My Hero!

By Kingmaker

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On the highest mountain peak there stood the tallest tower, wickedly jagged and blackened with flame, built on a foundation of dead kings and noble princes, holding the last pure maiden in all the land. Only one daring knight had the courage and cunning to win this fair lady’s heart and bring her home a merry, blushing bride…


Celeste held her lady-in-waiting’s hand tightly as another hero burst forth into the tower chamber, eager to rescue her. The stony steps leading up to her welcoming bed were littered with the dead, some mangled, others charred, all potential lovers and rescuers, gone forever.

The instrument of their deaths had dropped from the ceiling, a snarling red dragon, whose sole purpose in life was to guard buxom maidens and gorge himself on dashing knights. Ouros was a legendary beast, infamous for his murderous rage, scorching breath and startling punctuality. And gold, he liked that too.

The knight landed before the dragon and took off his helmet, flashing a smile at the quivering maiden. His hair was long and dark, flowing about from his gallant moves, as he evaded the dragon’s swiping claws. He was tall, dark and handsome, and no doubt right royal, framed in the prodigality of nature

Celeste swooned at his impressive looking gestures. “Oh Ingrid! This may be the one, to rescue me for good and save me from a life of spinsterhood, my hero!”

Ingrid looked amused, her demeanor calm as she soothed her charge, smoothing her neck as she brought herself to her lady’s ear. “Yes mistress, I too suspect your day has come. No maiden lays unclaimed forever…and being the last of all tower maidens, you are much like the last unicorn, yearning for its rider.”

Celeste smiled, looking into Ingrid’s crystalline eyes. Her eyes drifted down, taking in the details of her diaphanous gown, showing off the caramel swell of her voluminous cleavage. She wondered how she had maintained such a good tan in such a dreary place, or how her golden hair always seemed to radiate light, in lieu of proper styling potions.

For that matter, Celeste wondered how she managed to look so…pure. Her ruddy auburn hair flowed down to her waist, lustrous and radiant, as it framed her burgeoning cleavage, ivory-white mounds full of life, pouting against her silken dress. Her creamy skin seemed to shine with her inner innocence, gleaming with the untainted virtue of her years, her smile warm and nurturing.

Since time immemorial, her life memories consisted of waking up, being fed by Ingrid, and brushing her hair as she watched the dragon kill noble heroes. It was as if the sole reason for her being was to be rescued, having no remembrances of any family, or even how Ingrid came to the tower. It was a trying existence, but today felt special. Today felt different, today things changed forever.

She looked back to her savior, the knight. She didn’t know much about combat, only that he had a sword and it was best used for swinging and stabbing, something he seemed to be doing plenty of. His dance with the dragon was of the most intricate sort, moving to and fro, fro and to! His artful swordplay was so fast he moved as a blur, his weapon a metallic extension of himself, twirling and swirling around the dragon like a bladed rose petal, marking the dragon with small cuts as he evaded his gnashing jaws and blasts of flame.

It went so fast that Ingrid was surprised when the dragon suddenly roared and fell over, seemingly on top of the knight. She waited with bated anticipation and rejoiced when she saw her hero stand up, kicking the beast’s head as he withdrew his mighty sword from its eye.

Celeste squealed with excitement as the knight with a roguish grin, confident step and manly aura ascended the steps to finalize his heroic deed. She held back from hyperventilating, flapping her hands frantically as she tried to calm herself down.

The knight bowed down before her bed. “M’lady, I am Sir Rodrigo del Fuego and I am he-” he was cut short as a massive jagged blade erupted through his chest, his face a mix of rage and pain as an unreasonably voluminous gout of blood spewed out of his mouth, his corpse tumbling down the steps as his killer withdrew his blade.

The man who stood before her was clearly a knight, clad in pitch armor, rent with dents, scratches and punctures that bespoke of a life filled with gratuitous violence and conquest. “I am the Black Knight. He was here to kill you. I saved you. Now spread your legs.”

Celeste was taken aback, her dreams shattered. She imagined being taken home by a handsome, strapping lord in shining armor, rippling with muscles, multilingual of course, with riches beyond measure! And when he took her home to his majestic castle there would be cake, parades and babies too! She didn’t think it was too much to ask. “No….I’m sorry, I can’t…”

Ingrid crawled across the bed, seizing her by the neck, with a level of force unbecoming of a caretaker. “You must! My lady, you are his by right of victory, the quest is fulfilled, the maiden saved…you must offer yourself up to him, it would be unladylike not to.”

She relented, the shame of being known as a dishonest, ungrateful maiden would be too much. She looked up to her knight, running her slight hands down his war torn armor. She removed his helmet, gasping as she saw his skin was as gray as the castle tower, his face sharp featured and noble, but tarnished with a merciless and brutal soul. She felt some sympathy for the man, he must have had a hard life for his complexion to be so colorless.

She reached for his face giving him a little peck on the lips. The knight went for more, grabbing her by the hair and forcing his tongue down her throat as he gripped her full ass, his fingers squeezing around her soft buns. Celeste squirmed in his grip, moaning in surprise and pleasure. How unknightly! He acted in a manner more suited to a barbarian from the frozen wastes than a noble of the realm. She hated how it turned her on, as she found herself grinding against his groin.

What surprised her more was how naked he had become, his armor had simply vanished, as she stared at his overly sculpted muscles, her mouth agape as she took in this paragon of fitness. “How may…I serve you, my lord?”

“By sucking.”

Just as Celeste was thinking about getting used to his curt manner of speaking, she felt his hands pushing her head down, onto his throbbing manhood. She steadied herself by grabbing his hips, her delicate lips parting as the hallowed organ dipped into her mouth. She relished the sweetness of his fluids, and swirled the shaft with her tongue, getting used to the taste and feel as she began moving her head.

Ingrid looked on like a proud parent, pleased her instructions on how to be a proper lady payed off. She went behind the maiden, resting her hefty boobs on her back as she squeezed her own, eliciting a surprised moan from Celeste. “Suck it all down my lady…one offering in the stomach and another in the womb, only then….will it be complete.”

Celeste was lost in the slurping and sucking, too much to pay any heed to Ingrid, other than the her now fondling her ample breasts, her hands squishing and kneading their softness through her dress. She wished she too was naked, as the combined drool and knight’s fluids streamed out of her mouth, speckling down into her juicy cleavage.

She felt his hands push down on her head, his throbbing cock stretching her supple mouth as his hips began thrusting. Combined with his facefucking, Ingrid’s strumming her of her nub and tweaking of her nipples, her body went numb with ecstasy. She moaned and gagged at the same time as she felt her first orgasm boiling up through her veins, her body shaking and twitching as the knight’s virile cock kept thrusting in with steady strokes, pumping her mouth with increasing urgency.

As Celeste sucked upon the knight’s bulging organ, her full lips sealed tight around his shaft, she began to feel uneasy about the whole thing. The black veins on his cock pulsated ominously, straining for something big. An inner voice told her to not let any of his essence in her, but just as she considered it, another orgasm wracked her body, her mind going blank from pleasure. Ingrid sucked on her neck, sending tingles throughout her body as her lover’s ashen, gray hands reached for her supple breasts, the slick, warm globes filling up his groping palms.

Her eyes had rolled back into her head, lost in carnal bliss as the knight held her face aloft, thrusting into her slack mouth as he pushed himself ever further into release. His grunts grew louder, his thrusting more urgent as he forced his manhood deep into her throat.

“Swallow it all!” he said, his voice raspy and harsh.

Celeste felt his balls tighten, his cock head enlarge while his body stiffened, going into her mouth as far as he could go as he jetted his broiling hot seed down her throat. She groaned in delight, the fluid surprisingly delightful despite its decrepit source. She took deep gulps, loving the warm oozing sensation it left as poured down her throat.

She moaned, continuing to pump her head up and down on his cock, eager to suck down every last drop. As his foul essence raced through her veins, she felt a need to submit, to give in to her lustful feelings, relinquish her maidenhood to him. She felt her inhibitions loosen and fall away. Wasn’t this what she always wanted? A fairy tale life? To be rescued by a daring knight, have his children and live happily ever after? Then why did it feel so forbidden…so wrong?

Finally he pulled his cock away from her mouth, her jaw sore and flecked with drool. Already she felt empty without it. Then she felt Ingrid grab her, pulling her back and holding her down as the knight repositioned himself, his cock still impossibly hard.

“Ingrid…what are you doing?”

“Just making sure everything goes according to plan…you want to live happily ever after don’t you?”


“Then stop asking questions, and enjoy it…relax, this kind of thing only happens once, and then it’s forever…”

The knight materialized his jagged blade, pointing it at Celeste. She gulped, and before any sort of fear could register, he made impossibly deft cuts across her dress, the cloth covering her midriff falling away in stylish tatters. She giggled, reminded that knights were incapable of simply removing clothes, using their hands was beneath them.

She felt Ingrid place a black crystal in the center of her stomach, the cool stone making her shudder with goosebumps. Then he pointed his sword directly at her stone, unearthly light shimmering along the blade as it did its work. Little patterns emanated from the crystal, painting themselves along her belly. The magical sigils became maze like in their complexity, the wet ink reflecting candle light in the room.

She gasped at the display of magic, feeling as if someone were licking and kissing her all along her belly. Her mind was in a fog, and the more symbols were drawn on her, the more horny she became. Her moist, fertile mound was streaming love juices down her soft thighs, trickling onto her creamy legs. Celeste’s need for him had become overwhelming, as she struggled against Ingrid’s strong arms, desperate to finger herself, anything to ease her sexual fire.

She had to have him, consequences be damned, she shooed away the warning voice in her head. Placated by his potent seed and spurred on by the sigils, the dazed maiden opened her thighs as wide as possible, sighing as she welcomed the dark knight’s vile organ into her body, eager to be claimed.

The knight’s shaft ploughed through her virgin folds, while his grubby hands moved up to her top, her tits swelling and jiggling from his pressing palms as he tore away her bodice. Her round, swaying breasts perked up to the open air before being mashed and squeezed together, the knight delighting in her soft, yielding flesh.

Her lover had picked up his thrusting pace, graceless but full of passion. He collided against her hips, their clapping flesh and her moans filling the chamber. Ingrid let her arms go, allowing her to wrap herself against the knight. She clasped her shapely thighs around him, unwillingly to let go until she had taken his seed.

The knight lunged down to Celeste, kissing her deeply as his hands slid down her wide hips, sinking into her luscious ass. He pulled her forward, slamming her moist tightness down on his cock, fucking his prize at a furious pace, filling her body with mind numbing pleasure.

Celeste’s eyes glazed over, her body and mind overwhelmed by intense desire. The knight had moved down from her lips, kissing her neck before falling upon her lush melons, bouncing enticingly to their savage coupling. He shoved his face in, licking and sucking upon her nipples, burying his head into her opulent, swaying tits, driving her to howl in ecstasy. She hugged him as close as possible, her bucking hips taking him up to the root, smothering him in her ripe flesh as she ached to have all of him inside her.

Ingrid looked on, noticing the black stone on Celeste’s belly had become rife with splinters and cracks during the course of their union. Unnatural light peaked through the stone’s fractures while the infernal sigils on her belly had fully dried, and now glowed an ominous red, illuminating her moist skin. It was time. She was ripe and ready to not only join the darkness, but birth more into this crumbling world.

She said the magic words that her master had imprinted onto her minion. “My lady Morgana decrees that you despoil this innocent, sow your dark seed into her bountiful garden!”

The knight nodded, his face turning blank from the master words. “Yes…as my lady wills it.”

Celeste was much too dazed to make much of what just happened, her mind had too eagerly welcomed the dark magic, but even in her addled mind, that name, Morgana, sent flares of danger within her soul. Then she heard her lover groaning, his hands squeezing around her creamy breasts, his balls tightening and his cock stiffening as he planted his essence deep inside her, fulfilling her greatest dreams and nightmares in one fell swoop.

He had her pinned down, his breath heavy and sudden in her ears as his cock rhythmically pulsed thick ropes of his foul seed into her innocent womb, tainting and blighting her soul forever. She saw the stone on her quivering belly explode in a shower of wicked light, before black fluids washed over her stomach, sinking through her skin, and into her womb. She let out an orgiastic sigh as her belly writhed and undulated underneath the warm fluid, intoxicated with the feeling of being penetrated by heathen magic. Meanwhile, the sigils on her belly flared back to life, illuminating her lover’s black, festering seed as it corrupted her from the inside.

Her glassy eyes stared ahead, her mouth screaming in soundless ecstasy as she felt the knight’s essence pollute and infest her with darkness. Her veins now carried and pumped the stone’s foul energy throughout her body, transforming her as the knight’s seed hollowed out her once pure spirit. She felt horns rip through her forehead as her nails blackened into grasping claws, the healthy pink nipples and areola that crowned her lush breasts darkening until her wobbling mounds were capped by black nubs, strongly contrasting against her luscious pale flesh.

Her soul cried out at its violation, before being instantly choked off by the invading evil. It felt good, so good her clenching pussy drew down more on her lover’s cock, milking him without her conscious effort, her body yearning to become one with all that was unholy. She could not resist. She moaned in surrender as she felt herself swept away, writhing underneath her hulking, thrusting knight as her purity and innocence were obliterated.

Ingrid knew the ‘change’ when she saw it and smiled. Demonic changes aside, the glowing, heavenly light that seemed to permeate Celeste’s complexion had faded away completely, now replaced with black veins rippling along her sallow skin. Her clear blue eyes had turned into a burning, jaundiced yellow, filled with putridity. But most telling of all was the crooked, devious smile that split her face, her joyful innocence completely sucked away and eviscerated.

“Yesss! More! Give me more!” she screamed, cackling like the best of em, lost in the throes of orgasm as her heavy, pale melons shook and waved underneath the knight’s pounding. “Fill me with your vile seed!” She howled in lust, all pretenses of elegance burned away for carnal satisfaction. She clawed the sheets as her lover finally gave out, jamming his tongue down her throat as he spurt one final scalding torrent of his essence deep into her wicked womb, now quickening with fresh life.

The two spent lovers lay on top of each other, covered in sweat, their wretched forms given illumination by the scant candle light. Though the Black Knight lay exhausted and had quickly fallen into a deep slumber, Celeste was left writhing and moaning underneath him, his seed having long taken root, but still sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Her eyes fluttered as she clutched the father of her demonic progeny, an orgasmic gasp leaving her lips as the dark sorcery pumping through her veins continued to twist and corrupt, enslaving her to her new master forever. Steam hissed off her skin as any lingering traces of virtue and grace were boiled away from her personality in a firestorm of pleasure, her hips making unconscious grinding motions against the knight as her body twitched and spasmed, her very being craving more defilement.

Ingrid was pleased. The quivering mass of flesh was Celeste no more, merely another among Morgana’s ranks of Dark Maidens. She reached underneath the bed, retrieving her black crystal ball, speaking a quick incantation as it surged to life.

Out of a purple mist, the cruel yet beautiful face of Morgana filled up the globe.

“My lady…” said Ingrid, bringing the globe closer to the sleeping knight and the spent maiden. “It is done. The last fair lady of the realm has been conquered and claimed in your name.” She moved the globe near Celeste’s belly, as churning, gurgling sounds emanated from within. “She has been defiled, filled with the dark bastardy of the Black Knight, her soul damned, her mind enslaved.”

Ingrid flecked Celeste’s frazzled hair away from her face, still beautiful but utterly wicked. “Who she was, is no more. She and all the world are at your finger tips.”

Morgana could only cackle in response, pleased that her plans had gone so smoothly. “Well done Ingrid, you have served your mistress well!” Ingrid’s heart jumped at her praise. Since being turned to evil, it was the only thing she lived for. The image within the globe zoomed out, Morgana’s curvy body now filling up the image. “Come to my tower, with my handsome Black Knight and my new servant. Today, we rejoice! Tomorrow, we storm the castles and forge my new empire!” Morgana laughed hysterically as other figures came into view.

They were the other maidens that the Black Knight had desecrated in months past. All beautiful, each more twisted than the last, their bellies bloated with his accursed progeny. Some maidens had already birthed his fallen sons. They too strode among them, tall and giant, their faces handsome yet grizzled, replete with demonic features. They would win Morgana the realm.

Ingrid bid her mistress farewell, and the crystal ball images faded to nothing. She looked to the comatose maiden, her face blank as drool leaked out the side of her mouth. Little flashes of light flared within her belly like a thunderstorm, illuminating shadows with each flash. On one of them, Ingrid could have sworn she saw a demonic profile in silhouette. She grinned.

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