resistance?” he said, his voice deep and raspy.

She returned to a standing position, smiling as she turned to greet him. “This is it my lord…” she motioned to the flowers, their stems bending every now and then from the pleasurable ravishments happening across the field, “This is all that remains of my rebellious people, when they are done, they will know nothing but loyalty to the Queen.”

The fairy in the flower just before the two screamed in ecstasy. Her curvaceous silhouette was pressed against a petal, her immense tits squeezing into distinct circles as she was pummeled against its soft surface. A deep groan emanated from the flower as it pumped its corrupting load into her hot depths, the fairy scratching the petal interior in delirious joy as her body convulsed in agonizing pleasure, the evil infesting her soul and devouring her innocence in a chain of orgasms.

The knight’s glowing eyes narrowed as he stroked the hilt of his sword thoughtfully, entranced with the perverse sight. “Interesting.” Luna’s evil little heart skipped with joy, pleased her usefulness had been recognized as the knight turned to face her. “The Queen values those who can resolve their own problems.”

“Thank you my lord.”

The knight spun around, throwing back his cape theatrically as he mounted his horse once more. “My men will be pleased, not having to suffer the indignity of wetting their blades with fairy blood.” Luna eyed the demonic creatures that had accompanied him, each one having a maniacal glint in their eye as they sharpened their swords. “You have done your Queen proud…”

He looked to the fairy in the flower once more. Her impassioned whimpers and whines filled the air as she slowly slumped down from overwhelming stimulation, her giant breasts dragging down the side of the petal as she shuddered and twitched while the fires of sin consumed her body. “I’m sure she would be very interested in these flowers.”

“I offer them freely my lord, but may I ask…what is your name?”

The knight looked down at her, his eyes flaring for a moment in some unknowable emotion. “The Black Knight. There is no other name but so.” He turned his snorting horse around before looking over his shoulder. “In one month’s time we make our assault on the barbarous tribes of the east. Be ready.”

Mother Luna looked behind her, hearing the unfurling of petals and smiled as she looked upon the corrupted fairy, her skin rendered jet black and steaming from arcane fire, the valley of her massive breasts streaked with sweat as she let out an orgiastic sigh, her lips curling into a treacherous smile. Luna looked back on the departing convoy, beaming with wickedness.

“As my Queen wills it.”









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