Here’s a new story from a fairly new writer in the corruption genre.

Some great transformations, varied and imaginative.

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Here is the first chapter of his story:

Brides Pt. 01


All characters are fictional and over 18.


“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Cindy chided her roommate after she’d tripped for what had to have been the eleventh time.

Both girls were soaking wet and Cindy had lost her sandals circumnavigating the waterfall.

“Didn’t I tell you there was something behind the falls?” Rachel grinned from behind drenched black tresses.

“Yeah, a big smelly cave. What a discovery!” Cindy chided.

She’d never considered just how much force the seemingly serene Butterhill Falls waters had, but after being battered and pushed into the water, Cindy wouldn’t soon forget. Rachel, of course, had somehow managed to finesse her way through the falls without suffering any indignities.

Rachel was already charging up her crank-powered LED flashlight. “How do you know this isn’t some ancient Native American burial ground or something? This could be a great discovery!”

“What tribe buried their dead behind a waterfall, Rachel? How would they even get the bodies through that?” Cindy rung out the bottom of her tanktop.

“Oh, then who do you think made that?” Rachel nodded down the cavern, shining the light in that direction.

Cindy gasped at the site of what appeared to be a roughly hewn gargoyle carved into a relief within the wall.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Both girls approached the statue. Water had worn away many of its features, but Cindy could make out the shape of some kind of winged, clawed monster.

“OK, really creeped out now,” Cindy protested.

“What? Really? Come on, Cind, this is fucking incredible! We need to go in!”

“Uhm, no! Whatever someone did in here, they wanted it to be secret. This could be some pervert’s secret kidde porn dungeon!”

Rachel snickered. “Now who’s being ridiculous?”

Cindy grimaced. “I can’t, Rachel. I didn’t have the shoes for this before and I definitely don’t now. I’m cold, wet, and cranky.

Rachel pouted. “Can you at least wait here for a few minutes while I go have a look?”

“Why?” Cindy sighed. “Fine. Go. I’ll wait here. Just be careful!”

Rachel bounded off in one of her trademark fits of hyperactivity while Cindy shook her head.

Cindy leaned up angle the wall of the cave, listening the torrent outside. She’d always been calmed by the sound of falling water, but it just wasn’t doing the trick here, maybe because she knew she’d have to go back out the same way she’d come in. She tried to put herself in Rachel’s frame of mind – that this was a totally awesome discovery – but she just couldn’t. This place was dark and wrong somehow.

She’d left her phone back on the shore, so she had no way of gauging how much time was passing. After what had to have been 20 minutes, she called down the hallway for Rachel. No reply.

A strange, stale breeze wafted up from the depths, oddly spicy and pungent. She backed away, accidentally stumbling into the small, demonic statue. From a distance she hadn’t realized just how flimsy it was, but it easily shattered under her weight.

She’d barely had time to curse before she felt something powerful grab at her from behind, pulling her through the wall as though it wasn’t even there. It dragged her over 20 feet before roughly depositing her on the ground.

Cindy choked on a scream, looking around wildly. Whatever had grabbed her had disappeared from sight. The room she found herself in was dark except for a strange biolumiscence coming from the fleshy floor on which she now stood. The pale green grow did little to illuminate the shadows, however. Whatever had attacked her was probably still in here.

She did see the “break” in the wall through which she’d been dragged, however and could still hear the waterfall.

Cindy scrambled to her feet, ignoring the disturbing nature of the floor, and made a break for the corridor. She got no more than five feet before she felt something grab her around the waist and lift her off her feet. She struggled against its grip, pushing against the arm that held her. To her horror, it felt scaly, with numerous small spiky protrusions.

Cindy screamed as loudly as she could and screamed even louder when she saw Rachel come into view beyond the break in the wall. Her friend was looking around confused, her calling her name.

“She can’t hear you,” a deep, bestial voice rumbled from behind her. “Those who built this place saw to that.” Cindy screamed again anyway.

“No, Rachel, don’t leave, please, I’M IN HERE!” Cindy protested as her friend stepped out of view.

The thing holding her smelled musky and pungent; the scent was almost making her dizzy. It again deposited her on the ground and she flipped around to view her antagonist.

She quickly wished she hadn’t.

The creature – the thing that attacked her couldn’t possibly be considered a man – stood nearly seven feet tall and was muscled like an Olympic bodybuilder. Every inch of him was covered in greenish scales and bony spikes at the joints. The creature’s brutal claws looked as though they could strip the flesh off a bear. A barbed, reptilian tale swished behind it. Its face was oddly more mamalian and, although it too was scaled, it appeared to be somewhat lupine. Two large horns crowned its head, and it looked at her with burning yellow, slitted eyes.

Cindy stared wide-eyed, afraid to move.

“Cindy, is it?” It sniffed the air around her noisily, kneeling down in front of her.

“I … didn’t mean to … disturb … your home, I just want … to … go. Please let me go!”

“My home?” it snorted. It slowly grabbed her ankles, sliding her closer.

“Please, I have money. I’ll help you get whatever you want. Please!” Cindy whimpered.

The creature’s laugh was a cacophony of tormented screams. “Oh, you’ll do more than help me, my little beast. You’ll serve me. You’ll crave me. You will be my bride.”

“I don’t understand. Mmmarry? You?”

It laughed. “No, my dear, you will be mine, mind, body and soul.”

She squirmed in his grip as he raised her bare feet to his mouth and sniffed deeply. His long, forked tongue lashed out, dancing between toes, caressing her arches. Little jolts of electricity felt like they were running down her leg to her groin. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She bit her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure. Her feet were soon glistening with his oily saliva. She made a few half-hearted attempts to kick him, but the struggle only excited him further. He lurched forward and put her toes in his mouth. She could feel his fangs slightly sliding across the tips of her toes as he sucked them. Cindy could no longer help it: she moaned loudly, hips bucking as her pussy moistened. She wiggled and spread her toes to allow him better access between them. She’d always been disgusted by the idea of a foot fetish, but this… she nearly forgot that it was a monster performing the ministrations.

Without warning it pulled her legs apart and pulled her forward violently. She only caught a glimpse of a snakelike penis, the tip a hideous fang-filled mouth, straighten and hiss before he impaled her on it.

Cindy screamed. The monstrous member was burning hot and she could feel it slithering, exploring her insides.

“Now, Cindy,” the monster panted, “I make you mine.”

It grinded against her slowly, the slithering motion of the dick more stimulating than any vibrator.

“Please, please, I’m, I’m a virgin,” she protested, panting heavily.

“Not anymore.” He thrust and she felt the tip bite her beneath her pelvic bone and her world went white with pleasure.

Cindy licked her lips and drooled, eyes wild. She’d never been this aroused, this horny. The creature’s massive shaft glided back and forth between her folds, kindling an intense heat within her groin. She hated herself for loving it, hated how her hips were instinctually matching his rhythm. Her moans were wanton, desperate. She wanted him inside her farther, to accommodate more of that massive shaft.

The creature snarled and roared, startling and exciting her. When she saw the bulge working its way down his shaft, she gasped; when it exploded inside her she choked on her own breath. His spunk was both blazing hot and frigid cold and there was a lot of it. She could feel it leaking out of her even as she felt it creep deep inside her. She came instantly, but the beast wouldn’t stop. The burning cold flowed to her fingertips and toes, making them tingle.

Cindy’s tongue lolled out of her mouth, farther and longer than before, longer than even seemed possible. She didn’t recognize the perverse cooing sounds coming from her mouth that were both higher and lower pitched than she thought she could have made. The monster buried his shaft in her, but rather than splitting her open, it felt tight, snug, wonderful. What was happening? The beast was almost to climax again, as she could feel another bulge working it’s way down his shaft.

“Be my bride, Cindy.” His growled between clenched teeth.

“No, no, no, nooooooooooo!” She cried in her unfamiliar voice as she felt his cum shoot into her again. Her cry turned to an ear-piercing, inhuman squeal. She clenched her fingers mid-orgasm, her fingernails turning black and growing longer, sharper. The monster looked at her foot, entranced at the sight of her growing, blackening toenails. He sniffed and licked her soles again.

She looked up at him with a wild look in her eyes. She felt incredible, alive and powerful and hungry… so hungry. The creature fucking her was changing her, violating her mind as well as her body. She raked at his scaly face with her toe claws, but it only seemed to excite him into another orgasm. This one hit even deeper than the last and she let out another unholy scream through teeth that were elongating and sharpening into fangs. When she looked at him again it was with yellow, reptilian eyes. She hissed at him, part seductively, part in rage. Her claws were longer now, more brutal and he was sucking on the one on her big toe. Cindy grinned and moaned bestially. Master was making her powerful, strong. Making her his. She loved it. No, no, no had to resist.


Cindy groped at her face as more and more of the corrupting fluid poured into her. Her nose and mouth were pushing outward into a vaguely reptilian muzzle. Her flesh was mottling, turning green in splotches, smooth skin warping into jagged scales. The sensations were too much as the monster’s power altered her mind, bringing out wicked fetishes and perverse appetites.

Her skin was nearly covered in jagged green scales now. The creature licked at her heels as brutal spurs erupted from them. Cindy’s mutating face pulsed and elongated, she blinked, seeing for the first time through a third eye. Her fangs were inches long now, forming into a brutal crossbite. She arched her back to relieve the pressure in her back as a sharp spike pushed it’s way through her coccyx, a thick, whiplike tail following it. Her master shifted for more leverage, working more of his spunk into her. Cindy snarled and hissed hungrily milking his cock with her increasingly articulated pussy. She orgasmed yet again as thin, vertical fangs sprouted from her labia, biting into the tough armor of his dick. Her clit lengthened to a long, prehensile tongue that licked up her master’s slime hungrily.

“Fuck me,” she growled throatily, wiggly her toes seductively. She was hungry, so hungry. Master ejaculated one final time. Two thick points pushed through her forehead, curling upward and to the sides and over and behind her head. Her hair tied itself in knots, becoming ropey tentacles.

He withdrew 24 inches from her slowly, buckets of slime plopping noisily to the floor.

“Who rules you?”

Cindy was still in the throes of orgasm.

“I said, who rules you?”

Cindy licked her fangs, “You, Master.”

“You are now a vessel for my power. You are my first bride, the Demon of Corruption.” She cooed wickedly. Yes, corruption. She could feel Master within her, polluting every cell in her body.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, my pet?”

“So good, master. Thank you for putting your cock inside me.” Cindy found she knew things, strange things. Like her Master was an ancient evil from whom the world was stolen long ago, sealed away by wicked men who wanted to deny the world’s women the pleasure of his cock. She snarled just thinking about the terrible injustice of it.

Cindy looked down at her clawed hands. When she opened her third eye, she found she was able to see the heat signatures of her body and the cave. How was any of this possible? She was a good Christian girl from a moral family. Sure, she’d maybe made a few exceptions since going to college, but a demon? How?

Her master’s snarl instinctively snapped her out of her daydream, her own mouth-cunt returning the sound, sending a mind-numbing rush of pleasure to Cindy’s brain. All her thoughts were immediately pushed out of her head, replaced with horniness and hunger.

“Master,” she hissed seductively.

Master had entered some kind of meditative trance not long after he’d corrupted her, the purpose of it not among the information he’d implanted in her head. She wasn’t sure how long he had been that way as she, herself, had been lost in the euphoric aftershocks of her transformation.

“It is as I feared,” Master whispered, almost softly. Corruption listened intently. “Your flesh is not enough.”

Corruption felt panic run through her wicked body and she curled up in fear of his wrath. “Forgive me, Master!”

This seemed to amuse Master. “No forgiveness is needed, Corruption. I’d nearly forgotten what a formidable opponent he was.”

She didn’t understand what he was talking about, but she adopted a less submissive pose. She listened expectantly.

“You broke the seal on my prison, my bride, but there is more keeping me here than a door. This place is not of your world, nor am I any longer. I cannot leave this … prison.”

She almost pitied him, this powerful, potent creature, but pity was an emotion for weak girls, not demons. A disturbing thought crossed her mind. Was she trapped her too?

As though telepathic, Master said, “You, however, are a creature of this world and it is through you that I will once again make myself a part of it.”

Her snatch drooled at the thought. Master needed her. “What is your bidding, Master?”

“I haven’t seen her,” Joe said, unconcerned, as he took another bite of pizza. “I thought you guys were going exploring or something.”

Rachel looked down at her own untouched slice, hands on her forehead. “I’m starting to get worried.”

“You’re always worried about her. She’s a big girl.”

It was a running joke in her circle of friends that Cindy was her little sister, made all the “funnier” by the fact that Rachel was half a year younger. But Cindy had lived a sheltered, religious upbringing with extremely strict parents. She’d begun coming out of her shell at college – convincing her that it was okay to curse had been a victory – but she still was reserved about anything to do with dating or boys and would quickly change the subject whenever sex came up.

“You know how she does that thing?” Joe continued, mouth half full. “That thing where she gets mad and doesn’t talk to anyone for awhile and if you ask her if something’s wrong, she says nothing is wrong even though there is?”

“She hasn’t done that in forever,” Rachel snapped. It was true, the girl had become a lot more assertive over the last year. Joe appeared unconvinced.

For a moment the two sat in silence in the pizzeria. Joe finally sighed and said, “Did something happen?”

“I don’t know. We found this place.”

Rachel described the cave behind the waterfall and the strange statue she and Cindy had found. When Rachel had left to explore farther into the cave, the footing had quickly become treacherous, the tunnel curving sharply downward, nearly becoming a climb at points.

And the smell! It was everywhere. A powerful musk that left her dizzy at times. She had half-suspected to run into a bear, but there had been no tracks, offal or other signs of an animal’s passing. Every instinct she had was telling her to turn back, but Rachel had long made a point of channeling her fear into motivation. She was going to find out what was down here.

And she did.

“Well?” Joe prodded.

“It was, some kind of temple.”

In the dim light of her LED, the figures had cast nightmarish shadows. Where the statue by the waterfall had been vague and impressionistic, these were crafted with nearly impossible detail, frozen in frightful poses that reflected bestial rage, or perhaps pain. Each gargoyle was roughly man-sized and each a unique horror of fangs, horns, and tails.


“Why the fuck would I make that up?”

“So you’re telling me, that behind Butterhill waterfall there’s a secret passage to an ancient temple that only you know about and there’s some kind of grotesque sculpture garden inside? And only you know about it? I’m calling bullshit.”

“No,” Rachel grimaced. “Not just me. Joe, I’m really worried about Cindy. There’s something seriously wrong about that place.”

Joe made a clicking sound. “I’ll tell her you’re looking for her if I see her, OK?”

The creature watched Rachel leave the pizzeria from the trees, her clit licking her labial fangs.

You always got everything your way, Rachel, the monster mused, but not this time. Master chose me to be his first. One day soon Rachel would know how good it felt to give herself over to darkness, but not yet. First she had to show Master what a good bride she was, that she was a wicked, evil demoness worthy of his special favor. If she brought Rachel to him now, her friend might steal the spotlight like she always had.

Corruption turned her head to the sound of giggling.

Two petite college girls were returning from dinner, chatting about a friend of their’s who was not present. Corruption could make out every detail of the conversation, even from this distance.

“I always feel interrogated when she’s talking to me,” said the freckled brunette. “She just has to be so intense about everything.”

“She just likes to turn the conversation away from herself,” said the Asian girl. “She’s just shy … what is it?”

“Did you hear that?”

Corruption had nearly closed the distance on them in the heartbeat, diving behind a nearby dumpster. The exhiliration she felt as her predatory instincts came alive was intoxicating. She’d never felt as powerful as she did now, hunting these girls. Her prey.

“No, it was probaly just …”

Corruption couldn’t stand the wait. She sprang into their midst, tackling the Asian girl hard to the ground. Her friend didn’t even have time to scream before the demon backhanded her, sending her sprawling to the ground.

Through the haze of primal urges, Cindy thought for just a moment, what the hell am I doing? These girls could have been her friends. She thought she may have had a class with one of them. She could just walk away, maybe. Then brunette girl groaned as she was beginning to pick herself up off the floor.

The sound triggered something within her and she felt her pussy begin to stir. No, no, no, no, no! Cindy felt her lips begin to twitch, curling back to reveal her fangs, a predatory growl rumbling in her throat.

The girl had turned to look at her attacker, eyes going wide and mouth agape.

Corruption grabbed the back of her head and shoved her prehensile clit into the girl’s mouth before she could scream. The demon explored the girl’s mouth with her clit, savoring the tactile sensations of tongue and tooth. The girl coughed and gagged on the steady flow of thick cunt cream pouring into her throat as Corruption panted and groaned, aroused by both the physical sensations and the thought of violating this innocent.

The girl soon stopped struggling and it felt like she was beginning to return the ministrations, sucking and kissing at Corruption’s clit.

Nearby, the other girl was coming around, still recovering from the shock of the earlier impact. Corruption swung her tail, catching her in the side of the head and sending her plummeting back to the ground. The demon roared in revelry of the chaos.

The girl at her knees groped at her hips, hungrily and sloppily swallowing her juices.The girl’s ministrations soon brought Corruption to orgasm. The demon let loose an unholy roar as a torrent of slimy juices erupted from her cunt, coating the girl’s head in a thick layer of slime. She held the girl steady in her clawed grasp as the climax continued, her charge coated from head to knees.

The slime was hardening around the girl, becoming high-viscosity membrane. Corruption released her and the girl obediently knelt still as the demon finished coating her. The membrane became opaque, hardening into a fleshy shell. Corruption pushed the girl over onto her back and coated her lower legs and feet. She watched with perverse interest as the membrane expanded, seemingly filling up with some kind of fluid.

“What’s going on here … what the fuck?”

Admidst her orgasmic revelry, Corruption hadn’t noticed the police officer approaching. Stunned by the site of this impossible creature, the officer was clumsily fumbling for his sidearm. Corruption snarled and leapt, landing on him with all fours, digging her finger and toe claws into his flesh. She silenced his screams with a vicious bite to the neck. His blood was warm and delicious.

Corruption helped herself to several more chunks of meat, but she knew she was too exposed where she was. She approached the egg sac in the place where the brunette had been, lifted it effortlessly and deposited it in the dumpster. She scooped up the unconscious Asian girl in one arm and the police officer’s corpse in the other, fleeing into the night.

The rush of adrenaline Cindy had felt in town slowly faded as she made her way back to the waterfall. Her two burdens had gotten increasingly heavier, to the point where she was forced to abandon the cop’s body in the woods. The girl remained unconscious, but her dead weight made her difficult to move. A twinge of vaguely familiar fear had crept into the back of her mind. She’d killed a cop. They were going to be looking for her for … no, they wouldn’t be looking for a supernatural creature and they certainly wouldn’t connect it to her human name.

Human name…

Cindy dragged her charge to the edge of the pond, her destination, the waterfall, finally in sight. In the pale moonlight, she caught site of her reflection. Something was different. Her repitlian features were losing their angularity. Shocked, she looked at her claws and saw that they had receded to scarcely more than long nails.

What’s happening to me? I have to get to Master…

She reached for the girl, but hesitated. No, what was in that cave was wrong. What it had done to her was wrong.

No, Master would fix this. He had to! With a snarl, she hoisted the girl over her shoulders and waded into the pool toward her Master’s lair.

“Very good, Corruption,” Master said, his praise an aphrodisiac. “This one will make a fine addition to my harem.”

“Master,” she said meekly. “What’s happening to me?”

Her scales had become mottled, soft flesh becoming exposed in growing patches. And it was accelerating. She was becoming more … human by moment.

Master’s inhuman face was inscrutable.

“It appears my jailers took precautions. They must have put a ward on the seal when you broke it to protect your soul from me.”

“I’m sorry, Master. I don’t understand.”

“Don’t fear, my little beast. I’m not displeased with you,” his grin, if that’s what it was, was a terrifying display of jagged fangs. “In fact, you’ve done very well considering the terrible curse that was placed on you.”

He approached her predatorally. Cindy took a step backward, feeling the strange fleshy ground with the now-soft skin of her soles.

“I’m cursed?” Run. Run, you idiot, a voice in the back of her head, growing louder, more urgent told her. Just make it to the hall. He can’t leave.

“I won’t be able to make you a true demon until I’m free,” he took another step forward. “”

Cindy felt her balance shift as her tail receded into her spine. She knew she had to run. She spun as quickly as she could, hoping the beast couldn’t sense her ambivalence. She bolted toward to portal with everything she had, expecting at any moment to feel the creature’s immense weight bear down on her.

But it didn’t. Somehow she was staying ahead of him and she dare not look back to see why. Cindy could almost smell the mist of the waterfall, the moldy stench of the cave a welcome beacon…

A fearful snarl tore through the air palpably and Cindy felt all her muscles seize up, her breath caught in her throat. Moisture trickled copiously from between her legs. She felt herself turning back around against her will, a prisoner in her own body.

Master hadn’t chased her, had barely even moved from his spot. Slowly and lithely he hissed and dropped into a feral crouch. Cindy felt her heart race as she found herself mimicking his movements, a hiss escaping her lips.

With one outstretched claw, he beckoned her forward. Her right leg took one heavily labored, awkward step forward, followed by her left. She felt like a marionnette struggling against her strings.

“Come to me, Corruption.”

He grabbed her about the waist and lifting one of her legs. In the blink of an eye, his serpentine cock slid inside her still-moist slit. Cindy felt her body quickly submit to his touch, and he cradled her almost gently.

“But don’t worry. You’re still my bride. My Corruption.”

Cindy felt warm bliss radiating upward from her groin. She whimpered. Too late. Too late.

His slick, slimy member was moving tortuously slowly, but her body was in complete rebellion, obediently rocking back and forth to his rhythm. She wanted to curse him, but all that came out was an impotent little whine.

“Good girl,” he hissed.

Master dipped her downward right as he ejaculated. She moaned through clenched teeth, her fingers crooked as her nails darkened and lengthened.

“This is only the beginning.”

Cindy’s ecstatic howl filled the cave as she felt the hunger rekindle inside of her.

“Native American monster myths? Not really my area of expertise,” Professor Carthwright peered down his nose at the sketch Rachel had given him. The college’s history department had been culled by budget cuts as of late; the Native American studies program was among the casualties. Carthwright, her U.S. History professor, was the closest thing she could find.

“The wendigo is one of the more popular ones. Certain manitous were also said to be somewhat demonic in nature.”

Rachel protested, “The statues, they didn’t look like anything in the collections. Well, there was this one up front that kind of did, but I think we might have broken it.”

“That’s unfortunate. It’s possible that the other statues you saw are more recent, perhaps colonial or even 20th century. The town did have several eccentric millionaires around that time. It’s possible you found a secret art stash, which could explain the discrepancy between the various pieces.”

Rachel still hadn’t heard any word from or about Cindy. She’d held off filing a police report, but between this and rumors of a strange attack in town, it was looking like a better and better idea.

“Who else knows about this?”

“Just Cindy and Joe. Why?”

“Just curious.” There was something unconvincing about his tone. “Why don’t I see what I can find out. Come by my office tomorrow afternoon.”

Kari’s head was throbbing. She’d had the worst dreams, a mix of a terrible hangover and a thing out of one of her brother’s hentai. Her vision was blurry and there were unpleasant sounds coming from nearby, not to mention a powerful musky odor was distracting to the point of dizziness.

She was somewhere dark – not her room. Something was moving nearby. Kari felt a sinking feeling in her stomach when it came into focus.

It hadn’t been a dream. The thing that had attacked her was hanging off a larger creature. To her disgust and horror, she saw that her assailant was ravenously bouncing… herself upon the larger creature’s cock, snarling and panting.

She stared transfixed at the sight, her brain refusing to believe what was going on in front of her.

The male came with a thunderous roar and the female fell to the floor in spasms where she lay shivering and snarling. The male inhaled deeply and turned a single reptilian eye on Kari.

He ducked into a feral crouch approaching her slowly, his slick member flicking about between his legs, it’s tip a fanged horror.

Her head still throbbing, Kari wobbled to her feet, but couldn’t find her balance. She fell over as the monster approached, sniffing the air.

Then it spoke, it’s breath hissing through fangs. “The old holy men never understood.”

Kari froze as it stalked forward on all fours. What was this thing? How could it speak?

“Please don’t eat me, please!” she stammered.

“They thought woman the keeper of morality, chaste and pure, a check on their own wicked impulses.”

A sharp claw tore the laces of her sneaker to ribbons and the beast slid the shoe and her sock off almost tenderly. Something about the air, that scent, his voice was making her sleepy.

“They were fools. Inside every female is a beast more fearsome than they could imagine. But I can smell them.” The creature sniffed at her toes noisily, seeming to savor the scent. Kari knew she should be running, screaming for help, but she couldn’t take her eyes off this creature, it’s strange words and its fascination with her foot. She felt gross for it, but she was a little turned on.

“Mmm, I can smell her. Smell her anger and lust. She’s shackled, living a life that isn’t her own.” His tongue slid between her big and index toes, slimy and moist. She felt delirious, her skin flushed, an impossible amount of sensation running down her leg. Whatever this thing was, wherever she was, it had to be some kind of bizarre dream. She had to be laying in an ER bed, her head wrapped in bandages, Ashley sleeping off her own injuries a bed away. They’d been mugged and …

Kari gasped as she lapsed into euphoria, feeling moisture building up between her legs. She was in the ER, yes. Her father was there with a bouquet of flowers, a concerned look on his face that seemed so out of character. She smiled weakly at him, sweat running down her brow.

Why was it so hot in here? The lights flickered, browning out before returning to normal luminescence. The air conditioning must have failed.

Father placed the flowers beside her bed, emiting a prolonged sigh as he lowered himself into the nearby chair. “I knew this would happen.”

Kari felt a familiar tension in her temples. Somehow, he was about to make this all her fault again. “Dad, I …” The lights browned again and she briefly caught sight of a pale white figure in the hall watching them. She thought about calling out to the nurse and asking for some aspirin, but the lights returned and the figure was gone. She ended her sentence with a moan.

Cindy watched the girl stare off into space, mouth slack as Master attended to her feet, his forked tongue leaving them slick and shiny with his drool. She felt her clit stir and writhe as she recalled her first meeting with Master and how savagely he’d taken her. This was different somehow. The girl appeared to be in trance, perhaps drugged, whereas Cindy remembered her rape vividly. By comparison, this could almost be mistaken for tenderness, or seduction. The girl let out a whimper, her hand disappearing beneath her pants.

“There were better schools. In better neighborhoods,” Father chided.

She didn’t want those schools, or that major. She wanted to be a writer, an idea that her father couldn’t utter without contempt. She’d defied him by going here, but he never even gave her the pleasure of being angry about it. He’d just get that patronizing little sneer on his face and remind her how right he was about everything. She tried to argue, but she couldn’t form the words, only labored breathing and groans.

“Are you listening to me?” Father squinted at her. “Are you … are you masturbating?”

Icy fear shot down her spine. Why would her father say that? In public? How could he … but then she felt it, the warm stickiness on her fingers, her hand beneath her blanket.

“No,” she murmured even as she continued to circle her clit with a fingertip.

“I don’t believe this,” he said, voice still dispassionate. “How did I raise such a little animal?”

“Dad, please. Daddy, don’t say that,” she felt a tear run down her cheek even as she continued to push herself toward release.

The girl offered no resistance as Master removed her clothing with an application of his claws. He sat down behind her, lifted her up by the arms and licked her neck with his long, forked tongue. Master’s serpentine, fanged cock slithered under her between legs.

“Your mother was an animal too,” he sighed. “Do you know what she wanted me to do to her in bed? Choke her. Hit her. The most vile things. She found pleasure in the most disgusting acts. She was sick.”

Kari bit her lip, rage driving her fingers faster, harder. She’d never been brave enough to curse her father out, but she could feel the ‘f’ forming on her lips. Before she could say it, the lights went out completely and she saw the figure again, closer this time, just a few feet behind her father. It wasn’t a nurse but a pale, dark-haired woman, naked, with her long, straight black hair covering her face. She seemed to be waiting for something.

“You’re coming home and we’re sending you to treatment, you … freak.”

Kari looked past her father to the figure. Somehow it was the answer to the impossible situation, to her miserable life, to her father’s cruel disappointment and neglect.

“Do it,” she said through gritted teeth. “Do it!”

Pale white arms raised up, long, clawed fingers wrapping themselves around her father’s neck. Father seized up as the nails dug into his diaphragm, pulling the yielding flesh apart. The arterial spray covered Kari in her father’s blood as she orgasmed, the hospital filled her moans and her father’s garbled screams.

In the afterglow, she looked up at the figure. It loomed over her, bloody, monstrous hands pressing down on the bed. What have I done? A long, dark tongue parted the hair and slithered between her lips, drawing Kari into a perverse kiss.

Kari’s body briefly went stiff as Master’s cock entered her, but only for a moment until she began rhythmically undulating in time to his thrusts. Her mouth hung open and she appeared to be choking for a moment until she let out a loud gasp.

Kari’s tongue lolled out of her mouth in perverse delight, growing longer by the second until it hung down near her small breasts. Corruption’s clit licked her drooling labia as she recalled her own corruption and the sensations that came with Master filling her with his evil.

Master cupped her breasts, whispering into her ear as his cock slid in and out of her.

Kari’s skin was getting whiter, becoming a deathly white shade.

Kari shrieked with perverse glee, a high-pitched, inhuman sound. Her mouth widened, cheekbones becoming more prominent. She bounced herself on the demon’s cock with wild fervor as her arms stretched, becoming thinner between thickening, bulbous shoulder and elbow joints, stretching taught against her skeleton with a leathery creak. Her fingers lengthened with a moist pop. She cooed as thin, black, needle-like claws pushed through her nails, growing nearly to the length of her fingers.

Rivulets of slimy spunk dripped down her legs, running between her now albino toes. She spread them wide as she banshee-shrieked in orgasm, black toenails lengthening, toes kneading the air. Master’s eye’s rolled around to peer at the frustrated Corruption. With a slight incline of his head, he beckoned her over.

It wasn’t right, all that delicious evil spilling onto the ground. She looked at the girl’s clawed, slime-dripping foot, then at Master, who grinned in approval. Corruption widened her stance, tongue-clit emerging to lick greedily at the new creature’s digits. Each inky slurp that she took inside herself sent burning shivers through her body, muffling that meddlesome voice in her head that protested what had been done to her.

Kari’s mouth now stretched nearly ear-to-ear, filled with needle-sharp fangs. Her hair, matted and oily, grew down to her waist. Her irises, now blood-red, rolled wildly in their sockets as she crooked a long arm around behind Master’s head for leverage. Slits opened on her forehead above her eyes, deepening and flickering until they burst open, revealing an extra set of crimson eyes.

Corruption, Kari, and Master orgasmed in unison, black spunk spraying and dripping from their genitals. Kari fell forward onto her knees as Master withdrew, hair obscuring her features.

“Corruption,” Master chortled. “Meet Nightmare.”


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