7 thoughts on “Dreaded Vision”

  1. Yes, is my favorite 3d artist, but he/she left the Extinction Wars unfinished and it’s been so long since new updates. Seems this great artists stopped working on this comics


    1. Hello,
      I know that Dreadedvision has stopped posting new stories for quite some time. I’ve actually sent him a message on E Hentai Galleries and I’m still waiting for an answer.
      If you wish to keep things moving, you can contact him on:

      + E Hentai Galleries if you login to the website (go here: http://forums.e-hentai.org/index.php?showuser=1554156 and click on: “send a personnal message”)

      + Or here on Deviant Art (go to his page: http://dreadedvisioncomics.deviantart.com/
      and just write a appreciation message on his wall)



  2. Hello, corrupted souls!

    This is my favorite 3d artist, although is very sad that it seems dreadedvision stopped producing comics. It’s been a long time since I don’t find new updates anymore.

    Does anybody know some 3d artist like dreadedvision? I like this kind of comics (corruption-sci fi-machines-aliens…) and it is hard to find rhis kind of stuff.

    Thanks for the hardwork in this blog, is the only one I’ve found with corruption speciality.


    1. Hello,
      With the exception of Shinra-Kun’s comics and G9’s work, no other 3D work jumps to my mind.
      I’ll check out stuff but I can always advise this in the meantime:
      Not much sci fi but some 3D corruption.

      Also you can check out work from this artist “darkway”:

      And of this serie:


      The last one doesn’t have much male demons or big sex scenes like dreaded vision ,or even machines, but it does take place in space with some corruption.


  3. Good comics, mate, thanks.

    So that means there are no artists like dreadedvision. It is very sad to find your favorite artist who has no a log comic production, and to know that production took end.


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