The Farm

Here is a story from the writer “Jo Jo” (here is his address: )

I haven’t found any other story from the author, but it’s a well written and interesting concept. All credits go to him.

The Farm

The humid night air would have smelled of rot on any normal day. The ripe scents of summer decay were heavy, dung wafting from the cow pasture to mix with a fungal odor drifting out of the forest. But it wasn’t any normal day and there was something else out there.

Grant could smell it drifting in through his boarded up windows and under his barricaded door. It had come three days earlier, a courtesy it had called the visit, one not often afforded Breeders. Grant had marked its musky scent then and it was unmistakable now. That he couldn’t see or hear it was cause for concern rather than comfort. It had been out there nearly an hour, waiting, watching. Grant looked longingly to his young daughter huddling in the corner. Cindy was beautiful, like her mother, with long red hair and a petite build.
He’d thought long and hard about making a run of it with her, but the Hellwoods were an almost perfect barrier separating them from the next nearest human settlement, the next nearest farm. The second option was even worse. Grant felt tears well up in his eyes as he gazed upon Cindy. No, no matter what else he had to do, he wouldn’t kill her. That left only option three: make a stand, put himself between the demon and its prize. His gnarled hands clenched the worn shaft of his pitchfork until his knuckles turned white. Grant thought of the days before the hellspawn had arrived, when he might have at least been able to defend his home with a firearm, not that all the firepower mattered in the end. The creatures were notoriously hard to kill, able to shrug off attacks that would mutilate a man. They had powers, too, as unpredictable and varied as their appearance. But their numbers… Christ, their numbers. They could have finished the human race completely if they’d wanted, but as monstrous and wanton as they were, they could show restraint. If only in the service of their appetites. Cindy was shaking. Grant tried to smile at her, to force some reassuring words out of his dry throat. Instead he just managed a nod. It didn’t help. It’d all be over soon. He’d either slay it or die. He’d lost Katie to another one of them years ago; there was no point in surviving if he lost Cindy too. As the wait grew tortuously long, Grant knew that the creature had done him no courtesy. It was out there, basking in their terror, in their fear of the inevitable. When the knock finally came, mockingly restrained and polite, it was all Grant could do not to throw the barricade aside and lash out violently with his weapon.
“Get the fuck out of here!” Grant growled. The second knock never came. As a shadow fell over him from behind, Grant felt his meager hopes fade away. He spun around as quickly as he could, thrusting with every bit of muscle and weight he had in him. It wasn’t enough. The demon caught his wrist with a clawed hand the size of his head and jerked him off his feet into the air. It was a gargoylesque monstrosity standing on taloned feet. Its eight foot body was almost impossibly muscled, black veins pulsing beneath scaly green flesh. Its head vaguely resembled that of a wolf, though one with four insectile red eyes and two great black horns atop its head. But it was the squirming mass at his groin that terrified Grant most of all. A great serpentine cock slithered between its legs, glistening with lubrication. At its tip was a fanged mouth, slobbering come onto the floorboards.
It spoke, a bassy growl, “Your resistance has earned a punishment, Breeder. Now I will see to it that you watch your fears come true before you die.” Effortlessly, the demon broke Grant’s arm. The pain had only begun to register when it was joined by the agony of his other arm being snapped like a twig. The demon dropped him to the ground unceremoniously. Almost lazily it stomped on his legs, shattering them. Through the haze of torment, Grant heard Cindy scream. The demon almost tenderly propped Grant up against the wall. Grant spat at the monster’s leg, but it answered only with a throaty laugh. It started towards Cindy, its cock wriggling before it. Grant yelled at her to run and she made a futile attempt to crawl past it. It snatched her by the ankle and watched her struggle for moment. — Cindy struggled as best she could. Her father lay broken against the wall, tears running down his eyes. He mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” She knew she had to fight, try to escape and resist, not just for herself but for him. She twisted and pulled, but the demon was extraordinarily strong. It slid the shoe off her small foot and lowered its muzzle to her toes, lashing out with its slimy forked tongue. Cindy yelped and tried to pull herself towards Grant. The sensation as the monster continued to suck and lick her foot, at first just a slimy tickle, suddenly sent a surge of pleasure through her leg and into her groin. A whimper of pleasure escaped her throat. The monster grabbed her other leg as well, holding her in a wheelbarrow position. It licked up her ankles, to her calves, tearing away any garments that got in the way. She clenched her teeth, fighting off both disgust and pleasure. She looked over her shoulder and saw its horned head descending between her legs. When it tore the pants from her, she could feel its hot breath against ther sex, feel it warm the growing wetness of her slit. And then it began to lick. It lapped at first, like a hellish dog testing a new treat. The sensation she felt in her legs was nothing compared to the pleasure Cindy felt almost immediately. She wanted to moan, wanted to cry out, but she couldn’t, not with her father looking at her with those sad eyes. The monster didn’t linger there long enough for her to come however. A hiss from behind her drew her eyes. She screamed when she saw its cock, fangs beared, tentatively slithering a foot away from her cunt. It struck like a snake, burrowing its slimy head into her slit, wriggling violently down her vaginal canal and into her womb. Cindy could still feel it moving in there, feel it drooling there. Whatever was dripping out of it was neither hot nor cold, but both at the same time. Cindy gasped as she felt her body try to accommodate its length and girth. Behind her, the demon grabbed her hips and thrusted slowly, almost gently. The monster growled softly behind her rocking back and forth. Even though it hadn’t given any sign that it had orgasmed, Cindy quickly felt it shoot a monstrous load into her, setting her insides ablaze. She whimpered loudly, still cognizant of her father’s tearful gaze. Close your eyes, daddy, please, she thought. But still Grant watched. The demon grabbed her by the hair for leverage as it began to pick up speed. Cindy breathed through her teeth in expectation of pain, but the pain never came. Instead, she found cunny had somehow acclimated to the monster’s size. And then the pleasure hit her as a second wave of come washed through her, its excess dripping out of her cunt and down her leg… black slime. This time she screamed out in ecstasy, only vaguely aware of her parent. Her body was responding now of its own accord, sliding up and down the demon’s cock of its own accord even though a voice in the back of her head told her this was wrong. Now the demon fucked her violently, slamming his grown against her ass cheeks, growling and snarling all the while. It raked its claws over her ass, but if she was bleeding she couldn’t feel it. Cindy moaned wantonly now, lost in the sensations surging through her body. The thirst burst of cum hit her and she felt it all throughout her body. She gripped at the floor for leverage and was surprised when she felt her nails easily penetrate the floorboards. She looked down and saw that her fingernails were hardening and turning black, lengthening into claws. Her veins were bulging black.
the farm (simplyjannie)2
“Help me,” she called to her father. From beneath her, a taint was spreading from her cunt. Where it went, her skin turned dark red and reshaped into tiny scales. Cindy orgasmed again as her spine ejaculated, or at least that’s what it felt like to her, a whiplike tail that the demon quickly grabbed and used for further leverage. It fucked her harder still as the taint covered her small breasts. They filled up with the monster’s come, growing large yet firm, nipples turning black and dripping with slime. Cindy gasped as the nipples hardened into two spines. Black pikes erupted from the ridge of her spine, from her elbows and along her reddening legs. Her dainty feet scaled over and she gneaded the ground with the claws that were sprouting from the tip of her toes. Her heels each grew a spike. Revulsion turned to excitement as the change reached her head. Even as her skull was reworked to become more sharp and angular, her mind was being savagely raped, violated with perverse desires and the dark appetites of hell. Cindy grinned now at her father through a mouth filled with needle-sharp fangs. The demon’s excitement was building nearly to climax as Cindy’s ears sharpened to points at their tips. Nubs were growing on her back that quickly developed into batlike wings. “More… oh, yes… more,” her voice was a multilayered sound, inhuman. Demon and demoness both roared in simultaneous orgasm as black come surged through Cindy. She gripped his cock tightly with her walls and felt something tear through them to grab hold of the cock—her cunt had sprouted fangs that were gnawing harmlessly at the monster’s carapace. As the monster’s load filled her as never before, her belly grew to full pregnancy and horns shot up through her now pitch black hair. She opened her now yellow, slitted eyes and gave a hiss of approval to her rapist turned master.
Artist Wang Song aka The 7th Orange Card Madeleine the Human Watcher 3 (the farm)
She knew the demon had fed upon her soul, had dominated her with his unholy appetites. Cindy only wished she had more to give him, that she could yield up more of her flesh to the wonderful corruption that had claimed her. He withdrew slowly, slime leaking out of her monstrous cunt. Her clit, grown to the size of a tongue, lapped at the slime as it fell. Her father was crying openly now, but it didn’t matter to her. He was nothing but sperm for the rearing of more human females for the pleasure of her masters. No sooner to she rise to her clawed feet than did spasms begin to wrack her transformed body. Clear fluid poured from her mouth-cunt and she reflexively dug her toeclaws into the floorboards. Her master looked on with a wicked grin as she grunted and groaned monstrously. A large fleshy eggsac slowly descended from between her legs, dripping with slime. The pain of it registered as pleasure in her altered mind as she squeezed the last of it through her slit.Cindy knew it would be the one child she ever bore, a new male demon who would drink her tainted milk and grow to claim his own human females one day. And maybe when that day came, their fathers would have better sense than hers had. Maybe they, and those women who weren’t converted, would appreciate their role as breeders of new generations of demonesses. Cindy looked at her father. He was old and spent, but he could serve her needs yet. She looked at her egg and the growing creature squirming around inside it. Yes, he could serve as meat.

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