The Black Trilogy

For the DC Comics fan out there, here is a story taking place in the DC Universe where Black Adam (the nemesis of Captain Marvel/Shazam) goes on a rampage and corrupts the poor heroines unlucky enough to meet him. It’s done by an author going by the name of “LostChris”

I’ll add the story directly on this post because It’s not easy to find and I’m not sure it will stay out there forever, but here is the link to its official page:

And for those unfamiliar with comics, here is what the characters look like:

Black Adam


Mary Marvel before her corruption ( you can see her “evil look” at the beginning of the page)


Supergirl (the sweet cousin of Superman)


Power Girl (an older Supergirl, from an alternate, older Universe)



Chapter 1:

We are the voyeurs, an ancient race that watches over the multi-verse, observing different variations that occur. At least one of our number, Uatu, has been trying to change our name to Watchers, after all he thinks this sounds better and although some gullible races have believed him about the name we figured that it won’t last long. We have seen a great many things, we have born witness to the snowman melting mid flight and the child in the striped pyjamas plummet to his death, we were there to see a young boy try and free a killer whale kept in captivity, only for the creature to fail to make the jump, crashing to its death on the rocks below, crushing the teen in the processes. I am not saying that these events weren’t amusing, they were, but we tend to seek out more interesting events, after all what’s the point of observing all if it isn’t good to watch.


We have borne witness to the start of a third world war, a battle not between nations against nations but the many against the one, a country and its rulers brought to the sword by plots from all sides. We watched the failure and new beginning of the man god Teth Adam, known to the world as the mass murderer Black Adam. He had been a ruthless yet committed protector of his people, only to see them and his wife killed by the orders of villains and world powers. He had gone on a rampage seeking revenge, only to be denied final retribution when his powers were hidden from him and his one man war brought to an end. He had sort to resurrect his wife, first with the restorative Lazarus Pits which cruelly failed before his eyes, then using what power remained in his wife’s bones, Teth Adam had returned as the black marvel. He searched for the pieces of his wife’s lost amulet to resurrect her once more before he drained the last of the magic from her bones, forever barring her return. With each call of her name and the power it temporarily brought Teth grew ever nearer to his goal and ever nearer to losing her forever.

For him triumph was finally his, he had all the piece’s, his wife was but a flight away, but the enemies of Black Adam were great and even as his fingers curled around the final piece he needed they appeared before him. He slaughtered the assassins and confronted the ‘superheroes’, at first trying to talk, to warn them away, they could not stop him and he would never surrender but a battle would only eat away at what little time he had left. They would not listen, could not hear and so battle began, one of bloody death at the hands of Black Adam as many of the arriving solders arrayed against him fell even as the meta-humans, the ‘heroes’ continued to fight on, their battle rising up into the air, higher and higher where only the strongest, most powerful could go. It was there, in the stratosphere of this earth that Isis time ran dry, as a bolt of lightning turned Black Adam into Teth Adam once more as her bones turned to dust.

So he fell, knowing that his lover was forever lost this man-god looked forward to his death, the hope of something better beyond this life giving him a small bit of peace as his loss filled him. But this was not his fate as words formed in his mind and on his lips. The lightning came!

The dark god was born that day, born of loss and hate, he rocketed back into the sky, colliding with the heroes that had fought him, a great flash and explosion lighting up the sky.

Chapter One

The titans Garfield, better known to the world as Beast Boy, and his former girlfriend and fellow titan Raven walked peacefully through a deserted part of a park at night, the two oblivious to the danger that fell toward them from the sky. They had engaged the mad marvel Black Adam weeks earlier, them and a number of other titans, under Garth’s leadership the teen titans had fought and died and now these two simply wished for a moment’s peace before the facing of the dawn and the burdens they always brought.

For Black Adam he simply drop toward the world, his body limp, he did not care where he was going or how he would land. The battle had flung him into a low orbit from the explosion and he had simply drifted, his mind only filled with thoughts of his lost wife. Gravity had finally pulled at him after how many hours, perhaps days, his body cutting through the air, muscles limp, unconcerned with the ground rushing to meet him even as he finally slammed down, the park erupting in an explosion of dirt and energy, throwing everything including two startled titans into the air.

They were able to twist and turn as best they could, landing uninjured as they got back to their feet, watching as the debris cleared and a killer of their own rose, standing almost comatose in the smoke.

Beast Boy didn’t even falter as he rushed the killer of Terra along with so many others, his body shifting into a fierce animal as he closed on his still motionless enemy. Black Adam reacted out of pure instinct at the last moment, spinning on the spot, his fist slamming into the green titan, propelling him down into the ground, the thump of his body and breaking bones painfully audible.

With a scream of panic Raven acted quickly in his defence striking at the black clothed god with her powers. Black Adam, shaking off the debilitating thoughts of loss with the violent intrusion into his space finally turned to something more familiar, anger. Raven’s attack was relentless as her energy projection racked at him with glowing talons but this new dark god simply refused to be defeated, kicking an already broken and wheezing beast boy in the gut, sending the laying fighter sailing through the air to impact with Raven.

Both knocked to the ground, Raven rolled Garfield off from on top of her, his breathing laboured and broken, his eyes fluttering as he fought to stay conscious, to continue the fight, her face was paled with worry and pain as she stood to face Black Adam alone, she should have been more concerned with herself.

Garfield’s ill-conceived attack had not worked save to injure themselves but as Adam focused his raged filled face on them Raven dearly hoped perhaps words would.

“Teth Adam please, we can talk this out, we don’t need to fi….”

He glared at her, silencing her as his eyes stabbed at her and the green freak. Now free of his stupor he found the anger they had awoken was a bright tasting delicacy, one he gladly feasted on.

“Silence, witch, I will hear no more words, they poison my air and waste my time which has ultimately cost me everything. From now on there will be no more talk, no more compromise, you will submit now or you will die!”

The young witch stood her ground against his anger, believing that she still faced a man, a being who could be reasoned with, who had resisted conflict before, only fighting when left no other choice.

“Submit Adam? I don’t understand, but we can work this out.”

He moved faster than she could follow, striking her to the ground.

“I said silence,”

She winced at the pain that flared across her anew.

“Adam, please stop.”

He reached down to pull her hood back at these words, his hand getting a grip of her hair and pulling her up, letting his anger and some other emotion control him.

“You’re kind never listen, we’ll little whore, if you will not be silent then I will find a way to stop you talking.”

He reached down to his belt, loosening his tights without even thinking about it as he freed his penis, bringing it out in front of her shocked face, his hand shaking it as it got hard even as the teen froze in horror. He yanked back on her hair, Raven crying out in pain before being muffled by Adam’s dick as he pushed it between her open lips, filling her mouth with his large veined member.

Shifting his hands to get a grip of either side of her head he began to rape the young woman’s mouth, pulling her head back and forth as he started to thrust, the thrill of it sweeping away any other thought as this second, stronger emotion filled his mind.

“I told you, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!”

He yelled louder and louder as he thrust forward with each cry, madness clear in his eyes as the feel of the hot mouth on his dick set off sweeping bliss in his mind, soothing all other thoughts even as he mashed her face into his groin. Raven let out a near continuous chorus of muffled screams as Adam continued to increase his pace, the God using only a small portion of his strength to satisfy himself in her wet mouth, and even that was more than her body could take.

Something was wrong, the thought intruded into his mind, Adam knew what he was doing was madness, his old self would never have done this, never have know how good it felt to violate one of these stupid whores. One part of his mind reeled at the ever shifting thoughts as it argued and twisted in his mind, even as it was drowned out by darker impulses and pleasures.

Her choked screams were music to his ears, only serving to further the rush of the experience for him, he let out grunts of pleasure as his hands tightened around her head, looking to move faster and deeper till finally pulling her head forward one final time, mashing her face into his waist and holding it there, his cum filling her mouth, throat and coming squirting out of her nose.

Black Adam tilted his head up, allowing the thrill and ecstasy to fill him even as his hands continued to close together around Ravens head. The titan was able to get off one final chocked scream as this dark god crushed her head between his hands without even realising he was doing it.

Beast Boy fought to stay conscious, bones broken and internal organs bleeding, he was powerless to help Raven, to stop the violation and all he could do was let out a scream of absolute pain and loss as Black Adam crushed her skull like a piece of fruit. The dark death god only then looked down at what he had done, not even realising he had done it, not that he cared even then.

“I will kill you! Do you hear me Black Adam, are you listening, I will find a way to kill you for what you’ve done. If not me then one of the others, but you will die!”

Adam only half listened to the young man’s screams, new and old thoughts, ideas and possibilities coursing through his mind, new words forming on his tongue.

“She was too weak in the end, only the strong will be made to submit, the weak are beneath my notice.”

‘This is wrong, this is not me. But it is, they deserve it, to have their lives fucked like they did ours, all of them, it’s our right.’

He couldn’t remember what he had been thinking about, like a part of his mind had gone quiet, instead turning to regard the young man and the hate that burned in his eyes, had he been so like this child once? A little smile crept across his face, he, unlike this titan, was actually going to do something about his hate.

“You’re right, at least in that the others will try. Something will have to be done, an example set and for helping me with your thoughts I should reward you I suppose.”

Black Adam reached into his tunic and pulled out a small piece of paper, dropping it beside the corpse at his feet.

“A witches soul like this one shouldn’t be hard to return, once her meat is suitably repaired, so I leave you the coordinates to a Lazarus Pit still untouched, you can bring her back if you like.”

Adam casually turned to wiping the gore off of himself, feeling rather good about giving such a gift even as he put his member back into his tights, plucking the last bit of skull off his sleeve, considering it for a moment.

“Of course you will have to ensure that you have all of her bits, it won’t work otherwise, so here, I wouldn’t want to take any of her with me.”

He flicked the bone fragment at Garfield, the piece accelerating to incredible speeds as it nicked his neck and embedded in the soil behind him, beast boys hand immediately going to his throat to put pressure on the wound, the utterly beaten Titan watched as the monster flew up and away before crawling over to Raven.

His hand reaching out to wrap around the piece of paper, he gripped it tight as he pulled his hand back to press the emergence beacon on his uniform, waiting for help from the other titans, clinging to consciousness and the hope that he could somehow succeed and really bring back the woman he loved.

Chapter 2

New thoughts, and he never once thought that they may not be his own.

Black Adam sliced through the night sky, moving fast enough to stay easily ahead of the dawn as he descended in-between the skyscrapers of Gotham City, coming to a hovering stop above the police station he waited there, expecting his pray to arrive shortly. His thoughts were different, the casual brutality was something new, it lacked the rigid control that he remembered used to be an integral part of himself.

He still felt like something was wrong, like he’d forgotten something but that feeling was fading fast, eclipsed next to new behaviour.

He’d felt good using that girl like he had, he felt the need simmering at the back of his mind, he would indulge it soon enough but first the anger called for a fight with the do-gooders that called this city home.

He needed to make a real example of someone of note, they needed to know that for their actions a price would be enacted. Taking on a group was foolishness and wouldn’t be as devastating as an important individual, but the alien was missing, as was the amazon, he knew no sure way to get to them, the bat was different. He never strayed far from this filthy city, always hiding in the shadows, just a man in a costume, even so the bat would confront him when challenged, powers or not, and he would learn.

Adam allowed himself a smile, the fool would be useful dead or alive, a warning or a bargaining chip.

As an afterthought he lowered himself down to turn on the ridicules bat signal before ascending back into the sky to wait. Below him his heightened senses could hear the mortals discovery of his presence, the police commissioner ordering an evacuation of the station and surrounding area, Black Adam was simply beyond anything that he or the police force could handle, so they waited for Batman, or the army, or the meta’s, any would have been welcome.

Of course they were all going to have a long wait, neither Batman nor Robin nor Nightwing were even in the country at the time and the army was still rallying from its last bloody engagement with Adam, so those in the city that knew of his terrible power held their breath for rescue that wasn’t going to happen.

However there was at least one bat in the area, the on again off again hero Cassandra Cain, the current Batgirl watched this new dark god from the shadows, knowing she had no chance against him but resolved to study him, allowing her training to observe him for any openings or possible weaknesses. Focusing solely on the threat of Adam Batgirl failed to register the second presence on the roof, the grinning man behind her watching for his own opportunities to cause some chaos.

As for the Marvel, the boiling emotions that plagued him now had robbed Black Adam of the patience he once considered such a great strength, he could hear the heartbeats of those that watched him even if he couldn’t see them and he’d already had enough. At least one was the steady beat of a hunter like himself, was the bat simply watching him, did he think he wouldn’t level this pathetic city to get to him, just as his own home had been destroyed when they came for Adam.

“Enough, Face me now, or I will destroy this city, one building at a time until you have no shadows left to hide in.”

Stiffening at the thought of loosing his favourite town the shadowed man decided to offer up a distraction, pulling an appropriated batarang from his coat he threw it at Black Adam.

Cassandra’s head snapped around to catch a glimpse of a retreating Joker before turning back to see the batarang uselessly impact with Black Adam, the dark god moved in an instant, Cassandra had barely even begun to move herself before he was on her, the shadows no protection now. Taking hold of her leather top he effortlessly lifting her off the ground as the two hovered back up to remain suspended above the police station.

“So you another of the bat’s little clan, here to spy on me I assume, I won’t bother to ask why you attacked, just tell me where the batman is!”

Cassandra considered her options, she could attack him, but nothing she had would even make him flinch, she could escape, cut herself free from her top, but he would catch her before she landed on the roof below, no her only hope lay in talking now, looking to use the skill she had the least experience with, especially with a dry mouth.

“Pointless threatening, he’s not here, none of them are. Whatever you thought was going to happen you’ve wasted your time.”

She had tried to keep her voice level, confident, but to her great shame a trace of fear had crept into the former assassin’s voice as she was held in the meta’s grip, a slight break in the steady heartbeat of the once silent killer.

“You know I can tell when someone lies to me and it disappoints me greatly that you are telling the truth, he isn’t here is he! But I came to make an example of a bat and if the big-bat and his young shadows aren’t here then you will do just as nicely.”

Although hidden inside her cowl Cassandra’s eyes widened in fear and resolve at his words as she lashed out at him, the marvel didn’t even register her attacks at the pressure points of his throat, instead his free hand moved around behind her to get a grip on the back of her leather tights. She struck at his face, his eyes which he at least flinched from, she tried to kick at him but he barely flinched, ignoring any discomfort, a twisted grin now spreading across his face, his eyes on her body as his other hand freed its grip on the top of her uniform to slide down, rough hand pressing against her chest.

His fingers curled closed, getting a better grip of her bat symbol and wrenched with a casual display of strength as he ripped open her costume down the seams. Cassandra managed to remain calm, taking advantage of his lost grip on her to drop to the roof below even as the night air stung her naked flesh.

Managing to land on her feet she bolted for the door now only wearing her boots, thong, mask and scarred body the thought of what could happen to her and the chance of escape to get revenge latter drove her forward toward the shadows.

She never stood a chance against the speed of the gods, Adam landing directly in front of her, grabbing for the near naked girl, she tried to dart to the side, cut around him only to feel his fingers close around the back of her throat, yanking her to a stop and up of the ground.. He carried her off the floor as he walked over to the bat-signal, pulling the symbol off the spotlight he twisted it so it pointed at a building, floating up and away from it so that they were in the light, there outlines being projected up onto the neighbouring skyscraper.

Cassandra remained silent through the whole ordeal, her teeth gritted in hate and frustration, knowing that any please would fall on deaf ears, she still lashed out at him, his skin like steel, his muscles unbreakable to her onslaught as she snarled and cried her assault. The hand around her neck lifted her upward, twisting her around so that her waist was at his head height, his other hand moving to snap her thong off, exposing her trimmed pubes and sex to a maddened mind. Her breathing was coming in panicked gasps now as she drove a knee into his face and yet he still ignored her struggles, his hand grabbing at her ass, fingers between her cheeks as he moved his head forward, running his tongue up her thigh and into her sex and then teasing her clit. He slid a free digit into her asshole, moving it back and forth as his tongue got her nicely wet, even as she tried to strike at him, completely unable to even get him to register her desperate blows and completely of balance. He’d never engaged in such foreplay before but he found this game much to his liking as his terrified little plaything struggled less and less.

He stopped after a while, his hand coming away from her ass as he turned her around, his hand sliding across her flat stomach as he bent her forward at the waist so that she could reach out to rest her hands on the raised doorway section of the roof entrance that had been just below them. Cass instinctively reached out for the offered lifeline, her body weak and her legs wet, her fingers dug into the first solid object she could reach, trying to pull away her arms flexed but his grip was inhumanly strong and unmoving. Hovering in the air her defenceless ass was now in line with Adams groin and Cassandra’s breaths came in ragged pants, real terror gripping her as he let her wait for a moment, watching with shaking hands and silent please as Adam moved, freeing his hard member, positioning at her now wet cunt lips.

Cassandra felt the full horror of that moment, and the shame of a small amount of relief as he moved away from her asshole. For Adam he was through with foreplay as his hand pointlessly tightened slightly on her waist as he thrust forward into her, not even slowing as her body failed completely to resist losing her virginity.

Batgirl was silent at first, she could feel blood in her mouth as she clenched her teeth even tighter as Adam painfully penetrated her, her back arcing up and her arms shaking as he filled her up with his big dick, he grunted in satisfaction as he pulled his blood smeared tool back out only to thrust back in again to the first cry of pain from her.

Adam kept a tight control on himself as he settled into a pace, sliding in an out of her even as he kept his strength at bay, not looking to kill this one but rather send a message, raping a bat in Gotham, humiliation and threat, none would ignore him now. He laughed at the sight of their outlines on the other building, the shadow rape of the pointy-headed girl broadcast stories high, news cameras no doubt capturing the taboo, broadcasting it, insuring all saw.

Cassandra had never known terror like this, she had been trained at birth to be an assassin, such carnal acts were not covered in that training, she had been trained to be the master of her world, Black Adam was not from her world.

Batgirl’s cries had been joined by moans after only a short time, the young assassin unable to deny or understand the growing twisted pleasure her body was experiencing along with the dangerous thrill of being fucked by a god. Her mind was breaking, another man manipulating her, the pleasure began to dull her thoughts, it only took a slight increase in pace from Adam before the young woman began to push back against him, moaning loudly like a little whore.

A part of Adam’s mind suspected that it was the effects of his magic making her get off on this but his though was brought up short by the loudest cry yet from the girl as she came, her sex clamping down even more onto his pistoning member, Black Adam moaning along with her as he rode through her orgasm, moving forward to rest the girl atop the door structure he continued to pump away, after many minutes bringing her to her second orgasm.

Black Adam’s hips were almost a blur by now as he thrust away, Cassandra crying out in wild abandon as Adam brought her close to her third release, he knew he would have to stop soon else risk serious injury to her and part of him simply didn’t care, but he had made a decision, even through the fog of lust, and as the little super-heroine slut came for a third time he moved them down onto the roof, pulling her off his member and twisting her around and down onto her knees in front of him as he furiously jerked off in front of her face for a few moments. Cassandra was still lost in an orgasmic haze as Black Adam a moment latter join her as he came over her latex mask covered face, jerking out several loads of sticky cum across her, it dribble down onto her chest and her pert breasts.

He released his hold on her as she collapse to the roof, spent and defenceless, as for Adam after a few short breathes to regained his composure, put away his tool and took to the sky, little Cassandra all but forgotten now that she had served her purpose.


The Joker sat back in his lair, hidden in shadows he’d watch Black Adam rape one of the Bat’s little playmates and he had to say it had worked better than he’d hoped. When Black Adam had arrived it was obvious what, or rather who, he wanted, and when the pointy headed one didn’t show it was equally as obvious that he wasn’t about. Joker had worried that Adam would level Gotham, which of course was Jokers job, so he’d set-up little miss bat and what a show it had been and then Adam just left. “Hmmmmmmmm, this situation could be more useful than I thought, I may get a few more laughs out of this after all, hahahahahaha!!”

Chapter 3

The world had rallied as best they could against the threat of Black Adam, many of the more powerful and well know heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman simply weren’t there, either off world or out of contact, many of the lower members of the leagues had been present at the previous battles and were now scattered and broken across the globe.

Adam had found himself regaining his senses somewhere over a desert, it had taken him some time before he figured out he was still within the polluted air of America and he knew he had to get out. Never mind that he needed to return to his shattered country, he simply needed to get out of one of the most dangerously aggressive countries on the planet before a sufficiently large response confronted him and he was pulled into another blood bath.

What had he been doing, he remembered, Gotham?

He took his bearings from the stars, something that hadn’t change for the thousands of years he had at one point or another walked the earth, and cut a straight line out of the country and over the ocean to consider his next move.

However he had become the most wanted man on the planet, his movements easily tracked after his twisted actions in Gotham and a web of satellites far above.

As he made his straight line flight out of the country, panicked governments amassed military might, placing it before him, fleet’s gathering in his path, destroyers, submarines and aircraft carriers all arrayed, bullets, cannon fire, missiles, the sky darkened at his approach, a maelstrom unleashed on one target in the dawn sky.

The roar of jets filled the air, powered machines and advanced armoured soldiers filled the sky like a giant swarm of metal death, simple raw power was thrown at him and Black Adam laughed as his mind slipped away from him again. The power of science, of fearful small minded men versus the raw magic of the gods that ran through his veins, he screamed in mockery at the pathetic actions of the little empires before setting about laying waste to them all.

Into this fray two late heroines had come, the Kryptonian Power Girl, having missed the last of the final battle now sought to be the hero she knew she was and with her the second heroine flew, the Tamaranian princess Starfire. Her powers recently returned, she had been unwilling to engage Black Adam on her own but with the other hero by her side she was supremely confident.

Both had heard but snippets of the fate of Batgirl and Raven and now added bloody retribution to their resolve to fight, to wage war upon the dark god that at least one of them had once called a teammate.

Karen Zor-L and Koriand’r showed no mercy toward their enemy, attacking with everything they had, staggering Black Adam with their sudden appearance and ferocity amidst the waves of attacks from the military, he quickly met there challenge with equal passion above the darkening seas. His new mind burned.

Night had settled over the blood stained sea by the end, countless bodies floated in the water as sunken ships settled on the ocean bed while others burned on the surface, lighting the darkness while the two heroines still fought to end the new god’s rampage. Death had been a constant pain for the two heroes as brave soldiers, pilots and sailors died throughout their conflict, their weapons useless yet still they pushed their attack and were struck down to the last by the vicious black marvel until only the three meta’s remained.

Power Girl was the first to finally fall, tiring after countless exchanges an ill timed right fist was caught by the wrist, Adam pulling her arm up to deliver a painful blow to her already bruised stomach, Power girl had instinctively tried to pull away from the assault only for Adam to hold onto her wrist, pulling her back to strike her chin with an open palm thrust. Letting go as Karen wheeled from the pain in her jaw, unaware of the final hard right fist that hit her face and knocked her unconscious, her limp body dropping onto the hulk of a burning aircraft carrier below where she lay unmoving. Starfire continued her attack with all that she had left, but on her own, drained and injured she was no match for Black Adam, with no more distractions and still fully energised he simply bullied his way toward her through her weakening and desperate energy blasts. Once in close he delivered a knife edged chop to the throat stealing her of breath as Adam grabbed hold of her long hair, his fist slamming into her gut, robbing her of what little fight she had left as she coughed up flem and blood, her body numb and chocking, her eyes wide with fright.

She hung there, held up by her hair as Adam considered her, moving up a hand to wipe the blood from his mouth, he grinned as he descended down to land beside the still body of Power girl. Rolling her over with his foot onto her back he look down at her as her white chest rose and fell with each breath before throwing Starfire face down on top of her, the panicked wheezing Tamaranian looking down at the bloody and bruised face of Power girl with terror as Black Adam moved around above them. Adam was already hard just from the sight of the two heroines massive tits pushed together as one laid on top of the other and he moved around behind Starfire, his hand groping at one of her ass cheeks, squeezing it as his thumb slid toward her asshole. Kory froze beneath him, her mind flashed elsewhere, she was worlds away again, a slave to sick men who forced themselves on her as she gasped in panicked gulps. Adam was quickly growing bored as he gripped her costume as it stuck between her ass, ripping up the lower part of what little clothes she wore, gripping her thighs as he lifted her waist up.

“Now to claim my prize.”

Kory’s mind snapped back, the world returning to the new horrors she faced as she felt her crippled body being manhandled.

“What, what are you AIEEEE”

Kory let out a blood curdling screech as Adam reamed her, filling her ass with his big dick, he pulled outward only to thrust again, this time all the way to the hilt, the sound of flesh slapping together and the alien girls screams filled the night sky in his mad rush to take her.

“Such wonderful strength, let us enjoy this girl.”

This was much better for Adam, the last two had been far too weak and fragile, but this one had proven to be made of much stronger stock and he held nothing back as he violated her hole, the princess’s ass feeling incredibly tight around his dick as her stiffening body moved up and down across power girl. With his super strength had come super resilience and the bat bitch simply didn’t have the strength to grip him tight when he’d violated her, let alone squeeze him like this bronze whore could, it felt incredible to have his dick inside such a tight hole once again.

As for Starfire, her mind was crumbling along with her body, once a slave, once forced to suffer, she did again now, but she had thought those times behind her, she had though to overcome them and now Black Adam had so easily return her to what she had been, a weak and afraid tool for others lust. Each thrust sent new dizzying pain through her, screams ripped from her bruised throat, between cries she wheezed and fought for breath even as the assault continued relentlessly.

As he started to slap her ass cheeks, an act he would never have thought to do with Isis, she somehow managed to get even tighter as her body reacted to the additional pain and contracted around him. Adam could feel himself getting so very close to release but held back, determined to enjoy this for as long as possible, the women below him having started to moan and cry to each thrust.

Many of the ships had sunk quickly in those dark sea’s, but an aircraft carrier was built to last, staying afloat long after the damage was done by Adam, long after the crew was dead or gone, long into the rape of a brave fighter.

He shifted one hand, gripping her wrists to pin her arms behind her back he pulled her bodily back and forth as the pleasure of his growing madness grew. Her lithe form slide across the other heroine as Adam fucked her with all that he had, the greatest high yet beaconed him thanks to this one’s resilience. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and let go, crying out in bliss as he came in her raw ass, Starfire to her own shame cumming right along with him as her body locked solid before going limp.

Adam pulled out of her still and bleeding body, reaching down to grab the back of her neck and lifting her up, her still form brought nothing but disappointment after that incredible high.

“I guess you not as strong as I thought, too bad. Maybe if you survive you can get stronger and then try again young Starfire.”

With that he hurled her away, across the open ocean until she smashed into the water. Beaten and violated Starfire still clung to life, floating across the ocean for days before washing up on shore, she would recover, for the most part, but sin was a part of her now.

With Starfire gone Black Adam turned his mind back to the other big-titted hero, his real prize, Krytonian’s where the strongest beings on this planet and this one was awake and looking fearfully up at him. Power girl had awoken to painful ribs, a useless wrist and a swollen black eye, she could feel her hair stuck to her scalp with her own blood still all these injures were quickly forgotten as she felt the pressure pushing down on her. Opening her eye to look directly into the closed ones of Starfire, the young woman’s face was creased in pain, open mouthed as she let out cries, wheezes and moans with each thrust by the man behind her. Her tongue hung limp from her mouth as saliva and blood dripped out to land on the frozen Power girls face as feeling began to return to her body, she could feel Starfire’s breasts pressed up against her own, moving back and forth with each stroke from Black Adam, the hard nipples of Starfire mammaries rubbing against her tits. She watched up close as Black Adam raped Starfire, and to her own disgust Star appeared at points to be getting off on it.

With the princesses hands held behind her she was pushed down onto the blond kryptonian, Power girl feeling each thrust by the monster above them even as he quickened his pace, she desperately wanted to move, to do something but her body wouldn’t, instead she felt the flesh of the brave woman that had come with her rub up and down her front. Thrusting faster and harder into a now continually screaming Starfire the two were crying out as one as he came, Starfire’s body shuddering on top of her as she felt the orgasm run through her as loss washed over Karen. Still too hurt to move she watched as Adam threw the nearly passed out Starfire aside, her body to beaten to handle anymore, she disappeared most likely to her death with all the other’s in the dark sea, then his eyes turned back to her and she knew she was next.

Adam had felt such a thrill with that last release but he was still far from spent, quite the opposite at the site of the big tits before him, the torn and bloodied white leotard never doing anything to hide them from view. As he moved toward her, thoughts of rubbing his dick between her massive mammaries crossed both their minds as Karen weakly rolled over onto her chest, trying to crawl away from him with her one good arm now that her friend no longer pin her down. Where she thought she could go never occurred, simply to escape somehow, least she be violated and then killed like her friend, although she knew there was no escape from this but even then she couldn’t just give in as he floated close.

“Stay away from me you sick bastard, eargh, stay away.”

“Why are you crawling Karen, I would think this is what you always wanted, for someone to make you a woman instead of a girl.”

“Shut up you sick freak, you don’t know me, your just a murdering piece of shit, you’re a psycho just like I always knew you were.”

“You never really knew me, none of you did, you didn’t want to. Easier to make me the villain, well now I am, you pushed me to madness and sin now pours from me.”

He step down onto one of her legs, halting her laughable attempt to get away, her yelling become a scream of frustration and hate.

“Get off me you fuck, get off me!”

“No more giving orders, no more JSA. Now I do what I want, I take what I want. I wonder if you’ll be as tight as you friend was.”

His grin was ear to ear as she screamed at her helplessness, letting out her fear and hate in her bitter cries, the voice in his mind reminding him how she had always looked down on him, judged him, even as she had paraded around dress like the whore she was.

Just like Kory before her Adam reached down to tear away the skimpy costume that clothed her, leaving her little cape and blue boots, with each hand he grabbed her ankle, pulling her legs apart as far as they would go as he rose up into the sky. Power girl found herself in an upside-down splits, still too weak to resist as she hung limply in the air, she was still able to look up between the valley of her breasts to see Adam’s scrotum and hard dick as he moved it toward her exposed sex. She tried to move, to summon her ability to fly, her heat vision, anything but nothing worked, she was betrayed, both by her former ally and by her own body.

Adam’s lust filled madness had come about by the twisting of the magic that ran through his body and thought him the bodies of the women he’d attacked but things were about to escalate, a worthy concubine at last. He stopped for a moment, rubbing the head of his enflamed penis against her upside down slit, tensing himself for what was to come while further humiliating her as she continued to curse before finally ploughing in as he thrust forward. Power girl grimacing in pain as he pushed his way violently into her dry vagina, her body seizing at the intrusion as he bounced off her once to partly pull out then pulled forward to stop balls deep inside her. Rolling his hips as he savoured the tightness and tested the strength with which she held him before moving completely out. He listened as she took up her swearing anew, laughing at her helplessness.

“You may yet be even tighter than you friend, but then i always knew you were an uptight bitch that just needed a good fucking.”

His biggest grin yet crossed his face at her screamed “You fuck,” before thrusting forward once again, his craving to taste her now saw his hips take control, instinct pure and fierce controlling his movements, his hands slipping up her legs to grip her hips. Even so he had enough will for him to take his time, torturing her as he moved in and out of her now dampening sex in agonisingly slow strokes, power girl’s upside down lower body swung back and forth with each violation, her back and chest starting to radiate pain as her massive tits pulled her downwards.

Even through the pain Karen could feel her strength returning as the sun rose, even as her mind began to slip, she willed her upper body to rise up in flight so she no longer hung upside down, she couldn’t break free but at least it alleviated some of the pain that had been radiating from her back and chest. Even this small triumph was spoiled as she let out a low moan to Adam’s latest thrust, the dark champion taking advantage of her shifted position as he released a thigh to lean forward and grab a massive breast, his hand squeezing against her resilience flesh even as his fingers moved to tweak her nipple.

She moaned again, no longer able to ignore her dripping sex and the pleasure that had pushed out all other thought, she tried to hold onto her defiance, her hate, but a haze pushed everything away but the burning between her legs.

Black Adam watched and felt as his latest conquest responded to him and with that increased his pace, ramming into her faster and faster with all his strength, the blond woman taking it and more as she pushed back against him now with each thrust. Karen had had few lovers before and none that had been stronger than her, not even close and this rough powerful sex was really turning her on and she forgot about everything else as she gave into the demands of her body. With each hit he pushed further into her, pounding against her cervix, making them scream as their brains overloaded with sensation.

Once she had been possessed by one of the seven deadly sins, lust, and while it had been returned to its prison its taint had remained, hidden awaiting a chance to take hold, now with Black Adams ‘magic member’ driving into her sex the ancient sin’s effects were free once again as first Karen’s body then mind gave in.

“Yeess, fuck, that’s it Adam, argh, fuck me harder, pleasee, nugh.”

He honoured her request, thrusting with even greater vigour, the hidden magic within his new toy twisting his own already tainted, depraved magic even further as lust gripped both their hearts. Faster and faster they thrust against one another as they hung in the air above a black sea of dead sailors and burning ships until finally he cried out as he came in her at last, the blond pushing back, letting go in response as her body spasmed in release, her already tight vaginal walls clamping even tighter.

A normal man would have been crushed, a horrific bloody mess but Adam was no man and he would never stop, he erupted into her, his hot spunk filling the tight blonds belly with his seed even as her own cum splashed against his member.

Black Adam, driven by his now amplified lust showed not only his strength but his stamina now as he pulled out of her, rotating the willing blond around so she was facing up he returned to pounding into her without a moments break, to a loud cry from the now lust craved Power Girl. The Kryptonian quickly matching him as her own powers returned her strength and resiliency, her injures began to heal even as she continued to gyrate back against him, the wet slapping sound of their sex mingling together adding to the moans of the two as the mixed cum of their release dripped out of her full cunt. Sitting up and wrapping her legs around him she reached out to grab a fist full of hair, pulling his head forward to her hungry lips as the two moaned into each other’s mouths as wet tongues duelled back and forth as there pleasure heightened.

The two carried on like this for hours, Adam loosing himself in a woman who was proving his every equal while Karen gave into the hot ecstatic feelings that flooded her toned body as they tried position after position in midair, her body shaking with the incredible full feeling she got each time he came in her. She wondered just how much cum he had, but maintaining any coherent though was easily abandoned as her shuddering bucking sweaty body continued to orgasm away, her pleas for him to fuck her more and more being easily met.

The sun was high in the sky when they came to their final orgasm, Karen once again face down on the deck of the last afloat ship, Adam reaming her ass to words of encouragement from Power Girl as he reared back for a final time, further filling her ass with the last of his cum before the two finally separating to fall onto a burnt out hulk. Adam finally drained of his godly stamina and Karen in even worst shape even as the sun feed her. For a few minutes nothing happened as they simply gasped for air until at last Black Adam rose up, his mind returning to him after so long as he pulled on his clothes, he prepared to leave, even though he was not sure where he should go first, however he was stopped by the call of the blond staggering to her feet before him.

“Wait! Tell me, I need to know, was I tighter than Starfire?”

His mind split again, his thoughts reeled at the madness that he was clearly spreading, his mouth however spoke in a twisted drawl.

“There was never any real doubt, was there.”

“Loosened by all those times she’d let Nightwing fuck her. Want to take another ride?”

‘I am infected, a carrier of madness, I, I am…’ Like a dying flicker from a candle his old mind was snuffed out as fast as it reasserted itself, the ghost of the sin of lust within him smiled at this as he moved up to the nearly naked woman, a portion of his power returned to him in the taming of this woman, he reached to take her chin in his hand.

“Follow, if we have time.”

She was almost squirming with desire as her body overrode her mind, nodded eagerly she replied.

“Yes, anytime.”

While separate both now held a piece of the living sin of lust, the ancient power co-opting their minds, quieting the parts that would seek to question or rebel. He moved forward to kiss her roughly on the lips, biting on one before breaking the contact.

“Then follow me, we will see what knew madness awaits us, but I feel a pull, a word to be uttered.”

Unknowingly compelled to speak there was a crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning as the last of Power Girl’s tattered uniform was ripped from her, to be replaced by the black and gold of Black Adam’s own attire, the inside of the thunderbolt on her chest was open to show off the impressive curve of her breasts and down across her muscular stomach to close just below her belly button.

Her injuries gone and feeling more powerful and enthralled than she would ever know she lunged at Adam locking her lips with his before the two took flight.

Within its prison in the rock of eternity, inside its mind lust smiled in triumph, two new powerful champions, their minds twisted and broken to suit its plan, they will conquer and convert, each new lust filled fuck adding to its power, it will be free and the world will sin.

Chapter 4 (Interlude)

The Joker sat back and watched the video footage as Black Adam hovered in the air over the destroyed bunker within China, the now blackly clad Power Girl had removed her top so that Adam could tit fuck her as they hovered over the destruction.

“Got to admit, the guy knows how to enjoy life.”

“Please don’t tell me you called me here to watch superhero porn Joker. I created those spy satellites to observe the Justice League, not watch some super psycho killing his enemies”

The smiling criminal turned to regard Luthor,

“He’s worked his way through China now, hunting down those responsible for the destruction of his country. Their own government are offering them up to him, letting them fight and die or as it turned out simply die, however they like to go. Of course he would be going a lot faster if it weren’t for the fact he keeps stopping to fuck his little tit toy everywhere he went, heh.”

Luthor glowered at the clown’s humour, he knew all about Black Adam’s movements, while the governments of the world had called for a media blackout on Adam, Luthor was far above the mindless drones of the world who get distracted by the next loud thing, carefully tracking the powerful meta. The world was offering up those who crossed Adam, letting those few suffer or die rather than whole countries, even the Chinese had gone for it, which surprised even a cynical man like Luthor.

“Do you have a point to make?”

“Just that sooner or later he’s going to come back after America, especially after that ineffective nuke they fired at him last week, and once he gets here it’s not going to be good for any of us.”

Luthor considered this for a moment before nodding.

“And I suppose you have a childish plan you want to try!”

The Joker had the gall to look hurt even as he replied.

“Nothing childish about it. It seems that with Black’s godly powers comes a godly libido.”

The two turned their attention to the screen for a moment as Adam illustrated the point, cumming between Power girls breasts and onto her neck and face, the blond let go of her tits to get a hold of his still hard dick, moving down to swallow it all, the blond began to blow him in earnest.

“You may have a point, but so what?”

“Well, if one super bitch can slow him down a little, imagine what a bunch of them could do. He’d be so busy banging them that we’d have all the time in the world to get ready for him, hell, he may even reward us.”

“So what are you suggesting joker, that we raid Amazon island for some suitably endowed livestock?”

“Oh no, I was thinking much closer to home, and I’m sure our associates could help the process along, some more than others.”

With that he broke down into laughter at his own little joke while Luthor considered this, his plan might work, and if it didn’t Adam would most likely kill any they sent anyway which would still slow him down, yes he liked this plan.


The world turns

Nightwing and Robin climbed the cliff face, Beast Boy still injured from the assault by Black Adam had taken on the form of a small mouse so that one of the others could carry him. Cold and wind and snow attacked them unrelentingly as they climbed toward their goal, finally finding the cave they sort. Stepping in out of the blizzard the three moved further in until they stood before the Lazarus Pit, with them all of the bones of Raven, carefully collected and accounted for held in the containers the two cared.

The two followers of the Batman had left Bruce’s side to travel with their friend on this desperate quest to put this one thing right. While Batman continued his own inner quest his two wards and their fellow titan would witness again the return of their friend, but whether she thanked them for it is another matter.

Chapter 5 (The End)

Kara Zor-El, Kara to her friends, the new Supergirl to the world, sailed through the spires of Metropolis, protecting the city as best she could until Kal returned from where ever he had gone. She had been very jumpy as of late, what with the rampage that Black Adam had undertaking in the Asian countries against those who had plotted against him and the disappearance of a number of people in the hero community things were not right with her adopted home.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an alarm below, taking a closer look she found that it was coming from a jewellery store so she flew down, entering the premises to find a masked robber holding up the place. She had to admit that it was a little anti-climatic as she easily disarmed him with her super speed and lifted him off the floor, planning on giving the petty thief a piece of her mind she reach up to removed his balaclava to find the smiling visage of the Joker underneath.

“Hello blue eyes!”

The Jokers hand rose up and he blew some sort of powder into her face, Kara dropping him as she staggered away, the stuff hurting her eyes and starting to choke her, she tried to move to take out the Joker quickly before whatever he’d dosed her with took full effect, but the stuff was far to potent as she dropped to the ground wheezing and blind, her body convulsed, rocking on the floor before she fell chokingly unconscious.

“And I did it, My Way, hah hahahahaha.”

No one there would live to tell of the Supergirls fate.


Kara could feel herself being shaken awake and her eyes fluttered open to the bright blurry world around her. The shaking slowed then stopped as her blue eyes took in those around her, finding herself on a beach surrounded by other women in costume. The young woman know as Mary Marvel in her white miniskirt uniform was the one that had roused her, another teenager stood beside her dressed in goth clothes that she didn’t recognise. A bit away from them she could see the green Miss Martian helping a groggy black woman she thought called herself Vixen to her feet, it was as her eyes scanned further that they grew wide with shock as a number of equally as groggy female super villains were pulling themselves to their feet. She turned her head to look at Mary.

“What is going on?”

“We’ll that’s just great, she was well worth waking up.”

Mary tried her best to remain calm, she had already had this conversation before with the uppity goth and her snarky remarks but she tried to reign in her frustration, focusing on Supergirl.

“As I told young miss Lori Zechlin here before she started threatened me I have no idea, we got snatched, either by the Joker like me or one of those lot over there like Miss Martian and when we woke up, here we were.”

It was at this point that one of the other women on the beach, the villainess known as Cheetah, joined in the conversation with a shout of fury.

“That fucking Joker, he screwed us too, we’ve got to get out of here before he comes.”

Kara was about to ask who comes, or at the very least punch one of the criminals to make herself feel better when a man’s voice from above answered.

“And what a lovely sight we have here!”


It was an ever dwindling moment of lucidity, a moment bereft of violence and rutting, the candle flickered to life and Adam looked down at what remained of the general, the last conspirator, an unremarkable stain on his fingers. He looked for something to wipe his hands with while he took in his surroundings, where was he now, he could see Karen, his companion was continually lost to whatever had corrupted them, she was busy crushing someone with her foot, too distracted with her lust for blood to influence his thinking yet. He had to get home, no matter his condition he had to return to his people. His revenge it seems was done, a wipe of his hands and it was through, now to move on to whatever awaited next. He took to the sky, a mad dash while he had the wit to know what he was doing, Karen close behind, he had no doubt she would douse his thoughts soon enough so he made what headway he could while he was sane.

Land, green and brown, broken by buildings marring the world, a blurred country lost as he sweep out of it and into open water.

He looked down at the sweeping ocean and thought, in no small part to the nudging of the voice in his head, of the last time he had been over the sea, his eyes drifting to the woman beside him. He very nearly stopped then and there, thoughts of taking her as they flew dancing across his mind when he sensed something nearby, another nudge, growing into a mad tug, seeing him changing course slightly as the two flew toward a small island.

His godly senses where an overwhelming thing at times, input coming in from all directions, in a populated area it was almost as much a detriment as it was an aid. Out in the middle of the nowhere that he found himself the heartbeats where a dinner call to his maddening mind.

What he found below him pleased him greatly, he had been thinking about finding more super heroines, a voice forever nudging him to find strong flesh, Karen had been satisfying him greatly but even a superwoman was but one pussy, he no longer saw a reason to limit himself and here he found a group of them just waiting to satisfy his needs.

He took a moment to assess his options, a number of those teen titans were there, a young version of his Karen, old acquaintance Mary Marvel and the Martian girl along with the dark skinned hero from the JLA who could take on any animals powers. Two maybe three of them may prove capable of being made to submit.

He didn’t even register that the voice that said that last part was even his anymore as his eyes shifted to the others, Cheetah, Killer Frost and the alien Fatality, weaklings from his secret society days, in his mind he doubted that they would live for long were he to test them. It was then that Cheetah mentioned Jokers name again and Adam had his answer on whom to thank for these little presents.

All eyes turned at the sound of his voice, no one on the planet with any power didn’t know who he was and what he had done as of late and some had a very real burning hate for the blood of a number of the friends on his hands. Adam’s eyes shifted to the villains at the back, he could tell that at least some of them intended to run and Cheetah’s hushed voice to the other two confirmed it.

“We should never have joined Luthor and Jokers stupid injustice league, but when the little heroes attack him we’ll make a break for it and slit their fucking throats.”

Adam smiled, super hearing was very entertaining at times, however his smile only provoked the young heroes as the Martian and Kryptonian leap into the sky for the attack. Always one to meet ferocity with ferocity Adam shot towards them while Power Girl held back, waiting for orders from her dark voice, or just the inclination to have some fun.

As the two women sought to close on him Adam concentrated on Mary Marvel first as he cut between the first two, realising at the last moment by her lack of action she was in fact powerless, just a girl in a costume. He rammed into her, driving her back down and slamming her into the sand below, the two would-be devastating impacts leaving her stunned and out of the fight she was never really going to be a part of, impaled head first in the sand even though he’d held back all of his power at the last moment.

He shot forward across the beach at this point, deciding to deal with the fleeing villainesses first, killer frost made the first mistake, choosing to stand her ground and fight. Adam lost sight of her appealing pale body as he smashed through the ice blast’s and frozen walls she created before her, not slowing in the least, not even when he smashed through the last wall and through her, her frozen body shattering under impact and scattering across the sand. A moment’s regret, lost just as fast at the sight of the other two, toned bodies calling to him, Cheetah and Fatality, seeing their fellow villainesses grisly death knew they had no choice but to fight and turned as well, Cheetah leaping at him.

Adam matched her magical super speed with his own, along with his superior strength as a meaty fist made contact with her face and as he held nothing back her head simply exploded in a shower of gore, her claws barely touching him, weakened by Luthor and the Joker and too used to easier and more forgiving prey.

Annoyed at the waste his rushed attacks on weakened prey were causing he tried to hold back on the last one, Fatality thus proved to be a greater challenge than he expected. Landing before her in a shower of gore the two exchanging blows, the hunter dodging and deflecting his careful strikes while striking at him with controlled blows and while it was clear she typically fought with some sort of weapon to his warrior eye she was doing well against him, demonstrating an impressive strength and technique as he played with her, her strikes doing nothing ultimately.

The others had stopped after the initial attack, the heroes held to inaction by concern for life, stopping them from doing the obvious thing of attacking, instead checking on their fallen comrade Mary and in that short time two of their number, the Joker’s little sacrifices, were already dead. It was the Martian that refocused the fastest, no doubt due the psychic deathscreams of the villainesses, she charged him alone, determined that there would be no more death.

Flying close across the beach, coming up behind him she spun in the air, adding further momentum to her attack as she levelled a kick at his head. Adam, lifetimes of battle experiences contained in his mind demonstrate his fighting awareness and blinding speed, his right arm pulling up, forearm blocking Fatalities latest blow, his arm kept going around as he spun, his hand closing around a green ankle of Megan’s as he caught her leg in midair, twisting the strike to the side. Grip tightening, his feet shifting in the sand as he twisted, he yanked her leg and body up, waving her through the air like a child’s toy over his head, bringing her down to smash into a surprised Fatality. Bodies rocked with kinetic release, limits passed as they slammed into the sand, unconscious from the impact they were alive but out of the fight as Adam turned to face down the two women that now charged at him.

The human woman, for all the beasts she could imitate was no real threat, it was the Krytonian that would be the challenge as he focused on her, his mind slowing the moment as he prepared. It was at this point he felt it, a tug on his magic and he realised that he’d made a mistake by completely dismissing the teenager in dark clothing. His mind registered and assessed the threat, immediately recognising her as the greatest power and danger because of what she was capable off, an energy leach. She sort to steal his power, given sufficient time she could, she would make him Teth Adam again and with the other two attacking she would have all the time she needed.

Lori Zechlin, ironically know by some as Black Alice, had been frozen in shock and fear when the fight began, she had fallen asleep in her bed only to awaken here into some sort of superpowered nightmare. She couldn’t even think when Adam had appeared and in that moment of indecision five of them were down, some never to get up again, so as the goodie goodie heroes Vixen and Supergirl moved suicidaly to the attack she called on her gift. She had been told that she could be the most powerful teenager on the planet and now she was going to prove it by taking Black Adam’s powers like she had done before.

She reached out, looking to make the connection and Black Adam locked eyes with her, his awareness as paralysing as any power, the connecting wavered as a child’s fear and a gods resistance strained the link. He knew now, it was a race and if she lost she was dead, he could feel the link strengthen, her fear now working for her and had he tried to fight his way to her she would have won, but instead he tried an old trick, kicking the headless corpse of Cheetah at her, the body sailing past the two charging women and slamming into her and all Black Alice saw was darkness.

With that threat dealt with he turned his attention to the last two, Supergirl and the Vixen and again he was surprised as this time he felt the Vixen reach out, drawing on his power also. She had always drawn on the energy of other animals to gain their strength but it seems she had finally realised that humans were as much animals as anyone else. Liking this change in her he still wasn’t worried, Black Adam was not a man, he was a god.

Yes, a god and she was just a thieving bitch.

With a flash of anger he sent a surge along the connection he now felt with her, the feedback exploding in her mind and she screamed, clutching her head and stumbling head first into the ground.

This left only Supergirl, who had approach more slowly intending to strike with Vixen but now startled and alone as her companion fell she accelerated forward as she fought with all she had, showing a bravery that belied her years. In the end all she was was a younger version of Karen and he was more than intimately aware of her capabilities. Even when she used a hidden ability to grow crystal like shards from her body it did little to stop the inevitable and soon she to fell to a flurry of blows from Black Adam and an excited power girl.

Power Girl lightly landed beside her lover, the weeks being under the influence of magic had change the way she saw the world and the people in it. She looked at the gore and death that surrounded them but felt little for those that had suffered at their hands, after all they had stood against gods and had gotten what they had deserved. Even so she didn’t like how Adam was looking at the surviving women, that hungry look he normally reserved for her alone now took in the visages of his limp prey.

Her eye’s moved to the still Supergirl, they were linked due to the fact she was an alternate version of her and even now she could feel some of the pain the teenager had received in the fight. An idea formed within her mind that pushed aside her thoughts of jealousy as she moved toward her double, stopping to help a face down Mary roll onto her back on the sand, wouldn’t want her to suffocate, not unless it’s her or Adam doing it that is, that thought made her turn to watch him, memories of him doing the same thing to her that he was now going to do to them started to get her wet.

Moving up to the still blond teenager, Karen ran a hand through her now longer hair having let it grow as of late and even more than usual the two looked the same in the face, Power Girl kneeling down beside Supergirl. Lifting up her short skirt Karen ran a finger up the unconscious woman’s panties clothed slit causing Karen to moan as a tingle ran across her own lips. Enjoying the feedback she got this close to her Karen pulled Supergirls costume away from her snatch and sucking on two fingers pushed them slowly into the Teen-Titans sex feeling through the feedback her own pussy tingle and start to get even wetter. Delighted with the new way she’d found to play with herself she began to finger the unconscious woman even as she listen to the sound of Adam fucking the others.

Adam didn’t notice as his lover began to move on the Supergirl, instead he advanced on the near limp form of Vixen, the dark skinned heroine clung desperately to consciousness even as the power she’d absorbed threatened to overwhelm her completely. Adam had often wondered why these super women chose to wear such revealing costumes but he certainly was enjoying the advantages now as Vixen rolled her well toned body onto its back, her large breasts rising and falling in laboured breaths. Squatting down beside her to ensure she heard him he all but growled at her, his voice as changed as his mind.

“Well you bronze skinned bitch, you thought to try and steal from me? Well I’ve got something else for you as well, let’s see if the power you’ve taken will keep you safe long enough.”

Wrapping a hand around her throat he effortlessly lifted her up as he stood, bringing her impressive chest up to his head height as he quickly ripped off her leotard to expose her dark mammaries that all but invited the first slap. Pleased at its resilience he reached out to give it a squeeze, growing more excited as instead of exploding in a shower of gore like a normal woman’s would under his superhuman strength (something that had happened before) her breast was firm and compliant to the touch.

Satisfied that she would survive his enjoyment at least for a while he freed his straining member then returned his groping hand to her tit, gripping it tight, the hand around her neck moving to join its counterpart on her other orb. Rising slowly into the air, taking Vixen with him, she dangled off the ground held up by her tits, Adam’s dick coming to rest in the valley between her two mounds, he moaned in anticipation as he pushed her two mammaries together around his tool, starting a slow rising and lowering of her breasts as he tit fucked her.

Her whole body began to bounce up and down in the air as he moved her faster and faster, wanking himself off with her bronze breasts, Power Girl let out a slight moan at the sight, biting her lip as she remember all the times Adam had done that to her before returning to her own fun. Vixen moaned and cried in pain, wracked with power and the horrific mistreatment of her breasts, her arms twitched, refusing to work in her shock, she eventually got them to rise, to grab at the arms holding her up but she was so broken that she could do little to take the weight off her now red stretched tits.

All too soon for his satisfaction Adam came, slashing cum across Vixen’s neck and face before she was unceremoniously dumb back onto the sand.

Reaching down Adam cleaned off his cock in her hair before grabbing the back of her neck, again lifting her off the sands he twisted her around to dangle limply facing away before him. Adam’s eyes roamed down her smooth back to the curved swell of her ass, reaching down with his free hand to lift one of her legs he parted her ass cheeks to expose her hole as well as the lips of her sex. For a moment he was indecisive about which hole to claim but then the thought of what she tried to steal settled the dilemma as he positioned his once again hard cock at her asshole. Slick with sweat it helped to lubricated his dick somewhat but not much as he forced entrance into her most private area, Vixen sucking in air as she gritted her teeth against the pain.

A prideful woman she’d never allowed anyone to try anal with her and the assault on her virgin ass was excruciating but she held on, knowing that if she passed out or lost concentration Black Adams power would return to him, leaving her powerless and he would literally tear her apart.

All the way in now Adam came to a stop for a moment as Vixen tried her best to manage the pain, a futile gesture as she cried out as he began to pull out of her hole only to shove back in, within a matter of a few strokes she knew she was bleeding as he filled her bowls again and again. Again not as tight as Karen still Vixen’s ass squeezed him very nicely as he started a slow building to his pace, releasing her leg he returned his hand to those exquisite tits of hers, fondling and slapping them as he pulled back on her neck with his other hand, bending her backwards to get better access to her chest.

Adam continued to pull back even as he got faster and faster, out of the corner of his eye he could see Karen furiously fingering the teenage Supergirl, the sight only turning him on more.

Vixen was on the brink, the pain in her neck, back and ass were consuming her completely it felt like it was going on forever as one particularly savage thrust after another jarred her body until she lost control, the stolen power leaving her she let out one final ear splitting scream as her back snapped.

Adam barely registered the sound of snapping bone as he came in her ass, lost in the exquisite rush as his cum filled her bowls and his power returned. Finally sated he simply let go as she fell to the ground, blood trickling from her mouth and cum from her ass, Adam  noticed with a small amount of disappointment that while still clinging to life she was obviously broken and as such of no further interest to him.

Like Starfire before her he simply tossed her away, Karen stopping to watch only for a moment as her former friend sailed through the air before returning to her fun. Before she would have been distraught at the sight, desperate to save her, but now all she felt was a no small amount of pleasure, her former friend had proven weak and pathetic and as such she’d not have to compete with Vixen for Black Adam’s attention.

Adam paid no heed to the final fate of Vixen, already moving onto the other dark skinned woman on the beach, the alien bounty hunter/mass murderer Fatality.

For her part the pointy-eared alien woman was trying slowly to drag herself away from the half naked Adam, her robotic arms, while damaged in the fight, still worked but she was moving painfully slowly. Adam brought her pitiful escape to a close by lightly stepping on her ankle, the woman, having seen her fate in the form of Vixen, for a moment looked back in fear, only to be replaced by a look of determination at her end.

“This is how you like to do things, isn’t it, we’ll do it, kill me.”

Without her yellow ring or weaponry she was no match for this mad human but she would never allow him to violate her as he’d done that stupid hero bitch, better to die than that.


Adam snapped, cutting off whatever else she had to say, annoyed at her tone as he reached down, flipping her over to grab a tit just like Vixen, lifting her up as he gave a squeeze. He’d barely applied any pressure when she let out a scream of pain, blood staining her clothes around where his digits had begun to dig into flesh. He dropped her then, disappointed at how weak she really was without that yellow ring of hers.

Just as quickly his thoughts shifted, the magic in him making his mind ever changing, temperamental and crazed.

Still she was beautiful, an athletic body just like his past lovers and of course he certainly liked the pointy ears, so much like his own. Then there was the defiant arrogances as she rose to her feet, even facing her death there wasn’t a moment of weakness even as she struggled to regain her standing and composure.

“That grinning bastard took my power ring along with all of my weapons, with them your blood would already stain the sand but I will not beg for my life or allow you to sully my body and honour.”

Glaring up at him there was wonderful defiance blossoming in her eyes.

“We both know the other, neither one of us doubts that you will kill me so just do it, without my ring my body would not withstand that ridicules power of yours and I won’t let you treat me as you did that human slut.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at her self-righteous anger.

“You don’t care at all about what I’ve done to the other women here, just yourself. It just makes me want to claim you even more, to break that pride, but you’re too weak of flesh, just like the others.”

She shifted her stance, ‘most likely intending to attack, force me to kill her, which of course would be a shame’ thought Adam.

“They were weak and got what was coming to them, I’m not, I’m a survivor. Let me go, I will reclaim what is mine and then I will return, I will be your greatest fuck, then I will kill you with my weapons in hand.”

The gall of the woman greatly appealed to him as the whispers came again and his eyes moved across the sand to the still form of Mary Marvel and the sudden urge to take her took him.

A thorn in his side for years the idea of breaking the annoying teenager flooded him as his mind shifted and his lust grew, but he wasn’t prepared to simply leave Fatality as it stood, he needed something else. His lover was busy with a reawakened and now crying out supergirl and that left only the awake Miss Martian and a new plan formed before him.

“I’m not simply brawn and will woman, my magic gifts me with the wisdom of the gods.”

Almost casually he backhanded Fatality, knocking her out for the time being as he advanced on the obviously scared martian, Megan looked up at him with confused and fearful eyes, seemingly frozen in place as he wrapped his fingers in the front of her tunic, lifting her up.

“You’re just like the other one aren’t you, the other martian, trying to use your telepathy on me just like he did, I can feel you trying to push in. He was almost overwhelmed by that experience but he had a lifetime of strength to call upon, something yours clearly does not. I can feel you in my thoughts now, the connection you’ve made with that untrained and unprepared mind. What’s it like, hmm, you’re simply being overwhelmed by my own. That’s something your kind never appreciated, just how corrosive a mind can be.”

Young Megan had indeed tried to attack with her mind, it was painfully clear that violence would not work as she pulled herself back from unconsciousness where Fatality had left her, coming too to a sickening snapping sound she watched as a bleeding broken Vixen was hurled into the sea and in that moment blind panic gripped her heart. She’d reached out to Fatality with her telepathy only for the alien woman to slam her mind shut as she tried to physically crawled away so instead she’d reached out to Power Girl, she was a hero she must save them, she must. All she found was a world of mad lust that assailed her senses with the only effect being that her mental intrusion caused feedback to awaken Supergirl.

With her teenage mind in a world of perversity that clawed at her thoughts she was still reeling as the imposing figure of Black Adam stalked over her, she’d tried a last desperate attack on his mind but from the moment their thoughts touched all she achieved was to completely trap herself in his dark grip.

She could feel a blackness spreading inside her as he lifted her up and told her just how fucked she was.

“Lust, in your minds, too much, make it stop, please, make it stop.”

He looked down at her impassively as she begged, at her struggling face, at her eyes that lost their brightness even as he watched.

“Broken without lifting a finger.”

He kissed his new toy, pushing his tongue into her mouth, his wait but a moment as she soon began to suck on it as her mind became trapped, Adam ran his hand down her body and under her skirt, like he’d done countless times now to Power Girl he ran his hand across her slit before pushing a couple of strong thick digits between those tight lips and into her wet snatch. Although in her late teens Megan had yet to become sexually active and with the pain pleasure of his thrusting fingers along with a mind full of lust she almost immediately came over Adams probing hand.

The dark god pulled out his digits as he broke the kiss, setting Megan down to stand on unsteady legs as she greedily sucked on his wet fingers when he moved them to her mouth, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

“There’s always a danger of entering another person’s mind my hungry little green subject, my magic strengthens my already powerful intellect which easily allowed me to corrupt and control yours. All I required was a connection and you provided that out of your weak fear. Now you’re mine, to do with what I please, to do as I command and I do have so many commands for you.”

He turned her face to look at the still alien behind them.

“We will start with her, it would please me greatly if you would entertain her for a time, introduce her to the lust and pain that I have shown you in my mind.”

With a simple eager nod the lithe martian floated toward the dark skinned woman, her green skin changing along with her form as she darkened and bulked up to take on the form of the green lantern John Stewart. Adam sneered at that, recalling the aliens past, guiding the green puppet with his mind, Fatality was about to be ravished by the very man that had kill her species and any other time he would have stayed to watch but another Teen-Titan awaited.

Power Girl had been surprised that Supergirl hadn’t woken up by now, her fingers plunging in and out of the teenagers sex she guessed whatever had been used to bring her here along with the beating she’d suffered was keeping her nicely under. Not that it stopped Karen, the feedback from her administrations to the teenage twat were delicious, like invisible fingers inside her she moaned with pleasure and to her sick joy so did the unconscious woman below her, out cold or not her body ground against the pleasurable intrusion into her cunt.

It was then that Karen felt something in her mind, the contact was short but it did break her rhythm and the feedback through her did wake up her new plaything. Kara awoke to pain in her head and her vulva almost on fire, her eyes snapping open to find an older copy of her violating her in her sleep.

“What the fuck are you doing Bitch.”

Kara screamed as she tried to get away from her rapist only for Power Girl to move up and lay on top of her, a strong arm pinning her to the ground by her throat.

“Not so fast little me, we’ve got all sorts of fun to try”.

She grinned down as the horror of the moment sank in to Kara, she could feel it, beyond the pain and violation, she could feel her, the sensations from her older copies body, her emotions, her thoughts and her lust.

Above her, grinning evilly Karen reached up to pull her costume aside, her open lightning bolt tearing to allow one of her massive jugs to fall free, her body already shined with sweat, her ponderous breast gleamed in the light. Power Girl reached to play with her hard nipple, her fingers capable of crushing rock, steel and in her more free moments skulls now pinched down on her sensitive bud, rocking at the sensation before letting go, cupping her massive breast, bringing it to her mouth, biting down for that pain pleasure buzz. Kara cried out under her, she felt that like it was her own breast, felt the fingers, the teeth, her hand going to her breast as she squeezed the aching mammary, felt the lust filled thoughts that went with it like they were her own as Karen released her tit, moving her face to just above Kara’s.

“Were going to have so much fun girlfriend, there are so many things that we can try.”

She kissed her then, Kara taking a moment to push her off, taking a moment to realise that she wanted to push her off.

“Stop it, let me go.”

But her begging voice sounded weak, almost as weak as her body felt and Karen wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

“I don’t think so, you’re definitely a keeper.”

She kissed her again before slowly moving down her body, trailing kisses over exposed skin and groping at her sensitive pert tits (getting a cry from both women) Karen moved her head down to between Kara’s legs, ripping her miniskirt and panties away as Kara lay frozen, mind breaking with raging desires and indecision as this older mirror image of her went down on her. Her hands on Kara’s smooth thighs she pushed them apart, allowing access for her head as her mouth went to her wet snatch Karen running her tongue up her slit across her quivering labia before sucking on her enflamed clit, the sensation causing both women to buck at the electric feeling that shot through them both, Kara moaned in pleasure as Karen began to invade her cunt with her devouring mouth.

The older woman found she was having a hard time maintaining her position as the feedback from her own administrations caused her groin to jump and twitch about almost as much as Supergirl was as she moved her hands to the teenage sex, pushing some of her fingers into her cunt along with her swirling tongue, she pulled back to let out a twinned moan with Supergirl as her hand moved lower as she ran a finger around her puckered asshole, causing them both to squirm as she slowed her assault on the teen’s sex as both women moaned as she slowly pushed a finger into her hole “Ar fuck” their voices in unison.

Picking back up the pace and retuning her mouth to its work both women twitched and shook as Karen brought the younger woman to climax, fingers moving franticly in her holes as Karen was forced to pull her mouth back again as she cried out with Kara as they climaxed together, Kara’s cum splashing across Karen’s hand while Karen soaked the crotch of her costume. Kara lay in post orgasmic glow, her fingers having dug out trenches in the sand beside her, she didn’t resist as Karen crawled up her and in fact wrapped her arms around the woman as they engaged in a long French kiss.

Black Adam strode across the beach to where his first opponent lay, the sound of women’s cries surrounding him as Supergirl and Fatality tried to stop what was happening, like they could. He came to stop before Mary Marvel, the white and gold clad teenager had managed to pull herself to her feet, her face bruised, sand and blood plastered to it. With her powers she had been a beauty, without them she was just another weak broken human but he could fix that, not that she wasn’t going down without a fight as Mary whipped out a right leg, her kick aimed squarely at his ribs that Adam easily caught as she screamed in defiance.

Her mind flashed back, one strike, more a slap than anything and she’d been lifted up into the air, spinning as she slammed into the sand, her body breaking in an instant. Mary had felt numb for a moment, in shock from the impact, like a pedestrian after a car hit, then her mind began to catch up with her body as she gasped in pain. Her chest and shoulder felt like they were on fire from the hand of Adam, her ribs broken, or at the very least bruised, her arm wasn’t responding, her shoulder joint popped out and stabbing her with pain. The impact with the sand had  been equally bad, the sand tearing into her clothes and flesh, blood stained her, one side of her face felt raw and sticky as she brought her good hand to it and she’d sobbed in fresh pain as gentle hands came for her.

Her friends, her heroes had gently rolled her over, worry clear across their faces, they pulled hair out of her eyes, told gentle lies that she was going to be ok even as screams and other wet noises could be heard. They’d turned, one, then the others leaving her, Mary’s head sinking into the sand, unable to block out the sounds of her friends being beaten by the thing that had once killed her parents. Then there were worse sounds, ones she recognised but did not want to see, closing her eyes as she tried to control the pain as time wavered and consciousness slip back and forth. Then there were finally the footfalls, his footfalls, their attacker, their killer, Adam was coming closer, coming for her. She wasn’t going to die on her back, she forced her body to move, sob’s of pain accompanied every excruciating movement but still she got to her feet, her good arm cradling her useless one, her scream one of defiance as she tried to kick him.

Now hoping on one leg Mary fought to get the look of fear off her face as she looked up into Adams, hate marring her bloody features as she spat at the killer of millions, her own parents among them.

“We’ll, what are you waiting for, I don’t have my powers anymore so just kill me, I won’t fucking beg to you.”

Now there was a fire that Adam liked.

“Your right young Mary, why waste time on foreplay.”

She had expected, perhaps even hoped for death but things were much worse as his free hand moved down to grab the material covering her crotch  under her skirt, ripping away the white costume and leaving no doubt as to what he planned next.

“No, please no, you fuck, let go you sick bastard, don’t touch me, let go, please.”

“Why Mary, and you said you were not going to beg.”

His again free hand grabbed at the back of her neck, bending her forward as he pressed his mouth to hers, forcing in his tongue into her screaming mouth, letting her go as she jerked back, tears starting to flow as she slapped at his face, the strikes feeling like a light breeze to Adam as he grinned.

A cruel smile across his face he moved up his hand again to grab the front of her tunic, lifting her off the floor as her hand uselessly clawed at him to get free as he pulled her close, getting her in position, holding her leg to the side for access once she was set he looked up to watch her face.

“Say goodbye to what you were, but please do scream.”

And with that he thrust upward into her virgin twat.

Vixen had been rage, fatality desire, Megan a toll to shape but Mary, the white warrior, Mary the chosen of the wizard, Mary the hero, she got his mind at his most sadistic, his most twisted that the voice could provide.

It was everything he hoped for, her hand, clawing at him only a moment before now snatched at the only solid thing it could seize, her hand gripped onto his strong arm as her head fell back and she screamed in pain and loss.

Adam just stood there impaled in his teenage enemy, feeling her virgin blood run down his shaft and dripping to the sand, ecstasy! She was breathing hard, working through the pain but Adam was far from satisfied now, he could barely fell her around his shaft, had but started to break and violate her.

“No, not this, no!”

Her words were just a broken sob but they sent a thrill through Adam, Shazam’s little champion broken so very easily, he flexed his dick, the first movement he had made to a mixed cry of disgust and pain from the sullied heroine, Adam felt himself get harder at the thought of what they must look like.

The pure innocent, impaled, ruined, his smile spread across his face, all teeth and bliss as he let go of her body, holding her off the ground only by his dick, her weak arm going around his neck, trying to take some of the weight of her virgin cunt.

“Mary, Mary look at me.”

Blurry pain filled eyes looked at his, rage dancing with the pain.

“That’s you innocents gone Mary, your purity, but don’t worry, you’ll like it soon, I can make you like it.”

A word was uttered, a thunderclap ringing out as Mary Baston got off a death scream before the lightning hit.

Her cry was all but drowned out by the sound of thunder as her body was enveloped by the lightning, one second an innocent girl, her white and gold uniform, her symbol of innocence and purity was all replaced by a far more form fitting black and gold, her teenage body repaired, reshaped and remade into a voluptuous object of Adam’s desires as she was made a dark marvel slut.

A second hand grabbed at the back of his neck, delicate fingers with an iron grip, long smooth legs came up to wrap around his waist even as Adams hands shot out to grip at her voluptuous ass, gripping the orbs and impaling her further onto himself.

With these new powers she could fight back, match strength and speed with her rapist if given the chance, Black Adam didn’t give her one. Shifting a hand from her ass across black glossy material to the open lightning bolt in the middle of her new uniform he yanked it to the right, stretching and tearing it open as one of Mary’s now large breasts pushed out as he pulled her up and off his cock to bring the large mammary to his waiting mouth, biting down on the sensitive gland.

Again she screamed, a sound Adam greatly enjoyed hearing as Mary tried to process what was happening, her mind going from pain to power and back to pain too fast for her to cope, she was lost to the ride as Adam shifted her again, releasing her red tit he impaled her down again to a third cry, this one of pleasure as Mary was struck dumb by the incredible feeling that now flooded her mind as her cunt was stretched out. It was like a white haze that was difficult to see through and it took her a while to come back to herself as she was bounced up and down on Adam’s large girth, she could feel his hands on her hips, her own legs wrapped around his strong waist as her body betrayed and mind crumbled.

Adam grinned as he felt her push back against him, her hands moving to cup his head as she pulled her mouth to his, he allowed her her childish need to kiss, finding it very enjoyable as she now sucked on his tongue, resolving to have that mouth suck his dick latter, he could feel as she began to shake, his new whore close to coming. He broke the kiss, the thought of making the Marvel cum on his dick driving him forward, the desire to fill her with his seed as she comes for the first time bringing him close to release himself.

All those years of struggle and setback, defeat and disgrace at the hands of this bitch and her family and now he was going to make her a slave to him, he was going to break her body and fill her with his seed, he was going to do it, he was going to.


She cried out with him, her mind flooded with not only intoxicating chemicals but twisted magic as she came all over his erupting prick, shacking and gasping as he thrust over and over, each plunge forward sending more hot fuck into her tight twat. She hung there limp, her restored powers allowing her to hover in the air as he released her and pulled himself free.

“Clean yourself up and follow.”

Adam took a moment to admire his work as his own cum dripped out of her teen twat and with a twisted smile turned to stride off across the beach to his blond lover and the young twin that wrestled with her. He could see that Megan had finished her task as Fatality lay face down in the sand, her red raw ass in the air as the naked John Stewart yanked free and transformed back into the martian teenager, now as voluptuous and attired as Mary behind him, the green toy quickly moved to eagerly follow him, pulling Fatality with her.

Adam found Karen atop her teenage double, the two intertwined as they kissed each other passionately, hands roaming across the other, long shapely legs sliding back and forth he would have joined them in an instant if other matters didn’t demand his attention.


His commanding voice barely penetrated his lovers lust fuelled head as she reluctantly pulled away from Supergirl after a few long moments to look up, Kara looking even more lost with glazed over eyes as her head just sank back into the sand.

“Yes Adam?”

It was clear she hoped he would just join them and again he was sorely tempted but he just didn’t have the time, not if the voice was any indication.

“I would say your young friend would like to join us, would you mind getting her to her feet.”

A slight pout on her face at his rejection, she pulled back on her clothes, the magic repairing them around her and pulled the dazed Kara up, his strong voice was almost gentle at first.

“A gift for you. Black Adam!”

Barking out his name the lightning came one last time to claim those Adam and his lover had tainted, Kara, Megan and Fatality (still struggling in her anger to move) being enveloped by its now corrupting influence, their screams a final breaking, the revealing black and gold costumes a mark of their subjugation and enslavement.

Black Alice stirred, pain quickly following as she dragged herself back to consciousness, the sight of the black and gold clad people around her bringing her back to the nightmare she had found herself in. Blind panic was all that she knew as she targeted the first person she could focus on, reaching out to steal away Mary Marvels powers, looking to use them to flee she felt the strength entering her but there was something else, something evil and the teenage girl screamed as it ate her mind whole.

Black Adam had simply waited as his last guest awoke, his mind had seen several enjoyable possible outcomes as he’d noticed her stirring that had compelled him to wait for the girl as she awoke and he got to watch the panic grip her and then she let out what would best be described as a death scream as she shock violently then slumped back down onto the sand. He had expected her to steal one of the others powers, making his game with her more fun but now he suspected that something even more twisted was happening before him as lightning enveloped her, her clothes a ripped revealing form of theirs, she began to move, her form unchanged except for her eyes that looked at him so very sickeningly. His suspicion was finally confirmed as the teenage all but purred at him.

“So we finally meet lover.”

His motions were too fast to follow but Alice was suddenly in the air, Adam’s hand wrapped around her throat, squeezing.

“Hello, Lust!”

The new host of the escaped sin looked down with bloodshot eyes, hands uselessly trying to pry open Adams grip from its neck as its legs kicked in the air.

“Anything you want to say before I begin?”

If lust did it wasn’t able to, the lack of oxygen and squeezed larynx turned its attempts to speak into chocked “aack” noises which Adam dismissed as he began to talk.

“I was a man of honour, a leader of men, a lover of a great queen and then I died, I died when she left this plain, died in the sky fighting against those who had tormented me throughout my life. Then there was a voice, telling me new words of power, I used them without really thinking, lost in my anger, in my grief, I wanted my power back so I could complete my revenge but instead of regaining what I had lost I found myself tainted, TAINTED BY YOU.”

He dropped her then, standing over the fallen teenager as she chocked and coughed.

“Did you not think I would take my revenge on you after such a corruption of my very spirit.”

Regaining some of its composure Lust rolled onto its back, propping itself up on its elbows as it looked up in frustration at its chosen champion/Trojan horse.

“To be honest, Teth, it didn’t occur to me. I gave you power, power I’d learnt how to copy  from the wizard and given my own little touch, power you have used to get what you wanted, get your revenge. You’ve killed those that plotted you and your families demise, you’ve beaten down the others that had gotten in your way and best of all, for me at least, you’ve spread my power to all this tasty super-powered skanks allowing me to build up the strength to get free. I didn’t think the man that killed a whole country would be so sensitive about the price he paid for his power.”

Lust raised one of its hands, running its fingers down its neck and between its teenage tits.

“I watched you Adam, you enjoyed every conquest, every kill, you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it, can you?”

The dark champion shock with rage at what he had become, even as he felt the soft hands of power girl touch him on his shoulder.

“You’ve taken my former host as a consort, you’ve tainted your enemies, weakened them as you grew strong, you may be angry but that doesn’t change the fact that you want more, don’t you Black Adam, the world stood against you and you will see it broken. Am I really such a terrible price to pay?”

Adam twitched as he fought against his competing natures, brief periods of lucidity couple by stretches of crazed lust, he could no longer tell if he did this for the power and revenge or for the conquest. His gaze shifted, taking in the three other teenagers as they move on each other, their awaken desires held in check for only a few moments, Adams eyes on Marys ass as Kara gropped it, the idea of her defilement just beginning taking shape. His desires waged silent war until he uttered one word in reply.


Lust chuckled as it rose to its feet, Adam reaching for Marys hair, getting a strong grip as he bent her head back to get and her face and mouth with his own, swapping spit before pulling her down to his groin to have her blow him, to continue his meaningless revenge.

Alice awoke, no longer alone, unsure, she was with another and finally they were free and strong and this time, this time they would play a different game, this time they were going to win.

The End

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