Big Top


The story is written by “notbreckenridge”. The author hasn’t written any other corruption stories.

This one is original and imaginative, so I thought it deserved to be better known.

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Big Top

“Seven dollars for a cup of coffee?” asked Colleen. “Did you really need that?”

“The proletariat worries about needs,” said Dave, adjusting his overly-thick hipster glasses. “We worry about searching out experiences.”

Colleen wanted to roll her eyes, but knew that it would lead to another argument, and they’d already had quite a few over the last two days.

“It’s actually pretty good,” said Daphne from the back seat. “Like I’m a better person for drinking it.”

Colleen tried to ignore Daphne. The younger blonde seemed to always find some new way to appear dumber. Fortunately for her most guys just seemed interested in her big tits. It was a shame when stereotypes were proven true. It also made Colleen glad that she had dyed her own hair back to its not quite natural red.

“It probably means that we’re smarter,” added Daphne, which made Colleen sigh.

“Maybe you should have some,” said a voice directly behind Colleen. This was Kent, Daphne’s current boyfriend, and one of Dave’s circle of pretentious friends. “You seem kind of out of it.”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re the one driving us, so I just want to be safe.”

“I’m sure. Of course, any one of you guys could’ve offered to drive. Weird how it’s always me.”

Colleen refocused on the road. She did appreciate being closer to the heater. The weather changes in California were intense. Comfortable turned to frigid. It was Halloween, and the weather could really be whatever in Cali. There were some great things to do in groups while keeping warm, but she would never say that it was an indoor culture. They continued up the highway with Dave’s over-sized phone guiding them. He had it in his mind to see a real circus before the year was out. The fact that it was Halloween just seemed to encourage him more. What could be scarier than clowns?

He had some new article he was writing, and was looking for some old expression of human experience through a pre-digital medium. Colleen found it sad that she knew about the weird shit he was into, but when you share a bed with someone some of their personal stink is left on you. It was annoying, and here she was driving them there.

She remembered a trip to circus when she was a little girl. The stink of the animal shit, and those orange colored peanut-shaped candies. Both were unpleasant. Then there were the clowns. She didn’t have the clown-phobia that had become such a cliché in the last several years. Clowns were just clowns. Colleen knew some women who used nearly as much make-up and made even bigger fools of themselves. Still, she found the whole thing unsettling.

Their trip took them up to a remote area off the highway that was technically part of an Indian Reservation. This naturally inspired Dave to go off on a tangent with Daphne and Kent providing a chorus of “yeah”‘s and “you’re right’s. Colleen ignored and drove. As they came off the exit ramp they beheld the gold and red glowing spectacle that was their destination. Despite the remoteness of the area, a good-sized crowd of cars was parked in a large dirt lot and on the road leading to it. Off on the opposite side away from the tent was a cluster of vehicles belonging to the circus. There were large trucks, trailers, and some rather ancient-looking motor homes.

“These people live on the road,” said Dave. “They don’t feel the same materialistic obligations as everyone else.”

Colleen had reached her limit. She just wanted to get inside, and get it over with. Sometimes she was so certain that this whole thing with Dave would never work. There were other guys out there. One of them was bound to be at least less annoying.

They parked, and made their way to the big top tent. A bored-looking teenager with bad acne sold them their tickets. They were cheap considering the other events and concerts that they normally went to. As they got closer to the big tent they saw a strange looking man with a large orange beard taking tickets to let them in. He looked to be out of a bygone century with a crushed velvet cravat and ivory button shirt. His jacket was bright red and flared out at the collar.

“Welcome, new friends,” he said with a richly deep voice. “Here you will see a new world outside the bounds of over-priced coffee and hybrid cars. You can be reminded of the true necessities of life and how one can live as they were meant to.”

“Do you have an I-phone charger?” asked Kent. “My battery is low.”

“We have no I-phones here,” said the man. “Those are for life in town. We live in the beyond.”

“You don’t play Candy Crush then?”

The man smiled. “Enter. There is candy, and you never know what may get crushed. Perhaps the tent and the clowns under it.”

“That’s a little creepy,” said Daphne.

“Let’s just go in,” said Dave. “I need plenty of notes.”

“Is the gentleman looking to learn about the kindred? We are a close-knit folk, sir. You’ll find people willing to be nice as long as you are nice to them.”

“We gave you money, and you are nice or the word gets around that you’re not. These ‘kindred’ may be a close -knit folk, but if the money on the highway goes dry they won’t be making it together very long.”

“Very clever retort, good sir. Naturally you are right. Forgive my presumption. I could tell that you were an educated man from the moment these foolish eyes of mine beheld you.”

That wasn’t sitting well with Dave, who could still get sarcasm despite the fact that he pretended to be the spawn of it. However, Colleen stepped in.

“We’re sorry to hold you up, mister. Thank you for the warm welcome, really.” She offered her best smile, and in her mind pleaded with the man to please take the hint and just send them on their way.

He offered her a flourishing bow, and even took her hand and kissed it.

“A pleasure, to have a fine lady like you with such a pretty smile,” he said. “Please step right in. The show will begin in mere moments.”

Thank you, God, she thought. I will never go anywhere with Dave again, I swear.

With no other issues impeding them, Colleen and her sometime friends made their way inside.



When all were seated, they waited for a time. The man with the big orange bead came into the center of the ring, and introduced himself as the Ringmaster. He quickly welcomed them, and announced that the show would now begin.

The crowd inside was fairy enthused. A circus was a novel thing for most of them. It progressed as many did with animals and performers. Colleen thought that it was all really interesting to watch. She couldn’t do any of those crazy things, and certainly didn’t like being near animals. The smell was there, but it didn’t live up the negative memory she had tried to tie to it.

There were some clowns mixed in with the regular performers. Dave explained that clowns could either be acrobats or acrobats could dress as clowns. The ones that they saw were the more modest clowns. The more intense clown troupe would be coming out later. Colleen noticed that he really seemed excited about it.

Daphne and Kent seemed bored. Dave got plenty of notes, and seemed caught up in his own world of dissecting the entire display. Colleen found it difficult to tell what he was thinking when he was in his “zone”.

Then the more intense clowns came into view.

They were a wild mixture of colors and accessories: big red noses, extra-large neon shoes, costumes that ranged from garish to someplace well-beyond the bounds of normal human imagination. Stripes, polka dots, glitter, sparkles, and a storm of colorful fabric. Their costumes seemed to be in a desperate attempt to compete with the attention that the clowns’ own skins would seek.


Any visible skin appeared to be completely colored with bold white or black make-up for its base, and then a phantasm of colors to accentuate the eyes and lips. Some had designs trailing across them like bizarre tattoos.

clo4 2

The designs of some seemed to be made to connect to others. They would perform odd movements to where it looked as though they were merging to form larger multi-limbed beings. It was such a frenetic performance that it was hard to tell what any of the actually routines could be.

“And we have sent in the clowns,” cried the Ring master. “Our wonderful troupe features such fabulous performers and Mr. Bubbles, Slappy the Saint, Nosey, Curly, and Colonel Colors. What shall transpire within the ring tonight? For just a brief moment we may venture into their uncanny valley.”

“Those things creep me out,” said Daphne.


“Just look at them,” she said. Daphne seemed to be on the verge of a convulsion of disgust. “How can we even allow people to look like that now?”

“That sounds bad. I mean would you ever let yourself get caught saying that about an actual culture of people? Or an ethnic group?”

The confetti fluttered down into the central ring and onto the crowd surrounding it. Slivers of light caught on the foil pieces at moments as if a cloud of light had bloomed inside the tent. Colleen was in awe. She looked over at her boyfriend to see if he was as taken as she was. Dave didn’t seem emotionally impacted whatsoever. The patronizing and analytical mask was on. She hated it. During their fights that mask crawled onto his face and refused to let her reach him. It was sad that amidst a space filled with people wearing make-up Dave was the one with the false face.

Flowers came next, erupting from small canisters placed to be hidden from view. They rained down like leaves ripped up in a high autumn wind. Colleen caught herself staring with her mouth open. She found herself smiling at the dazzling nature of it.

She greatly enjoyed the rest of the show, and when it drew to a close she was genuinely sad to see it end. Dave had filled several pages of notes, and Kent and Daphne seemed relieved to be leaving.

“We’re not going yet,” said Dave. “I need to talk to some of these people. I need their actual words.”

As always they gave into Dave and his demands. They waited as the rest of the audience filtered out of the tent, and only the performers were left to begin the clean-up. Dave walked them over to the Ringmaster who stood off to the side after bidding the audience “goodnight”. He was brushing confetti off of his red jacket when they approached.

“Oh, well our young visitors stayed after,” he said. “Did you enjoy the show? I think it was one of our best.”

“It seemed indicative of a rather traditional clown performance,” said Dave.

“Well, that’s a ringing endorsement.” He looked over to Colleen. “Did you like it, young lady?”

“She doesn’t care,” said Dave.

“I seem to recall asking her, sir.”

Colleen could tell that the man’s tone didn’t make Dave happy, and other people took notice as well. Several of the clowns had emerged and came over to see the conversation.

“I liked it,” said Colleen, hoping that it would defuse the situation. “It was very pretty.”

“As are you,” said the Ringmaster with the big orange beard shining.

“That’s a little inappropriate,” said Daphne. “I mean this is supposed to be a family friendly place.”

“And it is for we are in fact a family here.”

“You’re just clowns,” said Kent. “Well maybe not you, but clowns are clowns.”

“Indeed they are.”

“I want to ask your people some questions,” said Dave. “Are they aware that the mainstream world has forsaken their art, and that most people view clowns as monsters now?”

A thick silence hung over all of them.

“That’s a little rude,” the Ringmaster mused. Colleen noticed that he was looking at the faces of the clowns around them, and seemed to be weighing his next words.

Colleen became all too aware of the fact that they were in the middle of a literal swarm of clowns. She could smell the mustiness and strange artificial atmosphere from their costumes. Everyone else was gone. What the Hell were they going to do if this went bad?

Dave seemed oblivious as he fidgeted with his hipster glasses.

“I really want to know about you people—really.”

Colleen crushed her face into her palm. Why did she ever drive these people out here?

“It’s time for the after-show dinner,” said the Ringmaster. “Perhaps you would like to join us. The food can be quite good.”

Colleen looked at Dave, who looked at Daphne and Kent. No one had the courage to say “no”, and Colleen could tell that part of Dave could not help but be intrigued.

“Of course,” he said. “We’d love to.”

That was how they ended up seated amongst several fold out tables and chairs. As for the food it was actually more traditional than they would have thought: there was meat loaf and homemade macaroni and cheese. Collen was ashamed to admit that it was one of the best meals she’d ever had. The clowns also popped open a large jug of wine, and she felt plenty of need to drink as much as she could. It was very sweet, but somehow not nearly as cloying as other wines. In short order that wonderful light numbness took over.

Colleen didn’t even have to care about Dave and the others. After several minutes she was using her hands to stabilize herself on the table.

“I was just talking to the others,” the Ringmaster said to her. “And I believe there is hope for you yet.”

Daphne’s blonde head hit the table when she passed out. Kent leaned back into his chair only after a moment of being concerned for his girlfriend. Dave was already asleep. They were being drugged.

Colleen struggled to rise up from the table. She didn’t make it far before one of the clowns held her firmly. With clumsy hands she tried grabbing his face only to learn that the make-up didn’t come off, and the round, red nose wasn’t made of foam but flesh.

“Nice to meet your too,” said the clown with a big smile, and lightly pinched her nose.

Colleen’s strength fled her entirely at that point, and she collapsed in the clown’s arms.

She was only aware of fragment of consciousness or maybe it was all a dream. The effects of the drug caused such a deep stupor that it was hard to tell one from the other. She found herself on a large multi-colored inflatable—much like a whoopee cushion. Colleen was on her back in only her bra and cotton panties. She felt hot, and writhed in a strange feeling. Adding to her confusion her panties were sopping wet.

A short female clown with green hair skipped around the cushion holding of the hem of a polka dot dress. Light reflected off of the deep white of her face, and Colleen noticed the black circles drawn around her eyes. The top of her dress was tight, but nearly open to expose the top halves of bright white breasts that looked too big to be mounted on her small body. She hummed some idle tune that she was skipping to.

“What’s happening?” Colleen managed to mumble.

Gloved hands began fondling her breasts through her bra. There were several hands doing it. Fingers dug under the lacey material to poke at her nipples. The bra was then ripped off letting her average, but perky breasts spill free.

“Those look very nice,” said the short clown girl coming over to look. She had a very high little-girl like voice. “They should be bigger though. I remember that much.”

Colleen didn’t fight them. Her body wanted to be there.

A large clown in purple with a long floppy nose approached her on the cushion. His big gloved hands moved up her thighs, and dug their fingers into her underwear. Her white cotton panties were ripped off leaving her hot sex to cool in the air. She hadn’t shaved it for some time, but didn’t really have the time to be embarrassed now.

“You have a very pretty kitty,” said the clown said. His nose was becoming engorged and rigid. “I bet she smells nice too.”

“Pretty kitty kitty,” sang the clown girl as she continued skipping around.

Colleen couldn’t make her limbs move. She lied atop the cushion, and could only wait as the clown’s face got closer to her unprotected pussy. To her shame she was getting even wetter as the prospect. He touched the tip of his erect nose to her moist outer lips.

“Oh yes,” he said. “She’s nice and ready. I’m sure my friends will understand if I take a little sample as my Halloween treat.”

He braced his hands on her thighs, and slowly began to insert his turgid nose into her. Colleen shook as it happened. Dave and she hadn’t had sex in weeks, and part of her welcomes the feeling of being filled up. She didn’t have a long time to dwell on it though.

“I don’t mind you getting some, Nosey,” said another clown coming to her side. “As long as I get my treat too.”

When Colleen turned to look she came face to cock with the other clown’s engorged member. It was striped and multi-colored, as well as being the biggest that she’d seen in person.

“Open up, sweetie.”

Colleen tried to shake her head in protest, but opened her receptive mouth anyway. She took it in—the size of it pushing her tongue down. Memory took over for Colleen. She ran her tongue around the clown’s cock, and lightly sucked. To her baffled amazement it tasted like a piece of fruity candy, and she wanted more of it.

“That’s it,” the clown cooed, and gently stroked her face with his hand. “You’re a good girl, and we’ll take care of you.”

She smiled as best she could with a clown’s cock in her mouth. It felt right though. They were not hurting her, and she welcomed the attention for some reason. Colleen began to feel an orgasm approaching from the clown who was fucking her with his nose. While he pushed it in and out, his thumb rubbed at her clit furiously.

“Keep at her, Nosey. She’s almost there.”

“Almost there, almost there,” sang the skipping clown girl, and she went faster and faster in her circles of the cushion.

Colleen sucked harder—to the point where the clown on the receiving end had his breath catch in his throat. Then her orgasm hit, and she shook again–the wave moving through her whole body like the passing of tingling cold blood. Their combined weight and movement forced some of the air from the cushion with a loud fart noise. They sank down into it.

Nosey, the clown on her lower half, withdrew his pleasure-giving nose. It was slick with her juices, and slowly softening.

“I think she’s ready for the special treat, Curly,” he said, wiping his nose off with his hand and licking it clean.

“And I’m ready to give it to her. Here it is, Sweetie.”

His cock throbbed in her mouth. Several jets of his cum erupted into her, but it was more like whipped cream compared with cum she was used to.

“She likes it,” declared the clown girl.

“Don’t spill,” said Curly. “You’re very special.”

He finished and kept himself in her mouth for a while. Coleen’s mouth was full of his cream now. To her delight it tasted like coconut cream pie. When Curly finally did pull his still throbbing cock from her mouth, Colleen was eager to swallow his precious treat. There may have been a tinge of doubt in her mind, but she couldn’t imagine why she would have that.

Curly held her chin with his hand, and looked into her eyes. She smiled brightly, and wanted to lose herself in those shining blue orbs.

“You did so well, Colleen. We’ll have to do something about that name though. I think that ‘Smiles’ might be good.

She didn’t understand.

“Time to go night-night,” he said, and Colleen fell asleep.

Collen woke up on a cot that must have been brought into the dining area. The others were gone as were the clowns. There was some evidence of the meal they’d had, but the dishes had been cleared away. She remembered most of the meal well enough. Had she drank too much? She had been very tired from the drive and the frustration of hanging out with Dave and the others. No, she thought. The wine….those clowns had drugged them somehow. And then she had that dream. She tried to shake it from her mind. At least it didn’t happen. She was fully dressed.
When she tried to stand she felt the effects of whatever had been in her system threatening to pull her down again. Her nose ached, and she rubbed at it without thinking.

“Be careful,” said a familiar voice.

She looked up to see the orange-bearded Ringmaster. Colleen tried to scream, but when he held up a finger she found herself compelled to be silent.

“You’re safe,” he said. “I apologize for how things degenerated. Your friends were being quite rude. Especially the one in the glasses. He thought that he knew so much about clowns. Well, he definitely had some more to learn.”

“Did you kill them?”

He looked at her aghast. “Of course not. Those kinds of things don’t happen in our community. That’s the kind of stuff that happens in town.”

“Where are they?”

“Why don’t I take you on a little tour, Colleen? Would you like that? I know that you appreciated the circus. No one is going to hurt you here.”

She believed him for some reason. Distantly in her mind she could hear Dave’s cynical voice telling her not to trust this man, but it was so far away now. Colleen rubbed her nose again, and thought about what she should do.

The man with the great orange beard and old fashioned clothing offered her his hand, and she took it gladly. He helped her off of the cot, and they proceeded. Colleen was still grappling with the effects of the drugs in her system. Everything felt tilted on the wrong side. It wasn’t spinning, but she felt just as unstable. They left the dining area of the tent, and walked through a portion of the main ring. It was odd to see what had been filled with such a flurry of activity look so quiet and empty.

“We know that you are not like your friends,” the Ringmaster said.

“Where is Dave?”

“He was your boyfriend.”


He nodded. “I doubt you’ll be with him now. Besides, did you really see yourself being with him for much longer?”

That was a good question. Why was she even with him anymore? College boyfriends were kind of like shoes: they lasted a while, but were ultimately replaceable.

“After all of this—probably not, but I don’t want him dead or anything.”

“He won’t be killed. None of you will. We are not violent here. The clowns have never been a violent folk, despite what your people have done to them.”

“You talk about them like they’re some kind of separate people.”

“They are. The vast majority of clowns in this world are ordinary humans who dress up and put on a performance. They don’t know it, but in a small way they are honoring the original clowns, who were actually quite different.”

“The clown that I struggled with…I touched his face and it wasn’t make-up.”

“No. It’s their natural selves. When your now-ex-boyfriend judged them the way he did it was very hurtful. I did my best to encourage calm and forgiveness, but you must understand that they were hunted to near extinction by people who judged them. Just being allowed to exist was denied to them.”

“So we’re going to be punished?”

“Hardly,” he said with laugh. “You’re going to join their family.”

Colleen rubbed her nose again.

The Ringmaster smiled.

“What do you mean?”

He walked her over to a mirror on the wall, and invited her to look.

Her nose looked irritated as though she’d been using too much Kleenex during a cold. She also saw that the tan she’d been working on for months was gone. Her skin was now paler than it had ever been.

“I’m sick,” she said. The dizziness began to return. “I need a doctor.”

“Sicky, sicky, somebody is sicky,” sang a high voice.

It was the little clown girl from her dream. She came skipping up in her polka dot dress. Coleen could only stare for a moment. That girl is not supposed to be real, she thought.

“Now, don’t make fun,” said the Ringmaster to the girl. “You were sick too once.”

The clown girl stuck her tongue out. It was coiled like a spring and colored a bright scarlet red that contrasted with the bright white of her face and the black circles drawn around her eyes.

The ringmaster looked off in the distance, and called: “Paging Doctor Giggles. Doctor Giggles, please report for duty.”

A large of limbs and white fabric came rolling into the room. It opened up and formed into a clown in a doctor’s outfit. His stethoscope appeared to be made of candy.

“How are you doing today, young lady?” he said with a deep, drawling voice.

The doctor was balding, but the ring of hair around his head was bright orange and thick like a Christmas wreath.

“I don’t feel normal,” she said.

“Well, let’s have a look.”

He took out a lighted magnifying glass the size of a home satellite dish. She couldn’t imagine where he’d been keeping it.

“Stick out your tongue.”

She obliged, but nearly gagged when she felt what stuck out of her mouth. While the doctor examined it she looked in the mirror. Her tongue was twice its normal length and rainbow colored. She had to be hallucinating.

“Well,” said the doctor. “You may have been a little under the weather, but that’s okay. You’re entering into your maturity now. All will be well. By the time the Ringmaster is done with the introduction you should be ready.”

“I’m already twenty two.”

“Not in clown years,” he said.

He reached towards her ear, and when he pulled his hand back there was a large lollipop in it.

Colleen took the candy, and immediately began licking. In her mind there were flashes of the dream she’d had. Of the multi-colored cock she’d taken into her mouth, and the wonderful think cream it gave her. No, she thought. None of that happened. In moments she began to feel much better. A tingling spread throughout her body. Stronger portions of it dwelled in her breasts and ass. She should have really thought about that more, but she had trouble focusing.

Doctor Giggles left the scene, and the Ringmaster took her hand again.

“There are still the others to see to. Your own changes will be coming along shortly.”

Colleen wanted to ask what he was talking about, but the candy was just too good. She would go with him anywhere and do nearly anything for the chance to keep eating it. Her extra-long tongue snaked around the lollipop for all that it was worth.

They stopped in a new section of the tent with a shade blocking the corner. Through the opaque material she could see two figures arguing quietly.

The Ringmaster signaled with his hand, and two clowns moved the blind away. There she was Daphne and Kent or what had been them. Even with her mind a little addled, Colleen could admit to herself that they hadn’t really been her friends. She wasn’t sure what to feel about them.

Their skin was now an unnatural pale white much like the other clowns. Blue and red coloring outlined their eyes and lips. Kent’s cock stood out like a bright red painted pole. Daphne’s breasts were much larger than before. The intense new white of her flesh gave them a statue-like quality. Colleen was quite disturbed that Daphne’s nipples were larger, fully erect, and striped like candy canes.

“Colleen,” said Daphne. “It’s so good to see you.”

Daphne’s voice had become unnaturally high-pitched.

“Yeah,” said Kent in an equally high voice. “We were worried.”

“Are you guys alright?” she asked. “It looked like you were fighting or something.”

“Oh, we were,” said Daphne. “We were trying to decide which of us looks better. Maybe you could help us.”

“Yeah, help us.”

“You both look very white,” said Colleen. “Does that help?”

“Silly goose,” said Daphne. “Our skin looks like everyone else’s here. Yours look a little too flushed, but it will get better. No. What we’re talking about is this.”

Daphne and Kent hugged each other closely, and then with a wet meaty sound their heads exchanged bodies. There was no pain on the faces, and there wasn’t the slightest loss of blood. In seconds the lines of separation were gone, and their necks looked to have never been severed. They turned to look at her.

Kent smiled proudly from atop Daphne’s body. His hands squeezing the large breasts now attached to him.

“I think that I make it work well. I mean, you know, they’re heavy, but I’ve always wanted to just play with them whenever I wanted.”

One of his hands drifted to his borrowed pussy. “It’s weird having this, but I don’t have to adjust myself while sitting.”

“Don’t touch it too much,” said Daphne, moving what used to be her hand away. “You never knew how to be gentle.”

Daphne seemed bored with Kent’s body. Her hand stroking his idle cock out of boredom, but then a thought seemed to cross her mind.

“Colleen, you and I should totally fuck later. I’ve already done him, but it’s weird doing it to my own body. I always thought you were very pretty.”

“Pretty kitty,” she heard the skipping clown girl say from afar.

Colleen thought that she should be repulsed by it, but the more she considered the offer there was something of an appeal to it.

“There will be plenty of time for tricks and treats between you children later,” said the Ringmaster. “We must continue on, young lady. I want you to fully accept yourself before your transition.”

He led her away from the couple. They resumed their argument over who looked better atop whose body. Colleen didn’t believe it was an argument that either could win or that would ever end. That may have been the point.

“Do they know who they are?” she asked the Ringmaster.

“They know enough. You were different than your friends. You’ve always been more accepting. They’ll be fine though.”

“What happened to Dave?”

“Oh, you’re still asking that old question. The important thing is for you to accept yourself. Do you, Smiles?”

“My name is Colleen,” she insisted.

“In some other life, but that was just a performance. The real you has been hiding the whole time, and we just need you to see it. Let’s get an opinion shall we?” He looked off to where the clown girl’s voice had come from earlier. “Come over her, Skippy. We need to talk to you.”

In short order the short clown girl came skipping into the room. Despite the tightness of her dress’s top her breasts had spilled free from the constant skipping and bounced with her movements. Their nipples were large like Daphne’s but covered in glittering sparkles.

She stopped in front of Colleen and the Ringmaster. Colleen could now see that the girl more than a head shorter than she was. The clown was such a tiny woman.

“Skippy,” said the Ringmaster. “Smiles need your help. When you look at her do you see a clown or something else?”

“She’s a silly clown,” said Skippy. “She was sicky.”

“Just like you were sick, right?”

The girl looked confused for a moment, and then nodded enthusiastically.

“Skippy thought she was something else too for a time: a judgmental and pretentious man named ‘Dave’, but it turns out he was a silly little woman, huh?”

Skippy bursts out laughing and danced in place to music that only she seemed to hear.

There was no “Dave” anymore. She wasn’t sure how to process that. Daphne and Kent were only partially there too. Was she the only one who was still hesitating?

“You were right,” Colleen said to the Ringmaster. “I guess I really wasn’t meant to be with Dave.”

Skippy stuck her tongue out at Colleen and blew a raspberry.

“Are you ready?” asked the Ringmaster.

Colleen nodded.

“Let’s help Smiles,” the Ringmaster said to Skippy.

And with that they both helped the girl who had been Colleen strip off her blouse and jeans. Smiles took off her own bra, and Skippy used her small hands to pull down her white panties. There would be other clothes to wear when it was done.

They walked her over to another mirror just as a pair of clowns was setting it up for them. One of them caught her eye. He was a simple looking clown in yellow stripes. Smiles remembered seeing him during the show the night before. When she smiled at him, he smiled in turn, but instead of speaking to her he took out a small horn and honked it.

“That’s Mr. Bubbles,” said the Ringmaster. “He says that you’re very pretty.”

Smiles blushed and then looked in the mirror. Her lips had already taken on a deep shade of permanent red. She watched as her skin completed its journey toward titanium whiteness. Her once average breasts swelled to the size of melons, and her nipples became bright yellow with little smiley faces on them. She turned to see her ass also take on a heftier amount of plumpness with two large red hearts upon each white cheek.

My. Bubbles honked his horn in approval, and that made Smiles so very happy. She could see herself spending a lot of time with him.

Her nose swelled red and perfectly round, and her red hair became brighter than ever and developed an intense curl to it.

It was done.

“How you feel now, Smiles?” The Ringmaster asked.

“I feel just fine,” she said in her newly high voice.

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    1. That’s good to know 😉
      I wasn’t quite sure at first but I think I like it even more with this. The author stuck with his theme and that gives it some identity:
      Clowns are weird as fuck. Why wouldn’t they have colored nipples and extra long rainbow tongues?


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