Kingmaker’s Dark Tales

00 Morgana 01

Kingmaker711 is a great and prolific author who’s written some very varied stories.

He’s written both a few parodic stories and fully original ones.

His most well known are taking place in the “Morgana Universe”. It’s one of his original creations and it follows the adventures of various characters in a medieval world where an evil sorceress has risen to power.

There is quite a lot of erotic transformations and corruptions in all of his stories.

He’s tackled a lot of stuff: demons, vampires, succubi, dark witches, ancient gods, aliens, cyborgs…

Have fun!

Here is the link to his page with all of his stories:

PS: Concerning the Morgana Universe, I’d start with those stories:

3 thoughts on “Kingmaker’s Dark Tales”

  1. Man, these were good (evil, really) :3 Read My Hero, The fall of prince charming, and The first Disciple and they were just to my taste 😀 The fall of prince charming was a bit surprising though, never knew I didn’t mind male corruption 😀

    Is there a way to get the order on the page with all submissions? Don’t see any option to sort by date, nor do they seem to be grouped in chronological order.


    1. Hello there. The founder of this site directed me, the author, to your question. You can find the chronological order of the stories on my main profile page on Literotica.

      Thank you so much for your comment and I’m glad you like my work!


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