Soul in Shadow’s transformative stories

A new author who’s written a few stories about buxom heroines being put into dire situations and then having their mind and bodies slowly transformed by their captor.

There’s already been a few characters who have been corrupted into the villain’s servants so I’m adding his profile here.

His work is well written and I like the attention given to the details (setting the atmosphere right, insight into the villains’ and heroines’ minds…)

Here is the link to the guy’s page:

To start, I’d advise to go with the following story. There is plenty of transformation/corruption in it :

3 thoughts on “Soul in Shadow’s transformative stories”

  1. Hey! Thanks again for adding me to this illustrious list. I am more than flattered. Also, much I very much appreciate all the awesome links to other authors and artists. It’s been very exciting exploring work that I’ve never seen before.

    Keep up the awesome work!

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  2. Nice bunch of stories. Most are unfinished though.
    It’s a bit slow at the beginning but that’s not a bad thing. I love where it’s going right now.
    I’d like to see more from the author.


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