Witching Day


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By Kingmaker

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Morgana of the Black Moon. Harbinger of Hell, Ransacker of the Righteous, Violator of Virgins. Her titles number as many as her sins, her infamous cruelty only matched by her unsurpassed beauty, renowned and feared throughout the land for her mastery of sorcery and seduction.

But, dear reader, she was not always so. Before she enshrouded the kingdom in darkness, before she forged the Black Knight, before she was Morgana of the Black Moon…she was Morgana. Simply Morgana. Born from a humble coven of simple means, named after one of the greatest witches in history, the young Morgana began her tutelage under the great Voroven, the oldest living disciple of Merlin himself! This, is her story…


Flashes of light played across the early morning sky, electric cerulean hues and vivid reds composed in a vaguely phallic shape as two witches made wild gesticulations from the green hill below.

One was of short black hair and equally short stature, her features unremarkable except for her buxom chest, an effect of having a little extra weight. The other was of average height and blonde, her features pretty and girlish, possessed of a voluptuous body.

Morgana, the raven haired one, dropped down to her knees, exhausted from the effort. “I tell you Sophie, there’s something to this sex magic! I know there is, it’s the key to life itself!”

Sophie chuckled, an air of idiotic self satisfaction permeating her voice. “Well thanks for the pretty light show but I think I’ll stick to my fireballs and lightning bolts, traditional magic is the way to go! At least I think…”

“You can’t even cast fireballs yet!”

“Well yeah but Scarlett can, and it looks pretty useful, compared to a glowing cock!”

Morgana’s skin crawled at the name. Scarlett. She was nearly everything Morgana wasn’t. Tall, pretty, athletic but with incredibly large breasts, breasts that Morgana was sure weren’t achieved by natural means. But that’s what witches did. It didn’t help that she had exceptional talent for sorcery, further inflating her ego.

The one thing Morgana did have over her was drive. Ambition. She had to fight for every achievement, every bit of knowledge she acquired, whereas Scarlett had grown complacent, lazy from her gifts. She would show her yet, as Sophie’s airhead voice broke her out of her musings.

“…besides what are you gonna do with a ghost cock, sex em to death? Fireballs can incinerate people!”

Morgana smiled. “Funny you should say that Sophie, as one’s sexual arousal is very closely tied to one’s life force, so in a manner of speaking, yes, I could drive them into an orgasmic grave.”

A haughty voice penetrated the air. For a second Morgana thought it was her master, Voroven, but then it sounded too female, too arrogant without the wisdom to back it up. “What’s this, the sad little virgin giving lectures on whore magic? Speaking from all your vast experience are we?” said Scarlett, her fiery red hair bobbing as she walked up behind Sophie.

Morgana’s face flushed red in embarrassment, her virginity was a sore subject for her, but she was obstinate in not changing her form to be more desirable. She did not want to be something she wasn’t like all the other witches. What angered her more was the hypocrisy of Scarlett, well known for her dalliances with their master, for more secrets and favors.

“You’re one to talk Scarlett…on vast experience.”

Scarlett’s emerald eyes flashed in rage for a moment, before furrowing her face with well practiced indignation. “I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about! Why is it always the virgins who know the most about seduction? Hmmm? Perhaps someone isn’t as chaste as she would want us to believe…”

She flicked her hair back dramatically, her heavy cleavage jiggling from the motion as she stared Morgana down. “But what else would you expect from someone named Morgana? Never before or since has such a lying harlot caused so much pain and suffering…you may surpass her yet…”

Morgana blew Scarlett over with her wand before straddling her to the ground. “You bitch!” she cried as she held her hand over the redhead’s pubic mound, a purple glow seeping into her quickly moistening sex. Scarlett gasped, her large tanned breasts wobbling in her skimpy witch outfit as her fingers dug into the earth, intoxicated from the wonderful sensations.

Sophie stood by, struck with indecision and watching with growing arousal as her fellow pupils pawed at each other. Morgana’s lips glowed before kissing Scarlett intensely, their ample breasts pressing into each as both moaned into each other’s mouths. Scarlett’s immense bronzed cleavage contrasted starkly against Morgana’s pale globes, even with their clothes on, Sophie could tell Scarlett’s breasts far outsized that of Morganas’.

Morgana started rubbing Scarlett’s sex through her dress, the fabric chafing exquisitely against her nub while her other hand groped one of the redhead’s abundant breasts, squeezing hard as her palm dragged against her nipple, eliciting more moans from the writhing witch. Before it could get even more heated, a whistle resounded through the air as Morgana was knocked back.

Voroven had arrived, his regal wizard robes fluttering in the aftermath of his separation spell. He stroked his graying beard as he spoke, clearly enjoying the sensation it created as well as the grizzled but dashing image it imparted on his acolytes. “My my…what have we here? I daresay Sophie, we were almost witnesses to a rare act of lesbomancy! Well actually, truth be told, it’s not THAT rare…but still! Impressive Morgana!”

He walked over to the petite witch, giving her a hand up as he looked over to his other pupil, Scarlett, breathing heavily, her ripe breasts rising ever so softly to her breath. Voroven’s mouth watered. He got that, every night. Sights like these often reminded him of why he got into wizardry. Well, plus he had no choice either, being the third son of a third son, he was destined for a magical calling, and the bastards who kidnapped him from his crib made sure of it.

Sophie helped Scarlett up as Voroven spoke, the redhead miffed that her lover didn’t lend her a hand. “A delightful display Morgana, but ultimately fruitless. Unless you intend to run a very interesting brothel, I’m afraid all you’ll ever get out of sex magic is parlor tricks.”

“Told you!” jeered Sophie and Scarlett in unison.

Voroven shot the two a steely glare, his jaw clenching. “Shut up. I know girls will be girls but I won’t have any more of this ridiculous infighting, it is most unbecoming! You are witches of the White Sun coven, act as such! As for you Morgana, I forbid any more practice of sex magic. Am I understood?”

“Yes master…” they all said, staring at the ground like scolded children.

“Good!” said the old wizard, a jovial grin lighting up his face as he put his arms behind the girls. “‘Tis a beautiful morning, a beautiful day! Today is the day, ladies! You will graduate from wands to scepters, the next step on the path to ultimate arcane power. Your lives will never be the same!”

The four left the grassy hill in good spirits, Voroven not knowing how true his words would prove to be…


The three witches knelt outside a looming white tower, their home and their school, Voroven’s abode since time immemorial. Birds chirped and flitted from the waving, verdant trees, happy to be alive in the spring weather. An aura of happiness permeated the domain.

Voroven stepped out of the tower, three scepters strapped to his back as he strutted forward, eager to dole them out. He called each witch up separately, giving them a word of encouragement, shaking their hand, and then bequeathing his gift.

Morgana walked up last, eager to claim the final staff. Her scepter was of finely wrought wood, spirals leading to the top with a crystal at the end. The shaft had white roses growing out of it. It was simple and modest, much like its owner.

Voroven looked over Morgana, the front of her dress sown up like a corset, barely hiding the bulging cleavage within. He sighed, wishing she dressed as provocatively as his other students, as he looked over to Scarlett whose deep cleavage bounced sensually, rejoicing in her new gift. He couldn’t wait to fondle her when he was done.

“Thank you Master Voroven.” said Morgana, her clear voice breaking him out of his daydream.

“Ah yes, no problem my dear!” he grinned, delicately laying the staff in her hands. Her face lit up in joy. Such a simple pleasure. She looked back at him expectantly, anticipating a few words of wisdom.

Voroven put his hand on her shoulder, before taking a deep breath. “Morgana, I must be frank. When you first came here, you were the epitome of unremarkable. I say the epitome because most unremarkable witches remedy their unremarkability by dropping their knickers in lieu of actual talent. But you didn’t do that, much to my initial disappointment. You kept on fighting, struggling, powering through rigorous studies. And while you’re not the strongest witch, the most intelligent or even the most attractive, you’ve got something they don’t. Heart, lots of heart and the will to drive forward.”

Morgana’s eyes welled up, ignoring his barbs while soaking in his praise. “Really?”

“Of course!” He patted her on the back, leading her away from the other girls. “Much like your namesake…I think you’re destined for greatness! Your spirit is so…” he looked distant, searching for something profound. “Pure. Pure pureness in all its purity.” he winced at his own words, relieved that Morgana was idolizing him too much to notice.

“Master and apprentice. How touching.” said a woman from the trees. Voroven frowned at the familiar voice. His frown turned into a grimace as the she-devil sauntered out from the woods.

Clad in all black, the voluptuous woman stepped forward. She looked older than most witches, but still extremely attractive. Like most of her kind, she had her enormous cleavage out on display, barely covered by a thin negligee. Her hair was a frosty white, not borne of maturity, but of spellcraft, glowing with sorcerous vitality.

Voroven seethed, his eyes narrowing. “Drusila….”

Drusila curtsied, her milky globes shaking with the movement. “Long time no see Voroven.”

“Not nearly long enough. Ladies, this is Drusila, Witch of the…” he stumbled, wracking his brain for answers.

“Our Dark Lady of the Weeping Ruby and Singing Dagger’s of the Laughing Ghost Goat coven.”

“Good god woman that is a mouthful!”

“You are still referring to the coven, yes?”

Voroven chuckled. “Hmm, yes, you clever strumpet! What brings you here? Not here for that damned stone again are you? The answer is the same….”

“No not again. Just heard through the grapevine that the White Sun coven is moving up in the world…”

“Truly, you heard well!” he said, as he went on to introduce his witches. Drusila’s eyes glazed over during the introductions as she focused on Scarlett. She sensed something within the depths of her heart. Envy. Malice. The beginnings of darkness. She stifled a moan as she thought of dragging her soul into the abyss, dreaming of making her a dark disciple.

“Riveting.” she said as Voroven finished his introductions. She swaggered closer to him, swaying her hips and pushing her chest out to his face, her gravity defying breasts immediately capturing his attention. “Tell me more about your wonderful tower…” Voroven helplessly stared into her lush cleavage as she put a hand behind her back, flickers of violet light trailing from her finger tip, snaking to the ground as it made its way to Scarlett’s scepter.

As Voroven droned on about ancient history, Drusila nodded and smirked from time to time, feigning interest. She wanted Scarlett as hers. Sophie too, the dowdy Morgana would be good for spell practice. She couldn’t risk overtaking them directly, Voroven would turn her to ash in the attempt. Instead her darkness engulfed Scarlett’s scepter, the pink crystal at the top of her staff cracking and turning deep red underneath the blight of her evil.

Scarlett tensed for a moment as she felt something enter her. It was dark…yet not. She had been well versed in defense against the dark arts but this was something new. Something deliciously good. Black magic was known for causing excruciating pain, but this was bliss. She felt it coming from her scepter and immediately hugged it close to her body, feeling a sense of intense ownership over it as the pleasurable feelings magnified.

Her breasts tingled and her pussy moistened, prompting her to make subtle grinding movements against the rod, trying not to cause a commotion in front of the others. Her breath became heavy again that day, as she sensed an orgasm coming on, finally able to finish what Morgana started. That cow. Feelings of envy boiled up within her. Was she not more talented and beautiful than Morgana? Then why did Voroven treat her so special!?

She was overcome with feelings to just give in as her body trembled, quivering with anticipation for release, with little pangs of caution flaring in her head if she did give in to her desires. Sound from the outside world faded, only the pounding of her racing heart resounded through her mind, lost in the sensation of her juices running down her thighs as her throbbing pussy neared explosive release.

She looked to the sky, her eyes dilating, letting out a quiet gasp as the infectious evil swam through her soul. She saw herself sowing ruin and chaos, being beautiful forever. Eternal pleasure beckoned, and realizing she could not fight her fate, she surrendered, overcome as a tidal wave of pleasure and darkness crashed down on her mind, sending her body reeling into searing pleasure, her nerves overcome with orgasmic bliss.

“And they say its the biggest in all the land.” finished Voroven, a smile of content blessing his face, marveling at his own impressive knowledge of history as well as his impressive view of Drusila’s spectacular breasts.

“Fascinating.” said Drusila.

Their moment was interrupted as Scarlett’s scream pierced the air. Voroven spun around, seeing she had fallen to the ground. All three ran up to the writhing witch. Sophie cradled her head, Voroven peering over curiously, while Morgana kept her gaze steady on Drusila.

“Hmmm…most curious..” he mused, stroking his beard as he watched Scarlett grope her breasts, the pressure from her palms creating an arousing swell on her chest.

“What happened?” said Morgana, keeping her eyes on Drusila, who looked on with unhealthy fascination.

“A wizard did it.” he said, breaking his gaze away from her perfect chest. “Most likely a bee.”

“A bee!?” gasped Morgana in disbelief. “Bees don’t do this…”

“Magic bees do. A wizard likely enchanted it so it could bring him magic honey. Very good stuff.”

“Of course.” Morgana rolled her eyes, always hating that explanation, for its simplicity and for how correct it often was.

“Take her to the infirmary, I’ll see what I can do.” Voroven turned to Drusila, giving her a cordial handshake. “For once, a pleasure, now shoo. I’ve got a student to save.”

Drusila allowed herself a fleeting glance at Scarlett, smirking as she returned the wizard’s gesture. “Of course. Give Scarlett my best, and good luck with the coven!” she bowed, before turning into a flock of ravens, spiriting herself away from the wizard’s tower.

The witches and the wizard carried the mumbling Scarlett into the tower. Voroven couldn’t help but notice she seemed aroused, her crotch damp. That was odd, even magical bees couldn’t do that. Unless they were enhanced with sex magic, but even then the only practitioner he knew within a thousand miles was walking right next to him. The plot thickens, he pondered.

Scarlett moaned as they laid her down on the bed, her eyes fluttering as she tried to finger herself. “Ahhh…unngh…can feel it…deep..deep inside me…changing…so good…”

“What does it mean?” said Sophie, her dull mind unusually inquisitive.

Voroven stroked his magnificent beard before whishing it to the side in an excessive gesture. “Clearly it means she needs me inside her! In the dream world she is imagining me, ploughing her ’till kingdom come. The only way to break her out of it, is to do the reciprocal in the real world!” he grinned, clearly enamored with his “duty”.

He put his arms behind Sophie and Morgana’s back, pushing them out the door. “You two go have fun while I save your friend. She’ll be as good as new in no time!”

Morgana protested, she wasn’t fond of Scarlett but something had to be done. “But what about Drusila? She was fine until she showed up!”

“Yeah!” Sophie joined in, as if by instinct.

“My dear Morgana, she was fine until the bee showed up! Don’t go off bothering Drusila, she is a cruel hag, best left at arm’s length and always in front of you! And I won’t have another war between the covens so don’t do it!” he slammed the door in their faces, an echo of glee emanating from within as he began to save Scarlett.


In the late afternoon sun, Sophie and Morgana stood before Drusila’s hut. It struck them as unusual that it was made of gingerbread, as something so delicious was usually an omen of evil within witchcraft circles, but they pressed on.

Sophie stomped forward, her long blonde hair shimmering in the bright sun as she placed her hands on her hips in a dominant manner. “I’ll deal with her.” she declared, sporting a tough look across her face.

Morgana was surprised by her initiative. “Really?”

“Yeah! She probably did that…stuff, to Scarlett! She must pay. Wait near the stream, if thing’s go bad, you know what to do.”

Morgana actually had no clue what to do, but nodded as if she did, appreciative of Sophie’s confidence as she ducked down by a nearby stream.

Sophie knocked on Drusila’s edible door. The door creaked open slowly. Drusila peered through with a predatory look on her face, her eyes flashing in a yellow glow. “How may I help you child?” she purred, her eyes darting around Sophie, looking for others.

Sophie looked deep into her eyes, feeling an immediate need to hold her, make love to her. Her pussy twitched underneath the witch’s stare, longing to grind against her curvaceous body. She was barely able to shake herself out of the woman’s thrall. “You can help by telling me what you did to Scarlett!”

Overhearing the two, Morgana slapped her palm to her face, cringing at Sophie’s naivete. This couldn’t go well.

“Of course child! Come inside and you will have the answers you seek…” she said, her eyes flashing yellow once more.

“Ok!” the young witch said, thinking her will was her own. Her eyes gravitated towards Drusila’s thick bottom, sheer cloth showcasing her sculpted cheeks, bouncing with every step as she walked inside.

The inside of Drusila’s hut was as lavish as its owner. Luxurious carpets coated the floor, plush velvet cushions laid against the windows and an aroma of jasmine and lavender streaked the air. In the middle of the room, was a broiling cauldron, pouring savory scents into Sophie’s senses.

Sophie reclined into a cushion, letting out a long sigh from how supernaturally soft it was. She watched Drusila churn her cauldron, the fire underneath illuminating her immense cleavage, shaking gently from her churning.

Sophie felt a fog enter her mind, her will was becoming less responsive, but still managed to make an idle observation. “Drusila? W-why…how do witches always have such large chests?”

Drusila paused, licking her lips as she looked at her prey. “How do dragons fly? Magic my dear!”

The blonde began playing with her breasts, large and soft as certain feelings began boiling within. She couldn’t help it. “Oh…sssounds like ssomething my m-master would say…” she slurred, her mind twisting into more lurid thoughts.

Drusila scoffed. “Yes I bet he would! But behind every wizard who did it, there was a witch pushing him along! We’re always marginalized while they’re the reason why we have to dress so pretty, have such perfect breasts!”

Sophie lolled her head over, her hand drifting towards her pussy, calling her to play. Drusila was so enticing, she yearned to just tear her dress down and feast upon her robust curves. “Wellll…I like being pretty and no one is f-forcing us to be like this…”

Drusila frowned. Sophie’s logic offended her. Clearly her toxins had their work cut out for them. She stopped stirring and glared at Sophie. Now was the time. The time to crush her naïve little soul. She cackled at the thought.

Drusila moved away from her cauldron, pulling her bustier down slowly, tearing it from the sides as her large breasts swelled, exploding free from their confines.”You know Sophie, I was going to bring you into darkness, to commit evil by my side. Sisters in Darkness! But that’s too good for you, you’re too stupid to have the right opinions and make your own decisions, so I’ll make them for you!”

Drusila launched across the room, straddling Sophie’s weakened and powerless body. The white haired vixen launched her mouth into the blondes’, their tongues coming together in a lewd embrace as slurping sounds and moans filled the hut. Sophie tried to push her off but she was too strong. Then she felt puncturing sensations in her mouth as Drusila’s black tongue filled her body with more intoxicants, numbing her further with aphrodisiacs and opiates.

Sophie’s eyes rolled back into her head, her hands and feet twitching under the erotic assault. Drusila ripped away her panties as she ground her pussy on Sophie’s sex, her labia overpowering the young witch in a show of dominance. She clutched Sophie with a tight grip, pressing and rubbing her firm breasts against hers, dripping sweat making them slip and jiggle. Drusila’s sleek belly undulated as she humped against her young lover, moaning softly into her ears as she indulged the burning need in her sex.

A calming warmth had overcome Sophie’s body as she surrendered to Drusila’s touch. This felt right. Surrender. It was a dreamy feeling, as if all was going to be good in the end. Within her dimming world she heard the distant and rising moans of Drusila, climaxing over her body. She felt the older witch’s fluids squirt all over her, seeping into her skin, infecting her willing body as dark thoughts clouded her mind.

Drusila cradled Sophie’s head as her body twitched with her foul essence. The young woman groaned, mashing Drusila’s mountainous breasts together like a sex crazed sailor. She mumbled incoherences as Drusila cupped her breasts in turn.

“Oh god….f-fuck…feel you…all of you…” she moaned, drool leaking out of her mouth as her mind was remodeled.

“Yes child, take it all in. We’ll be closer than sisters, closer than twins…we’ll be one. Very soon…” she whispered, holding her close with motherly tenderness.

Drusila looked over her carefully. Corrupting one into darkness, like she did Scarlett, was easy. Making them your mind slave was another matter entirely. A matter of sex magic. She looked at her own bulging bosom, the veins within illuminating in tones of violet before returning to normal. Now was the time to take the plunge.

Drusila proffered up an aroused pink nipple, squeezing her ripe mound as she urged it into Sophie’s mouth. Instinctively, Sophie turned her head away, her soul not willing to take the final step into damnation. But Drusila held her head in a solid grip, slowly lowering her ample breast into the girl’s mouth, her soul crying out at the inevitability of its defilement.

Soon, hot ambrosia leaked onto her lips, Sophie spat and sputtered in defiance, until Drusila pushed her face further into her bosom. It was useless to resist. Sophie emitted one final whine before nursing, sealing her fate.

Drusila moaned she as cradled Sophie’s head, wallowing in the sensation of her breasts pumping her essence into the girl. “Drink it all in…feel me swim inside you…forever..”

Sophie let loose another muffled groan as she felt a portion of Drusila’s foul soul smother her own. She was being crushed and loved it. As pure evil wracked her twitching body, she felt herself change. Always she had prided herself on her natural endowments, not having to rely on magic to be beautiful, but even Drusila’s dark touch proved much could be changed.

She moaned in pleasure as her athletic breasts ripened into large, full melons, sending an orgasmic tingle into the very core of her body while her toned ass rippled, morphing into a plump but taut bubble shape. Her blonde hair whitened into a silvery mane like that of her mistress, while her caramel skin was leached of color, not becoming as pale as Drusila, but adopting a more creamy hue.

Drusila smiled, holding Sophie close as both suffered a blinding orgasm under her blissful changes. As Sophie’s bones and flesh restitched themselves into the ultimate erotic form, she felt Drusila’s presence come for her mind at last. She had taken her body, corrupted her soul, now her psyche was ripe for reforming. Her shallow mind was no match for Drusila. She offered up no resistance, eager to be taken. She forced more of Drusila’s leaking breast into her mouth, swallowing another scalding gulp of her nectar as she let the darkness consume her…


Morgana sat outside near the stream, her feet numb from the chilled water. She couldn’t hear a thing within the hut. Were things going well? A dark thought crossed her mind, as she realized Drusila could have enchanted her home with a silencing spell, making it soundproof. Goddamn magic, she thought, always the reason behind something. She charged her staff with energy, ready to blow away anyone that came outside.


Drusila stepped back from her young charge, her transformation complete. Her fit stomach had become impossibly sleek, as if she were a sculpture, while her thighs had been lent more shape, elegantly hiding her well-developed muscles. Her lips had blackened while her eyelashes had become very thick, giving her a smoky look. The new Sophie flashed her eyes open, her blue eyes now a whitish-silver, and then began to cackle, pleased with her new body and the treacherous thoughts that wormed through her mind.

“Rise, my pet.”

“Yesss mistress!”

Drusila looked on with pride and joy as her convert hopped up in one fluid movement, her heavy breasts bouncing with the gesture. She felt so close to her, having a direct link to her mind, her will. All belonging to her. She looked over her sculpted body, nodding in approval. With her silvery hair and creamy skin she could almost pass for her daughter. Drusila chuckled at the thought, before diving into the girl’s memories…


Morgana’s heart leapt once the door swung open, hearing wicked laughs fill the air as two witches walked out. She recognized Drusila but the other….something was wrong. That couldn’t be Sophie, could it? She looked almost unrecognizable, her entire body seemed darkened, a pale of reflection of what she used to be…a shadow. She panicked as they walked straight for her.

Sophie and Drusila trudged up towards the stream, looking down on Morgana imperiously. Both were dressed in black, Drusila wearing a thin, see through gown that clung to every curve of her body while Sophie wore a strapless dress, her soft, abundant mounds barely held back by the cloth.

“Look at you…” said Drusila, as she put her hands on her hips. “Like a drowned rat!”

“Yeah!” taunted Sophie, still single-minded as ever, just in a new fashion.

Morgana was horrified, but determined. She was trained to fight, though she doubted she could take on two witches at once. “Sophie! What did she do to you!?”

Sophie looked on silently, her face now blank.

“She only speaks when I deem it prudent. See, she’s evil now, like me! And she loves it, it feels so good to be bad! Now, we’re going to retrieve Scarlett, that we may sow chaos, ruin, despair AND EVIIIL!” she monologued, basking in the villainy of her declarations.

Morgana’s jaw dropped. “Wow…seriously…you’re just going to wear it on your sleeve like that? No hidden motivations…just evil?”

“When it feels this good, it’s the only motivation you need! Sophie! Take her…make her mine, or make her dead! I’ve got a date with fate! Toodaloo!” she squawked, turning into a swarm of ravens as the flock head in the direction of Voroven’s tower.

Sophie jumped down the bank, aiming to straddle Morgana to the ground, but as she hit the stream, Morgana blew her off her feet. “Sophie…I’m sorry, but there’s no way in the nine hells that I’m joining you.”

Sophie launched back up, snarling. “Ohhhh, you just think you’re soooooo special don’t you? None can resist this pleasure!” She twirled her staff needlessly in the air, before casting a spell, causing her to move at lightning speed, tackling Morgana to the ground in a blur. She sealed her lips around Morgana’s mouth, both mewling in delight.

Sophie pawed at Morgana’s ample cleavage, her small hands scrambling to tear down her blouse while she humped against her leg, hoping Morgana would cave in to her lustful assault. Her ensorcelled lips, pouting and moist, leaked dark sex magic into Morgana’s soul, eager to twist and corrupt her body.

But Morgana was unyielding in her virtues and Sophie was a mere neophyte when it came to magic. Her inner purity flashed to life, incinerating the invading blight in a blaze of righteous fire. Morgana took advantage of of her power and grabbed Sophie closer, pushing her sex against the platinum blonde’s moist folds. She held the evil witch’s head close against her lips as her other hand tore down her dress, grabbing her heavy porcelain breasts, her fingers squeezing around their abundant softness.

Sophie didn’t know what was going on. Then again, that wasn’t so rare for her. Everything seemed to be going so well. Until she felt up against Morgana’s purity. As tempting as it was to corrupt, so too was it tempting to let it consume her in a blaze of sexual fire. She felt heat shooting through her veins, her pussy beginning to spasm as white light blinded her in the corners of her vision.

Morgana felt Sophie moan into her mouth, lost in the ecstasy of being smote by her holy light. The blonde’s luscious breasts dripped with sweat, her thighs daubed with love juices as Morgana rubbed harder and harder against her nub, driving her into a final release.

Sophie nuzzled into Morgana’s neck as her orgasm hit. Her rounded ass cheeks humped against Morgana’s hips urgently and violently as she was overtaken by her fatal climax. She sobbed in pure joy as her grabbing hands mashed into Morgana’s heavy breasts, spurting her sweet musky fluids all over her dress as she felt white fire ignite within her body.

Morgana dropped back as Sophie fell on her, convulsing and twitching with stuttering moans as she turned to ash in her arms. She let out a deep breath, looking down at her damp dress, wet with a mix of both of their fluids. That was close. Too close.

The tinge of darkness she felt earlier was all too seductive. Had Sophie been a little stronger it may have worked, and she would have turned into a cruel, cackling slut. The idea gave her goosebumps. She gave one last look to her former classmate, now an ashen sculpture, quickly crumbling into the speeding stream.

Poor girl, she thought. Dead before her time, now no one would know her name. She wasn’t her biggest fan, but even rivals deserved better than this. She picked up her scepter, dusting off left-over bits of Sophie. Drusila would pay for this.


Drusila crept into the ivory tower, opening the door. She was tense. She couldn’t access Sophie’s mind link. Likely being blocked by magic sigils in Voroven’s tower. Then there was the other matter at hand. Had Scarlett finished her descent into evil? Or had Voroven managed to save her? The inside of the place was as she expected, full of magical trinkets with hefty bookshelves lining the walls. A colorful interplay of light saturated the room from the stain glass windows, the late afternoon sun beginning to shift into dusk. All was still and quiet.

Then she heard quiet moans emanating from further down the hallway. Drusila smiled, they were distinctly female. She made her through the stone corridor, her steps creating echoes as she came ever closer to the infirmary. Drusila crossed the threshold and was overjoyed at the sight.

Scarlett bobbed gently on Voroven’s cock, her tangled red hair streaking her sweaty, sculpted back as she milked him for everything he had. Occasionally Voroven made feeble protests, muffled by one of Scarlett’s hefty mammaries being stuffed in his mouth. Scarlett was absorbing everything from him, his secrets, his knowledge…his soul.

She should have done this long ago. But then again, long ago she had not been touched by sex magic. Her silken pussy made sucking sounds as she rode him into a slow, drawn out and orgasmic end. He was all but finished, his muscles withered and his bones starting to fracture from the sheer lack of vitality.

Scarlett and Voroven moaned in unison, as he jetted another torrent of his precious seed into her pulsating sex, driving her to release as she felt him take another gulp from her leaking breast. Her strong thighs, dripping with perspiration, gripped around his waist as she held him even closer to her body, clutching onto him as she squeezed him dry.

Drusila looked on like a proud mother. Scarlett’s fall into evil had not drained her of her tanned skin, instead imbued it with a more golden caramel hue, glowing with sorcerous ardor. The redhead’s slow, rhythmic contractions on Voroven made her ass cheeks clench seductively, making motions as if her honey toned hemispheres were sucking the life out of him. In a way, she was, forcing his manhood to keep on throbbing and spewing his spend into her grabbing depths.

Drusila finally walked forward, laying a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t mind me darling, but if you can, find out where he keeps his Blood Stone.”

Scarlett smiled, looking down on Voroven’s slack face as he sucked relentlessly upon her heaving bosom. “I got that bit of information early on…oh…fuck he is tasty…he keeps it in the left eye of his cat statue…on his desk..”

Drusila left them for a moment, walking up a flight of stairs into his study. And just as she said, there it lay, in the eye of the tiger. She snickered, remembering Voroven’s fondness for all manner of felines. She picked the stone out, like a ruby but imbued with richer, crimson hues. For centuries had she lusted for this stone, only three existed, and now she had all three. Now she could enact her plans, at last.

Voroven came repeatedly into his former student’s undulating sex, a sigh of resignation and relief trying to leave his lips as more of her hot ambrosia poured down his throat, his taste buds long dead as he suckled on her soft breast. His world began to dim as his hearing lessened, Scarlett’s moans of pleasure now a distant echo, as he went through his death throes, an unfriendly chill beginning to settle in his body.

He wished he had been more careful. He wished he had taught Scarlett a defense against sex magic. Most of all, he wished he had killed Drusila when he had the chance, all those centuries ago. Now the fruits of his mercy had repaid him in full. He shrugged, there were worse ways to go, especially in his profession.

Just as he was about to pass out into Scarlett’s bosom and welcome death in her soft embrace…he heard a crash. Shouting. Suddenly Scarlett was no longer on top of him. She was on the floor. Morgana had arrived.

Drusila hopped down the flight on stairs, landing with a bone-snapping crunch. She shrieked in pain, before instantly mending her bones with a quick spell. The dark haired girl had come to meddle once more. No matter, she had what she needed.

Morgana aimed her scepter at Scarlett’s pretty little face, ready to end it all. “Why?! You loved him, and THIS is how you repay our master?!”

Drusila silently stalked behind Morgana, grabbing her neck as she spoke into her ear. “Your question implies choice…she succumbed without hesitation…giving herself to my gifts…”

Scarlett rose from the floor, enjoying the reversal of fortune as Morgana was restrained. “Right you are Drusila. Even though it was a forceful experience, I am grateful for the change, it has…opened my eyes.”

Drusila grasped Morgana tighter, licking her ear as her hot breath tickled her neck. “What pray tell did you do to my sweet Sophie?”

Morgana gripped the wand in her robes. “Only a little something…like this!” She blasted Drusila with a paralyzing spell, giving her time to throw the witch right in front of her, as she hit the ground like a mannequin. She brought her staff to bear once more, but Scarlett was quicker, throwing up a spectral shield as she cured Drusila of her stillness.

Drusila brought herself up, snarling at Morgana. “You will never learn! One day, Morgana of the White Sun, we will finish you off, but now, the world awaits!” she cackled, enshrouding herself and Scarlett in a glowing haze as the two blinked out of existence, the air clapping in their exit, filled only with brittle laughter.

Morgana sighed with relief, grateful she did not have to fight them, especially in these cramped quarters. She ran over to the side of Voroven, his gurgling moan of pain testifying to the life within. He was a mess, his eyes whited out as drool and some sort of liquid coated his craggy face. He was completely withered, his stylish ruggedness now replaced with old decrepitude.

“Morgana…my girl..well done…” he coughed, each word a struggle. “Dru…sila…has dark plans…for the…realm…oh fuck it come closer!”

Morgana was shocked by his indulgence of the common tongue but honored his request. He put a gnarled hand to her cheek, communicating thoughts and visions to her instantly. Drusila’s plan was to bathe the Blood Stone Trine in the fires of Castle Revinor at midnight. Once the bell tolled, chaos and evil would flood into the world, overcoming good…for good.

“You must stop them, once and for all.” he said, his voice crystal clear in her mind.

“But Master…I can’t, not both at the same time!” she said, the act of telepathy surprisingly easy.

“Hush child. I shall imbue you with the last of my life, my power…my knowledge. It is scant, but it is enough. Good will overcome evil once more. You will be as great as your name, redeemer of its dark legacy and savior of all the land. There will not be a soul who does not know your name.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Thank you Master Voroven. I will not fail you.”

“I know child…I know…”

With that, Morgana felt a subtle heat pouring into her face, reaching to the back of her skull. It was a light airy feeling as she felt…knowledge. She was surprised such a thing could have a feeling. It felt so knowledgy. Candle light in the room flickered as it witnessed the passage of power between two legends, one dying, another rising.

Voroven let out a final, drawn out sigh, his head rolling back as his hand dropped from her face. Morgana immediately felt more power tingling from her finger tips, from her entire body. It was an intoxicating feeling, but Morgana pushed it away, reminded of the fount of lunacy that was Drusila. She wiped away errant tears from reddened cheeks as she walked out of the infirmary, sparing one last look at the man who had taught her so much.

“I will make you proud Master.”


Morgana eyed the ancient castle, its dilapidated and jagged form cutting a cruel silhouette against the darkening sky. The surrounding wood was just as malformed as its grasping and twisted branches reached for the road. As she walked down the path, further coming into the shadow of the castle, she noticed ravens landing on the branches, lining her way to the castle doors.

She stood before the castle entrance, its trampled oak doors a sad reminder of its former glory. Before she went in a final raven perched on an extinguished lantern near the entrance. It looked at her quizzically, nodding its head as if wishing her luck before flying off. Morgana took a deep breath, calming her nerves.

Voroven’s knowledge of all matters arcane had augmented her rudimentary knowledge of sex magic. She knew exactly how to counter Drusila. She stepped forward into the castle, taking her first steps into history and legend.

Morgana crossed the throne room chamber, its marble floor marred with cracks and filled with faded banners of a bygone era. She followed the sound of chanting, growing louder the closer she approached the castle’s chapel.

She crept just outside of the chapel, its battered doors forced open, giving her a good look of what lay inside. Her foes. Both Drusila and Scarlett lay naked in prayer positions, making sounds of adulation in front of the three Blood Stones. Both were streaked in blood, a drained goat nearby. Typical.

The day had become night, a black moon revealing itself through the shifting clouds. A good omen for witches with apocalyptic inclinations. Shadowy light shone through the broken roof and into the chamber, giving the naked witches a haunting glow. Now was the time to act. Morgana prepared a spell in her mind, and then charged through with a scream.

Drusila and Scarlett were both taken by surprise as Morgana landed in their ritual circle, kicking over candles and skulls before throwing a blue blast of light from her hands. The light encircled the Blood Stones, sucking them into miniature black holes. Morgana knew she could not destroy them, so she moved them, far away into a dark dimension.

Drusila backhanded Morgana before blowing her off her feet with a quick incantation, instantly materializing her scepter. “Well looky here Scarlett, the bitch wants to play hero! Come here to have your ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny have you?! Crafty girl, time to show you what happens to heroes after they have their happily ever after…THEY FALL!”

A burst of pink light saturated the room and Morgana immediately felt aroused, her breath becoming heavy as she saw the faint outline of spectral vaginal lips appear before her, unnerved as it reminded her of a gaping maw. A musky sweetness entered her nostrils as Scarlett added her power to the forbidden incantation, causing her to stagger.

“Yes! Give in child…pleasure will overtake you! None can resist my sex magic!” gloated Drusila, her arousal rising and heart racing as her lush tits trembled underneath her energetic movements.

Morgana moaned as she felt her defenses crumble. She brought her legs closer together, attempting to stifle the burning desire in her loins, growing more intolerable with each passing moment. But all was not lost, within her intoxicated mind, she knew how to beat this, as a familiar blue glow built up within her palm.

Keeping her thoughts clear, she summoned exactly what she needed. A gigantic spectral phallus. Her summoned manhood floated from her hand, before she plunged it deep into the floating vagina, the ghostly genitalia sparking in a flash of indigo and pink light at the moment of penetration.

She began thrusting, her hand making a fisting motion as she ploughed into the illusory pussy. All three witches dropped to their knees, moaning at the sensation. On her third plunge the vagina shattered, blowing up in a blast of violet light, sending Drusila and Scarlett spiraling onto the floor.

Morgana surged forward, shoving her spiritual dildo into the prone witches, its head dividing into two, penetrating both at the same time. She fucked them both, the warm yet immaterial shafts igniting white hot desire into their bodies. Drusila’s back arched, her bountiful breasts jiggling as the phallus drove in, her needy hands reaching for Scarlett as she became lost in her lusts.

Scarlett had become insatiable, kneading her tremendous breasts for a moment before falling upon Drusila, heeding her need as her mouth sucked upon the witch’s bouncing, ripe mounds. Drusila mashed Scarlett’s head further into her glistening bust, surrendering to the redhead’s wandering tongue as she felt Morgana’s ghost cock penetrate her.

A pink aura settled over the two, rosy light reflecting off their gleaming sweaty bodies as they writhed together in a sensuous tangle. Their raucous moans pierced Morgana’s ears, still struggling to keep her summoned manhood from fading away, as she penetrated their foul souls, building them up into a fatal orgasm.

She could see their life force bunch up around their soft bodies, becoming pent up with sexual energy. Scarlett tongued feverishly into Drusila’s mouth, while the older witch grasped Scarlett’s bountiful bottom, her pale, claw like hands highlighted against the redhead’s honeyed cheeks. Scarlett glided her pelvis against Drusila’s nub, their sleek and slick bellies sliding against one another, as she spared a hand to strum her sex and the other to tweak her lover’s engorged nipple, her palm sinking into the lush mound of her breast, as both rode out their storm of ecstasy.

Scarlett’s nipple play had been enough to push Drusila over the edge, as the sensation sent a tingle to her her core, down to her overheated pussy as a dam of tension was blown over, ultimate pleasure coursing through her veins. She clutched the redhead like a predator, grunting as she held her on top, her hips bucking as her overflowing sex rubbed against her lovers’, igniting the redhead’s own release.

Morgana sensed their climaxes and gave one final, mighty thrust with her spectral phallus, driving it to release as well, sending her a wave of elation and sealing the dread witches fates. Her nipples hardened and her pussy gushed even more from the sensation, holding back her own release with all her might.

She grimaced as she drove both of her foes into life ending orgasms, Drusila and Scarlett both writhing against each other in a sweaty, passionate embrace as their wicked souls burnt out on a high note. Scarlett had one of Drusila’s massive jugs in her mouth, gripping her soft flesh tightly as she took one last gulp of her accursed ambrosia while Drusila thrust against her lover’s shapely leg, squirting all over her thigh as ruby fire consumed the two in the throes of ecstasy.

Red flames reflected in Morgana’s eyes as she watched the two burn alive, turning to ash instantly. Embers and ash floated in the air as a ghostly moan of pleasure accompanied their exit, until there was only deathly silence and stillness in the chapel. She furrowed her brow, thinking that such an end was too good for them, but pleased that she proved all her doubters wrong, gloriously wrong, about the lethality of sex magic.

She spared a glance at the two charred marks on the glassy marble floor, both caught eternally in the moment of perfect bliss . Morgana turned around dramatically, letting her outfit billow out behind her theatrically as she thought on best how to remedy the damage Drusila wrought. Voroven, Sophie and Scarlett…all dead. She was saddened, but then inspired as she knew what she must do. Moments like these were when heroes were born. She got on her knees, placing her staff before her as a knight would his sword, making her oath to whoever would listen.

She looked up the shattered stain glass window in the chapel, a proud yet broken angel looking down on her, its face twisted from disrepair as moonlight shone through the its cracks.

“I, Morgana, last witch of the White Sun coven, pledge to the divines, that I will uphold the Seven Virtues, of Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility! May I forever protect the weak and fearful and those in need, and may my soul be damned should I stray from my holy purpose!”

Her litany at an end, the room lay in golden silence, not even a flea stirring in the face of her holy oath. She prayed the Chastity part could still count if she was only driving others to orgasm, lest she be damning herself before she reached the end of her oath! Damn! Why didn’t she think of that before? She couldn’t exactly leave that one out, the Six Virtues didn’t quite have the same ring to it and the Eight Virtues was right out. A wretched cackle broke her out of her neuroses.

“Admirable…but of little consequence!” crooned an entity, its voice bouncing all around the room.

Morgana spun around, eyes darting to find what would undoubtedly be her next enemy. “I fear not the spectres of the Underworld! Cowards all!” she shouted, her loud gesture causing her ample cleavage to sway within her satiny outfit, something the entity was all too pleased to notice.

“Of that I have no doubt…but I am no spectre…” it said, the firelight in the room dimming as the left over ashes of Scarlett and Drusila whooshed up into a black haze, flecks of still burning embers glowing in the foul fog. “Something far worse!” it shrieked as tendrils of black smog coiled around torches, snuffing them out in an instant.

Morgana brought down her staff, bright light flaring from the tip as it hit the ground, piercing beams into the crawling dark. All of the sudden she heard air being sucked out of the room, as if the very walls were alive, inhaling for a great breath. Then came the exhale. An overflow of coiling, black mist shot straight for Morgana, so fast she could barely put a shield up, but she did.

Morgana exhaled breathily, sweat beading down her head as she held back the infernal assault in her bubble of light. She cursed herself for not cleansing the area thoroughly. Scarlett and Drusila had passed on, but the essence of their pure evil lingered, coagulating until it became an entity unto itself, formed entirely of their combined hatred, malice, greed and…lust. Luckily for her, it couldn’t reach her, she had it completely barricaded, or so she thought.

The speed of the being had been tremendous, and though she had thrown up a magical shield, all it took was one, tiny, slight little vapor to make a difference. That little difference had managed to wriggle its way through a gap in her bubble before it had fully solidified. Now it sailed straight for her, eager to begin its assault.

Morgana didn’t and couldn’t notice the imperceptible bit of her assailant wafting to her, the tiny flicker of darkness floating on a current of inevitability as it silently seeped pass her lips and into her waiting mouth.

Immediately she staggered, her entire body breaking out in a hot sweat as she gasped for air. All around her body shivered, she was given to goosebumps as the wisp of darkness infected, soiled and tarred her pure soul. Her pussy began to tingle, becoming moist and hot, yearning to be filled with…something. She let out a long moan, gritting her teeth as she fought against this intrusive presence.

She tried to remember, there was a ritual, a spell, for when evil tried to worm its way into a witch’s heart. But she couldn’t recall! It was as if the memory of such a defense had been sucked out, buried and forgotten. She slipped further down her staff, leaning on it for support as she let out a groan, resisting with all her might to finger her leaking sex. Everything was arousing her, the hard floor was becoming sinfully soft, her staff started to more and more resemble a virile cock, and her outfit was beginning to chafe against her burgeoning nipples. It was too much.

She slumped to the floor, holding onto her staff like a pole and unconsciously began to lick it, before she shook her head, pulling away. She moaned as her areola and nipples tingled, as if heat and electricity were streaming across them, playing a torturous game of arousal, but even more than that, she felt her breasts grow, her body gorging on the invading darkness, eagerly receiving every strand of corruption that swam through her soul.

She gasped as her pale cleavage expanded slowly, straining and stretching the strings holding the front of her corset-like robe together. She felt herself lift up, the dark energies swelling her bottom into lush globes, her body losing its fight as it morphed into a more carnal form.

As Morgana went through her changes, her concentration waned, her staff swayed, and her bubble weakened. Already more of the entity had breached her protective shell, infusing itself into her writhing, vulnerable body.

She felt like she was losing herself. A dark rumble boomed distantly in her thoughts, beckoning her to give in and accept its gift. She would not. She could not, despite how wet it made her to listen to its voice, she knew its intent for her. She re-focused her thoughts, with pure rage.

“Begone, or die!” she screamed, desperate and on the edge of succumbing to her lusts, as sweat beaded down her heaving, juicy breasts, barely restrained by her torn outfit.

“But…where would I go?” it said, its voice low and mellow as it watched more of itself snake into her. “I need a home and your body will do nicely…surely you find these sensations…agreeable?” it laughed as she moaned in response, grinding herself against the contoured edges of her staff. “Resist all you like whelp! It will be over soon.”

Morgana almost blacked out in sheer pleasure from hearing it, as she felt more of her body tighten underneath its sorcery. She forced her staff into the cracked floor, so it could stand on its own as she dropped to all fours, no longer able to support herself. She squirmed on the ground, bliss slowly rising through her body, as her body became hotter and hotter, as if she was about to boil over into the greatest orgasm of her life.

“No….so hot…so deep…inside…f-feel you…”

She couldn’t take the heat any longer, finding herself ripping off her delicate dress, the bare skin of her overflowing breasts exposed to the cool air at last, as her sumptuous ass cheeks glided along the chilled marble, giving herself momentary respite from her overpowering lusts and scalding heat.

The evil pumping through her literally melted her body, reforging it for seduction while inflaming her arousal, coaxing her to give into one final temptation. She let out a loud, thick moan, gripping her massive breasts as she saw her chubbiness melt away, replaced with a taut stomach and shapely thighs, heat waves rising off of her remolding body.

“Give in witch…become one with me…”


Despite her protests, and her soul’s desperate fight for itself, her body betrayed her, as she saw her hands move on their own accord, one hand gripping and tweaking her breasts, the other winding down to her throbbing pussy, eager for release from this carnal madness. She tried to scream but only a whimper came out as she felt her fingers begin their work. She knew that once she came it would be over. The struggle done with, evil would triumph despite her valiant efforts. Some part of her was aroused that darkness would prevail and eagerly awaited her own fall into damnation.

This evil would offer whatever its victims desired most. For some it was gold, for others it was glory. For Morgana, it was something that could only be given, not taken. It was love. Acceptance for who she was and when it was offered to her, she could only sigh in elation at the beauty of what was offered.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she fingered herself, at the peak of her arousal, about to burst. She was swarmed with visions of what she always wanted but could never have…Voroven’s approval and affection….Sophie and Scarlett’s friendship and acceptance…all meaningless, the dark entity could give her what they couldn’t. Hold her, love her…forever. Her mind drifted into a cozy feeling of resignation and surrender, surrender to this feeling of love. Was it truly evil if it could love her?

“I….I give up…take me…”

With this Morgana mewled softly, at peace with her fate, climaxing in one final, soul searing blast of ecstasy. Her sex squirted torrents of love juices onto the ground, her hips bucking up as she moaned uncontrollably, her jerking feet knocking over her planted staff. As the staff hit the floor, her protective bubble collapsed in upon itself, and the rest of the black, malevolent haze swarmed her helpless body.

She gasped as she felt the mist levitate her off the ground and then hold her, as if on a cushion of clouds. It was warm and welcoming as she sank back into the cloud, her voluptuous body spread wide open as she was held aloft. The rest of the entity funneled itself into smoky tendrils, every vaporous tail plunging into her openings.

The vapor solidified itself, managing to create the sensations of hardness while remaining ethereal. To the no longer virgin Morgana, it felt what she imagined a cock would feel like, except the cock never pulled out, it just kept flowing in and in, creating delicious sensations within her gushing pussy.

Her eyes fluttered as the evil took her, ravishing her body. Her fingers tensed and her toes curled against its carnal assault. She felt the pureness of her soul crushed. Before it was troubled with a few vapors of the mist, now it was utterly overwhelmed, her inner light dimming into a pitch black core.

As her body became overwhelmed by the darkness she felt her full changes kick in, her breasts finished blossoming, swaying and shifting into a soft pouting shape, while her ass sat higher and fuller than ever before, flexing and jiggling from her violent spasms.

She understood now how all the other girls could turn into delirious maniacs. All reason had been washed away, the pleasure indescribable, wracking her body over and over, wrenching her purity away with each volcanic orgasm, bringing her closer and closer to eternal damnation as the never ending hardness penetrated her.

“YESSSS! Oh….fuck yes…unngh…GIVE ME MORE! Fill me up!” she shrieked, her stomach undulating erotically as she made lurid gyrations, eager to have even more of the darkness polluting her. Her large teardrop breasts heaved as her body contorted in sheer ecstasy, moaning as the entity spared a few tendrils to knead her bouncy, milky flesh.

She was suffering a constant stream of orgasms as the entity filled her up, her mouth streaming rivers of drool as her mind was flattened with pure pleasure. Her eyes flared like violet stars as her raven hair blackened into a shade of Hades, so black it absorbed all light. Her pale skin grew even lighter and creamier, her body nearing the end of its metamorphosis.

The evil essence took one final, massive plunge into her body, occupying her body and soul completely. Morgana shuddered from its thrust, arching her back as she pushed her chest out, breasts swaying high from her chest, charged with unholy fervor as she was overcome with another orgasm.

“Now we are one!” it said, using her own mouth to speak, the voice far deeper than her normal voice.

As the wispy tails of smoke finished flowing into her, she dropped to her knees, completely exhausted and covered in a sweaty sheen that made her body look even more delectable. Her hands groped her new form, her fingers slipping over her glistening, engorged breasts as a wall of steam simmered off her sculpted back, runnels of sweat curving around the soft hemispheres of her voluptuous bottom. She began cackling evilly, realizing there was one last task to do.

She brought her head up suddenly, moving a drenched tangle of black hair out of her eyes, a wicked smile splitting her face as she basked in the orgasmic after glow. She spoke once more, this time her voice was her own.

“I am one…you are nothing….”

She heard only laughing in her head before a force pushed down onto her knees as its voice erupted out of her throat.

“I think the lady doth forget….I OWN YOU!”

Morgana had only a flicker of goodness left in the entirety of her soul, her conscience, but it would be enough. She smirked as her fingers trailed down to her groin, tweaking her nub as her other hand cupped her breast, squeezing gently. She would incinerate the foreign presence with her own soul, burning away any chance of redemption she had but also wiping out her “master” in the process. She would triumph in the end.

“Your gifts I thank you for…ahh….but you are in my house…” she moaned, strumming herself even harder as a familiar rush surged through her loins. Her hands started to shake as she reached her peak. “AND I CAST YOU OUT!” she exhaled, gripping her hefty breast as her body was rocked in release.

The speck of brilliant goodness within rose to the surface of her broiling and foul soul, its innate virtuous qualities reacting against against the evil beast, both consumed by their opposite energies. Morgana moaned as her she felt a supernova erupt within her soul, writhing in pleasure as she felt the weight of its presence lifted off her shoulders. More than that, she felt herself settle completely within her own evil, all purity finally excised, leaving only a treacherous, lustful shell behind.

The beast left her mind screaming, fading into nothing. “Biiiiiitccchhh….” it echoed, and then there was nothing but Morgana.

She stumbled off the floor, barely able to stand. She had to see herself, and leaned against a pillar as she cast a simple mirror spell. Fresh light flickered into the dim chapel as a shining layer of liquid slowly solidified in front of her. She laughed deliriously as she looked into the mirror, taking in her rising breasts, chiseled stomach and glistening thighs, her snow white skin twinkling in the magic light.

As she was shed of purity and homely form, so too was her face shed of plainness, her facial structure had remolded itself into a more refined form, her lips expanded into a voluptuous pout, cheekbones rose into elegant prominence, while her violet eyes shimmered entrancingly. Her visage had taken on the countenance of a classical beauty. All of this, while still undeniably looking like Morgana by the end, her face now like an idealized portrait, except absolutely real.

She looked further into the mirror, into her own eyes, loving what she saw as vivid visions rushed through her mind. She saw herself leading others astray into darkness, bringing the kingdom down in flames, and the rise of her own dark empire. Voroven was right. She would be great, she would live up to her name, in every way possible. The evil that had brought her crashing down into damnation was right too. She would be loved, especially by herself, no love quite like self-love after all. And she would be more than accepted, she would be desired, lusted after, the fairest of them all. Her deepest desires would come true.

She had become extremely wet after seeing what the future had in store, but moved to leave the chamber, she had lingered too long. As she picked up her magical staff, its branches withered and blackened underneath her presence, adopting an appearance like that of her soul. She spared one last look in the chamber, looking over the charred marks of Scarlett and Drusila, her own tattered robes and ash from the evil essence. All vestiges of her old life.

She had entered the castle as Morgana, Witch of the White Sun.

She left as Morgana, Arch-Sorceress of the Black Moon.


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